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Pokémon Rumble Cheats

Pokémon Rumble cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for Wii.

Pokémon Rumble Passwords

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EU Passwords
Pokemon Rumble Passwords for Europe.
PasswordWhat it does
5631-9548Eevee (Quick Attack, None)
5221-1368Mew (Cut, None)
6836-5121Sky Form Shaymin
2424-3624Shiny Bidoof
0215-3612Shiny Rattata
Submitted by: WolfofSorrow, JellyBeans92 on December 05, 2009

Pokémon Rumble Tips

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Evolve your Pokemon!!!!!!
When you release 5 of the same pokemon you get it's evolution in the form of a ticket until you redeem it.
Examples I Have:
5 Magnetons= Magnezone Ticket
5 Rhyhorns= Rhydon Ticket
5 Magikarps= Gyarados Ticket
5 Pikachu= Raichu Ticket
Submitted by: Redeyes1357 on December 05, 2009
Lake legendarys!
If you want the lake legendarys (Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf) then in EX mode go to rocky cave and you MIGHT see Uxie. Then firey furnace for Azelf and Windy prarie for Mesprit. hope I helped!
Submitted by: mesprit fan on January 05, 2010
Money Galore!
Running low on money to buy moves and recruit pokemon?
Search no more! All you need to do to get lots of money is to find a lucky pokemon (when I say lucky I mean the Trait) and if your lucky you'll be able to teach it theif. When it knows theif if the final move you use to beat it is theif it will drop more money than usual! also if you are lucky enough to find a lucky pokemon it will drop even more money!

I was lucky enough to get a lucky Jynx so everytime I should get 1 I get 5. When I should get 10 I get fifty and when I should get 100 I get 500!!!

Happy Spending!

P.S This technique even works on bosses!
Submitted by: GamerSaviour998 on January 05, 2010
Special or Greater Befriend Rate
When you play a level and you see a Pokemon that has sparkles around it, leave it until last and it will either be a special trait Pokemon or you will have a greater chance of catching it.
Submitted by: redeyes1357 on January 07, 2010