SimAnimals (Wii) Cheats

SimAnimals cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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In-game Passwords
Press 2 and go to codes.
PasswordWhat it does
PandaUnlocks the panda
Red PandaUnlocks the red panda
FerretUnlocks Ferret
hoaxunlocks all animals
Snowy OwlUnlocks Snowy Owl
Black HareUnlocks Black Hare
Arctic Fox (NOT ARTIC)Unlocks Arctic Fox
Red SquirrelUnlocks Red Squirrel
Spotted SkunkUnlocks Spotted Skunk
ButterfliesMakes all the plants get butterflies
rodslittlforestUnlocks all forest area
verasmenagerieUnlocks all animals (including rare animals)
Tasmanian DevilUnlocks Tasmanian Deivl
georgesbotanicsUnlocks all plants


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Get past the Coyote
To get past the part where you're at the coyote, get the bear to kill it and save the panda.