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Sonic Unleashed (Wii) Cheats

Sonic Unleashed cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Alternative Way To Boost At Stary
One of the tips was the gamecube version. This is the Remote And Nunchuk Option:

In time just before the GO!, shake the wii remote and Sonic will launch off in a spin dash and will have filled a bar of the boost gauge. It looks mighty impressive, and it can really help shave the seconds off to help get sun medals.
Best Way To Wall Jump With Sonic
A lot of people have had problems with jumping off of the walls with Sonic including me, but after some practice I found a better method:

Whenever you're going to wall jump a spring will always take you to the wall so never jump away from the spring just walk into it.

DON'T move the stick at all during your midair time but wait for Sonic to stop on the wall.

Instead of jumping right away, wait until Sonic slides down the wall then quickly flick the control stick towards the opposite wall THEN jump.

Then just repeat what you did for that wall and you'll be fine. The best places to try these out with are Spagonia Go For The Goal or Shamar. Wall jumps provide very big shortcuts and sometimes lead to items so make sure to use this.

boost bar quick fill at begining of the stage
okay when you start the level sonic always jumps down to the start of the stage. when the countdown timer gets to zero and sonic shouts "go" press the Y button in time with his shout if you do it correctly you get 1 bar of boost to use straight at the start and it helps getting S-ranks i've tried and it works wonders
Dark Gaia, The Final Boss
Phase One: You are playing as Chip, who is controlling the "Gaia Colossus". You must punch, smack, and smash Dark Gaia with the Gaia Colossus to go on to the next phase.

Phase Two: Now, you are Sonic. You must run along sections of the Gaia Colossus to reach a ramp at the end of each of the three sections. After hitting the ramp, you must follow the button commands on screen to blast Dark Gaia's three main eyes (if you fail the button commands, you die).

Phase Three: It's Super Sonic time! Here, you must fly through the air and collect rings to stay alive and to have enough for a Super Sonic boost. Once you have enough rings for a boost, wait until you lock-on to one of Dark Gaia's small eyes, then press the button for Sonic Boost. Since you're in super form, it'll be a super boost. Also, watch out for Dark Gaia's slashes. When approaching Dark Gaia's small eyes, you must avoid the flying boulders. After you hit all of Dark Gaia's small eyes, it will open its big eye. Boost to it (avoiding the boulders that fly to you at the last second) and then, you win!

S Rank Time: 7:30.00
A Rank Time: There is no A-Rank here.
B Rank Time: There is no A-Rank here.

If you win you get one moon medal (rip-off).
Final boss help
Amazingly, Dark Gaia is a pretty easy final boss if you know his weakness. Any controls given assume that you are using the Wii remote and Nunchuck.

Part 1 starts you off playing as Chip, who is controlling a wierd giant thingy. Tap and hold for about half a second in the direction of which ever of Dark Gaia's hands are raised, then counter before he can attack again. NEVER USE THE DOUBLE PUNCH! It takes way too long to ready.

Part 2 has you playing as Sonic. Simply follow the course and all onscreen instructions to hit Dark Gaia's three main eyes.

Part 3 is the only hard part. You transform into Super Sonic, and Dark Gaia grows seven more eyes. Use the directions Chip gives you and collect every ring you see. When you see a target on one of Dark Gaia's eyes, attack it and use the thumbstick to dodge any rocks. Eventually you will win. Also, when Dark Gaia raises both arms, get to the center of the screen and stand still to avoid the take-up-nearly-the-whole-screen attack.

If you get several game overs, just keep trying. It took me about five tries to win.
Getting More Items The First Time Round
Make sure that on the Werehog stages that whenever you start off a level, run to the area behind you. There usually is one, and this is often common in levels. There's quite a few of those in Apotos, and many more. Try to do this every level, and you'll have quite a few items at the end and when you need the last few, check out Agnix's Item Guide. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Good Luck!
How to use shield
In sonic Unleashed Wii you could use shield by pressing the z button on the wii remote and the b button on the gamecube. you could use this to protect yourself from the enemies no matter how many enemies try to kill you, it will still work{except in the mini boss}
Jump start
During the countdown to start a level, you can gain maximum speed upon starting. As none of the cheats here for this contain the information on doing it with every controller, I shall.

In the countdown, between "1" and "Go!", do what you would normally do to boost. It doesn't matter what controller you use, it will always be the boost move.
Making Friends
If you talk to the same people a lot (go to a location in a city), they'll get to know you, and, eventually become friends. If you're really lucky, they may even give you something.
Good luck!
Mini Turbo
Most of you people who have Sonic And The Secret Rings know what Mini Turbo is. Well it is on this game. When using the Wii-Mote push the remote forward on the countdown at one second. Sonic will do Spin Dash and boost. On the Gamecube controller press Y at one second and you will do Spin Dash and boost after the countdown. This is an easier way to get an S Rank. Good Luck!
Other way to kill robots
When you are playing day stages and there are robots in front of you if you want to save your sonic boost and don't want to jump do a slide. it will kill the robots somehow. not sure if it works on all robots.
Quick Items
In Day and Night stages both characters get really easy items to get. All you have to do is walk into boxes and destroy them and get the stuff from them. Good examples of this are the Spagonia Day Stage and the Shamar Night stages.
start boost
*if using gamecube controller*

to get a little boost at the start of a day stage, press Y at the right time (right after GO!) if you fail you will trip, hence slowing down ur start off.
Unleashed Mode
This isn't shown in the tutorial but after it as a mission which gets overlooked loads. So:

The blue gauge under you health bar will fill up by killing most enemies but the best way is destroying all the boxes, jars and scenery. If there is any blue on the unleashed gauge, press the C button on the nunchuk and remote setting to activate.

In this mode Sonic will take less damage and give more. Most of his special moves will be changed quite a bit and you will know this worked because Sonic will have a huge big blue glow on him. This is crucial for big enemies and staying alive, so make sure to use it. Good Luck!
Werehog punch tip
If you punch with the left hand first, your combo will have more range. If you start with the right hand, it will be straight. Try it if you have a nun-chuck!
Werehog S-Ranks
In Sonic Stages you are told the time in which you have to do to get a S-Rank but in night stages it is much much harder.

Whilst there is a target time (About 7:30 To 10:00)you need to make sure you don't do a speed run. Here are some tips:

1) You need a lot of gaia force at the end of the level so make sure to kill all enemies with variety and explore all secret areas.

2)The Werehog levels are all about completion, so get everything you can and dash onto the next area.

If you follow these tips, you'll be rich with sun medals and getting more lives quicker through gaia gates.


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Eggmanland Jumping
This glitch only works on Eggmanland day stages.

Basically, whenever you see a green tinted edge of a path and there is a path opposite, activate Sonic Boost and you will jump over that ramp and go over onto the next path. I have tried this and it works really well!
go to the first day stage in Adabat

when you reach the 2<sup>nd</sup> row of rings in the stage, grab them, then stop at the end

start turning to your right so you can sonic drift off the edge

keep holding it down

you will continue drifting, then slow down, you're in mid-air and you shouldn't let go of the drift button until you reach the top

there your are, your flying!!

here's another one, with the 2<sup>nd</sup> booster set you see in the first Adabat day stage, stop at it

start moving to the left of the boosters, but don't touch them

start running once your just off to the left of the booster (remember, don't touch the booster)

you will begin getting lower down to the water (don't worry, it'll be safe) just keep going

you just flew once again!! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Gaia Gate Secret Rooms Help
If you are the Werehog inside the temple (not rooms) then this glitch will work e.g. Adabat

If there is a crate in one room, you should be able to carry it to another, allowing you one more. This glitch might only work once each time as the room may or may not reset when you leave.
Get Inside Of A Box
Go to a wall with a box. Drop it against the wall and it will knock off the wall and you will get inside of it.
Get Inside Of A Pillar
For this trick you should have a lot of lives. (3 or more) Go to Spagonia Act 3 with Werehog. Go to the last part of the level where there is a lot of Giant Rings and the Goal Ring. Fight off the bad guys and go the pillar at the back ledge. go behind the pillar where you can't see yourself. (This part gets a little more difficult and takes practice.)Jump off of the ledge and move Sonic so he is touching the pillar and you will be inside. (Another thing is it is hard to live while going back safely on the ledge.
Never Change In Gaia Temples (Only With Sonic In Temple Rooms)
Do you know the rooms with doors that have to be opened by medals? In the rooms go in the ray of light. You change to regular Sonic. Crawl around. You might notice when crawling you will never change back into Werehog.
Slam Enemies In Wall
This only works with Werehog and if you have the ability to slam enemies by using an attack while holding holding them. Grab the guy you want to slam. While holding him move to the wall with him still in your arms. Press the attack button while facing the wall still holding him. Werehog will suddenly stick his arm into the wall with the enemy! Lol. This is a cool glitch. Have fun.
Sonic Waving His Arms On Land ( As If Falling From High Distances)
Go to Holoska as regular Sonic. Run until you find the tipping ice that goes up and down trying to balance. Ride until you are almost falling. Move up in the opposite direction the ice is falling. You probably will wave your arms around as if falling. If this doesn't work keep trying. It worked for me.