Metroid: Other M Cheats

Metroid: Other M cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Unlockable Weapons
UnlockableHow to unlock
Power Bombs for the whole gameBeat the Game
Theater Mode/Metroid other m movieBeat the Game
Gallery Mode/ArtworkBeat the Game
Diffusion BeamDefeat the 2 floating platforms with guns on them
Ice BeamEnter Sector 3 and explore a little
Wave BeamEncounter the glass cage with zebesians on the other side
Plasma BeamSPOILER Begin the Battle with your old purpleish fire breathing friend
Grapple BeamEncounter the Rhedogian for the second
Varia SuitBegin the battle with Goyagma
Gravity SuitSPOILER After Adam dies, backtrack through the tunnel


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Holding the Wii Remote vertically and pressing and holding the A button until you are done Concentrating will let you restore a certain amount of Energy and Missiles.
Lethal Strike
After an enemy take however much damage, they will slouch on the ground or do something like it and won't attack. If they are downed, charge your charge beam fully and rush at them. You will perform a Lethal Strike, usually killing the enemy, depending on what it is.
Phantoon Help
When fighting Phantoon, don't wait for him to break the windows, because your Plasma Beam can go through the glass and into him. Charge up and fire! Or, while he is trying to break the window, charge up your Super Missile and when the glass breaks, fire! This can be tricky though, because you have to dodge. Shake your Wii Remote while charging up your Super Missile while an enemy is by you and you can dodge it, or SenseMove, out of the way.
Screw Attack
Instead of rapidly tapping to use the Screw Attack, jump and wait for a few seconds, and then press it again. Tapping continuously will make you drop, while tapping at a more even pace will keep you in the air longer.
Sensemove Charge
If you begin your charge beam, using sensemove successfully will bring you to full charge instantly! Especially useful in crowds in which you can dodge multiple foes and let the diffusion beam take them all out.

Easter eggs

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Rainbow strike
Sometimes when you do a lethal strike, You see a rainbow for about 2 seconds!