Spider-Man 3 (Wii) Cheats

Spider-Man 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Defeating Venom
To defeat Venom you have to wait until he gives out his hardest and most powerful punch. He will then hesitate. Only attack with a few combos since he will attack REAL soon after that. Then you have to press A at the right time so Harry can stab him. Repeat it 2 more times. After the sandman it's a little different than before. This time just use bang the bars and he will get distracted and kill him form there.
Help in finding meteorite pieces
When searching the city for the 100 meteorite shards, listen closely for a humming/ringing sound. If you hear it, there's a meteorite piece nearby. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to get all that louder or quiter if you get closer or farther away from it, plus the range is pretty much limited to if you're on or next to the building where the shard is. But if the sound stops, then you're definitely moving away from it. So far, I've been finding them on rooftops, but I'm sure they can be found elsewhere, too.
More advice in finding the meteorite fragments and spider tokens
Both the meteorite fragments and the spider tokens make the same ringing/beeping sound.

It seems that most (if not all) meteorite fragments can be found on rooftops, with the exception of one which is at the very top of the (I think it's the Brooklyn) bridge connecting Manhattan and the smaller island; you can't jump or wall crawl up to it mostly because of an invisible barrier, so you can either try to webswing to the top or take the easier path of walking along the top of the suspension cables that lead up to the top. Also, there's another meteorite fragment that can be found on one of the suspension cables of the bridge.

The Spider Tokens are the only items that you'll need to wall crawl to get. Almost all of them can be found on the walls of various buildings, except for a couple that can be found upside down.
One of them can be found in the small white building surrounded by grass in the Upper East Side area near the bridge. It's hanging upside down under the balcony, but it's hard to wall crawl up to it; instead, stand close to the railing on the balcony above the token where it'll let you grab it. That building is also where you can find 2 meteorite fragments on the roof and balcony.
At least one more upside down token can be found underneath the bridge. One I think is suspended over the ocean closer to Manhattan and another is under the bridge on the smaller island.

Remember to listen for the faint ringing/beeping sound that let's you know if there's an item nearby.
Tips for defeating New Goblin on the sky stick (aka Harry) for the Wii
When Spider-man is hanging onto the sky stick, you'll change lanes with motion controls using the nunchuck and remote (nunchuck flick to the left, remote flick to the right). When the cue comes, you'll need to press the A button repeatedly to get on top of the sky stick along with Harry. Once up there, you'll see visual prompts that you must do in order to defeat Harry. You don't use any buttons, only the motion prompts that are displayed. The nunchuck prompts will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen and it will be blue in color. The remote prompts will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen and they will be red in color. You'll do this combination a total of three times in order to defeat Harry.


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Help finding emblems/meteorites
Well, when close you will hear a strange pusling as you get closer it will get a little louder, also turn down ALL the volume options except SFX turn that to the loudest now you'll only hear small noise but the pulsing will be louder.