Scarface (Wii) Cheats

Scarface cheats, Passwords, and Codes for Wii.


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Menu Passwords
PasswordWhat it does
TunemeB-Real Music Track
666999Get A Lamborghini
bummerHummer With A Gun Ontop
marthaChange Time of Day
rainyToggle Rain
whiteshWhite suit with shades
GOBALLSIncrease Gang Heat
donutIncrease Cop Heat
TBURGLRRepair Vehicle
dozerSpawn Bulldozer
oldfastOld Race Car
noballsDecreased Gang Heat
whiteUnlock Tony's White Suit


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full ammo
go to the cheat menu and put AMMO
full helth
in the cheat menu enter MEDIK this will refill your health but not make you invincible
Holy Cheat
The cheats used in the PS2 version of scarface are the same used in the Wii Version so no need to wait for the cheats 1 by 1 jst go 2 the PS2 version and get all the cheats u need.