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Okami cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Demon Fangs Loading Screen
For easy demon fangs, on most loading screens, there is 1 of 2 minigames you can play.
1. Just press the x button as many times as possible during the loading time, and after a certain amount you will get 1 demon fang
2. Press the x button just before the paw appears and at the end, you will see a demon fang instead of Issun.
easy astral pouch
after u get through the 1st waterfall in the forest cave u should see orangy blue/violet rocks in another cave it seems the best way 2 get items from them is 2 tacle em then use the slashes
Floral Finishers
When you kill an enemy and it slows down in midair or on the ground, hit it with the technique listed for it to get a certain amount of Demon Fangs. Number varies by enemy. If you do plan to get Demon Fangs from an enemy, just use a normal weapon until they run out of HP and start dying, then use the Floral Finisher on it.

Enemy Floral Finisher
Green Imp: Power Slash
Red Imp: Power Slash
Yellow Imp: Power Slash
Blue Imp: Galestorm
Black Imp: Power Slash
Headless Guardian: Cherry Bomb
Bell Guardian: Power Slash
Halo Guardian: Cherry Bomb
Executioner Guardian: Cherry Bomb
Namahage: Galestorm
Blade Namahage: Galestorm
Bucket Namahage: Cherry Bomb
Umbrella Namahage: Galestorm
Cannon Namahage: Galestorm
Clay Soldier: Veil of Mist
Clay Samurai: Veil of Mist
Clay Drummer: Veil of Mist
Clay Flyer: Power Slash
Clay Shogun: Veil of Mist
Bud Ogre: Bloom
Chimera: Power Slash
Igloo Turtle: Inferno
Dead Fish: Power Slash
Crow Tengu: Galestorm
Ubume: Veil of Mist
Fire Eye: Galestorm
Ice Mouth: Inferno
Thunder Ear: Power Slash
Earth Nose: Veil of Mist
Fire Doom Mirror: Galestorm
Ice Doom Mirror: Inferno
Thunder Doom Mirror: Power Slash
Wind Doom Mirror: Veil of Mist
Poltergeist: Galestorm
Ichiro: Thunderstorm
Jiro: Thunderstorm
Saburo: Thunderstorm
Blue Cyclops: Deluge
Great Tengu: Blizzard
Red Ogre: Thunderstorm
Blue Ogre: Thunderstorm
Bull Charger: Inferno
Dogu: Power Slash
Tube Fox: Power Slash
How to beat Yami (Last boss)
Alright, if you confused right now, and your thinking "How do I beat this guy, I have no weapons or Inkbrush attacks". Don't just stand around waiting for a cutscene for help (Thats what I did at first) or die once (Did that as well). Just attack him repeatedly with what you got. I know you will see the "ineffective notes" pop up, but they are misleading. Attack recklessly ignore the ineffective signs. Eventually you'll get a mini cut scene and you will see one of your powers rush back to you. Now you have your weapons! Use the brush technique on the stage to repair it.

Continue attacking Yami. Slowly, one by one you will get all 13 brushstrokes back. For each new one you get back, use it against Yami (Be sure to attack his inner ball as well)

Once you get all brushstroke back, and defeat him, you enter a cutscene. Don't cry in this cutscene.

So you saw what happened right?

Draw a sun to stun!

Defeat Yami once again. Drawing mist helps a lot at this point.

How to get the lightning technique upgrade.You must have the catwalk technique.
First you must beat that running in mail man in shinshu field 3 times,you will know when he wants to race because there will be a exlamation mark on his head.
Then,when you you get to the city part, you must find the big tower with the catwalk cat at the bottom(the tower is HUGE,trust me),then get to the top of the tower and talk to the man, do what he says, and there you have it.
Instant Kill Parry Attack
When you first get the Devout Beads divine instrument, set them as your primary weapon and move your reflector to your secondary weapon. You can then perform a parry move by pressing TRIANGLE during combat. Time the parry just before an enemy attack hits you and you'll counter with a pile driver that kills many enemies instantly.
Money & Fangs
You have to have the Golden Fury for max demon fangs. When you are in the room with the bell but before you find all of the ingredients for Orochi's appetizer you can headbutt the bell and a blue demon carpet will appear.

Enter it and face one black imp and two red imps. Power slash the black imp's skulls, hit him once, use Golden Fury for the first demon fang then dispatch him and use power slash when he is in his dying animation for 3 more fangs. Repeat on the red imps for two more demon fangs a piece. You can quickly rack up eight fangs plus anywhere from 2000 to 3000 gold each time (or until you are bored).
Pee on Your Enemies
Purchase the Golden Fury attack from the sensei at Shinshu Field. The move costs 100,000 Yen, but it's well worth it--Golden Fury lets you pee on your opponents for damage.
Skipping Waka's lengthy conversation and prophecy in North Ryoshima
*NOTE* this is not permanent, as you cannot use the fog pot when you go to save Rao. when you hit the activation point, Waka will appear like always and talk about events already passed.
*NOTE 2* also skips the introductory battle of an enemy, but not permanent either.
If you buy the fog pot from the emperor, you can do this. step foot into N. Ryoshima, but DON'T MOVE. instead, double back and use the fog pot with the mirror in normal Ryoshima. notice that N. Ryoshima's main mirror is greyed, meaning you cant use it, BUT the mirror next to it can be used. this is for the rocky area of N. Ryoshima. select it and get the Rocky Area's stray bead while you're at it, and then hurl yourself off the cliff. you will land in N. Ryoshima. until you must save Rao, just use the fog pot to go in and out of N. Ryoshima.
Unlock Jukebox and Art Gallery
To unlock the Jukebox and the Art Gallery you must beat the game once.
Kamic Transfomer 1: Complete the game once.

Kamic Transfomer 2: Complete the game once.

Kamic Transfomer 3: S-Rating for "Deaths"

Kamic Transfomer 4: S-Rating for "Enemies Defeated"

Kamic Transfomer 5: S-Rating for "Money Gained"

Kamic Transfomer 6: S-Rating for "Demon Fangs Found"

Kamic Transfomer 7: S-Rating for "Praise Earned"

Kamic Transfomer 8: S-Rating for "Praise Earned"

Kamic Transfomer 9 S-Rating for "Praise Earned"

Kamic Returner: Complete the game once.

Stray Bead: Complete the game once.

Invincibility: Find all 100 Stray Beads.

Secret Theatre: More than 31 hours of play time

New Game+: Beat the Game one time


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Bypass oni island blockhead
For those of you who have trouble with blockheads, you can skip the oni island one by double jumping at the very peak of your jump and then tackling the wall at the peak. This will cause ammy to bounce backwards and up a small amount, it may take a couple of tries but if you do it right you will just barely jump over the blockhead.
Eclipse (sort of...)
This is an awesome glitch i found doing some experiments with the celestial brush.What it is basically is the moon with the sun's glow stripes. If you don't understand what i mean try this cheat out for yourself. The way you do it is you draw a sun then immediately draw the moon on top of it. The result is nighttime with a moon with a glow that the sun has (sometimes the sun flickers, you'll know what i mean when you do it) It's sort of an eclipse!
Its very cool so try it!
Trapped for almost forever
Got to the temple where you killed crimsom head, now go again inside the bos cahmber and get out, you will see that the plattaforms are onto their original position and you cannot escape from the temple itself, in case that you saved, well you are stuck, in case that you din save inside the temple, well reset.

Easter eggs

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Dolls in the Sunken Ship
Inside of the sunken ship, you'll find dolls that look like the dolls from Onimusha 2.
Susano: battle bruised
In any cutscenes where you help susano slash baddies, let him get hit. Watch his rear closely. Feel a draft, Susano?


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Unlocking art and different costumes for Ammy
Beat the game once. Defeat Yami. Depending on how well you did and the amount of times you beat it will determine how much costumes or art you get. To view the art, go to issun's presents in the main menu section. To change Ammy's costume replay the game on the same file. You will restart and under your items you will have a few items called "karmic..." these are the costumes.