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Need For Speed: Carbon (Wii) Cheats

Need For Speed: Carbon cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Easier canyon duel overtakes.
Having trouble overtaking opponents in canyon duels? Here's a hint. Try to pass the opponent in the beginning. My easier way, use the Corvette. Try and keep your distance in the blue until the first turn. If it's a sharp turn, use the handbreak a little early. When the enemy is slowed down, speed ahead and try to keep your pace until time runs out for the opponent to pass you. Now you have a hint to getting that Murceilago!
Easy Way To Evade Cops.
First, you need a good Muscle Car (Mustang Recomended).
When you see Heavy SUVs ahead, use the Speedbreaker and hit one of the SUVs in the right or left side. The next SUV shoulf hit the one you hitted before, stopping many other cars behind you.
Losing the Heat
Cops on your tail? An easy way to lose them is to go to any body shop and start working on your car. Just change the color and your heat is lost!
Out of Control
Allways having trouble with muscle cars and how they go out of control and you keep waisting speedbreaker to get back into control, Well when that happens then just use oversteer to get back into control. This is also helpfull in the canyons.
Tip For Canyon Races.
When you are in Canyon races, the easiest way to get closer to your rival is by doing very sharp turns. To do that, stop pressing the acceleration button and turn the Wii-Remote to the side you want to turn. The E-brake can help you if your turn isn't very sharp.
Winning Canyon Duels
The easiest way I found to win is have the best acceleration possible. The Viper is great for this. Have the best acceleration stats for this and you should be able to pass anyone in a canyon duel with no problem. Then, you just have to stay in front which takes a little bit of good handling.
Winning races a bit easier.
Put a Explorer in your team, because they will always go in front of you, so during the races, the crew member that is a Explorer will go ahead, and you behind him/her. The crew member will always win the races when you are in second place.


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Extra Money (NO JOKE!!)
At the main menu press Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, 1 and then go into your career and Violla! 10,000!

Note: This Code only works once!!
Logo Vinyls (NO JOKE!!)
At the main menu press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, 1 and then Violla there they are!!
Special Logo Vinyls (NO JOKE!!)
At the main menu press Up (Twice), Down (Four Times), Up, 1 and then Violla there it is!!
Unlimited Crew Charge (NO JOKE!!)
At the main menu press Down, Up (Twice), Right, Left (Twice), Right, 1 and then a message should appear saying: Infinite Crew Charge.
Unlimited Nitrous (NO JOKE!!)
At the main menu press Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, 1 and a message should appear saying: Infinite Nitrous.
Unlimited Speedbreaker (NO JOKE!!)
At the main menu press Down, Right (Twice), Left, Right, Up, Down, 1 and then a message should come up saying: Infinite Speedbreaker.