Mario Sports Mix Cheats

Mario Sports Mix cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.

Command codes

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unlock everything
First of all you need the wii remote and nunchuck then aim the cursor at your profile during the cheat and follow the steps

1. Hold C and press 1 three times then let go of C.
2. Hold Z and press 1 four times then let go of Z.
3. Hold C and Z and press 1 five times.

Then you'll here a sound if you done it correct and also you will see four crystals on you profile here are the features
1. when you select your sport you will see the backgroud is orange
2. when you select your sport also you will see the equitment is gold
3. whe you select your character you will see that you can press + to change your colour
4. every tournament will be unlocked
5. when you select you sport another thing that you see you have got sports mix.


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Unlockable Stage`s
You must complete the following to unlock extra stages. These are the only ones I have unlocked so far.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Peachs castleBeat the Peachs castle course in the mushroom cup.
StarshipBeat the starship course in the star cup.
Daisy GardenBeat the Daisy garden course in the flower cup.
Sports Mix (tournament mode only)Defeat all of the sports in tournament mode, to unlock sports mix mode, which is allways on expert.
Unlockable Toad, Yoshi, Mage, Ninja, and Slime colors!
Preform the following action to unlock different colors for characters. These unlockables have not been tested.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Light blue, yellow and pink Yoshi.Play 15, 20 and 25 games with Yoshi.
Blue, yellow and green Toad.Play 15, 20 and 25 games with Toad.
Red, Black mage.Play 20 games with Black mage.
White, Ninja.Play 20 games with Ninja.
She slime, and Metal slime for Slime.Play 20 and 40 games with Slime.
White mage, another outfit.Play 20 games with white mage.


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Avoiding Bowser Jr's Paint
Dodgeball or Volleyball: Get in a corner.If he tries to aim at you and then slide at the last second.

Basketball or Hockey: Don't go to the 2-point area or near it. If he's in the middle of the court get right in front of him and jump at the right time. You might want to back up a little bit.
Basketball item tip.
If you have an item like a shell and you find yourself behind the defense facing the goal, than quickly jump hold A and shoot, and your item shot will score if unblocked from any ware on the court almost 100% of the time. A quick and easy way to take care of a defense that falls behind.
Dealing with Special Powers
You may think that you are DOOMED when your opponets use their special power. But I know some ways around them. All characters I've played against EXCEPT kactuur or cactuer or whatever. Here the ones you can get around.

Mario-just get in the target's way and DON'T MOve, except in dogeball (stay AWAY from it) anyway get in the target's way,then once caught just shake the remote as HARD AS YOU CAN. Then that should do the trick.

Luigi-Stay in the crnoer, the poltergust can't get in "hard-to-reach-places".Then just run towards the target (or run away from it) then you get past the poltergust like NOTHIN'!!!

Yoshi-The target is ALWAYS the target. Yoshi's is tricky. In volleyball make sure there are TWO players on each side of the pink curser,STAY ON THOSE. In dodgeball just stay IN the curser or keep a REAL GOOD DISTANCE. In basketball, heck stay at the hoop and jump AT THE RIGHT TIME In hockey the same with volleyball but KEEP AT LEAST ONE PLAYER AT THE GOAL, READY FOR BOTH SIDES.

Ninja-it's always the middle one..... must I say more?(Always guard the middle ninja)

Peach-Run between the hearts, if not possible be the first to be stunned.
then guard the target. (or run)

Daisy-stay in the fence and guard. In dodgeball, any technique is useless but a bomb is a HUGE help

Waluigi-just block (avoid) the four shots.....jeez

White mage-constantly move and switch characters (if in first player mode) the cursor moves for about 3 to 4 seconds .at the last second move in (or out of) the way.

Toad-I couldn't figure one out... but staying away then getting in the target very fast helps.....sometimes

Bowser Jr.-the paint still allows you to move but making you move FAST. In basketball simply jump to the hoop and block. In volley ball move towards the pink curser at the last second,a face in which the tounge sticks out in the direction of the ball tells you where it lands. In hockey: HURRRY UP AND JUST GET IN HIS WAY!!!!In dodgeball,just slide around

Diddy-stay in the middle of the court, the banana is a boomerang. However if it's too late you can always jump at the last hockey check it.

Wario-where the target starts,look at wario then try to determine the target, occasionally towards the edge of the court, in dodgeball stay at the corners, now I don't know why but i guess wario is too stupid to shoot at the corners.

Bowser-stay away from the middle of the court. then catch (run from) his target.

DK-simply jump and avoid the ground pound. In hockey check as soon as he hits the ground.

Moogle-I have NO idea. Take a guess she's left handed.


Slime-run run run as fast as you can you can't catch me im the slimey....thing(simply run from the slimes and don't get cornered, they're all too slow)

Dark Mage-nothin. but when you get shrunk TRY to block (or run away from) his goal. it's worked a few times

I can't blame myself I've tried Wi-Fi and (no offense) you guys suck!! So I guess this can be helpful. Have fun and try your best..
Dodgeball tip.
When the other team uses a charge move, avoid the ball and grab it. As they run back to the their side of the court you will have a free shot on them.
Hockey tip.
In tournament mode if you are having trouble with the last match, take the lead and than run the time out by circling your own goal. The computer will just chase you around in circles while you run out the clock and win. This works pretty good, but be careful because they will try to change directions while circling, so look out for this.
Volly ball character tip.
If you are looking for someone with a great power move, choose Waluigi. His move consists of shooting four balls, all of which you can aim, at the other team. You will more than likely get at lest one point from this, however; the max you could get is four points from this move. I do not believe any other character has this.
Volly Ball mini mushroom tip.
This only pretty much works against the computer. When you throw a mini mushroom on the opponents side of the court, aim for it with your next hit, the computer avoids the mushroom and you pretty often get a score out of it.

Easter eggs

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Hidden areas in tournament mode.
After you beat the whole tournament mode for any cup, go back and do it again and you will unlock different paths after you beat the first opponent. The paths lead to challenges of the sport you are playing, and if you go far enough along the new paths you will unlock characters!