MySims (Wii) Cheats

MySims cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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In-game Passwords
While in town, press Minus to pause the game. Then, 2 button, 1 button, Dpad down, Dpad up, Dpad down, Dpad up, Dpad left, Dpade left, Dpad right, Dpad right to display the password screen with a virtual keyboard. Enter one of the following case-sensitive passwords to activate the corresponding cheat function:
PasswordWhat it does
Tglg0caFunky Hipster Suit
l3hkdvsKimono Dress
AhvmrvaRacecar Bed
F3nevr0Bunk Bed
Itha7daRickshaw Bed
T7srhcaModern Couch
GhtymbaHourglass Couch
Gvsb3k1Genie Outfit
N10ng5gCamouflage Pants
R705aanWhite Jacket


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.~:*Commercial Sims*:~.
Here is a list of all the Commercial Sims that you can move into your town in the game.

Mayor Rosalyn
Buddy the Bellhop
Chef Gino Delicioso
DJ Candy Supergroove
Sir Vincent Skullfinder
Ms. Nicole Vogue
Vic Vector
Video Game Arcade
Roxie Road
Elmira Clamp
Goth Boy
Master Aran
Dolly Dearheart
Chef Watanabe
Sushi Chef
Madame Zoe
Trevor Verily
Professor Nova
Dr. F.
Captain Ginny

Hope that helps! And good luck!

Here is a list of all the possible essences you can retrieve in the game. XD

Beach Ball
Black Apple
Black Rose
Cherry Blossom
Chocolate Cake
Clown Fish
Dark Wood
Dead Wood
Dinosaur Fossil
Fish Bones
Gingerbread Man
Green Apple
Hopi Doll
Jack O' Lantern
Kissing Fish
Light Wood
Magic Carpet
Maga Lizard
Musical Note
Organic Leaf
Plum Blossom
Purple Crayon
Rainbow Trout
Red Apple
Red Crayon
Soccer Ball
Terra Cotta
Tina Doll
Tim Doll
Tiny Shark
Video Game
Voodoo Doll
Yellow Blossom
Yellow Crayon

I hope that helps! And good luck with finding them!

You will not have a Fishing Rod in your Inventory. Instead, whenever you are at any location where fishing is allowed, you will see a Rod and be given the option to 'Fish'. Use the 'A' button to cast your Rod. When you see a circle in the water, and bubbles, that means you've found a fish. Move the red bob at the end of your line to the centre of that circle, press the 'B' button and flick the Wii remote into the air a little with your wrist to pull the fish out of the water. At the start of the game, you probably will catch Tires, Rainbow Trout and Clown Fish. As your Star level gets higher, more fish can be caught.
.~:*Planting Essences*:~.
Essences can be planted at any garden location or wherever you find a circular bed with soil in it. Each area of the map contains a garden area. Once you have a Tree Essence of any type, you can plant it anywhere.

Prospecting is performed with a tool that resembles a metal detector. Whenever an area allows prospecting, a special icon will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Just press the 'A' button to begin to Prospect. Usually at least two different Essences can be found in any Prospecting area.

Building Stars
When building an object in your workshop, you don't need to fill up the entire ghost image, just have a block/essence block touch the stars.
If changing clothes, keep tilting left or right, you will make them dizzy
Free Blueprints/Clothes!
If you want free rare blueprints, then keep on being nice to one person until you are their best friend. They will either give you rare blueprints or give you their clothes. (They also give you their hairstyle!)
Get Rocket Essence Early
At Night. Buddy will sometimes have a Rocket Launch (geeky picnic)
When the rocket falls to the ground,Run to it quickly and you will have the Rocket Essence.Even during No stars or One star town
How to get Uber sims.
Uber sims appear in the hotel when you max out a certain intrest, like maxing spooky gets you Mel the Mummy, in order to max an intrest out, go to all of the houses and plaster on a bunch of decor that boosts the houses intrest in somthing, do it on enough houses and a message will pop up saying someone special has arrived at the hotel, cheack it out.
The curse of the sims!
You wanna keep a sim stuck at your house looking at you funny? Well then try this glitch that will surely creep you out! First, go to anyone's house and go to the mailbox outside their house and click on relocate but don't actually move them to a different block. Next invite them to your house using a costume chest, changing booth or salon chair. If you don't have any of those in your house, make one! Then just watch them and they will look at you everywhere you move! (if you leave your house and go back in they'll still be there!)
Tree Srategy
Before you decide to chop down a tree it's a good idea to use your fertiliser so you can get more essences.
There are 5 UBER sims in My Sims. Here's a list and the 100% mood you need to get them.
Studious-Samurai Bob
Tasty-Chancellor Ikara
Fun-Amazing Daryl
Uber sims!
If you think uber sims are too much work to move in. Then you don't know what you are missing! A helful tip to move in uber sims is make houses 100% of that enssence. You can check the enssence wheel while building hosues if you have 100% of the enssence. Once you move them in become best friends with them because if you don't you won't get awesome costumes and blueprints. For example, Hopper (the uber cute sim) gives you a froggy bed and couch blueprint and he also gives you four reward costumes (a frog, tiger, polar bear and bager costume). Other uber sims gives you cool stuff as well.
Unlockable Tools to use Around Town
Here are some tools to use around your town that you have to unlock, and how to unlock them.

Crowbar: Have your town reach one star
Saw: Have your town reach two stars
Pickaxe: Have your town reach three stars
Blow Torch: Have your town reach four stars
Town Monument Blueprint: Have a 5 star town
Unlockable Uber-Sims
After bringing your towns interest level to 100% in any of the six categories you will recieve a message telling you that a special guest will be waiting for you in the hotel. This Uber-Sim will be waiting in the hotel the next day.

Samurai Bob: 100% Studious Town
Mel: 100% Spooky Town
Star: 100% Geeky Town
Amazing Daryl: 100% Fun Town
Chancellor Ikara: 100% Tasty Town
Hopper: 100% Cute Town


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Run while paused
While leaving any area press the "+" button when get to the other side you can run even though it is paused.
To trap Buddy the Bellhop in a room
Trapping Buddy is hard, but I have done it before. Just walk into the side room of the hotel. If Buddy is in there, talk to him. Select Give Gift. Make a barrier and Buddy will be trapped. (Be sure you are on the outer edge. you can talk to Buddy from afar. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> ((If you are not there, you will be trapped too! (((What to do if you trap yourself but not Buddy: Say "It's getting hot in here. I will take off all my cloths." And Buddy will remove the barrier and see you naked! :3))))))
Walking on bed glitch
First you have to have a decoration. It has to be the pizza on a plate decoration. NOTE: This can be done at Patrick's house.

What you need to do:

1. place the decoration kitty corner from the end of the bed. It has to be near the foot of the bed.

2. Step on the pizza plate thing and cross over to the bed.

3. Ta da! You can now walk on the bed! Its pretty cool and fun. I JUST discovered the glitch.
Walking on Water!
Firstly create a Hot Tub but make stairs leading to the edge.
Place it in your house then walk up the stairs, once you reach the top you will be walking on water!!

Easter eggs

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Sorta secrets and gliches without ActionReply.

You can see when your sim is running, a bunch of dust flows behind him/her (on grass, grass comes out)

when you decorate inside someones house, your limited to amount of decorates and not limited to the things you make.

an easier way to befriend people is to decorate their houses with their decorations.

DJ candy is the easiest way to decorate the outside of the house. decorate how you want, and put the rope fence around it, you can get 100% fun.

if cassandra (or any other sim) is mean to you, quickly walk away and your friendship will stay the same.

cassandra can appear in daylight (some people think different)


(for noobs with good timing) if you see a flower, pick it and with good timing, walk away, right when you pick it, the flower will stay and organic leaf will come out (noobs because you can get organics from the forest.)
Traping Characters
Have you ever wanted to block the door in a house? Take essences (should be the size of a soccer ball) and make a square around the door! Fun to do with Sims, they just can't get out <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Beware: It is super hard to talk to the person to fix it, so you have to move them out.


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Dizzy Sims
When your changing clothes, keep turning left or right. Your sim will lean back, and try to keep her balance, and stars will appear round her head, your sim is dizzy.
Extinct Essences?
Did you for some reason get rid of all your essences and chopped down every tree of that essence?!? You may think it's gone forever but it's actually not! Almost all tree essences can be collected from sims! Here are some I've found so far!
Cherry blossom: Roxie Road's bedside table
Spring: the kickboxing guy's trampoline couch (you can take this to get geeky trees at star lvl 3!)
Rose/sunflower/yellow tulip/plum blossom: Poppy's cabinet
All you have to do is look around and you can find a replacement essence! Just visit a lot of sims! Sometimes it may be hidden in paint!
Unlock Special Outfits and Items
There is a hidden password system in MySims to unlock unique outfits and special furniture. To reach this password screen, do the following.

While running around town, bring up the pause screen with the - (minus) button. Then input the following commands on the Wiimote (not nunchuck):

2 button, 1 button, Dpad down, Dpad up, Dpad down, Dpad up, Dpad left, Dpad left, Dpad right, Dpad right.

A special keyboard to enter passwords will now appear allowing you to unlock clothes and furniture.

Tglg0ca: Diamond Vest (Outfit)
I3hkdvs: Kimono Dress (Outfit)
Ahvmrva: Racecar Bed (Blueprint)
F3nevr0: Bunk Bed (Blueprint)
Itha7da: Rickshaw Bed (Blueprint)
T7srhca: Modern Couch (Blueprint)
Ghtymba: Hourglass Couch (Blueprint)
Gvsb3k1: Genie Outfit (Clothing)
N10ng5g: Camouflage Pants (Clothing)
R705aan: White Jacket (Clothing)