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bypass the exploding bunnies in the gaming district
In the Gaming District level, as part of "The game II" mission, you will be forced to climb a slope with exploding bunnies raining down on you. On the left side of the slope is an escalator that's moving downward and wont let you walk up. However, if you face the escalator and push the joy stick all the way forward then press the jump button with perfect timing (as soon as your feet touch the ground, jump up again), you can slowly hop up the escalator, thus bypassing the deadly bunnies.
Dock Tip
When playing multiplayer in the Docks level, look for a car (located somewhere near the left side of the ship) and walk up the nearby ramp. At the top you\'ll find an AE Rifle and an open window, perfect for sniper attacks on your enemy.
Easy Focus
To increase your focus quickly to disarm opponents, use the Uzi. It fires a lot of bullets that do not do a lot of damage. Therefore, if you are out of focus and want to disarm someone, shoot them with the Uzi for awhile. You should get enough focus back to disarm them without killing them. Try doing this if a leader comes in the room and you are out of focus. It makes tough rooms a much easier.
Easy Respect
Every time you engage in a swordfight, use only the hammer or little scorpion moves. These are easy to pull off, and will give you respect each time they hit. If your opponent is dodging these attracts, which some do, then hit him or her a few times with another attack to bring him or her to about half health. Then , attack away. The opponent might block your attack, but it is very powerful and will break their sword after a few hits. Note: This does not work for every fight. For example, against Harry as his sword is unbreakable. Also, it will not work if you do not have an offhand sword equipped.

Never kill an opponent after a duel. If you let them live, you will get a lot of respect, and they often open up secrets for you.
Factory Tip
In the factory level after you pass the room with the scientist that surrendered, take caution. On top of all of the people shooting at you, many of the pipes around the room are explosive and can kill you easily. Be sure to stay a distance and shoot them so they don\'t hurt you if they explode when you\'re close. Also, try to hit them when there are enemies close, because they can be killed by the gas they release too.
Funny Easter Egg: See the Programmers
In the mission assigned by Reiko, look for the geishas near a set of lockers and open the darker one. Inside on the back of the door are photos of the programmers wearing blonde wigs to hide themselves a bit.
Hidden FMV Sequence
Allow the game to idle at the title screen. You will see a FMV sequence showing a man playing the game.
Jump out the area!
In the restaurant level go up the top where the AE sniper gun is and near there theres some blocks near a low wall. jump on them and u can jumo down to the lower level. Dont, look to the right and try and jump over the wall on the lower level. it may take a few attemps but you can jump out the area.
multi kill helper
If your in a situation were either you don't want to us up your slomo metre or it's already used up, look for gas tank's and motor vehicles. Shoot them near enemy to blow then up to not only potentialy kill multipul enemies with less ammo but it can also distract them,
sniper scope view glitch
I have not failproofed this, I have done it every time I try though. You need six grenades, a silver pistol, and a sniper rifle.

Go to the Rifle range in the pub. The one that you meet the five members who are Sato's friends and are trying to kill the man who recieved your girlfriend from the prick in the red suit.

At the rifle range, use the Sniper Rifle on the range by hitting the button under the counter while holding it. Then once it is in the last 5 seconds or so, hold A to keep zoomed in.

Once it ends you should have the sniper scope image pasted over your reticle. Enjoy your wasted time.
Sparing Lives
After you defeat your opponent in a sword fight, no matter who they are, spare his life. To do this, swing the Nunchuck down. If you do so, you will gain Respect Points, which will be a benefit for you later on in the game. You are just wasting your strength and time killing them.
Regular Attack- Swing the Wii Remote in any direction.

Block Attack- Swing the Nunchuk left or right.

Dodge- Press the C Button and move the Control Stick left or right.

Reflect- Swing the Nunchuk left or right at the perfect time.

Tanto Attack- Swing the Nunchuk when close to an enemy.

Hammer Attack- Hold down the Z Button and then swing the Wii Remote and Nunchuk down at the same time.

Little Scorpion Attack- Hold down the Z Button and then swing the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in opposite directions.
Usefull tip
If you in one of those situations where you always die and get shoot then slow the time down and point at everyones head and if there is a leader whith a mark over his head make sure you shoot the gun out of his hand and make him and the whole gang surrender


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a couple glitches on the game mission.
On the part where you have to snipe, you can actually get inside of some of the boxes at the bottom. If you jump into the stacks of 2 wooden crates a couple of times, i found i end up inside of them and i can see there are slot machines. i had to restart from the checkpoint to get out.

Also I got into the big metal crates. but im not sure exactly how.

at the very end, in the room you fight the final 2 "power rangers" and there are planets floating around. if you jump off the platform you end up below and you can look up and see the room. this is a very cool experience.
again you must restart at the checkpoint to continue. but very worth it, because the check point is in that room.


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Easy Kills
As soon as you learn how to focus, start to use it. When in combat, focus as soon as you can and shoot the guns out of your opponent's hands (aim inside the white box). Then, shake the Wii remote Up and Down to disarm them. This will take them out of combat and give you about 50 respect per enemy. Also, if there is a leader in the room (an enemy with a circle above his head), disarm him immediately to make all other enemies in the room disarm, giving you a huge respect bonus.
Hidden FMV Sequence
Allow the game to idle at the title screen. You will see a FMV sequence showing a man playing the game.
Multiplayer Glitch
Although it doesn't do much, this glitch is pretty cool to see. When in Multiplayer Mode in the Restaurant level, have someone kill you or vice versa. When it takes you to a new place, stay there, and shoot at the ceiling. Where you were killed, your opponent should be able to see bullets and bright lights coming from the floor. It won't hurt them, but it looks cool.
off the map and into the open
in the level where the komoris invade, theres a part where u are on top of buildings. u can fall but its easy to get up. its that level where the komoris are trying to break the door on the bottom and theres lots of dust. well, after killing everyone, get back up by climbing the boxes on the right of the giant door and jump to the other side. it takes a few tries, but once there, go left and jump to the next building. onice there, u notice the buildings are the only thing there, the sky, background, floor, is all gray. try jumping towards the gap and ull be stuck there intil u restart from the checkpoint.
View Programmers
Locate the geishas on the mission assigned by Reiko. Look at the nearby lockers and open the one with the darker door. Inside are photos of the development team with blonde wigs.