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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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2 more friend credits
1. At the part where you get the Hazard Shield, two assault aerotroopers attack. (This is the only time I've been able to do it) Try to slowly wither away their health until a grapple symbol appears. Grapple it to get the Crash Landing voucher.
2. After you have destroyed the Pirate Homeworld Leviathan, go back to the room of the Pirate Homeworld (more specificly, the mining station) with the Phazon Harvester Drone. Stun it by shooting the weak point, while stunned, use the command visor to command your ship to bomb it. Getting you the Harvester Destroyed Voucher.
A few pointers
Here I will give you a few pointers to stay alive during tough time.

1. If their are a lot of enemies go into the morth ball and boost past them (if you have that upgrade), this doesn't always prevent you from getting heat but it is better than running past them on foot.

2. Go into hyper mode, this makes you invincible, so you can quickly run past the enemy with ease, however don't be to long or you'll become corrupted.

Their my tips, they may seem obvious but I think they are worth mentioning.
Alternate ending sequences:
Finish the game with a 75% or higher to see an extended ending.

Get 100% completion to view a bonus sequence after the credits.
Dark Samus Battle(All Modes)
When your fighting Dark Samus(or DS) on hyper mode she tends to use attacks that will prolong the battle to make you take damage more often(Like the attack that makes her spin around like a tornado with her other 2 clones). The aurora-unit battle that comes after that one is a doosey as well, but, at points in the battle you'll see a little robot bobble in-and-out of each of the 4 vents...SHOOT IT!!!! If you destroy this thing it'll give you a freebie at dealing damage to the aurora, making it droop its head and wave it back-and-forth. Basically, its putting a "SHOOT ME" sign on its forehead(And the funny thing is, you can do this over and over again, until you defeat it). The next stage of the battle will entail you fight a floating head(This will be deja-vu for anyone thats played Metroid Prime 2:Echoes). All you have to do is get behind it and shoot the shiny red spot, simple right...? WRONG!!! It floats around and above you, so you lose your lock-on when you try to dash around it(Frustrating...I know). What you do is shoot the mouth when it opens up, before it fires 1 big-az shot at you; or you could shoot this box-like thing that pops out from the bottom, before it shoots a blast at the floor to make a shockwave. The main attack you should watch out for is the attack that shoots 4 gold beams out in random directions. Oh, and to make this battle alittle harder...you can't regain any health during the last phase of the battle, you only get health back at the beginning of the floating head battle and thats it. Good Luck! Your going to need it!

P.S.: In hypermode his attacks do triple their usual damage.

P.S.S.:I wonder if I'm the first to beat this game on hypermode???
Draw Stuff In
Whenever you see an object such as a missile refill or that thing that replenishes your energy, just start charging your beam to its full charge(either in hypermode or normal mode)and wait until everything around you is drawn to you, then fire!!!

(This was extremely useful to me during the battle with Mogenar when I was running low on energy to enter hypermode)
Friend Vouchers
Kill 100 monsters
Kill 200 monsters
Kill 300 monsters
Kill 400 monsters
Kill 500 monsters
Kill 600 monsters
Kill 700 monsters
Kill 800 monsters
Kill 900 monsters
Kill 1000 monsters

stylish kill- on Elysia when there are a whole bunch of silver droid things on a large wide bridge, if you run by them and blow up the bridge and the robots fall to there doom you get a stylish kill voucher.

Kill 20 pirate commandos

Make lizard go suicide- Wait for a reptilicus to throw the whip at you and then freeze it and when it comes back to him he will blow up.

Thats only thirteen but I know there are more.
In Bryyo the Missile Expansion: Head to the Fuel Gel Pool and roll up into a ball. With the hazard suit, you can roll through the fuel gel, so roll into the pipe here to find the missiles. If you don't want to wait for the hazard suit you don't have to if you have enough energy tanks. I did it with a full line plus one. Not that important just something I tried and it worked so ya give it a try!
How Lose damage Easily on Phaaze
When your on phaaze you probably read or noticed you take damage from the atmosphere of the planet, so, you need to look for 2 monsters on phaaze that can be a BIG help and can mean life or death depending on if you do this. First, look for the phazon puffer, if you stand in front of it, it'll syphon your damage into it, BUT, BE CAREFUL!!!! If you let it take to much damage, it'll explode and do a "Helluva" lot more damage back! Second, look for the Phazon Ing, you can grapple it and use the phazon grapple to syphon your damage into them, neat huh?

Well, I hope that helps with your little trip to Dark Samus!
How to regain health (once you obtain the electric grapple)
Once you obtain the electric grapple on Piarate Homeworld. If you see one of the moniter things you can take the energy from and are low on health take 'almost' all it's energy. Then put it back, take it, put it back. You will notice that you gain health each time you take the energy from the unit.
I know this certain for normal difficulty but I'm not too sure about the other difficulties.
It takes a while to recover all your health but it's worth it when low on health.

Hope this helps!!
I can has map now?
The chozo observatory has uses beyond looking pretty. By using the spiderball tracks on the upper AND lower levels, you can unlock map upgrades for all four planets (Bryyo, Norion, Elysia, and the Pirate Homeworld). This upgrade will allow you to see suit upgrades on the map for you to collect and make getting 100% that much easier.
Ice Missiles and Mogenar
While not necessary for the easier difficulty levels of the game, Mogenar becomes something of a barrier on Veteran and Hypermode. As a way of making him a little easier to cope with and weaken, try using Ice Missiles. They will not only prove to be the only way of successfully stunning Mogenar, but also allow you a period during which you can weaken it further. The Ice Missiles can be used repeatedly, turning a very difficult Boss into an easy target with enough practice.
Item checklist
Power beam- Have from start
Grapple laso- Norion
Grapple beam- Bryyo
Plasma beam- Elysia
Screw attack- Bryyo ice
Nova beam- Pirate homeworld
Double jump- have at start of game
Boost ball- Elysia
Spider ball- Elysia
Hazard suit- Pirate homeworld
Unlimited Hyper mode- Phaaze
Hyper Mode- G.F.S Olympus
X-Ray visor- Pirate homeworld
Missile gunship upgrade- Bryyo
Grapple gunship upgrade- Elysia
Energy cell#1- G.F.S. Flagship Valhala
#2- Bryyo
#3- Norion
#4- Bryyo
#5- Elysia
#6- Pirate homeworld
#7- Pirate Homeworld
#8- Elysia
#9- Pirate homeworld
Morph Ball Jump
While in morphball mode, if you jerk the controlloer up, you will do a morphball jump. Quite handy for those tricky three bomb jumps ehh?
Power-Ups not on the map
If you, like so many others, relied on the map but found yourself short a few % marks, you've probably overlooked the upgrades that aren't on the map:

-The GFS Valhalla upgrades are not listed

-The two upgrades (not counting the screw attack) on Bryyo Ice are not listed (well, they are, but you can only see the map of that area 'in' Bryyo Ice, so scanning the planet won't let you see them unless you travel through the warp point.)

Happy hunting!
Samus, "The Angel of Death"
This is for you guys that are having a really hard time trying to kill those pirate commandos on hypermode level. Well, until you actually the nova-beam your just a tad bit S.O.L. and will have to stick to hypermode attacks. But, if you have the nova-beam you can put on your X-ray visor and you'll notice a little red spot on the pirate commandos(or any other phazon based creature, like phazon metroids), that is their phazon-based brain. You simply lock on to them and shoot at it to get a instant-kill headshot(Which sucks for them due to the fact that your literally blowing their brains out of their head).

Hope that helps!!! I'm trying to look for ways to easily kill baddies!
Ship Bumper Stickers
Bumper Stickers for your Ship
Having these games on your Wii system memory will cause your ship to get decals when you enable the bumper sticker bonus:
Wii Play
Wii Sports
Zelda: Twilight Princess
Super Paper Mario
Metroid Prime 3
Excite Truck
Wario Ware: Smooth Moves
Mario Party 8
Three Gold Credits
When you first start the game, scan everything in your ship. When you land, keep on scanning. You talk to some Federation Troopers, next to them is a gold platform. Step onto it and play the game. You shoot the targets and keep them in the air. When you get ten points, you should get a gold credit. DO NOT SAVE!!! This is critical to your gold credits. If you save you will not get them. Move on and scan everything in sight. Go up the ramp and keep scanning until you get to the flag bridge. SCAN!!! There will be 3 computer people. Shoot one of them multiple times. A defense turret comes down. Destroy it and a level 2 will come out. Destroy that one and a level three will come out. Destroy it and you will get 2 more gold credits. GO SAVE NOW!!!!
Unlock suit upgrade finder
In the observatory on Elysia If you have your ship come in and pick up the cylinder in the middle you can go in there and fix a control panel with the plasma beam. Make the ship drop th cylinder and then turn on the panel with a touch hand panel. The grapple point that your ship used to pick the cylider up rises and makes steps to get to the top of the room. Find a way in to a morphball hole and around to one of the morph ball slots. Climb the spiderball tack and use the MBB and the sattelite will launch giving you the coordinates from the Pirate Homeworld of all of the suit upgrades.

Easter eggs

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Secret Message from Kenji Yamoto
Enter the ship, look up and press the circular code device and enter:

Third symbol
Sixth symbol
Fourth symbol
Eighth symbol
Secret Message from Satoru Iwata
Enter your ship, look up and press the circular code device in the ceiling.

Press the:
Second symbol
Seventh symbol
Fifth sybmol
First symbol

Then he speaks in Japanese
Secret Message from Shigeru Miyamoto
Enter the ship, look up and press the circular code device and enter:

Eighth symbol
Third symbol
Fifth symbol
Fourth symbol


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easy last boss (spoilers)
if you want to take dwon the last boss dark samus. you know that she makes these "echoes" well if you just switch on the X-Ray visor you can see witch is the real one. hope this helps
End of Game Warning(Spoiler Free)
Whenever you go to the last level of the game to fight the last boss(trying to avoid spoilers), you immediately land and have no way of going back to the other planets in the game. I recommend making a copy of file you are about to beat the game with, because as soon as you beat the game, your file is deleted and becomes "Clear Game" data, and you lose everything you did earlier. It happened to me and it ticked me off, seeing as how I beat the game in 12 hours and completed about 94% of it. So I just wanted to warn you guys so it doesn't happen to you.
Extreme Hard Mode(Hypermode Level)
When you beat the game in either normal or veteran mode you will unlock this level of gameplay.

Note: I must warn you, that this level of gameplay is very intense! All of your attacks deal half as much damage as normal, and your enemies do about double of their normal damage.
Also, when you fight the space pirates they will have about a 90% chance entering hypermode(unlike normal or veteran mode where they only have about a 20% chance).
G.F.S Valhalla 5 digit code
in the control room in the valhalla ship input this code to recieve the aurora units last transmission

hidden message
Re-enter the comm code you entered at the begining of the game to talk to the olympus. After norion is cleared to listen to some guy talk to you in japanese.

(I wish i knew what he was saying so some one should translate it for us)

Quickly kill Metroid Hatcher!
Whenever you encounter one of the three Metroid Hatcher's in the game, if you quickly scan it, even if it's already in your Logbook scan it anyway, and then switch to the X-Ray Visor, you can kill it in just a few shots.
Samus Bowling
Do you want that thrill of bowling and getting a strike right in the safety of your own home...?! Well try samus bowling!!! Its fun and easy!!! Simply turn into a morph ball right in front of a group of tin bots, and boost ball into them and...WWWHHHAAAMMM!!!!!!!! Samus Bowling!!!

L.O.L., well, this cheat is fun and it scores you a friend voucher. Have fun!
Three bomb jump with only one bomb
You can accomplish a three bomb jump without the hassle of laying those three bombs. Here is what you do:
1. flick the remote to do a morph ball jump
2. at the peak of that jump lay one bomb
3. as soon as you land, flick the remote to perform another morph ball jump
4. doing step 3 should place you right at the bomb as it explodes and propelling you up even higher, thus the result is a double jump with only one bomb!!