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Prince of Persia: Rival Swords Cheats

Prince of Persia: Rival Swords cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Quick Tightrope Moving
Keep falling off of them and getting hit? Can't recover? Well a quicker way is that if you have a lot of distance on the plank/string you are walking on, just keep jumping forward with the A button. You'll jump over the arrows, land perfectly and go a lot faster.
Unlockable: Video Mode
You must complete the game on any difficulty.
Unlockables - Video Mode
Beat the game on any difficulty, to unlock video mode!
watch the area
In certain areas there are secret fountains. They increase your health but you have to do an obstacle course.


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Baby Toy of Death Special Weapon
While in the pause menu, use the d-pad to enter the directions.

Left, Left, Right, Right, Z, Nunchuck down, Nunchuck down, Z, Up, Down.
Hint - Vizier Fight
When the battle begins in the arena, he'll charge at you. Simply dodge the boss by rolling to the side. Eventually, the boss will levitate and throw large pieces of stone debris. Again, evade the attack by side rolling. Get close and hit the boss a few times if it tires out.

After this phase, the boss will summon a large sand twister that can kill you. The prince needs to seek out a pillar at the edge of the arena that lets him wall run vertically and execute a speed kill. Do the displayed commands to cut off the boss' wings.

For the final phase, the boss floats high off the ground, and the prince will be forced to do a series of jumps, leaps, and siddles on the floating stones to reach the boss. The boss will try to shoot you down with an energy blast, so time your own jumps to have something obstructing the boss' line of sight. When you get close to the boss, the prince should begin executing the last and final speed-kill.
Nasty Glitch.
The Glitch happens, in the lower tower, after you send the elevator up for first time, dont go back and save (wait and see the why), the problem is that if you do it, when you turn of the game and reload it, or after you die and restart, the block will be transformed onto an a "Phantom" Block, since the elevator, goes straigth trougth it, to the 2nd floor and the elevator doesnt have anything.
Secret Telephone Sword
After beating the game, you get a code saying to do the following in pause menu!!!

Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, Z, Nunchuck Down, Z, Z, Nunchuck Down, Nunchuck Down.
Unlockable Video Mode
Unlockable: Video Mode
You must complete the game on any difficulty.
Unlockable: Video Mode
You must complete the game on any difficulty