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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Don't climb after Belloq!
WHAT YOU NEED: A female character
RECOMMENDED: Invincibility, Disarm Enemies or something that keeps you from getting shot!

In Story mode, you must fight Belloq as he jumps around in the level Opening the Ark. Climbing after him can be tiresome, though. After you punch him the first time, he jumps onto another ledge. However, if you go after him RIGHT AWAY, you can use Marion to get close! You don't have to climb up there.

He'll be standing near the edge. Jump up and get as close to Belloq as you can. He should come after you, fists swinging. If you're lucky, he'll walk right off the edge and you can fight him on the ground. There are going to be people shooting at you, though, so cheats to keep yourself from getting hurt are useful.
Lots of codes

Cheat mode
Enter one of the following codes on the blackboard in the Math classroom at Barnett College to unlock the corresponding option at the "Extras" menu. If you entered the code correctly, the name of the cheat will appear.

Result Code
Artifact Detector VIKED7
Beep Beep VNF59Q
Character Treasure [Note 1] VIES2R
Disarm Enemies VKRNS9
Disguises 4ID1N6
Fast Build V83SLO
Fast Dig 378RS6
Fast Fix FJ59WS
Fertilizer B1GW1F
Ice Rink 33GM7J
Invincibility B83EA1
Parcel Detector VUT673
Poo Treasure [Note 2] WWQ1SA
Regenerate Hearts MDLP69
Secret Characters [Note 3] 3X44AA
Silhouettes 3HE85H
Super Scream VN3R7S
Super Slap 0P1TA5
Treasure x2 VM4TS9
Treasure x4 VLWEN3
Treasure x6 V84RYS
Treasure x8 A72E1M
Treasure x10 VI3PS8
Treasure Magnet H86LA2
Note 1: Killed enemies will drop Studs.

Note 2: Animals will defecate Studs.

Note 3: This code unlocks the following secret playable characters in Free Play mode. Santa in the "Into The Mountains" level; Dancing Girl 2, Thieving Hoodlum 1, and Thieving Hoodlum 2 in the "Shanghai Showdown" level; Enemy Radio Operator in the "Search For King Richard" level; and Graverobber 1 and Gravrobber 2 in the "Young Indy" level.

Bonus characters
Enter one of the following codes on the blackboard in the Math classroom at Barnett College to unlock the corresponding character for purchase:

Character Code
Barranca 04EM94
Belloq (desert) CHN3YU
Belloq (jungle) TDR197
Belloq (priest) VEO29L
Boxer 8246RB
British officer VJ5TI9
British troop DJ5I2W
British troop commander B73EUA
Captain Katanga VJ3TT3
Chatterlal ENW936
Chucin 3NK48T
Colonel Dietrich 2K9RKS
Colonel Vogel 8EAL4H
Dancing girl C7EJ21
Desert digger 12N68W
Desert enemy officer 2MK45O
Desert masked bandit N48SF0
Desert monkey man 3RF6YJ
Desert soldier 4NSU7Q
Desert swordsman 1MK4RT
Donovan 3NFTU8
Dr. Schneider (desert) JSNRT9
Dr. Schneider (officer) VMJ5US
Enemy Bazookaman S93Y5R
Enemy bazookaman MK83R7
Enemy butler VJ48W3
Enemy communications officer 1MF94R
Enemy guard VJ7R51
Enemy guard (Nepal) YR47WM
Enemy officer 572E61
Enemy pilot B84ELP
Fedora V75YSP
First mate 0GIN24
Grail knight NE6THI
Hovitos tribesman H0V1SS
Indiana Jones (officer) VJ85OS
Indiana Jones disguised 4J8S4M
Jungle guide 24PF34
Kaokan WMO46L
Kazim (desert) 3M29TJ
Kazim (Venice) NRH23J
Laoche 2NK479
Maharaja NFK5N2
Major Toht 13NS01
Mola Ram FJUR31
Pankot assassin 2NKT72
Pankot guard VN28RH
Punjabi dignitary KD48TN
Punjabi village elder 4682E1
Sherpa brawler VJ37WJ
Sherpa gunner ND762W
Slave child 0E3ENW
Thuggee VM683E
Thuggee Chatterlal CNH4RY
Thuggee priest T2R3F9
Thuggee slavedriver VBS7GW
Willie DJ VK93R7
Willie pajamas MEN4IP
Wuhan 3NSLT8
R2D2 Cameo
You can receive a brief appearance by R2D2 of Star Wars fame in the Last Crusade story. Select the Desert Ambush episode (should be #5). In the first screen, head to the far right where a horse should be. Use Indiana Jones to ride the horse back to the far left of the screen where you started. Look for a series of three small cliffs. There should be LEGO studs here also. Press the "A" button on the Wii remote to buck Jones to the second cliff. Look for an overhang to grab to lift yourself to the top most cliff. Use Indy's whip while standing on the platform and R2D2 will drop down for a brief appearance.


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Paddling on land
WHAT YOU NEED: A shovel character
RECOMMENDED: Invincibility, Disarm Enemies or a cheat that keeps you from getting hurt

This can be done in Story or Free Play mode. In the level "Pursuing The Ark", there is a section where you must get pieces of a gate so you can enter the boss battle with the boxer. As soon as you enter the level, there is a huge gate. Once you break the gate down, you will enter an area with a tiny pond and deck chairs.

Smash the deck chairs to make a raft. Once you build the raft, make sure that one of your characters has a shovel. Hop on the raft and knock down all the little green things in the water to get a piece of artifact. Now, switch to your other character. Make sure that the shovel character stays on the raft.

Use the other character to exit that area. If you've done it correctly, the second character should be with you, and the raft should be on the ground. If you hop onto the raft with the shovel character, you can paddle it around on land. However, having the "Disarm Enemies" or "Invincibility" cheat would be good at this point, because the raft only has two hearts and there are people throwing bombs and grenades.

Easter eggs

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Be the Bush and Barrel. Feel the Bush and Barrel.
Indy and the other characters can become bushes and barrels? I figured this out on my own. In Barnett College courtyard, there are bushes. Press X with Wiimote nunchuck and you'll go under the bush. You can do the same thing with the barrels in Pursuing the Ark.
Indy's Kisses
When you're in a level with girls, (Marion, Willie, Elsa) stand right in front of them facing them and use the whip. It might take a few tries, but you will pull them over and kiss them.
NOTE: Indy can also do this with men! I was playing around in City of Danger, and grabbed a bandit. Instead of pulling him close and kneeing him in the you-know-wheres, I grabbed him, dipped him and kissed him. It only happened to me once, though, so try a lot.
It's not raining cats and dogs, but studs!
WHAT YOU NEED: Any character, Barnett College, 100% completion
WHAT YOU DO: Complete the game with 100%. Use a walkthrough if you're stuck. Come back to the college after beating the final level, and it will be raining studs and health!
OTHER FUN STUFF: Turn on the "Treasure Magnet" cheat, and you will get almost all the money!
Santa and Han Solo
To unlock Santa, enter the Hidden Characters code SEE: Robinator247's "Lots of Codes" and then play Into the Mountains in FP mode. You can be Santa! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />! To get Han, you need to find the 5 Star Wars characters. In FP mode in Lost Temple, go to where the idol is, run to the other side, blow up the Shiny Silver LEGO objects and C-3PO is in the barrel. In Into the Mountains, Luke is hanging upside down from the icy cave that's where the ground blows up. Hit him with a bomb or use Willie's scream to get him down. In City of Danger, in the part where there's a blown-up car, use a book to figure out the glyphs, use a small character to get through the hatch inside and there's Chewbacca. In Free the Slaves, in one area there's a part where you drop down and there's a hole filled with blue and white debris. Blow it up and use the soldier hat to open the door and Leia is inside. See the submission about R2-D2's appearance. Robinator247, you forgot Belloq (robes).


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Cheat codes
Go to the classroom where you put your codes into and put the following codes in:

Character Studs-When you hit enemies it flows out with loads of studs= vies2r

Regenerate hearts-Regenerate hearts when your character is injured= md1p69

Ten times stud multiplyer-Basically if you get a 10 stud it will actually give you 100 studs instead (basically it gives you ten times more)= vi3ps8
Super Slap
Go to the classroom (where you enter the cheats) and put in 0P1TA5 (that 0 is zero)