Mario Kart Wii Cheats

Mario Kart Wii cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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UnlockableHow to unlock
diddy kongplay 50cc in leaf cup and win.
babby daisyget at least a 1 star ranking in 50cc garnd pix
Baby LuigiUnlock eight Expert Staff ghost data in Time Trial mode
BirdoDefeat 250 people in online racing, or play Time Trial mode on sixteen different courses
Bowser Jr.Earn at least a one star ranking in each 100cc Retro Grand Prix cup races
DaisyWin the 150cc Special Cup
Diddy KongWin the 50cc Lightning Cup
Dry BonesWin the 100cc Leaf Cup
Dry BowserEarn at least a one star ranking in each 150cc Wii Grand Prix cups
Funky KongUnlock four Expert Staff ghost data in Time Trial mode
King BooWin the 50cc Star Cup
Mii (Outfit A)To play as the Mii associated with your profile, win the 100cc Special Cup
Mii (Outfit B)To play as the Mii associated with your profile in a different outfit, Unlock all 32 Expert Staff Ghosts OR Play 500 Wifi Ghost Races OR Play 5100 Grand Prix Races
ToadettePlay Time Trial Mode on all thirty-two coursesh
RosalinaHave a saved game file from Super Mario Galaxy and then you win 50 races. Alternatively, complete all cups with at least 1 star on 50cc 100cc 150cc and mirror.
Karts and Bikes versions of 50cc and 100cc
Complete all races in 50CC and 100CC, you can unlock its bikes / karts version.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bikes in 50CCEarn all of the trophies on each 50cc cup race.
Karts in 100CCEarn all of the trophies on each 100cc cup race.
Karts And Bikes: How To Unlock
This is a list of all the vehicles in Mario Kart Wii.

By the way I forgot to put Jetsetter in.

Jetsetter: Win 4,500 races.
UnlockableHow to unlock
All Large VehiclesLook Below
SpearUnlock 12 Expert Staff Ghosts in Time Trials. Alternately, win 3,600 races.
PhantomWin the Mirror Special Cup. Alternately, win 4,050 races.
HoneycoupeWin the 150cc Lightning Cup. Alternately, win 3,000 races.
Piranha ProwlerWin the 50cc Special Cup. Alternately, win 600 races.
Shooting StarWin the 100cc Star Cup. Alternately, win 1,500 races.
Aero GliderGet a One Star rank or better in all 150cc Retro Cups.
All Medium VehiclesLook Below
DaytripperWin 2,700 races.
Dolphin DasherWin the Mirror Star Cup. Alternately, win 3,750 races.
SneaksterGet a One Star rank or better in all 100cc Wii Grand Prix Cups. Alternately, win 3,300 races.
Zip ZipWin the 100cc Lightning Cup. Alternately, win 2,100 races.
Royal RacerWin the 150cc Leaf Cup.
Turbo BlooperGet a One Star rank or better in the 50cc Leaf Cup. Alternately, win 300 races.
All Small VehiclesLook Below
Jet BubbleWin the Mirror Leaf Cup. Alternately, win 3,900 races.
MagikruiserPlay on eight different courses in Time Trials mode. Alternately, win 900 races.
QuackerWin the 150cc Star Cup. Alternately, win 2,400 races.
Hope I Helped!
B-Dasherunlock 24 fast staff ghosts
torpedounlock 12 expert ghost datas
UnlockableHow to unlock
mirror cupget all gold in all 150cc races
Unlockable Bikes and Karts
Complete the requirements and unlock these bikes and karts.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Piranha Prowler (Large Kart)Win the 50cc Special Cup
Turbo Blooper (Medium Kart)Win the 50cc Leaf Cup
Cheep Charger (Small Kart)Earn at least a 1 star rank in all 50cc Retro cups
Rapide (Medium Bike)Win the 100cc Lightning Cup
Twinkle Star (Large Bike)Win the 100cc Star Cup
Nitrocycle (Medium Bike)Attain at least a 1 star rank in all 100cc Wii Grand Prix cups
Royal Racer (Medium Kart)Win the 150cc Leaf Cup
Quacker (Small Bike)Win the 150cc Star Cup
Dragonetti (Large Kart)Win 150cc Lightning Cup
Dolphin Dasher (Med. Bike)Win Mirror Star Cup
Phantom (Large Bike)Win Mirror Special Cup
Bubble Bike (Small Bike)Win Mirror Leaf Cup
Blue Falcon (Small Kart)Win Mirror Lightning Cup
Rally Romper (Small Kart)Unlock an expert staff ghost data record in Time Trial mode
Aero Glider (Large Kart)Earn at least a 1 star ranking in all 150cc Retro cups
Torpedo (Large Bike)Unlock 12 expert ghost data records in Time Trial mode
Magikruiser (Small Bike)Play Time Trial on 8 courses.
mini beastget three trophies in the mushroom cup
funky kongwin 25 races
cheep chargerget 1 expert staff ghost data
Unlockable Cups
UnlockableHow to unlock
Leaf CupEarn trophies in the Shell Cup and Banana Cup
Lightning CupEarn a trophy in Leaf Cup
Special CupEarn a trophy in Star Cup
Star CupEarn trophies in the Mushroom Cup and Flower Cup
MirrorFinish in 1st place in all 150cc cups.
50cc star cupwin 50cc mushroom and flower cup.
50cc leaf cupwin 50cc shell and banana cup.
50cc special cupwin the 50cc star cup.
50cc lightning cupwin the 50cc leaf cup.
100cc star cupwin 100cc mushroom and flower cup.
100cc leaf cupwin 100cc shell and banana cup.
100cc special cupwin the 100cc star cup.
100cc lightning cupwin the 100cc leaf cup.
150cc star cupwin 150cc mushroom and flower cup.
150cc leaf cupwin 150cc shell and banana cup.
150cc special cupwin the 150cc star cup.
150cc lightning cupwin the 150cc leaf cup.
mirror cupfinish 1st place in all 150cc cups.
Unlockable Weapons
complete 150cc banana cup
UnlockableHow to unlock
bullet billbe in 1st place in last lap
Unlockables (Not including characters, karts, bikes, or tracks)
UnlockableHow to unlock
alternate opening screenbeat all cups, including mirror. go to the wii menu and press mario kart wii. when the game starts up, instead of mario and luigi, it will be either: bowser, mario, luigi, or peach.
Vehicles and item tricks
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bike Trick and Temporary SpeedUp|+|Go off a ramp, while you're in mid|+|air, shake the wii remote and your character will do a trick. When you land, you will temporarily speed up.
Bike Trick and Temporary TurboOn the Wii classic controller, after take off, in mid air hold the Y button and push up on the directional pad.
wheelie(only for bikes)(for wii remote) raise wii remote. lasts for about 4 seconds. don't do on turns.


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"Shortcut" on Maple Treeway
As soon as the race starts stay to your right. There will be a wooden fence then a big tree root, the entrance to the shourt cut will be right after that. It will take you right in front of the canon.
1st place and farther
All you have to do is fall back into 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, & 8th places during a race to try to obtain a golden mushroom. When you have one work your way up to first place and use it. Even though your in first place you travel farther away from everybody else. If you get hit by a red or blue shell 2nd or 3rd place will have a slim chance of passing you because your so far ahead.
3 Star Rank!
To get a 3 star rank in Grand Prix you might want to try these...

1. Get 60 points

2. Draft (Trail Behind Someone for around 5 secs and a blue forcefield should come.)

3. Do lots of mid-air tricks

4. Do lots of wheelies

5. Dodge Pows (Scroll down to see how to.)

6. Block red shells

7. Don't slip on bananas

8. If you are hit by lots of blue shells come first and that should help

9. Take shortcuts when you have have an opportunity

10. Snake! (Constant drift boosts)

11. Lead Most Laps

12. Stay first for most of the time

13. Rocket Start!

14. Don't get hit by items

15. Don't use bullet bills

16. Don't fall off the edge

Note: Doing these will make the CPU do more attempts to hurt you.
All-Cup Tour!
I was really disappointed that this game didn't have an all cup tour. So I decided to create one of my own. Heres how you do it:

1. select vs. mode
2. when you are choosing solo/team race, click rules, in the upper right corner.
3. select the speed you want, then select normal com level (in grand pre coms are set to normal)
4. select, pick race in order, then select 32 races
5.if you start at luigi circuit, you will go through every race in order.

You now have an all cup tour! Hope this helped!
Avoid red turtle shells
The best way to avoid getting hit by red turtle shells, is to hold onto a banana peel and wait until it hits. The shell will instead hit the peel, allowing you to continue normally.

NOTE: This doesn't always work.
Avoiding Blue Shells
Did you know that first place racers can shoot a bomb backwards just before a blue shell hits to stop it from scoring a hit. Goodluck!
Avoiding POW
When you see the third POW warning, you must shake the WiiRemote and you will be able to continue normally.
Avoiding POW with the classic controller
Most people think that there is no way to avoid a POW with the classic controller.

When the POW comes up, on the third pow, rapidly press the up button on the D-Pad to spin around once and carry on.
Banana Cup Ghost Data
N64 Sherbet Land

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:48.651
Unlock Time: 02.37.784
GBA Shy Guy Beach

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:45.568
Unlock Time: 01.39.255
DS Delfino Square

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:41.807
Unlock Time: 02.33.107
GCN Waluigi Stadium

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:32.882
Unlock Time: 02.24.645
Bananas, boxes and bombs OH MY!
If you have a banana or box, it is best to leave it in a very narrow part of the track. It will almost certainly get your opponents to stop in their tracks.

If you have a bomb, it is better to throw it forward than behind. Using it as a shield is not advisable as people behind you can ram into the bomb, blowing you and the others up.
Blue Shell Tip
If you are pursued by a blue shell, and have no mushroom, drive off the edge of the road. This prevents the time-sapping acceleration if you can utilize the recovery boost.
Bullet Bills
If you manage to acquire Bullet bills in your inventory, wait until you come to a lot of windy bends to use it.

It saves you sliding every where.
Bullet in First Place?
This only works for the first lap. On Maple Treeway, do NOT get a power boost, nor do you "gas out". Veer over to the right, and you'll find a shortcut. There is a bunch of grass that will slow you down. Then there is a power boost with item boxes at the end of it. You'll hit the item box in 10-12th place, but there is another power boost right after the items. That will, if executed well enough, bring you into 1-5th place. Next you'll get to the cannon. Since you hit the item boxes in 10-12th place, you'll get an item that will be given to 10-12th place. Because of the power boost, you'll probably get 3 mushrooms, a golden mushroom [as I say king speed], or, very likely, bullet! I've done this many times, and all but once I got bullet [one time I happened to get three mushrooms].
Cheats against the cheaters
Ok, so who has played on wifi and met a hacker? Weird stuff seem to happen at the begining of the race? They seem to be "glitching" through the game? Well, not many people use this trick, but when you see it, take the opprotunity. At the beginging of the race, some hacker will place a cloud on someone, but the downfall is that everyone else gets the speed of the cloud as if it was on them, but it's not! You can go through grass sand, any off road area, and even if you fall, it's still there! How awesome is that?
Delfeno Square Short-cut
1 Start a race on Deifeno Square.

2 Drive on the left-hand side.

3 When you see 2 crates go Between The Crates.

4 You will Drive on dirt.

PLEASE READ You WILL Drive in MUD So If You Have Any of the FOLLOWING items

1.Speed Mushroom 2.3 Speed Mushrooms 3. King Mushrooms SAVE Them until that
delfino pier shortcut
On Delfino Pier, when the bell sounds go to the gates. They will then open, allowing you to get a brief shortcut. There is an item box in there although you have to be quick or you will drown and lose a balloon or half your coins. Try it next time you go on Mario Kart Wii!
Delfino Pier, Secret Ledge
First, either choose a coin or ballon battle. Then select the Delfino Pier battle course. As soon as the battle begins you need to wait until the timer counts down to 00:34:00, that's when the bridge lowers down. After that, drive up the bridge until you see two ledges on either side of the bridge. Then SLOWLY drive out on either ledge and you also go through the chain holding up the bridge! Then stop and your now on the secret ledge,the only way to get back in play is to fall off the edge so lakitu picks you up and puts you back in boundaries. This place is excellent to hide from opponets if you have a lot of coins because they can't find you.
Delfino Square Shortcut
Before you are about to get onto the bridge on Delfino Square, there is an opening in a fence to the left (to the right on mirror mode). Go through the opening and you will be able to see a dock on the other side of the water you will have to cross. First, there will be a tree and some grass. Go through the grass until you are next the tree. Last, aim yourself at the dock and USE A MUSHROOM BOOST and you will land on the dock.
Hope I helped! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
DK summit shortcut
on dk summit after the monguls and the jumps, youll see the yellow fence go off the cliff right after the fence ends if you make it youll have skipped the giant turn this will get you up about 3 places in a race and will save about 15 seconds on time trials if you do it every time
Do Rainbow Road easily
To do rainbow road easily, when you are selecting drift, select manual. when you come up to a corner, turn but dont drift, keep doing this until the race is over.

Dodgimg items
Here is how to dodge items.

Banana: find it, dodge it/ dont tailgate the person in first

Blue Shell: use a mushroom, mega mushroom, bullet, star power, maybe king speed(golden mushroom), and ive heard some people have had success with a bomb, a cannon

Bloop: mushroom, mega mushroom, bullet, cannon, star power, king speed, and some boosts on tracks

Mega Mushroom: good luck; look behind you(a button), and move away from it, stay on sides of track

Bullet: get the hell away from the very center of the track

Green Shell: look behind you, move, use a banana in some cases

Red Shell: get a banana, green shell, red shell behind you, sometimes bumping a wall or jumping over a fall

Lightning: use a bullet or star power, get in a cannon, mega mushroom will shrink you back to normal size

Mushroom: get away from the person

Bomb: kind of hard to dodge, get out of the way, use a star power, bullet, mega mushroom; mushrooms will rarely work

King Speed: get away from the person

Star Power: get away from the person, use star power or bullet.

(Some people say Mega mushrooms are invincable, but a star power or bullet are still just as a threat as if your normal size)

Dodging Blue(spiny) Shells!
Most people think there is no way to dodge spiny Shells. Well if you have a Mushroom, as soon as it makes it's decent, use the muschroom! You should should miss it completley. This does take some practice.
Dodging POW blocks!
There a couple ways to dodge POW bloks.

1. Shake the Wii Wheel or Wii-mote.

2. Set Drift to Manual. Then as soon as the last strike comes, drift so that you are in the air when the last strike hits.

3. Do not be on the ground, the most obvious one.

4. do a wheelie when the last strike hits.

For options 1 and 4, you will loss your items, but you will not lose your speed.
this is a speed up method I call Dolphining to this can be done on those blue stunt ramps on the side if you barley go off the edge and don't shake the wii wheel you still get a boost do this really fast to save a few seconds
Don't let a POWblock stop you.
The POWblock is a annoying item to other racers falling victim to it. One way to lessen the damage of the POWblock is to flick the Wiimote up repeatedly. You will still spin out and lose your item but you will not come to a complete stop. It is useful when others are right on your tail pipe. They'll stop and spin out and stop but you'll spin out and keep going forward.
Downloaded Ghosts
Study the downloaded ghosts really well for any handy little short cuts or tips.

They are bound to help you in races.
If you are on manual, when you make a sharp turn, you will actually get the blue stuff behind you faster, so you can get the boost faster.
Dry Dry Ruins Shortcut
Right before you finish the lap there is a path that can be used if you have a mushroom, triple mushroom, etc. Use it to your advantage as it is a much quicker route!
Faster on straights with bikes
If you're trying to outrun someone beside you to win the race, then tilt the remote back the same way you perform stunts, and you'll do a wheelie, which gives you some more speed.
Flower Cup Ghost Data
Mario Circuit

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:44.777
Unlock Time: 01.39.183
Coconut Mall

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:30.764
Unlock Time: 02.24.788
DK's Snowboard Cross

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:34.693
Unlock Time: 02.24.725
Wario's Gold Mine

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:19.583
Unlock Time: 02.14.932
Getting to first place easier.
This is a strange maneuver but worthwhile to try. When you start any given race, allow yourself to fall into last place. Then, grab an item. Because of your last place status, the game will give you an exponentially higher probability of grabbing a great item (like a Star, Bullet Bill, et cetera). Then, work your way past the last place players until you're in third or fourth place and use your good item to make your way towards first place.
Ghost Data (Expert)
Defeat a Normal Staff Ghosts with a time at least seven seconds faster to unlock the Expert Staff Ghost for that course.
Go faster down the waterfall in Koopa Cape
When you get to the turn before the waterfall, start drifting, keep hold and pull outward (direction opposite to the way you are turning). When you reach the waterfall, you will just drop. As you aren't in the water's trail, you aren't stuck in the downwash. This might only cut a second off the fall time, but you recover quicker.
Go Faster On a Bike
If you are using a bike in a race, do a wheelie to increase your speed. If you are using the Wii Wheel, flick it up, if you are using the remote and nunchuk, flick it up and if you are using the classic or Gamecube controller, press up on the d-pad.

Be careful when doing this because if someone knocks into you while you're doing a wheelie, you'll stop completely.
going up the wrong side of the eskilator
In coconut mall, if you find yourself going in the direction of the wrong side of the eskilators, simply go up the bannister and try not to go off the bannister. this shold stop you from going slow.
Golden Stars
If you get a 1 star rank on all races in all cups, you'll get a star next to your name when playing online. If u have 2 star rank in every race on every cup, you'll have 2 stars next to your name and you'll get a third star with 3.
Golden Wii Icon
After using the Wii Wheel extensively in all modes, a golden Wii Wheel will appear next to your name when you go online.
Grumble Volcano
When you go on those small jumps, make sure you have enough speed to make it over. Same goes with all ze others.
Here are some shortcuts & tips on mario kart wii
Maple Treeway Shortcut
First go to Time Trial to find this because it could ruin your race in a cup. Don't get a speed boost at the start or you will miss it. Turn right at the start and you will see an opening in a fence. Use a mushroom and follow a path and hit the boost pads and you will end up right next the cannon way ahead of everybody (choose a good off-roader like the Magikruiser in case you don't have any mushrooms.).

Mushroom Gorge Short Cut
At the start stay to the left and go off the edge (mushroom boost required not starting boost) and you will bounce on two mushrooms and jump over a wooden fence and continue on your race.

(P.S. It might be hard, because I got this from someone and they said it took a long time to master it)

Blue Shell Escape Trick
If you are racing with a big group of characters, you are in first, and you hear the shell warning coming. Just slam on your brakes, don't worry about losing position, because when that blue shell hits that group, you can pass them.

P.S. You can do the same with the red shell except go in front.

Rainbow Road Shortcut
As you approach the figure of 8 in Rainbow Road, keep heading forward towards the large hole in the track. Boost as you near it and as you fly over the hole, do a trick. You will (hopefully) land without problem on the other side. If you have multiple mushrooms then you could attempt this again on the next hole.

Maple Treeway Shortcut
When you're about to exit the bridge that goes up and down, go all the way to the left and you'll see a second way that will lead you to a speed burst.

Daisy Circuit Shortcut
Before you enter the figure 8, look to the right and you'll see a pink building with a staircase. At the end of the staircase is a boost where you can do a trick.

Wario Stadium Shortcut
When you get to the mine carts, follow the track all the way even at the end. At the edge, you’ll fall off and land on a platform, and the three speed things speed you up. It might be hard, though.

P.S. You might just want to use the 1st & last speed things, because there’s an 89.99 chance you’ll fall at the middle.
P.P.S. You don’t want a mine cart to slow you down, because then you’ll fall (Then what’s the point of the cheat?). So go full speed.
Holding Items
Although I imagine many people know this, I've still seen people saying 'Drop the weapon just as the red shell is coming at you' so this will help.

Rather than dropping the weapon a few seconds before the shell hits you, simply hold the button which you use to throw the item. Holding the button will leave the item behind the kart, so if a red/green shell is coming at you it will hit the item instead. Characters can also drive into the item if they're tailgating you, which comes in handy.
How To Avoid Items
<font size="1">Everyone knows the items, but some are hard to avoid, I'm telling you every item and a way to avoid it.

Banana, Triple Banana
Looks like: Banana Peel
How to avoid: Try not to drive into them, if you are driving behind someone who is Dangling a Banana, try not to stay behind them too long because they will try to hit you with it

Green Shell, Triple Green Shell
Looks Like: The shell on a Koopa Troopa
Avoid: Same as the Banana, but if they are moving along the track, don't go in their path

Red Shell, Triple Red Shell
Looks like: The shell on Koopa Troopa, except the green is red
Avoid: If yu see one coming for you, dangle an item, Taking a corner tight may sometimes help as then it may hit a wall

Looks Like: A bomb wth orange legs.
Avoid:Don't go near them if you see one on the track, or you will be launched into the air

Blue/Spiny Shell
Looks Like: A blue shell with wings and spikes on it
Avoid: If you are in First, use a Mushroom Boost or go through the Cannon on Maple Treeway, GCN DK Mountain. The giant boost that goes accross the river on N64 DK's Jungle Parkway, or the star in Rainbow Road

Fake Item
Looks Like: An item box, but dark red
Avoid: Don't drive into them.

Mushroom, Triple Mushroom
Looks like: A mushroom with eyes and red with white spots on top
Avoid: You can't really avoid Mushroom from being used by someone

Gold Mushroom
Looks like: A normal Mushroom but gold everywhere
Avoid: Once again, you can't stop someone from using one

Looks Like: A white squid with black eyes
Avoid: Go up a boost on the tracks, not all work. Use a Mushroom bust, Star, Bullet Bill or a Mega Mushroom to get rid of the effect.

Bullet Bill
Looks Like: A Bullet Bill (In Super Paper Mario)
Avoid: Don't stay in the center of the track, or use a Star to avoid them

Looks Like: A star with small eyes
Avoid: Don't let the person who used it hit you

Looks Like: A lightning bolt
Avoid: Star or Bullet when someone is about to use it is the only way, when you are giant from a Mega Mushroom you will be shrunk to normal size

POW Block
Looks Like: A block that says POW on it
Classic Controller: Up on the D-Pad
Gamecube Controller: Up on the D-Pag
Wii Wheel: Shake wheel up like doing a Wheelie
Wiimote and Nunchuk: Not sure

Looks Like: A gray cloud with eyes and a smile on it
Avoid: Hit another player or go through Cannon, Star or mega-ramp thing

Mega Mushroom
Looks Like: A mushroom with small eyes and a bigger top than the Regular mushroom
Avoid: Don't let the person who used it so hit you, you will be flattened

Hope this helped</font>
How to gain a little boost of speed using walls.
When coming up on a turn, if you time it just right, you can hit the wall, rebound, and gain a little extra speed.

If you go up on a speed ramp, you can swerve onto the wall and bounce off it into the track with a large amount of force to speed you up.
Kart's and Bikes
When you choose VS race go into rules and you can decide if you want to use only karts, or only bikes. This affect's the CPU
knocking people off easy
when you select a charater, choose one with large kart's like bowser. choose the heaviest kart or bike there is. choose a race with places people can fall off, but thats not to hard. since you are bigger than the rest, you can knock people off easier without getting yourself knocked off.
Leaf Cup Ghost Data
DS Desert Hills

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:10.233
Unlock Time: 02.01.141
GBA Bowser Castle 3

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:58.304
Unlock Time: 02.50.637
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:58.264
Unlock Time: 02.49.028
GCN Mario Circuit

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:59.771
Unlock Time: 01.55.267
If you are good enough(about 8500vs), then you can save a lightning and wait till you get in the top five. A little bit before the finish line, use it. You will almost always make a miraculous comeback. Try to avoid pow blocks by being in midair at the third strike.
Lightning Bolts
Try to use these handy weapons, just as your opponents are jumping over chasms. They will fall, allowing you more time to get in front.
Lightning Cup Ghost Data
SNES Mario Circuit 3

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:38.880
Unlock Time: 01.34.828
DS Peach Gardens

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:34.894
Unlock Time: 02.29.006
GCN DK Mountain

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:57.744
Unlock Time: 02.50.248
N64 Bowser's Castle

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 03:19.323
Unlock Time: 03.06.723
Usually when you are tryin to play very risky and without barriers race.Use always karts/bikes what are very heavy.If you get Piranha plower.You cant be rammed off the track.Piranha Plower is the heaviest bike.If you use small character with bit bike.Be careful.It got best handling in game.But its weight is lowest.So bit bike(ZIP ZIP)Easily can be pushed off the track
Luigi Circuit Shortcut
You must have a Triple Mushroom, Golden Mushroom, Mega Mushroom or Star in your item inventory. Just before the long turn with the dash panels, there is sand and pipes to your right. Use the aforementioned items to cut the corner and save about 5 seconds. This is coming in handy in beating the staff ghosts by a decent amount of time. Watch out for the pipes that are blocking your way though. Use it in races whenever you have the chance. Hope I helped.
Maple Treeway
Once Iquito or whatever his name is is counting down from three at the start, do not get the power boost, nor will you spin out of control (as I say gas out), but get a slow start. Over on the right, before the left turn, there is a little passage in a tree. It is filled with grass, but do NOT use a mushroom! The grass will slow you down, bringing you into lower places(10th or worse). But after that, there is a power boost, with item boxes on them. After the boost, there is yet another boost, which will take you to the top five. You hit the item box in tenth, so you will get a tenth place item, but now you will be in the top five. The items you will get will consist of star power, lightning, triple mushroom, golden mushroom (as I say king speed), and, of course, bullet! Now all you have to do is work your way to first. Remember, you can only do this in grand prix, verses, or Wi-fi while on the first lap.
Mii weight
You may not know this but your Mii's weight is actually measured by your height x width on the Mii Plaza, just edit your Mii there and go back to Mario Kart, the bigger your Mii the larger the weight. This way you can play as your Mii to your favourite settings
Moo Moo Meadows Shortcut
When you pass the part with first group of cows, use a mushroom, triple mushroom, mega mushroom, golden mushroom or star to cut a corner to save 5 seconds on your lap times and your total time. This is a more effective way to pass this part of the course if you have the aforementioned items and can put you 2-3 places up in the race. Hope I helped and use it to your advantage.
Moonview Highway shortcut
After you have done the first corner, go strait up the embankment on the right hand side. There should be some track and a speed boost. be careful not to get squashed or fall off.
Mushroom Cup Ghost Data
Luigi Circuit

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:29.670
Unlock Time: 01:25.742
Moo Moo Meadows

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:37.856
Unlock Time: 01.33.571
Mushroom Gorge

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:16.110
Unlock Time: 02.07.755
Toad's Factory

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:22.480
Unlock Time: 02.15.681
Mushroom Gorge Shortcut
Mushroom Gorge:

When you start at the line, turn left. You will use a Mushroom to cut in the air, then to land on a Mushroom or two. Try to land in the center.
Mushroom Gorge Shortcut
On the Mushroom Gorge track, right at the start, if you have a mushroom on you, drive near to the flowers at the edge and use your mushroom to come off of the track. Don't worry because you will land on a mushroom and bounce up onto another mushroom and onto the wooden bridge.

Warning! Do not do a trick when you come off of the first mushroom because you will go flying over the other ne and fall off the map.
Mushrooms and Golden Mushrooms
One tip for them. When you have them, use them to cut across grass or use short-cuts. It shaves a few seconds off your lap times and can easily get you a decent place in the race.
No need to get stars on four cups to unlock certain charcters
you just need to get an average of four stars, like three stars, one star, one star, A would unlock someone who usually requires four single stars to ulnock.
peach beach shortcut
at the three speed boost by the pianta do not turn it will lead you to the area where you start to encounter water
POW Waning!
As you may know, you can shake the Wii remote to avoid the POWs. But you should be aware that if you have items with you, you will lose them after you finish shaking the remote. If you have a good one, use it quickly.
As most of you know, power sliding round corners gives you a nice boost.

If you have a long corner to go around, power slide a few times to get some more boosts. It is quick and it works.
Quick Turn
Not many people know this but if your standing still, aka not moving and you press Accelerate and break you will be able to move your car around on the spot really fast, and if held for a few seconds you get a boost, really useful if you run into a wall or your in a battle
Race with the pros
Beat 100cc special cup in 1st place and you get Mii outfit A and your Mii can race with other charectars
Rainbow Road - Flying
To do this trick just use your Mushroom (1 Mush) and hop at the bump at the beginning. Do it right and you will fly down Rainbow Road!
Rainbow Road Shortcut
Partway through the track is an area with two holes in the middle of the track that you can boost over. In addition just past those holes over to the right there will be a big turn and that is when you use your mushroom to boost over the gap.
Rainbow Road shortcut
The items you need are a mushrooms or a golden mushroom to do this shortcut. After the two gaps in the middle of the road to the left go to there when you reach the edge use your mushrooms, but you have aim so you could stay on the road so it will be much faster to reach the star cannon. If you could play online if you have every heard or seen a person named Luigi#1 on there that is me. If you could please send me your friend's code sent it to me into my mail box then i could send mines to you so we could race each other online.<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Rank Requirements!
A lot of people wonder what determines your rank in Grand Prix races. There are about eight points that determine your rank.

1. Final Score must be 53+ (53-60 required for 1 star, 55-60 for 2 stars, and a perfect 60 for 3 stars)

2. Lead most of the laps.

3. Be in first for most of the GP.

4. Do tons of tricks.

5. Try not to use Bullet Bills.

6. Use wheelies, dodging POW blocks etc.

7. Try not to fall off the track.

8. Get hit by lots of spiny shells and still win in 1st place.

Follow all these points perfectly and have a 3 star name on Wi-Fi in no time.
Really fast start on a bike!
when 2 starts to fade press and keep hold of 2 and when it says go pull a wheely and you will get a ultra fast start
Recovering from falling
When you fall into an obstacle, press 2 precisely when you land to get a temporary boost.
Rocket Start
If You're At The Starting Line Press & Hold The 2 Or A Button When The Number 2 Is Visible But Disappearing On The Screen!

When GO! Appears You'll Be In 1st Place When The Race Begins!
Save time in Peach Gardens
Obviously there are alot of flowerpatches in there, so remember that using a Mushroom will allow you to zip through them without slowing down!
Shell Cup Ghost Data
GCN Peach Beach

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:34.233
Unlock Time: 01.30.698
DS Yoshi Falls

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:16.461
Unlock Time: 01.12.901
SNES Ghost Valley 2

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:06.595
Unlock Time: 01.03.752
N64 Mario Raceway

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:14.799
Unlock Time: 02.07.915
Short Cut In Peaches Garden
When you turn in to the 2nd flower patch look right and you'll see a opening go in and turn right. This is better then going around the whole patch.
Shortcut In Wario Gold MInes
Near the end of the track there is a mini blue track which the gold mine karts drive along but if you follow it you will enter a secret cave. It is a great way to get an advantage if you are on you 3rd lap.
Shortcut on Coconut Mall
After the 1st escalator in the Mall, you can take a shortcut through a store before the down escalator. This saves time from jumping off the side of the escalators, and is also quicker.
Shortcut on Daisy Circiut
Near the start you drive past biuldings, just before the last turn before you drive through the eight with the statue of Daisy and Luigi there is a staircase which is in one of the biuldings which you can drive up and get a speed boost ideal for doing a stunt and getting ahead.
Shortcut on DK's Snowboard Cross!
Just after you go over the Bumps (Near the end of the lap) do a quick turn Right (Left on Mirror Mode) and you should jump the gap (No items needed). If you do this then you should save a couple of Seconds.
Shortcut on DS Delfino Plaza
You can take a shortcut on Delfino Plaza. At the part where you take a turn away from a pier/dock, there are 2 crates. If you go past them and into the alleyway, you can take a shortcut. There's mud there though, so bring a Mushroom.
shortcut on ghost valley 2
right when you are nearing your second turn to the floating circle of boxes, you will see a ramp, drift and do a trick to boost and get closer to the lead
shortcut on mushroom gorge
when you first start the race/time trial you'll see the cliff up ahead. if you have a mushroom use it to go off the cliff if you did it right you'll land on a giant mushroom then bounce off that on to the mushroom ahead and you'll be where the jump is YOU NEED A MUSHROOM TO DO THIS it saves about 8 seconds on time trials and will get you up 2 places in a race
Shroomless Shortcuts
Almost any shortcut can be taken with a mushroom. But many shortcuts you think need a mushroom do not. For example, in GBA Bowser Castle Three, when you get to the fifth jump and set up perfectly, get a drift boost as a replacement and propel yourself to the other side.
Shy Guy Beach
Go on manual, and when you get to the little specks of water, press B. This way the do not have to slow down slightly.
Slide Boosts
As you all know, you can drift to get boosts. If you are going round a long bend, instead of drifting once, drift a couple of times to get more boosts and go faster.
Special Cup Ghost Data
Dry Dry Ruins

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:30.949
Unlock Time: 02.21.681
Moonview Highway

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:16.802
Unlock Time: 02.07.016
Bowser's Castle

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 03:04.836
Unlock Time: 02.55.017
Rainbow Road

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 03:05.895
Unlock Time: 02.59.293
Star Cup Ghost Data
Daisy Circuit

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 0:56.822
Unlock Time: 01.48.791
Koopa Cape

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 03:03.022
Unlock Time: 02.54.897
Maple Treeway

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:58.633
Unlock Time: 02.50.229
Grumble Volcano

Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:28.237
Unlock Time: 02.19.524
Stars in the Leaves:Maple Treeway
When you get the the platform in Maple Treeway with the two wiggler's on it, you will see that there are many piles of leaves. In one of the piles will be a star. It will fly out in the direction that you hit the pile of leaves at, so try to keep going straight after you hit it.
Tailgate Speed Boost
This can be used to win races at the last second if need be. If you find yourself slightly behind, tailgate whoever is in front of you. You will see what looks like blue wind starting form. Tailgate the person long enough and you will get a speed boost! Remember that you need to be close for this to work.
the kart and super turbo boost
OK, we all know that the bike can do wheelies, but what can the kart do?
super mini turbo of course! this is a boost about three times longer than the normal mini turbo boost. it can only be done on a kart and here's how to do it!

step 1: make sure you're in a kart
step 2: make sure you have manual drift selected
step 3: now make sure that there is a big bend!
step 4: once you come to the big bend, drift!
step 5: soon blue flames come off your karts wheels
step 6: once the flames on your tires turn reddy orange, boost!

this can be used instead of doing lots of mini turbos on big turns!
Tip For Mushroom Gorge
On mushroom gorge when you get to the bit where there are 2 red mushrooms with a green in between go far off to the left and fall of back onto the track after the green skipping the 2nd red saving about 2 seconds over all saving 6 seconds on your time .

Tips, hints and tricks on Mario Kart Wii
Maple Treeway:
When you start the race either have a normal start or a speed start, but try not to blow up as thistrick wont make a difference in the placings. If you do a speed start yo have to be careful not to go past the turning.
there is a turning in the fence on the right hand side very near the start so you have to have your eyes peeled, anyway go down there and follow on round, there are ? boxes on the path and speed boosts, when you come ot of the path it will land you right infront of the cannon! It is a very good tip so please use it and it is ecpecially good on time trials!
Also near the end of the race after the massive net bouncing up and down there is a path on the left hand side with a ? box go over there and get the boxe and keep going round and there is another box and a speed boost, it should put you up 2 or 3 places.
Daisy Circuit:
Just before the figure 8 roundabouts there is a secret staircase on the right hand side with a speed boost and a ? box, go up there and it lands you right next to the rundabout, it is a lot quicker and it is especially useful if you get the ? box.
Also after figure 8 and past the tunnel thing there is a path on the left hand side, go up there and follow the path, there is ? boxes and speed boosts all the way to the end of the race but its better if you come of the path when you are very near the end, its not neceserily a lot quicker but it might put u up 1 or 2 places.
Coconut Mall:
There are obviously a lot of roots to take on coconut mall but i have found a very good trick. Collect a ? box at the beginning of the race, either before the first flight of esculators or just after, anyway try and get 3 normal mushrooms or the golden mushroom, if you havnt got them then use the power you have got and get another ? box. Once you have got the right box hold onto it and after the 1st esculators there is a down esculator just before the 2nd esculators,(you have to take the right root to the down one as otherwise you wont get there) dont go down the esculator go at the top and use up your power and it should take you flying past down and up esculators and land you just before the tunnel thingy, it is a hell of a lot quicker. (it may take some practise and a few tries to get the right ? box, it is especially usefull on time trials!)
Mushroom Gorge:
This only works on time trials - At the begining of the race you should have 3 mushrooms, you should start with either the speed boost start or the normal but dont blow up otherwise there is no point of doing the trick.
As soon as the race starts go over to the left hand side on the grass verge, use 1 mushroom just before you fall of and you should hopefully land on mushroom then all you need to do is bounce like normal on the mushrooms and you will land on the 1st bridge! its a lot quicker and if you keep the 2 oter mushroom powers then you can use the trick on all the laps!
Wario's Goldmine:
Saught of near the end/middle there is the main track with the carts, follow the blue track and it will lead you into a shortcut but make sure you dont get too close to the carts other wise you will fall just before the shortcut, also if you can go over the speed boosts it should help speed you up a lot!

Ever played with your friends or family but you both want the same character? well this is how you can:
1. Player 1 chooses the character
2. Player 1 then decides not to and goes on either the character up, down, right or left to where you were.
3. Player 2 chooses the character u both want to be.
Go back to the screen that says solo or team and choose again.
4. You should both be on the same character, but be carefull not to move the remote otherwise you will not be able to have the same character.
5. Both of you press A/2 and then you carry on!
(this should work with 3 & 4 players and you just follow the same method)

Hope all those tips,hints and tricks help!<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />:]<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />:]
Trick Boosts
To get a quick boost, when you go off a jump, shake the wii wheel. You should get a temporary boost when you land. Keep in mind, when you do a trick, it is harder to control where you land.
Unlockable Karts



Cheep Charger:
1. Score 1 Star or higher in all 50cc Retro Cups
2. Race 1,800 times

Tiny Titan:
1. Unlock 1 Expert Staff Ghost
2. Win 50 WFC races
3. Race 1,200 times

Blue Falcon:
1. Finish Mirror Lightning Cup in 1st Place
2. Race 4,200 times


Super Blooper:
1. Finish 50cc Leaf Cup in 1st Place
2. Race 300 times

1. Finish 150cc Leaf Cup in 1st Place
2. Race 2,700 times

1. Unlock 24 Expert Staff Ghosts
2. Win 3000 WFC races
3. Race 4,650 times


Piranha Prowler:
1. Finish 50cc Special Cup
2. Race 600 times

1. Score 1 Star or higher in all 150cc Retro Cups
2. Race 4,500 times

1. Finish 150cc Lightning cup in 1st Place
2. Race 3,000 times



1. Finish 150cc Star Cup in 1st Place
2. Race 2,400 times

1. Complete 8 cpurses in Time Trial
2. Win 5 WFC races
3. Race 900 times

Jet Bubble:
1. Finish Mirror Leaf Cup in 1st Place
2. Race 3,900 times


Zip Zip:
1. Finish 100cc Lightning Cup in 1st Place
2. Race 2,100 times

1. Score 1 Star or higher in all 10cc Wii Cups
2. Race 3,300 times

Dolphin Dasher:
1. Finish Mirror Star Cup in 1st Place
2. Race 3,750 times


Shooting Star:
1. Finish 100cc Star cup in 1st Place
2. Race 1,500 times

1. Unlock 12 Expert Staff Ghosts
2. Win 200 WFC races
3. Race 3,600 times

1. Finish Mirror Special Cup in 1st Place
2. Race 4,050 times
Video for Expert Ghost on Luigi Circuit
Here is a cool video of the ghost run of the Luigi Circuit Expert Ghost. Hope it helps! (I obviously found it on youtube)

Waluigi Stadium
Once you go on the second boost, veer to the right and use a mushroom to cut across the mud. Really hard to miss.
Wario's Gold Mine Tip
At the very start of the race go left straight away and go up the speed ramp and there is an item at the top. Get it and come down, you will have a speed boost and an item from the very start of the level!
Wario'sold Mine
When you get to all of the mine karts, follow them. You should go straight into the shortcut. Keep in mind, if you hit a mine cart, you will fall.
Weight Strategy
If you're planning on playing a certain cup where there's a lot of edges, such as rainbow road, here is a way that can help you avoid falling off. When selecting your character, choose someone who is heavier. (Wario, Waluigi, Bowser ect.) This way you will get a heavier car. That way when in areas with no edge, there is less chance of you getting knocked off.
Your Guide to the ? Boxes
Here is a simple, easy-to-follow guide to all the items you can get in ? boxes:

~ Banana - When you press B, you will release a slippery banana skin. If another racer bangs into it, they will spin and probably crash.

~ Green Koopa Shell - When released, the green Koopa shell will just shoot off in a straight line, then bounce off of walls.

~ Red Koopa Shell - One of the best items by far, when released, the red Koopa shell will follow the racer in front of you, then hit them at high speed. Very good if you're trying to overtake.

~ Bullet - Probably the best item you can get, when B is pressed, your character will transform into a massive black bullet, which travels very fast. It usually overtakes a lot of racers, so you can only get this item if you're in 7th place or less.

~ Star - This will make you're racer temporarily invincible. If anything hits them, it will bounce off, and if you bang into someone else, the will bounce of behind.

~ Bomb - Quite simply, if you throw the bomb, it will fly forward, then explode. Don't bother if there's no-one in front of you.

~ Lightning - When B is pressed, all of the other racers will be struck by lightning. They will all halve in size afterwards, which slows them down a lot.

~ Squid - Everyone will be squirted with ink (excluding you, obviously). This obscures vision, which slows you down.

~ Blue Winged Koopa Shell - When activated, the shell will fly through the air, hover above the racer in 1st place, then make them blow up.

Hope I helped!


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Always get first place racing online
During the start of a race online, finish a lap and quickly disconnect and reconnect your router or USB cable connected to your wii that obtains a wi-fi connection. Then wait a little and the race will end and you will get the points normally obtained by the person in first place.

Example- Start race, finish a lap, disconnect and reconnect router, race ends, you obtain Driver points as if you got first place even if you were in last place. You can keep doing this until you get max driver points.
bodyless giltch
1. Goto mutiplayer
2.pick 2 players the same charicter giltch
4 p 2 picks a bike
5.You pick a low kart
6. Your charicter is bodyless LOL
Get to items first in Funky stadium.
in battle on the big ramp in funky stadium at the start, if you do a hop as soon as the battle begins you will go flying into the air and get to the item boxes before anyone else.
Same Character glitch
When you do the Same Charecter Glitch, (<a href="" target="_blank">+</a>) at the end of the races, on the congrats screen your Character will have the face as the Mii from 4th licence.
squish lakito
(lakito is the little cloud man at the start of the race and when you die)

this is just a funny little thing:
drive close to a thwomp turn around so lakito turns up holding the turn around sign then when the thwomp comes down it will squish him into the ground quite funny try it out!
Using the Same Character for than Once
This glitch works because you are automatically placed on the character you last selected. First, make have player one choose the character desired. Next, deselect the character, and move off it. Have player two select the character. Go back one screen, then enter the character selection screen again. You should now both be on the same character. Then, have both players select the character. Note: This trick also works for three and four players.

Easter eggs

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Mii outfit B
Some people may wonder if there is a Mii outfit B after unlocking Mii outfit A. To unlock Mii outfit B unlock all 32 expert staff ghosts in time trials.<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
While playing some wii courses, you can see your friend miis cheering you on. They can also be found on posters or statues, and in Coconut Mall's case, driving cars!
Rodger dodger
Sometimes, instead of squishing lacito, (see squish lacito glitch) he will dodge the thwomp and look up and sweat it is almost as funny as squishing him!
Same Character For Everyone!
One day, me and my sister were fighting over Toad (i mean have you SEEN how cute he is?!?!). She was player one. I was player two. And we found this cheat accidently!

Just an example. (i'm saying if all people want to be toad but it works on any character)

1. Player 1 chooses toad so other players don't choose yet.

2. Player 1 leaves toad and lets player 2 choose him. Repeat on players 3 and 4 if your using them.

3. Go back to the screen where u pick Team Race or Solo Race.

4. Pick your choice again.

5. When you get to the charater screen everyone's icon will be on toad! Also, DO NOT MOVE YOUR SELECTER AROUND OR YOU CAN'T GET BACK TO TOAD!
Shy Guy Beach easter egg
If you ram into the closed umbrella near the starting line, the umbrellwill open!


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Alternate Ending Screen
You must complete all the classes with gold trophies on all cups, which includes mirror mode.
Avoid all shells, (excludes blue) and more!
Just hold an item (red shell, green shell, bannana, etc.(dosent work with fake item box!))
Handy tip for using a Mega Mushroom
Mega Mushroom kinda acts like a Star Man, but don't. It lets go through all that in yuor way and destory all exploding things (including Bob-ombs and Blue Shell.) But, be warn even you are less vulnerable, you still get hurt by Star Man, Bullet Bill, and Lightning (it will shrink you to normal size.) This a good handy tip when you are in 1st place or a lot of ballons or coins during battle mode.
Shortcut on DK's Jungle Parkway
Although there are more than 1 shortcut for this level, I am yet to try the rest out seeing as I don't have the game.

In the old N64 version after the huge jump and going left you'll see a Arror pointing left, well if you turn right and just hop at the right time on the edge; you can drive the whole way but then you have to do it again the second time and then you must have a Mushroom with you. Use the mushroom at the edge to jump onto the bridge. (Keep in mind that's one of the shortcuts I am yet to try out to see if it works on this version).

The shortcut i'm going to tell you today should cut of about 4 seconds of. At the end of the lap you should see a bridge, well go inside the cave from it and you'll see a hill and the tack turning left, well just use a mushroom (if you have one) and go straight up and turn left.
Starting Boost
If you press accelerate just as the 2 is fading, you'll get a boost at the start of the race to get ahead of everybody else.
Unlock Alternate Title Screen
To unlock an alternate title screen that will be shown when the game is started up, win each and every cup available in the game.
Unlock Mii Outfit B
To unlock Mii Outfit B you will have to unlock every single expert ghost data.

Male Miis were Mario Overalls with Outfit B and Female Miis were a small version of Peach's Dress
Unlocking Starry Names
To affix stars to your name in a wi-fi battle, just race all the grand prix races (including mirror tracks) and earn at least one star in the ranking. The number of stars earned during your grand prix career will be reflected in your wi-fi standing.
Victory Photos
To unlock both victory photos available in the game (which is basically a shot of your Mii with various characters), you have to fulfill two requirements. To unlock the first photo (which is of your Mii with Mario and Peach), earn a trophy in every cup for each class available. To unlock the second photo (which is of your Mii with each racer in the game), win each and every Grand Prix cup available in the game.