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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Wii) Cheats

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Game Codes
Go to the Enter Code screen and enter the below codes.
PasswordWhat it does
ACK646Admiral Ackbar
KPF958Battle Droid
GGF539Boba Fett (Boy)
HHY697Boss Nass
QRN714Captain Tarpals
DDD748Count Dooku
EUK421Darth Maul
PMN576General Grievous
GUA850Imperial Guard
KLJ897Jango Fett
MUN486Ki-Adi Mundi
NBN431Storm Trooper
PRX482Taun We
UUU875Zam's Airspeeder
BDC866Vulture Droid
584HJFZam Wesell
CLZ738Force Grapple Leap
AAB123Droid Trifighter
HUT845Imperial Shuttle
INT729The Interceptor
DBH897The Fighter
SUJ207makes you jump higher
Menu Passwords
enter this in the cantina at codes then you will not die!
PasswordWhat it does
evilr2it makes r2d2s evil brother spawn
Unlock Extra Characters
Enter these in the Cantina bar at the Password screen for extra characters and cheats.
PasswordWhat it does
CLZ738Force Grapple Leap
HUT845Imperial Shuttle
BEN917Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ghost)
AAB123Droid Trifighter
CLZ738Force Grapple Leap
HUT845Imperial Shuttle
YOD146yoda (ghost)


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stuff to unlock
UnlockableHow to unlock
bounty-hunter missionsGet all bounty hunters
extrasFind a red brick in a level
Unlock Stuff
Thiese Cheat codes might help you during the game
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bounty Hunter MissionsUnlock all Bounty Hunters and Clear Episode I - VI
ExtrasFind the Red Power Brick in levels to Unlock Extras
Indiana JonesGo to the
Stud FountainGet all 160 Gold Bricks
LEGO CityGet 10 Gold Bricks
New TownGet 50 Gold Bricks
EX Stage (Menace) Anakin's FlightGet 30 or 40 Gold Bricks
Gunship Cavalry (Original)Get 20, 30 or 40 Gold Bricks
Mos Espa Pod Race (Original)Get 20, 30 or 40 Gold Bricks
Luke with LightsaberFinish Empire Stikes Back - Stage 4 (Dagobah) (From there on he starts using the lightsaber)
Boba Fett's Ship (Slave 1)Finish all Bounty Hunter Missions
Minikit DetectorGo to the last stage of Empire strikes back (Betrayl in Bespin) and on Boba Fett's Ship (It dosen't fly away in free play mode) is the Red Power Brick for the Minikit Detector
Red Power Brick DetectorIn the Mos Espa Pod race when your coming to the big holes turn left grab the red thing and that's the Power Brick for the Power Brick Detector
Secret Character - R2-Q5Enter the Code
New Battleground for 2 Player ArcadeComplete Different Episodes
Minikit BonusGet all 10 Minikits in just 1 episode
Ghost CharactersAnakin Skywalker (Ghost), Yoda (Ghost) and Ben Kenobi (Ghost) are playable just finish all episode then they're availible in the shop for an expensive price
Unlockable Stuff
It will help all that see this through the game
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bounty Hunter MissionsUnlock all Bounty Hunters and Finish all Stages
ExtrasFind Red Bricks in Stages
Indiana JonesIn the Trailers Room watch the Indiana Jones Trailer
Bonus Adventure Stage (Menace)Get Gold Bricks
Bonus Adventure Stage (New Hope)Get Gold Bricks
Bonus Adventure Stage (Pod Race ORIGINAL)Get Gold Bricks
Bonus Adventure Stage (Cavalry ORIGINAL)Get Gold Bricks
LEGO CityGet Gold Bricks
New TownGet Gold Bricks
Stud FountainGet all Gold Bricks
R2-Q5Enter the Code "EVILR2" In Enter Code in the Mos Eisley Cantina
Boba Fett's StarshipGet all Minikits in the game
Red Power Brick DetectorIn the Mos Espa Pod Race with the big holes turn left (That Way <----) And the red thing is the red block
Minikit DetectorIn Betrayl in Bespin on Boba Fett's Ship you find the block for the Minikit Detecotr (It Doesen't fly away in Free Play Mode)
Ghost CharactersFinish all Stages


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count dooku is falling down
want to make dooku fall over and over again. first go to the last level
of epoisode 2 and click free play. then be a gunner. and player 2 should be a jedi.next when you are ready to fight dooku use player 2 to hit him.
when he jumps away use the gunner(wich is player ) to shot him over and over again he will fall down endlessly.sing count dooku is faling down
when you are board player 2 goes and hits him while player 1 is shooting. good luck!
darth maul's explotion
to blow up darth maul (not litterly)
use a gunner or boba fett on darth maul 1 in free play.also turn on invincebillty because droids will shoot at you.next shoot at him really fast he will lose all his lives and run away.shoot the droids and go.
so you can use a gunner for darth maul 1.the boss FAQ writer was wrong.
my ben 10 FAQ will show you my email.i will do it.
Earn 1,000,000 in 30 minuets easy (no multipliers)
Get character studs power brick ( stud magnet for best collection. make sure thay are on ) Go to Discovery on Kamino. Find a room where Fett releases security droids on you. Just kill all the droids as they come out, they will not stop. DO NOT CLOSE BOTH OF THE ACCESS DOORS!!

Easy Cash
1. Get a Tie ship
2. do the mos espa pod race minikit challenge
3. Repeat step 2 until you can buy a X2 and a X4 stud multiplier
4. turn on both the multipliers then do the free play Pod Race, smashing all the stands and collecting minikits for studs. You will get X8 the regular amount if you have followed this advice.
5. continue step 4 until you can buy more stud multipliers, then equip them for more studs, when all multipliers are collected, you can get X3240
6. use your money however you want, and do step 4 whenever you want money
Fast Money
Go in Episode III, chapter 1. Shoot the guns on the ship at the very beginning. Then, before you leave the area, die on purpose. This will let you start over and shoot the guns again, giving you lots of money. Even though you lose studs every time you die, you should earn more than what you lost by shooting the guns.
get easy money
to make easy money: go to episode 4 and chapter 5.
unlock character studs and stud magnet(each are 100,000 studs. play the episode and if u get all the money u can get, it can be up to 200,000 studs
How to unlock bounty hunter missons.
Buy all of the bounty hunters and it should open!
Infinite studs!
Charicters needed: Ewok/ Wicket.
Extras needed: Charicter studs and Super Ewok Catapult.

Go outside of the cantina and stand near the door so it opens but you don't go through.If you destroyed enough people, they will come through the door.Just fire from your position into the door and destroy people who come through.You will have to shoot repediatly.

Play as Indiana Jones
You CAN play as Indiana Jones.
In order to get him, follow these steps:
1. Watch the Indiana Jones clip.
2. Go to the Shop.
3. Go to characters.
4. Look for Indiana Jones. You'll see he costs 50,000 studs, so if you have enough studs, Press A. You will finally have him. Hope he helps you!

Quick & Easy Money
Go to the 1st level in revenge of the sith as a clone arcfighter(ship)
with x2 and x4 on. gets 800k every time if done properly.
Really easy $$$money$$$
1. after you have obtained power brick 9 buy the extra called "character studs" for 100,000 studs then (if you havent already) buy jango Fett. Go outside, turn character studs on and walk next to some jedi like aayla secura and anakin and obi wan and Qui gon jin etc. Once you have at least 7-8 people following you throw a mine with Z at the crowd. They will blow up and you get at least 4-5 thousand studs at a time depending on how many people are following you.

- Note
People with guns do not follow you and will attack you after you blow the crowd up. Try doing this with other people and see if it works hope it helps!
Studs at the cost of a lot of harmless enemies.
Lots of grinding, so if you hate grinding, this won't help.
In the third level of the fourth chapter, when you reach the second area, get rid of the Stormtroopers then hunt down that little stunning pest in the area and kill him. Go to the door they come out of, this step is easier with Super Slap on, but doesn't have to be used. Just beat the crap out of them as they come out, or shoot them. Your B button shall become:


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Extras glitch
Whenever you leave your extras on after your done playing someone goes on after they will have the exact same extras as when you were playing. CRA-Z!
extras glitchs
now this is a good glitch. this is simple. turn on a extra in one file
then go to a diffrent file and it will work in it. for exsample go to a file with poo money ,charecter studs, ,stud magnet,x2,x4,x6,x8,and x10 and turn it on. then go to a file without all those stuff, and you can play with it in that file.(note if you play an episode bounes or lego city all stud extras will be turnd or)good luck!

Extras Transfer
1. Go on a file where you have lots of extras.
2. Turn them on.
3. Click "Quit".
4. Go to a file that doesn't have as many extras.
5. Play with the extras, even though you don't really have them.

NOTE: If you play a bonus game, such as Lego City, some extras are automatically turned off.
Jedi freeze choke/lightning
to do this, you must have the game 100% complete. make your gunner shoot someone just after you start force choking/lightning someone, they will be stuck like that. the only way to get out of it is to be forced again, die or switch characters (press 1 or 2). works with force pull/push. if you jedi freeze choke/lighning someone while a droid is permanently pulled on you using this cheat, then the droid will act like it is being choked/zapped( in jabbas palace,this allows you to then ride the spider droid things by pressing "c" and then jumping off the scenery if close enough to a wall(lol))

Easter eggs

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Burn stormtrooper's bottom's
When you are in a level where there are a lot of stormtroopers, play as r2-d2, r4-p17 or r2q5. go near the stormtroopers bottom and press B. the stormtrooper rub his bottom so you can change into someone else and kill him
Funny Stuff
Dancing Kaminoans:
Planet - KAMINO
Character Accsess - Yes - STORMTROOPERS ONLY
Character Access 2 - Yes - R4-P17 (Red R2-D2)
Episode - Episode II (2) Attack of the Clones
Stage - Stage II Episode II (Discovery on KAMINO)
Cutscene - NO

Dumb Darth Vader
Planet - SENATE
Mode - STORY
Character Accsess - No
Character Accsess 2 - No
Episode - Episode IV (4) A New Hope
Stage - Stage IV Episode IV (RESCUE THE PRINCESS)
Cutscene - YES
(Darth Vadrt Doesn't Notice that Han Solo is wearing one of his Stormtrooper's Helmets) (It's not that Funny)

Kill the Kaminoan!
Planet - KAMINO
Character Accsess - Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Darth Tyranous (Count Dooku)
Character Accsess 2 - NO
Episode II (2) Attack of the Clones
Stage - Episode II Stage II (DISCOVERY ON KAMINO)
Cutscene - NO
(Darth Characters can use the Force to Kill Lama Su or Taun We)

Chopped of Arm

Plant - HOTH
Mode - STORY
Character Accsess - NO
Character Accsess 2 - NO
Episode V (5)
Episode V Stage I (1) (HOTH BATTLE)
Cutscene - YES


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1Easy money
First:Unlock as many of the x2 x4 x6 x8 x10.
Second: complete challenge on battle over coruscant until you have enough for any of them (x2 is the easiest).
Third: keep doing mos-espa podrace and collect as many studs as possible.

Each time you get another x_ it gets easier to get the next one until you have all of them and it's x3840
Easy money
Okay do pod race make sure to get alot of the objects if you don't, don't worry just don't get in front of the ship with the arrow then it lets you do the track again

do this till you get 1 million studs then buy 2x pod race will give alot more money giving a better chance to unlock characters

And it does seem to get fun/boring depending on your patience
idiana jones!!!
when you start in the cantina, go into the room with a '?' over the top of it. go into the a door that has a camera on it and select 'indiana jones' and after you whatched it he will become avaiable to buy for 50.000
Unlock Extra Characters

At the start of the game, go to the bar in the Mos Eisley Cantina and you will be able to select "ENTER CODE". Enter the following codes to unlock some extras:

HHY697 - Boss Nass
QRN714 - Captain Tarpals
AAB123 - Droid Tri-Fighter
CLZ738 - Force Grapple Leap
PMN576 - General Grevious
HUT845 - Imperial Shuttle
EVILR2 - r2-q5 droid
INT729 - Tie Interceptor