Monster Hunter Tri Cheats

Monster Hunter Tri cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Offline awards
UnlockableHow to unlock
Argosy LicenseTrade in all 7 Rare Commodites to the Argosy Captain
Champion's BadgeClear all coliseum quests.
Chief's GarbCear all ★1-3 village quests
Chief's PipeComplete all Village quests
Farm CertificateUpgrade the farm to max level
Gem of the DepthsSlay a Ceadeus
Giant CrownGet a Silver Crown on all Village Monsters except Ceadeus
Lackey TestimonialRaise Cha-Cha to Lv30
Old Childhood MaskCollect all Cha-Cha masks and learn all dances
Scroll of the SageComplete at least 10 pages of the Combination List
Tidal NecklaceHunt a Lagiacrus
Vow of BrotherhoodUpgrade all ships to level 3
Online Awards
Must be able to connect to the wi-fi
UnlockableHow to unlock
Alatreon's RingSlay Alatreon
Arena TrophyComplete a City Tournament with at least A ranking
Artisan's HammerCreate many weapons and armors of Rarity 6 or 7
Bionomical ReportCapture all boss monsters (Except Elder Dragons)
Copper MedalClear all 1-3* city quests
Decorative PlaqueDevelop at least 18 types of interior decoration
Gold MedalClear all city quests
Jhen CrystalDefeat Jhen Mohran
King's CrownHunt all large sized (gold) monsters
Miniature CrownHunt all small sized (gold) monsters
Silver MedalClear all 4-6* city quests
Tome of LegendRecord notes on all monsters and complete at least 13 pages of the Combination List
Unlockable Weapons
This how you get event-only or powerful weapons in tri
UnlockableHow to unlock
TenebraDo the "Cold Call" event quest to obtain dark metals to make this ice-type long sword
Barbarian BladeThis actually the Argosy's sword. You can reiceve it from him after repelling the ceadus next time he returns to Moga
Rising SoulDo the 'Sea Power" event quest and obtain lightning tickets to make this long sword
Lion's BaneDo the "Speak of the Deviljho" event quest to obtain lion king seals to make this great-sword
Sinister SaintsDo the "Hot Deal' event quest to obtain smith's notebook to craft this switch axe
Sharq attackDo the "Alluring Dress" event quest to obtain sharq tickets to make this fishy lance
MLOO1:BaltzengerDo the "Blood sport" event quest to gain incomplete plans to make this lance


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Barioth, uragaan and Agnaktor Hunting tips
i wil detail each guy:


if you are switch axe or mace you will have a decent time with this guy, for mace users try to aim ASAP to the head knock its crest off, carve it also, it will give you advantage.

now onto the main guy, its a very very good idea to have the earplugs skill, but not from helios armor, BAD IDEA VERY BAD IDEA, helis tough has nice defenses has an horrible let down, demonic blessing, yeah it means no weapon will live in off to do damage before you need to use a whetstone.

also if you can get yourself the capture guru skill (if you have it check closeley the options press the minus button to expand it AND if you painted it yes you will see him flashing when its near death).

some tips are dodge, duck and dodge, i cannot stress that this guy needs to be avoided 90% of the time, have lurdoth based weaponary, so when he is covered in mud his water weakness is exploited dramatically.

alternative is also have pitfall and shock traps, along with the trap tool, you trap the guy and slash him a LOT rinse and repeat, having also barrel bombs.


An other brute wyvern (and a brute pain) cold drinks, paintballs, Barrel bombs +, barrel bombs, mega demon drug, mega dash juice, acient potion, max potion ALL THAT along with cold drinks and TRAPS, i cannot stress in off how importants traps are for you.

this guy has the tremor ability, hence your first priority is having the tremor res skill and again HG earplugs, cut the tail first and then aim for the legs, then keep attacking, if he moves to a different area, pray thats the area with the mountain, please just follow my suggestion, he will go on a mountain and sleep you cannot attack it, but there is something better you have time to plant a trap (shock over pitfall if the tail is not off) and some bombs, the uragaan should roll over and make a bomb explode (with some luck) and fall in the trap, now attack him, do so fast, long sword or switch axe are good ideas, also the bombs can damage the uragaan maw.


A fire based wyvern, and quite an easy prey (easier than a rathalos for sure).

if you followed my suggestions onto having what items, follow them again, also make sure to have cool drinks.

Agnaktor lives just after area 4, he has some attack, but are no biggie, a heat beam, a tail swipe and yeah like the uroktors he can dive onto ground.

here is the cath agnaktor has an magma armor, when he fires the laser BE NEXT TO HIM better under his neck, and relentessly attack his chest, whe he dives dodge, plant a shock trap and keep attacking him, until he falls, now go and attack the tail, choping it off takes a danger out of him, by the tiem you end damaging his chest he should be near death.
Diablos, Great Baggi, Barioth, and Ceadeus tips
Diablos: A big old meany, Diablos is quite a dangerous opponent a big old meanie, the guy mostly runs around trying to stab you with its horns, problem he runs fast, and there is a second thing, he can dive, on the ground, like an agnaktor, yeah, expect surprise attacks all around, moving onto how to kill him, HG plugs, will help, but also bring, sonic bombs, barrels bombs and traps, you mostly need to try this: lay a bomb when he is digging, and wait until 2 secs, with some luck the barrel bomb will blow up, or if you set a trap go and slash/stab/pound/shoot, there is more dodge and run, also lay meats if you plan going onto a stall war.

Great Baggi: lookie here! a Version 2.0 of the old good great jaggi, there are a few things mixed in this, it has a nice breath attack, it puts you to sleep, also the baggi have this attack too, i know what you are thinking Great Sword NO, long sword or switch maybe lance or hammers are good for the job, you will need to be dodging a lot, also watch out there is a chance for a gigginox to show up, and no one likes the gigginox (great baggi can run to the caves)

Barioth: the sabertooth of the tundra, the barioth, be aware friend he is fast, and hits hard.

to kill this guy laying traps and meats is not in off, only bowguns, swords and shields or switch axes should be used onto this game, reason? the guy is fast, hit him hard and dodge, combo cancel with the switch axe in sword mode if necesary, he is not that resillent, but he can screw you very fast due that he loves to move A LOT.

Ceadeus: the end boss, and the most pain in the arse guy so far, slash his cheen, and keep doing so, have mega air filter on you, and then follow him, cha-cha MUST HAVE THE ACIENT MASK IS A MUST, NOW ON area 3 hit the ceadeus horns, one will break, carve it, now if you see him going near a building press the Z button AND SWIM YOUR ARSE THERE activate the mechanism and the guy will be literally weakened, slay him some more, dodge hit, heal, the usual crap.
Fast Switch for Switch axe and fast spirit combo and Burst attack for the Switch AXe
This is for nunchuck and wiimote users, not sure if it can be performed on the Classic controller.

Press Z on the nunchcuk and start running (mega dash juice recommended) now while you are still running press the - Button your character should draw the switch already on sword mode, meaning there is no waiting time (frame time) to use it.

For the spirit sword do the same thing, but instead of doing a different attack your character will start the spirit combo as he draws the weapon.

Final Burst, with the switch axe in sword mode press the - button but then start pressing the A button fast, your should see the switch axe start shaking keep doing it to relase a mid range powerfull burst shot, not to exagerate but the thing can hurt and badly it allowed to me kill a gigginox fast two shots and a whole combo of the switch axe in sword mode, in less than 20 minutes.

Eye with the final burst, it will force the swith from sword to axe due to the overheating
How to choose your weapon upgrade paths depending on your style
Don't just go upgrading your weapon like a mad-man!choose your weapon path wisley. If you prefer elemental value over attack power,go for bone path (i.e.,bone kris,bone blade,bone hammer,bone lance,bone axe,anata boneblade,etc.)as they give weapon upgrades with elemental value or upgrades into a weapon which opens the gate to elemental weapons. Common examples of weapons with elemental value are ludroth weapons and are the most early to obtain. If you prefer attack,sharpness,and affinity over elemental value to decimate monsters,go for "iron path" (hunter's knife is considered iron.)they usually give high attack power and sharpness levels. Also,from the hunter's knife path you can make the assassin's dagger,a decent sns for level 3 monsters off-line. Remember to choose your style from these two paths and you can defeat even the most powerful of monsters.
how to kill a Giigginox
gigginox is a wyvern, and loves to spam giggi and poison, antidotes are a must here, switch axe is as always useful, now onto how to kill him, dodge a lot, lay bombs around, but be specially carefull,attack him only after a poison attack has ended, strike him fast and hard, and if you knock him over his better, use an horizontal swipe of the switch axe in axe mode to do some heavy damage, there is not much to say, if it werent for poison he would be a pushover.
how to kill a great Jaggi and a Gobul
Great Jaggi: a giant jaggi, nice, first boss also, this guy is a pain, until you get better weaponry, bring a lance to kill him, in order to attack best is for you to wait until he roars, attack then, or after he does 3 tail whips.

Gobul: in order to hunt this guy there are two paths fish him, or kill him underwater, i do the second, go onto water and start attacking his lantern once it breaks, go down and attack the maw and the chin, you will not want to attack him on the back due to simple reasons, if you do so there is chance the spikes will grow, and hit you badly, so yeah keep doing a hit and run strategy is the best thing for this guy, lance wont be as helpful, nor maces or GS, by this time you only have switch axe as a decent weapon, later on the LS is a better idea due to spirit combo
how to trap a monster
have in your inventory trap tool along with net and thunder bug, have also pitfall trap and shock trap, unless you are facing the likes of flying wyverns or the digging wyverns (with some exeptions) you can "anbush" a wyvern like the great baggi, what you need to do this? a flash bomb, sneak one rigth under his nose and stun him NOW if the entrance has two exitsput a pitfall trap on one, then the shck trap on the other, why im a suggesting this? simple, the great baggi will go to either exit and become trapped there, not only that but you can rush it and tranq bomb him, this works for other cases, uragaan some times instead of digging while he is going to an exit wont dig on the earth but will walk, having cha cha or a partner distract it so you can plant the traps is a good idea.

finally capturing monster is better than killing them, reason? 99% of the quests give better rewards by getting a monster alive than dead.
how to unlock new weapons and armor
as some people migth have seen, after you past a certain point you dont unlock anymore new stuff, including weapons and armors, simply connect to the wi-fi and get at least to 1 in the hunter rank, go and load your game, every other weapon you have available should be unlocked.
Kelbi Horns
An easier way to get Kelbi Horns is to stun the kelbi with either a Shield Bash or Sword Slap. When they are stunned they can be carved, which has a higher yield for Kelbi Horns.
Lagiarcus Hunting
1) If you see him charging up, and you are close (and the weapon has decent ATK) attack the spikes on the back this will freeze his charging.

2) In order to damage the chest, use a switch axe, in sword mode, with one of the 40% base damage combos (remember the sword mode adds 25% add to that the 40% of the combo and you are doing 65% of the base damage).

3) YOU WILL NEED THIS: Mega demon drug, Mega dash Juice, nutrients, mega air filter and psycho serum, the first 3, will increase your attack,defense and air bar, the nutrients boost your HP.

4) Slay his tail, having done all 3 steps, the largiarcus should be near death, in order to see this if he is underwater he should be flinching, so to speak, instead of a nice swimming pattern he will use a different one.

5) Aim for the legs, always, if you are in ground, if the lagiarcus falls, attack the chest or tail
Fighting Rathalos may be a difficult monster to fight, but if you know what to do, you'll beat him in no time.


Fireball: he'll just conjure up one fireball. just dont be in the same direction hes facing. he'll be open for 2-3 seconds. i think he only does this if the hunters are nowhere near the rathalos.

Charge: he'll just try to ram you by running into you. just roll out of the way to the left or right or if your evasion is really good, go right between the legs(just watch out for the tail!). Hammers a bit of advice: hold the superpound charge and once he stops running, immedately! release the superpound attack. because he needs a chance to turn around, he'll run right into a head pound.

Bite: he'll just try to bite you. (LAME! xP) just block or dont be in the way. but it does little damage, so i dont think it matters if you get hit of not. but hes open for 1.5-2.5 seconds of direct attacks.


Poison Talons: he'll go up in the air and try to poison you with its claws. very fast, so what you can do is wither block, but if you know rathalos that well, dive INTO the attack, not away(he can change direction!). he'll end missing you and fly back down, and you can flash bomb him to make him fall.

Flying Ram Attack: Just Roll to the left or right and you'll be fine. Or you can flash him out the air(Very effective!) idk y, but for some reason, if you try to flash him out of the air and hes facing you and you end up missing, theres a chance you can get a invincibility frame while you do it( you'll end up falling by the air no damage.)

Flying Dive: He'll fly around the WHOLE area and swoop down. very easy to dodge, just dont get by it cause it causes alot of damage.

Hope that helps you. add me, and send me some questions. id be happy to answer them! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Rathian/Ratalos Hunting
1) Wait until one lands.

2) Aim for the legs, then the face.

3) When any of the two are on the air, dodge, make sure to have antidotes on you.

4) Having altered meats help, lay a yellow one, when around 20 minutes have gone, rathian or rathalos should eat it, go all on on them

5) Remember, having the drugs, will help a lot, and pack antidotes, rathian and rathalos can poison you
the smart hunter inventory
Mega potion
Max potion
Ancient potion
demon drug
mega demon drug
might pill
mega armor skin
titan pill
air philter
mega air philter
Barrel bomb L
Barrel bomb L+
paint ball
Flash bomb.
Shock trap.
Pitfall trap.
tranq bombs

all i mentioned above is one of the best sets, making your character "high" with the 3 tipes of drugs will make sure your character has a decent defense, a good attack , his/her stamina does not drops and finally due to max potion his health is at max.

the psychoserums is for you to track monsters fast, paintballs to save serums.

the air philters are for when you face guys like the lagiarcus, and royal lurdoth or ceadeus, they increase your Oxygen bar.

the traps are for catching monsters so you have an easier time dealing damage.

finally all 3 drugged meats should be included but the yellow one gets priority, play a stall game with a monster and leave a piece of meat when its tired, it will eat it and get paralyzed (the other two poison or put the monsters to sleep)

barrel bombs are there for dishing damage even faster doing kamikaze attacks tends to work
Tips For Longsword Users
First of all, a longsword is easy and difficult at the same time. So you should start when you're a little skilled. Now, When you face a monster, you don't want to attack as much as you can then get away the last second! You should either: Use 2 or 3 spirit combo moves then dodge with a fade slash or a roll... OR, do a couple of normal attacks then run away. But you don't have to do this all the time, you can do some full combos every now and then. (Quick thing: longswords have a shortened name: LS). Next, you want to pick out a sword that has a good balance between raw power and element. For example, the Rising Soul has 594 attack and 440 thunder element. Another thing to keep in mind is, is it better than your other swords? it may be a longsword and have high attack for its type, but what if you have a 1500 attack hammer? But if you really want a longsword then that's fine! Now, a longsword is a very versatile weapon, but these are the main use for an LS. Hp chipping, breaking parts of a monster, and fighting monsters with high elemental damage. Why? I'll explain... HP chipping: Longswords have a medium attack power, and attack fast so they're great for lowering HP. Breaking parts: They have high element damage, and have the spirit gauge, which is great for breaking a piece off a monster. Monsters with high elemental damage: well, like I said, high elemental power and large variety of elements. Well hope this helped you! P.S. I'm not some HR 999 person that's an MH expert, I'm HR 112 and just like providing tips.
Weapons and what can cut
Hammers and most bowgun shot types cannot cut tails.

Longswords, swords, switch axes and, lances great swords, like the bone blade, can cut. In addition, the Slice Shot from bowguns can cut off tails.

For example you can cut a Royal Ludroth tail with a Switch axe.


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Duplication Glitch

<span style="color:blue;">There are 2 ways to perform this glitch...
each way requires 2 people

1.this is for people who have bad connection and take forever to sign in/out

1.a: get the item/s you wish to duplicate and place them in your pouch (you can do multiple kinds of items but not very many of each)

2.a: select the "Low Rank" Great Jaggi Quest. (and make sure your partner has an enough space in his/her pouch for the items)

3.a: when you start the quest give your partner all of the desired duplicate items then ABANDON (Note: your partner does not abandon but instead finishes the quest

4.a: when they get back they will have all of your items and you will still have the originals

5.a: do this as much as needed</span>

<span style="color:green;">2.this is for people with great will be able to duplicate a wider variety of items and a higher amount of each because you will not be restricted by the limits of the pouch

1.b: make sure your partner has an EMPTY pouch and that both of you are standing by the box next to the departure gate

2.b: take out any items that you want to duplicate and start giving them to your partner.

3.b: after you give him each item you grab as many as desired from your box and repeat the process (Note: every time you pause should be the cue for your partner to empty his pockets into his own box)

4.b: when you have given your partner as many items you wanted duplicate (Note#2: you may want to do only 1 type of item at a time for it may get confusing) now lets say you gave your partner 100 flash-bugs now is the MOST CRUCIAL PART

<span style="color:red;">5.B: your partner (who has the items) must go to his/her bed in their guest house and save,
YOU must then quit the game WITHOUT SAVING so go to "quit game" then go to "mode select" then when it asks you if you want to save SAY NO!</span>

6.b: when you sign back on go to your partner, you will have all the given supplies back and your partner will still have the previously given ones.
Now your partner gives you back the 100 flash-bugs...when he/she is done YOU go to save and THEY leave without saving..thus creating a chain that you can repeat until either you both have what you need or have 999+ of an item</span>

Glitch outside of the map
There are a few spots in the maps of monster hunter tri, where one may utilize a tactic to land themselves outside of the normally accesable map.

The optimal setup for this would be-
Bowgun with diablos rapid fire (pellet 2) gun part.

it can be done with any bowgun, but it requires MUCH more precision than with the other method.

To my knowledge, this can be done in any place where a hunter falls from one area INTO another (it must be seperated by a loading screen). The person with the bowgun sits slightly back from where the falling player will land, they then aim all the way up.

As soon as the falling player appears slightly above your reticule, fire. Foing this should knock them in a different direction, and if aimed correctly, you will launch them into an area not normally accessable. Some movement from this point will normally glitch the player outside of the map, where they can wander around freely (there are no loading screens). The player indicating arrows on the minimap will still work however, and it is possible to remove your arrow from the map entirely. This is most easily done on the volcano and deserted island.
Hidden Jho
In the event quest for hunting jho in the flooded forest, there is a ledge in area two, you can place bombs and meat on this ledge. you need at least 2 people for this to work.

place 3 lg barrel bombs on the ledge, so that they are equally spaced, like this


the slashes indicate walls.

then, place sleep meat at the same places where your bombs are.

place small barrel bombs far away enough from the ledge to hit it, but not detonate the lg barrel bombs on top. doing this enough will eventually destroy the ledge, leaving the bombs and meat intact, suspended in mid-air.

deviljho is able to eat the meat, and you can them proceed to sleep bomb him. It does nothing spectacular, and is purely for amusement.