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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Cheats

New Super Mario Bros. Wii cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Cannon Locations
This cheat lists all the cannons and where they go to.

G - Ghost House
F - Fortress (Tower)
UnlockableHow to unlock
World 1 CannonFind the secret exit in 1-3, leads to World 5
World 2 CannonFind the secret exit in 2-6, leads to World 5
World 3 CannonFind the secret exit in 3-G, leads to World 6
World 4 CannonFind the secret exit in 4-F, leads to World 6
World 5 CannonFind the secret exit in 5-G, leads to World 8
World 6 CannonFind the secret exit in 6-6, leads to World 8
Original End Level Fanfare from Super Mario Bros.
When you beat the first level of the game, as well as beat another level while rescuing a captured Toad (1-player only) the old 8-bit end level fanfare will play from the first Super Mario Bros.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Original End Level FanfareBeat 1st level and beat another level while rescuing a captured Toad.
Save file Stars
Here is how to unlock the Stars on your save file.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Star OneDefeat Bowser once (you can use warp cannons)
Star TwoCollect all 24 Star Coins in World 9
Star ThreeBeat every "normal" level in the game, you don't need to find secret goals or defeat World 9 levels
Star FourCollect all 207 Star Coins in the first 8 Worlds
Star FiveBeat every level, find every secret goal and use all of the Warp Cannons.
Sparkling StarsGet all five stars without making a Luigi Block appear (you can't die more than eight times in a row on a level)
Save Option
A proper save option will appear in place of the quick save option when the game is beaten.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Save optionBeat the game.
Secret Exits
This cheat lists all of the known secret exits in the game, how to get to them and where they go to.

G - Ghost House
C - Castle
F - Fortress
A - Airship
UnlockableHow to unlock
World 1-3 - CannonIn 1-3, use Yoshi to get on top of the big block where there is a hidden section with coins. Then keep running right.
World 2-4 - PipeA very difficult to perform and describe trick, you need to triple jump then propeller up a wall and into a pipe. See the hint video.
World 2-6 - CannonOn the area past the red coin loop on the purple moving block, you must bounce on the fire chomp then propeller up to a pipe.
World 3-4 - Level (3-C)This secret exit can be accessed through a pipe near the end of the level once the red blocks are turned on.
World 3-5 - Toad House (Star)Keep going up and up, and once you are at the top, when the red blocks are on, you can go through another pipe at the top. Keep going up once through.
World 3-G - CannonThis star coin takes good timing. On the large overhead rope, you need to drop down about where the first platform appears from the right. Then you will need to ride down on an elevator.
World 4-F - CannonNear the end of the level, where a dozen blocks fall on you and where the third star coin is, go left before any falls and jump into the odd coloration in the wall.
World 4-G PipeOn one of the sinking platforms at the start of the level, a door is at the bottom. Go in and follow the paths.
World 5-G CannonNear the end of the first part of the level, go down, then left into what appears to be a wall. Then go through the door.
World 6-5 - PipeAround about the midway point, there will be four giant ? blocks floating in the water. Jump on one of the middle ones and then jump up. You should hit a hidden block with a vine in. Climb and go to the secret exit.
World 6-6 - CannonWhere the fire bros are attacking you, go to the top of the level and into the pipe at the top of the level. Get to the secret exit by running past the bats.
World 7-F - Level (7-6), OtherIn the bomb-omb area, stick to the right side of the level. Near the middle of this elevator ride there should be a gap in the side. Try and go through. You will be out in the open if it was the right one.
World 7-G - PathAfter going up about three flights of stairs, get one of the boxers to break some hidden bricks underneath the small set of stairs on the left.
World 8-2 - Level (8-7)Once the midway flag is passed, you can now keep going, until you reach the area with the big and little spiky rocks. When you drop down, go left, and you might be in a secret alcove. Go down the pipe to access 8-7.
World 1-2 - Toad House (Star)Once the level requires you to bring Toad through, if you reach the end, the Star Toad House will appear at the beginning of the world. You may have to finish on a specific number (not sure).
Finish a level with the last digit of the time being 44, 55, 66, 77, or 88.Unlocks Item House (MP)
Finish a level with the last digit of the time being 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8.Unlocks Item House (SP)
Finish a level with the last digit of the time being 00, 11, 22, or 33.Unlocks Life House (MP)
Finish a level with the last digit of the time being 0, 1, 2, or 3.Unlocks Life House (SP)
Finish a level with the last digit of the time being 99.Unlocks Star House (MP)
Finish a level with the last digit of the time being 9.Unlocks Star House (SP)
Unlockable levels
After beating the game, you will unlock a secret World 9, but none of the levels on it are unlocked unless you collect all star coins from one the Worlds.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Level 9-1Collect all star coins from World 1
Level 9-2Collect all star coins from World 2
Level 9-3Collect all star coins from World 3
Level 9-4Collect all star coins from World 4
Level 9-5Collect all star coins from World 5
Level 9-6Collect all star coins from World 6
Level 9-7Collect all star coins from World 7
Level 9-8Collect all star coins from World 8
Gold Mushroom HouseGet Toad to the end of the level and hit the flag pole when the last digit on the timer ends in 7, 8 or 9
Green Mushroom HouseGet Toad to the end of the level and hit the flag pole when the last digit of the timer ends in 0, 1, 2 of 3
Red Mushroom HouseGet Toad to the end of the level and hit the flag pole when the last digit of the timer ends in 4, 5 or 6
Unlocking World 9
UnlockableHow to unlock
World 9Complete the main game once.
9-1get all 30 star coins in w1
9-2get all 30 star coins in w2
9-3get all 30 star coins in w3
9-4get all 30 star coins in w4
9-5get all 30 star coins in w5
9-6get all 30 star coins in w6
9-7get all 30 star coins in w7
9-8get all 30 star coins in w8
starget all star coins in w9


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1-3 1-Up Trick
While you have Yoshi in 1-3, eat the fire-spitting Pirana Plant, spit out the fire, and run across the level with it(make sure all enemies are on the ground)to get many 1-Ups.
Hard Save All The Time
Most people think that hard saving (not quicksaving, hard saving is the kind that you can reload over and over) only happens when you beat a castle/tower or use a warp cannon. What most people don't know is that you can play a tower/castle over and over, and you can save every time!

For example, let's say I am about to play 8-Castle for the first time. I will probably die, unless I am some miracle worker, so I wish I could hard save right here. Easy! Simply go back to a tower/castle (the quickest/easiest is 1-Tower) and beat it quickly! Then choose to save, warp worlds to 8-Castle, and kick Bowser's butt. But if you die, then just return to title screen, reload your file, and voila!

Oh, and if you want to get a power-up before saving, then beat the following levels and keep the power-up until the end:

1-1 for Propeller Cap
1-2 for Ice Flower (Fire Flower if you get the Red Coin Challenge at the end)
1-Tower for Ice Flower or Fire Flower (Fire Flower is the block on the left above the moving blocks.
2-2 for Mini Mario
3-1 for Penguin Mario

Peace out,
Knock Out Map Enemies
On each world map you'll encounter marauding enemies. To instantly knock out these map enemies just select a star from your inventory. You won't have to get 8 toad balloons to pass.
Lots of lives
On level 1-2, continue as normal to the checkpoint flag. Go back to the horseshoe like thing of brick blocks and slide under it. Jump on the inside of the horseshoe thing to get all the coins, then ground pound. Take care of the goomba in the alclove, then hit the single brick block. It will realase a star. grab it, and dash through the rest of the level, and make sure to touch all of the enimies while invincible to rack up a monster score and about 4 lives per level. Repeat as needed.

P.S. If you get 99 lives, mario will run around hatless!!!
Mini 1-ups!
If you are running out of lives, just get mini mushroom(course2-2)and make sure you are playing multiplayer. If you are, then make sure your partner is NOT mini. Now look for a couse(an easy one will be best) that has Koopa Troopas. When you find one, get to a Koopa Troopa and pick up your partner. Now, spin jump(shake the wii remote) and land on the Koopa Troopa. Now he goes inside his shell right? Well don't stop sping jumping on him. Make sure you don't touch the ground once or you will have to start again. at first you will get 100pts, 200pts bla bla bla but after a while you will start getting LIVES!!! You can do this as long as you like. Use this till you get 99 lives if you like!
Hope this'll help you out in the game!
Prevention from Dying
In multiplayer mode, if you are about to fall off a cliff or get killed, press A. You turned into a bubble and be untouchable. But, if everyone is in a bubble at the same time, you get kicked out of the level.
Protect Your Head!
If you are on a level like 8-5 or 7-Fortress you will know that bomb-ombs and other enemies rain on you from above. If you freeze an enemy and hold it above your head, when another enemy "rains" on you it will hit the frozen enemy and break it instead, leaving you unharmed. You can do this with unfrozen Koopas, but they may come out of their shells harming you while you are holding them.
Stop Ghosts in their Tracks
Tired of pesky ghosts chasing you when you turn your back to them? Are ghosts come at you from in front and behind. Why not stop them in their tracks?

Stand still, and move your thumb from left to right, over and over, on the directional pad on the remote. Mario will basically "spin" on the spot, and all ghosts surrounding you will get really confused and basically stop moving, thus they will stop coming after you for a moment. Now you can escape them with ease.
Unlimited Mushroom Houses
Get five stars on your save file by doing everything there is to do in the game, including beating it, collecting every single star coin from every World, finding all the exits from a level, using every mushroom house and cannon. After all this, you'll get a message that everything has been cleared and mushroom houses will now be unlimited.
Wii remote tip
If your using the Wii Remote only and you want to make Mario spin easier instead of shaking the Wii remote up and down simply give the Wii remote a quick jolt with your left hand instead.
world 1 to world 5
all you need is access to level 1-3.

find the secret area with the bush and loads of coins, go up there but don't go in, instead use a Yoshi and hover-jump up above the secret area, keep running until you hit a pipe and go in, complete the secret goal and the canon is unlocked.

this canon takes you to world 5

hope i helped.
World 1-3
If you enter 1-3 as Mini Mario, you can go into the horizontal pipes on the ground in the level. The first pipe has some coins in, the second a life and when you go into the third there is a warp pipe which takes you to a hidden area with coins and two Koopa Troopas.
World 5 to World 8 of arrow (before 8-1)
On world 5 ghost house if you drop down the first gap and then jump over every other gap, when you get to the FINAL gap, drop down again and make a left. You go through a wall. Go through the door for a secret room. (its not a decoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Hit the ? switch to make the giant Light block turn on and then ride on it. Hit the 2nd switch and when it is at the top, jump off. (you can also wall-jump!!!!!!) Get the small Light block and hit the next ? switch. It turns three more humongous Light blocks on. Hit the final ? switch while avoiding the Boo. Get over to the platform, go through the door and make a right. Well done! You have now unlocked a path to the World 5 Warp Cannon! No vine growth GUARANTEED! Do the warp cannon and you will notice it says 'World 8'. Go into it, and hey presto! You're at world 8!

Note: I used that warp cannon AND the one in world 1 (W1-3) to get to world 8. I found the secret exit in 8-2 got Super Guide for world 8-7, and I'm now stuck on World 8-Airship. You don't have to submit a cheat for that, I've got the premium book.
World 5-4
As many people have trouble finding these coins, here is a list of how to find the star coins in 5-4:

Coin 1
High up in the level, jump or freeze an enemy in midair (so you can jump on it) to get.

Coin 2
When you find the POW block, wait until you see two coins in the air and then throw it. Alongside the coins a star coin will fall.

Coin 3
Where the exit pipe is, use a bomb-omb to break the white blocks above the coin and then wait until the ferry is underneath. Jump down and back up to get it.


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Get your partener stuck
Go to where ever a cannon is and tell them to get in it first (don't get in) Once their in, do NOT climb in, just run around acting like a maniac while their stuck in the cannon! Once you've had you fun, and your friends face is red with and, go ahead and give them a break.

Easter eggs

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Capless player
When you have collected 99 lives for Mario his cap will disappear for the amount of time you have 99 lives. When Mario loses a life and goes to 98 lives his cap will return.

When you go back to the world map after getting 99 lives, Mario's hat will disappear.
Free Coins From Dancing Flowers
Every dancing flower will give one coin if you Spin Jump (flick Wii remote upwards) from a Neutral position.
Infinite Lives & Easy Maximum Score
Go into 4-Castle with an ice flower or penguin suit. Go into the level until you get to the large spinning fence door with some climbing koopas on it. Freeze one of the koopas and then spin the gate before the frozen koopa hits the ground. The ice block will continuously spit out hundreds of coins per second and collecting these coins will get mario to 99 lives in under a minute. If you keep collecting these coins until the timer runs out, you will get over 3 million points. Doing this about 30 times will get you to the maximum score of 99999950. Make sure to collect all the coins as they appear or otherwise your game will have a ton of lag until they disappear or you go to a new area.
Penguin Suit Sound Effects!
Whenever Mario equips a Penguin suit, there is a "bwahk bwahk" sound in the background. Also, whenever Penguin Mario walks, there is a sound like squeaky rubber.
Secret Area!!
In World 1-1 near the end go to the hole with the pipe in it but do not go down the pipe. after a few seconds,it will show a small underground cave but still in the level. There are heaps of coins and 3 lives!