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Mario Strikers Charged cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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"Joe's Pizza"
This is recommended with power or offensive typed players.When you have a lead that you don't want to lose,use an offensive or defensive player on your team,get into the corner,(without the high voltage cheat),& keep pressing the control pad.After you waste time,the clock will expire and you win.
A tip for making your team
I reccomend you make sure you have at least one player with max passing on your team. That way, steals are less likely to suceed. A second guy with max passing can help even more! (Toad And Bowser Jr are reccomended for this)
Attack Star Users
If your opponent uses a star as an item, they will be invincible to your attacks. If it is the team captain using the star, wait until they are charging up a megastrike and slide tackle them to steal the ball and knock through their invincibility.
best place for a megastrike and skill shots
Megastrikes: the corners or the top/bottem of the half way line

Toad: Near the middle of the goal about 3-5 steps out

Birdo: anywhere as long as there arnt any players near

Dry Bones: the bottem and the top but close to the goal

Monty Mole: centre of the goal 5 steps back (roughly)

Boo: anywhere close to the goal

Hammer Bros. close to goal at the bottem/ top but not to close to corners

Koopa: close to goal with no-one else close

if ive missed any out sorry just pm me and ill edit
best way to score goals with some partners
Toad- You can use toad to "toad hop" over goalie with the cross pad. It takes practice and perfect timing to correctly jump over and fool the goalie. I suggest to use it on the goalie's border line.

Dry bones- You can use dry bones skill shoot to stun the goalie and shot while the goalie is recovering. Or you can pass the ball to a near by teammate and score. Also another way is to disappear into the net. Charge up till white and use the cross pad to disappear and appear into the net, but must be near the goalie.

Birdo- Birdo's skill shot is the easiest way to score. Charge up and if any of your opponents are coming after you then use the cross pad to throw them away.

Hammer Bros.- You can use hammer bros. skill shot to bring down the goalie and shoot it in. But you must be near the goalie to make a perfect goal. Use the cross pad to hit the other people and clear your way to do the skill shot.

Shy Guy- Shy guy skill shot is to go towards the goalie and knock him out. Use the skill shot and then go towards the ball and shoot while the goalie is down.

Boo scoreing tip
When you have Boo on your team, use his skill shot right next to the goal in front of Kritter. Be sure not to get to close as Kritter will get you, but when unleash the shot close enough to the goal, Boo will just go right through Kritter and score. This works almost every time, but getting a chance to do it is another story.
Captains and Sidekicks

Mario: Mario is a balanced character, you will have no trouble being him.

Luigi: Same as Mario, however he's a bit stronger in shoots, but less speedy then Mario.

{color=pink}Peach: Peach is a playmaker captain, she has excellent lob passing.

Daisy: Daisy is defensive, she has great speed, but she lacks shooting power.

Wario: Wario is offensive, he has a average curl shot, lack of speed, but amazing power.

Waluigi: Waluigi is defensive, unlike Daisy he has better defensive ability, but he's lower in speed.

Yoshi: Yoshi is a balanced, unlike Luigi and Mario. He has good power and range, average in speed.

DK: Dk is a power captain, he lacks speed but has average power.

Diddy: Diddy is a playmaker captain, he lacks the shooting power, has average speed, but has good passing ability.

Bowser: Bowser is a power captain, his lob shots are powerful, his curl is average and he lacks in speed and passing.

Bowser Jr.: Bowser Jr is a offensive captain, he's has powerful shots, lacks in speed and passing, but is good at air shooting.

Petey: Petey is a power captain, his power and curl is very strong, his passing is average and he lacks in speed.


Toad: Toad has good passing and speed, he lacks in power.

Koopa Troopa: He has good speed and passing, average in power.

Birdo: Birdo has good power and passing, average in speed.

Hammer Brother: He has good power and passing, lacks in speed.

Monty Mole: Has good defending and power, average in passing and lacks in speed.

Boo: Boo is good at speed and passing, he lacks in power.

Shy Guy: He's good at power and passing, average in speed, but lacks in defense.

Dry Bones: Is very good at defeinding and speed, average in power.

Hope that helps, ciao.
Catch lob passes
If you are having trouble receiving the ball during lob passes. Get in to the drop spot circle near the person who is catching the ball then press "A". Most of the time this will work.
Chasing A Dream
First, go in front of the goalie with Boo only (only Boo can perform this trick), then charge the ball. After, (when the goalie takes a step) maneuver around and run back to your side of the field (goalie cannot pass the border between the two sides). Pass and kick. This trick is not blockable unless your opponent hits you, blocks the ball (when you shoot with a weak player), or steals the pass.
Curve shot
You'll have better luck doing this with a power character.When you are charging for a shot, hold up or down on the stick to make the shot curve in that direction.
Daisy and other strategys i invented
Ok when u hav daisy's special go up to the other teams gloalie as daisy give the ball to the goalie use crystal smash while he has the ball and keep hiting the b button ive scored about 100 goals like that

Montey Mole: Dig a hole (deke) right in front of him or to one of the sides and he'll either take you out and throw u in the goal WITH THE BALL or you'll knock him out for five seconds and you shoot

Happy Striking
Daisy Special Item Trick
Okay if you want a defensive captain for your team, then you should pick Daisy because she has the most unique special item ever. When you have Daisy's special item, shoot da goal at the goal keeper. When the goal keeper is passing to a teammate, use da special item to hit him, after that keep on pressing B and you will shoot a goal because da ball will fall out of his hands and come to you.
Easy goal with Koopa Troopa
Get free with Koopa and use his charge shot on goal, the ball will turn into a giant shell that nails kritter, allowing any one to score while he is out.
easy goal with toad (sometimes doesnt work)
ok, use toad and run up the side of the field. when u get to about the halfline, start charging up ur lob. then, at the other teams 18, let go. the ball will fly up against the wall. keep hitting the b button and toad will shoot the ball over the keepers head.
easy hammer shot
If you want easy goals in the cup get a hammer bros. on your team and get his super shot when near the opponents goaly and shoot if you have done this right the hammer should hit the goaly and vala one more goal to sucure your victory
Easy Mascot Goals
Here are a few ways to score easy goals using mascots.

Toad - Run in a straight line towards the opposing keeper. Press and directional arrow on the Wii 'mote, when the goalie starts to rush out. You should flip over his head and score one easy goal.

Hammer Bro - To go the left or right wing with a Hammer Bro, on around a 45 degree angle with kritter. Use the directional buttons to fend off any on coming defenders and send the flying into the electric fence. Power up a hammer shot with B, and thats another each goal in the bag.

Dry Bones - Go to the very far corner of the pitch, inline with the other teams goalkeeper, charge up and shot and just before the ball turns white and you do the special shot, press any direction arrow and you should teleport past the keeper and into the goal.
(This is quite hard to do at first. It takes practice. Make sure the keeper is also rushing out for you, and no defenders are around, or it will be impossible.)
Easy Megastrike
If you have a star power up[invincibility for a short period of time], then you'll be able to use it to your advantage when it comes to getting in a mega strike completely unchallenged.

Hold down B to shoot, and then simply use your power up while charging up the shot and none of the opposition will be able to touch you.
Easy Shyguy Point
If you have a Shyguy on your team, go to score a goal on the other team. Make sure that you have another player on your team near the other team's net, but not too close. Using Shyguy, charge up his kick to make him ride a Bullet Bill straight into the other team's goalie. This will knock out the goalie and every character close by. Now have your other player run in quickly and grab the ball and shoot it while the goalie and other characters are all dazed. It will be an easy point to score.
Fake out
If some characters have spammable dodges like Birdo's or Hammer Bros' try to fake getting and tackle them the next second.
Quick Shot and BOO SECRET MOVE
First of all im gunna explain the quick shot. As u all no when the opponent scores u get to start off with the ball. Choose a really powerful character (try wario) and when they have just scored tab B and when they start to play u should kick it in. (This is not gunna happen every time vut its useful if u have a fast attcker who can run, nab it and shoot)

This move won me the strikers cup twice. When u us the D-pad with boo u go shady for a few seconds and run through people. This never works on Kritter though so how do you use it? When u press the D-pad and he goes shady right when u first press it boo goes completely invisible and untouchable for half a second. Run up to the goal keeper and when he charges towards u use it to go through and get your well earned goal. NOTE: you may have to shoot aswell, usually not.
Shoot with Dry Bones and Boo
Ok First i will tell u how to shoot with Dry Bones.O.K go up to the goalie about 4 steps away do his Skill shot and keep on pressing B to do a header.
Now Boo go into the opposite side and go about 6 steps away from the goalie and do his Skillshot and thats it.
If I made any mistakes just email me.
Sidekick Stops
There are easy ways to stop sidekicks dekes and skillshots. I'll tell you about them

Hammer Bros.
Hammer Bros. are the sidekicks everyone moans about going against. There are "Hammer Spammers," too, but they are easy to get past. For their deke just go to where they're about to land and prepare to attack. They have to get close to the goal to do it, so you have a lot of time to get the ball away from them. They move rather slowly, anyway.

Birdo is.... Birdo. Yes, yes she is. To stop her deke, just wait until she's done twirling, then go attack. For her skillshot, intercept her egg. Your character might get stunned but the ball is free for the taking.

Monty Moles
They dig. Wahoo. For their deke, well, you shouldn't be standing where it was anyway, so get ready to attack once he comes up again. For his skillshort, he is slow so attack him while he's getting posed. If you don't do it then, attack when he's charging. I find him harder to stop his skillshot, because when it's in the right position, it's an automatic goal, and he doesn't go far to get ready.

Dry Bones
Do Dry Bones ever get thirsty? They are defensive sidekicks, and a lot of people put him in the back. For his deke, you can probably judge where he'll end up, so attack him when he appears. For his skillshot, if it only hits the goalie, keep the balll away from him.

Princess Peach's faithful servants. There are actually many Toads, but there is a Toad that's just Toad. But it'd be confusing to have Toad as a captain, so it'd have to be like Toadette or Toadsworth or something. I'm Toaded out. Toad jumps for his deke. Whoop dee doo. I'm sure you can handle that. For his skillshot, if it hits the goalie, either keep the ball away from the other team or poistion yourself where the ball will return to if it his him.

Koops, Kroop, Koopie Koo, whoever. I have no idea what his deke is. I never use him. I'm sure it's no big deal, though. For his skillshot, if it hits the goalie AGAIN keep the ball away from the other team.

Boooooo. Boo is a ghost. For his deke, just please don't let him get neaar the goal. For his skillshot, get him while he's going or charging. But Boos are fast, dude!

Shy Guys
Luigi is the only known person to see what's under a Shy Guy's mask. I wonder what it is, anyway? Maybe Luigi was just shocked because he saw what was under it's mask. Or maybe it's very horrific. Anyways, I haven't a clue what his deke is. Sorry. For his Skillshot, just keep the ball away from the other team. Seriously. That's all I know. Shy Guys are a mystery as big as their mask. I mean, they can change the mask's expression.

Well, if there are any more sidekicks, I forgot them. Sorry, dudes. Nothing personal, but I guess you're boring.
Stalling...simple enough. As long as you have at least one more goal than your opponent (I recommend at least two more points), you will be able to easily win by stalling. Keep your characters near your goalie so that if the opposing team tries to attack you, your Kritter will quickly take the ball back from them. Be careful though, try not to pass the ball to far out or your opponent might try shooting and your chances of winning might drop. (It actually takes a bit of practice to prevent them from stealing the ball from you even though you're trying to stall)

(Notice-do NOT use this when online against players for this will upset them and may cause them to end the game by initiating a "connection lost", it is also bad sportsmanship-only use this tip if you are desperate in winning against the CPU ONLY for new characters or cheats)

Besides, the game wouldn't be fun if you were to stall all the time. =]
Teleporting into the Goal
Many of the characters that have the ability to teleport, like Boo, Dry Bones, and a few of the team captain's can sometimes run up to your opponents net and use their deke to teleport behind the other team's goalie. Sometimes, even if the goalie hits you away after doing this, the ball still might roll into the other team's net.
Toad Fake
So if you guys are having a hard time winning games, then you won't have to worry when you learn how to do the Toad Fake. It's real easy all you have to do is use Toad. Once you have Toad go to the corner of your opponents goal and then run into the goal keeper (not to much) then jump and then while jumping, pass it to one of your open teammates. While The goal keeper is tackling Toad, your other teammate will just shoot the ball into the goal.

There you have it, an easy goal.
trick deke
for this itll only work with jumping characters[toad or diddy]anyway if u think youre not going 2 make it over the goalie pass it to a partner and u get a free shot while the goalie is attacking
winning the white ball cheat
the white ball cheat lets the ball be charged at all times. here is how u get it: first, pick petey pahrana in the strikers challenges. it will be hard, but still, try to get a megastrike goal! keep doing this until you get at least one goal. when you do, get the ball as petey, and run into your goalie box. this may sound stupid, but its not! stand facing towards yourself about 1-2 feet to the right from the leftmost side. every time toad or DK come to tackle you, press any of the directional buttons. if they manage to get the ball from you, the goalie will knock them out, and then you should throw the ball back to Petey when he gets up. keep doing this until time runs out, and you'll win, unlocking the white ball cheat in the environmental cheats at the vs.-you pick the rules menu.
Yoshi Mega Strike Tip
When you get Yoshi's super power use and try to knock down all of the other players. If the opponent has a a lot of power players this is a lot easier. When you knockdown everyone go to the corner and do a mega strike. (Be careful don't go near the goalie.)


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Auto goal
With boo run up to your own goalie and disappear into his arms so the goalie ends up with the ball. Then pass it down field and shoot. The shot will get past the goalie 97% of the time, but with weak shooting characters the goalie sometimes picks it up. You can also lob it past the goalie with this trick. Don't let your opponent steal the ball, though, because the cheat works for both teams, no matter who activates the glitch.


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Cool tricks
Here's some good trick for this game:
Charge Pass: As any character just hold B and press A after a couple seconds to charge the ball more and pass it
Charge Lob Pass: Hold B and Z for a bit of time then press A. Same effect a Charge Pass.
Wall Passing: Press Z while running to chip the ball forward slightly then run onto it to "pass it to yourself. When you recover it it will of charged some. It's easier to run along the wall which is why we call it "Wall Passing". Also it;s best used with Toad or Boo but Dry Bones works too.
Keeper Jump: There are several examples of this with different character but I don't know them all so I'll list what I know.
Toad Keeper Jump: Run up towards the keeper and when he leans out quickly use Toad's jump to jump over the keeper and shoot or run in the net with the ball.
Diddy Kong's Keeper Jump: Pretty much the same as Toad's but bit harder IMO.
Wall Pass plus fire combo(Toad): When Toad gets the ball use the wall pass technique till the ball gets white then stand just before the half way line and charge up for a skillshot. It is very likely to go in.
Shell Slide(Bowser): While using a fast character start running then pass the ball to Bowser and quickly press a D-Pad button to block yourself in the shell but somehow you will slide a bit which can nock out further away foes.
Fake-Out: Stand in the oppostion's keeper's area with a charged ball and when the runs and leaps at you quick pass it to a nearby player and shoot very quickly. Will go in a lot of the time.
Chip Goal: As Mario or Luigi walk up to the keeper and as he runs to you just chip the ball. It will sometimes go in easy sometimes it won't go in but it can work.
Counter against Wario's gas bubble: If you're playin' against Wario and he uses his special(gas mask) if your using Bowser or Monty Mole use the ram tackle and you just might hit Wario if he's in the gas bubble. You will get stunned by the gas but Wario will lose the ball and lose his chance for a megastrike,

That's it for now if but I find anything else I'll post it in the cheats section. I am working on a Master Guide for this game so that will help you.
Easy Birdo Goal
3 steps really easy to execute...

1. Obtain a star Item or 3x shell item
2. Clear the way so you can charge
3. Use star or 3x red shells and Charge ball with birdo for a guarenteed ball with the egg

This works well in sudden death mode
Unlock Cards
Unlockable-How to Unlock

Yoshi Card-Beat Challenge 08
Waluigi Card-Beat Challenge 07
Wario Card-Beat Challenge 06
Daisy Card-Beat Challenge 05
Peach Card-Beat Challenge 04
Donkey Kong Card-Beat Challenge 03
Luigi Card-Beat Challenge 02
Mario Card-Beat Challenge 01
Bowser Card-Beat Challenge 09
Petey Piranha Card-Beat Challenge 10
Bowser Jr. Card-Beat Challenge 11
Diddy Kong Card-Beat Challenge 12
Unlock Characters
Unlockable-How to Unlock

Bowser Jr.-Win the Fire Cup
Diddy Kong-Win the Crystal Cup
Petey Piranha-Win the Striker Cup
Unlock Cheats
Unlockable-How to Unlock

Field Tilt-Beat Challenge 09
Power Shortage-Beat Challenge 08
Secure Stadia-Beat Challenge 07
No Power Ups-Beat Challenge 06
Devastating Hits-Beat Challenge 05
High Voltage-Beat Challenge 04
Super Captains-Beat Challenge 03
Safe MegaStrike-Beat Challenge 02
Classic Mode-Beat Challenge 01
Always White Ball-Beat Challenge 10
Always Sidekick Skillshot-Beat Challenge 11
Custom Power Ups and Infinite Power Ups-Beat Challenge 12
Unlock Hidden Stages
If you get both the golden foot and brick wall in a cup tourdament, you will unlock a hidden stage for domination mode. If you beat the champion of a cup, you will get a second hidden stage for domination mode.
Unlock Stadiums
Unlockable-How to Unlock

The Wastelands-Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Fire Cup
The Lava Pit-Win the Fire Cup
The Dump-Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Crystal Cup
Crystal Canyon-Win the Crystal Cup
Galactic Stadium-Earn both the Brick Wall Award and the Golden Foot Award in the Striker Cup
Stormship Stadium-Win the Striker Cup