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Know When a Monster is Near

You will know when your close to a new monster in a city because if you listen carefully you can hear them laugh from inside a building.
(The laugh will sound like the laugh when you press the - button on the Wii remote)
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: soniceagle123 on March 04, 2008

No more cops

Are you tired of being killed by the police. Well here's what you do. First when a cop comes, eat/throw him. But leave his car alone. You should not see anymore cops. [There should never be 2 cop cars out at once.] Hope this helps. Good luck!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: rocketRD on January 13, 2008


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Cheat Codes

Press - and + at the same time at the Main Menu to display the code entry screen. Then enter one of the codes listed below and move up or down to choose numbers from 0-9. A monster sound will confirm correct code entry. When you turn off your Wii, the codes will be disabled.

141421 - All Monsters Unlocked
082864 - Demo Mode With Two Random Monsters
314159 - Display Game Version
874098 - Instant Demo Mode With Two Random Monsters
986960 - Invincible To Military Attacks. Bombers, Infintry, Tanks, Ect
011235 - Obtain all ability upgrades
071767 - One Hit Destroys A Building
271828 - Unlock all cities
667302 - View Credits
667301 - View Ending Theme
667300 - View Opening Theme
000000 - Disable All Active Codes (You can also just restart your Wii)
Verified by: rocketRD Submitted by: anonymous on December 02, 2006