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Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility Cheats

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Tailor Shop
After completing the first rainbow, a bunch of new villagers to the town will move in. The first set being the tailor shop, and family, which comes in one season later, and on the first of that season, selling clothes.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Tailor ShopUnlocked the next season on the 1st, after completing the first rainbow (Daren's)
ShellyUnlocked with Tailor Shop
CandaceUnlocked with Tailor Shop
LunaUnlocked with Tailor Shop
UNLOCKABLE: Fertilizer
After selling 5000G worth of crops, you will unlock fertilzer, which you can buy at Souffle Farm! Fertilizer will increase the price of crops!

The more you sell off your farm, the better fertilizers will be unlocked!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Fertilizer2 Star Farm rank (5000G Sold on Farm)
Rapid Fertilizer2 Star Farm rank (10,000G Sold on Farm)
Happy Fertilizer3 Star Farm rank


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All the Rainbows:How To Complete
How to complete rainbows? here are the answers!

Daren's Recipe:
Grilled Yam ( You should know how to make this, if not PM me )
Apple ( the same as ^)
Good Herb Fish - This Oven recipe can be made with any herb or fish, but the ingredients must be worth between 300 G and 600 G if you were to ship them. You can use more than 1 fish
Common Seashell - You can find the shell by looking around the beach in Caramel River District or along Cream Beach in Waffle Town. The shell can appear all year long.

Ben's Recipe:
Grilled Eggplant - This item is only available in the Fall season. You can grow the Eggplants yourself (285 G a bag) or simply just buy a Perfect Eggplant from Ruth at Souffle Farm for 210 G. The next thing is to get the Matches from Simon's shop for 600 G. Then take the Eggplant (any quality), the Matches, and find one of the piles of firewood, either at Cream Beach or the beach in Caramel River District. Use the Matches on the wood to light a Bonfire, and then "use" the Eggplant on the fire.

Char - The fish can be located in the pond at the base of Caramel River's waterfall.

Green Herb - These are very plentiful, and you can usually find them in Waffle Town, Praline Forest, or around Brownie Ranch.

Plain Omelet - There's two ways to collect this item. You can make the cooked dish yourself if you combine an Egg, Butter, and the Frying Pan kitchen utensil. The easier way is to just buy it, which you can do at the Spring and Summer Flea Markets. On the 22nd of the season, go to Waffle Square and talk to Simon. You can buy a Plain Omelet for 240 G.

Good Tomato - You can buy Tomato Seed from Souffle Farm during the Summer season for 225 G a bag. Plant the crops in your field and take care of them until they produce. You need a "Good" quality Tomato, not a "Decent", "Perfect", or "Shining". The other option is to wait until the Fall 27 Harvest Festival, where you can buy the Good Tomato from Craig for 165 G.

Collin's Recipe:
Saury - You can catch this fish in the ocean off of Waffle Island during the Fall or Winter season. There isn't any other way to collect this ingredient.

Blue Wonderful - An easy item to get from the mines. Look for the blue-colored crystals as you are descending down the mine floors and smash them with your hammer. You may receive a Blue Wonderful. Some of them will have sparkles, indicating that they can be refined for a good jewel, so try to find one that doesn't have sparkles for the rainbow recipe. The sparkling ones can be refined by Mira so you can ship them for gold.

Perfect Spinach - This crop can not be purchased at any festival or ship. You must grow the rainbow ingredient yourself during the Fall season. Buy the seeds from Souffle Farm for 75 G a bag. If the crop soil on your farm is not very healthy, you might also be able to buy some Fertilizer as well.

The fertilizers will appear at Souffle Farm after you have spend at least 5000 G at their store. Buy either the 1-season or 2-season fertilizer, till the soil in your field, put down the fertilizer, and then put down the Spinach seeds. The crop should be ready to pick in about 5 to 6 days.

Banana - Once you revive Ben and Daren's rainbows, the winds will calm so Pascal can ferry you over to Toucan Island. On the island you can find wild-grown Bananas or you can buy one at the Pineapple Inn for 150 G.

Red Wool Yarn - This is another item you'll have to produce yourself. You can get wool from sheep, which you can buy from Brownie Ranch for 4200 G. After a season it will be an adult, and you can clip its wool every 4 days.

You then need to get the Yarn Maker machine from Simon for 4500 G. The Yarn Maker comes with a Dying Pot to turn your yarn different colors by using flowers. Different flowers will produce different colored dyes. You need a "red" flower, the flowers are:Red Herb - Grows wild all year
Tulip - Spring
Hibiscus - Summer
Cosmos - Fall
Rose - Fall
Anemone - Winter
Alan's Recipe:
Toadstool - Even if you go to floor 2 of the Ganache Mine, you'll find this orange mushroom. This is very easy to find and will be in the mine all year round. You can also find it around the base of Gelato Mountain.

Wood Fish - You can't catch this fish until 1) You have received the Rainbow Recipe from Alan, and 2) You have to complete Ben and Daren's recipes. The fish can be found in the Harvest Goddess' pond in any season, between 7:00 pm and 5:00 am. It is very rare, so you just have to be patient and keep trying.

If you want to stay at the pond until the next morning, try to bring some Stay Awake or Super Stay Awake with you. The potions will ward off the drowsiness that occurs once you've been awake past 6:00 am. If you don't have the potions you will be stuck at a slow-walking pace and have to drag yourself back home to sleep. You can buy the potions from Irene at the Meringue Clinic for 375 G and 525 G.

Green Bell - This item can be grown during the Winter season if you buy the seeds from the Pineapple Inn on Toucan Island for 165 G each. The other way to get the flower seed is to buy it during the Harvest Festival on Fall 27. Either way, you have to grow the crop yourself.

Ostonnaise - This is made by putting an Ostrich Egg into the Mayonnaise Maker. You can also buy it from the Spring and Summer Flea Markets from Maya for 480 G.

Carrot Cake - If you are currently in Spring or Summer, you'll have to make the cake yourself by combining a Bread Fruit, Egg, Carrot, Butter, and Milk with the Oven cooking utensil. If it is currently Fall or Winter, you can buy it at the 22nd Flea Market from Elli for 900 G.
Tuna - This large fish can be caught with a level 4 or 5 fishing rod if you are casting at full power from Cream Beach on Waffle Island. The other, and easier, option is to take Daren's rainbow to the Gull Islands. On the eastern island (the one with the Squirrel) you can catch the Tuna without having to use a high-level fishing rod.

The Tuna is available in the Spring, Fall, and Winter seasons. The weather must be either sunny or cloudy.

Snowflake Flower - During the Spring and Summer seasons, you can buy the flower from Candace at the Flea Market for 120 G. If it is Winter, you can grow the flower yourself by buying the seeds from Souffle Farm for 150 G, but only if the farm is at 3-stars. If you are in the Fall season then there's nothing you can do for the moment.

Perfect Honeydew - You can buy this item from Souffle Farm for 690 G during the Summer season, or you can grow it yourself. The seeds cost 735 G per bag and you need to produce a "Perfect" crop. Using Fertilizer is recommended.

Lapis Lazuli - In the Ganache (or Gelato) Mine you'll find blue crystals that can be smashed to uncover Blue Wonderfuls. The wonderfuls you are looking for must have 1 "shine" on them. You can see how many shiny-marks a wonderful has by looking at it in your Rucksack.

After you collect your Blue Wonderfuls, go to Mira's counter inside the blacksmith shop. She will refine the stones and hopefully discover the jewel you're looking for.

Red Honey - You will need to grow red-colored flowers. In the morning after the flower has bloomed, you might discover a little bee flying around it. If you pick the buzzing plant you'll have a chance of getting Decent Honey, colored Honey, or Royal Jelly. There isn't a guarantee that you'll find a bee every morning, so don't pick the flowers once they have bloomed.

The flowers you can grow are the same as those needed for the Red Wool Yarn ingredient:

Tulip - Spring, Souffle Farm @ 3-stars, 90 G
Hibiscus - Summer, Pineapple Inn, 90 G
Cosmos - Fall, Souffle Farm @ 2-stars, 75 G
Rose - Fall, Taylor's Seeds (telephone-only), 105 G
Anemone - Winter, Souffle Farm @ 2-stars, 90 G
If you STILL don't understand, PM me


A Awesome Beginning Not!
Okay we all know by now that we get a very suckish beginning, but there is a solution. When you first start (after the intro) you have next to nothing, your first instinct is to get your plot cleaned up and get something planted. If you want to make some real money then ignore your instinct for just a little bit. The first thing you need to do is to get all your tools. Once you have all of them put them in your tool box so that you only have your hammer. Then go to Granche Mine to level 25 it might take all day, but trust me it's worth it. While you are going down make sure to pick up all the mushrooms (Don't pick up any Toadstools they make you lose energy). Once you get to level 25 smash all the white crystals. Only pick up the ones that have sparkles. If your rucksack isn't full from that then smash the other color crystals again only pick up the one's with sparkles. Then, go and get your tools refined at the blacksmith's, and sell whatever you get. You will get lots of cash and be able to fund your farm/ranch! Hope Ive helped!
A nice beginning
I notice in this game that starting out was a lot harder. The game gives you a hoe, a watering can, a tiny house, no money, no animals, and a field full of wood, weeds, and rocks. A crap start. But thats where I come in. I'll help any one that needs help on getting started with this harvest moon.

Start out doing the tutorial in the beginning of the game, and pick the spot of where you want your house. You have these choices:
Hillside Plot- 100 squares of land
Town Plot- 90 squares of land
Seaside Plot- 120 squares of land

They all have their own benefits, the seaside is close to the ocean, and the river fro fishing, and has tons of land for crops. The Hillside is close to the Hot springs, the carpentry, and blacksmith shops, and has a medium size of land. The Town plot is close to the town, and all the stores there, but has a small amount of land. Keep in mind that later in the game, you can buy the other two plots that you didn't choose.

After you've started out the game, is the real challenge. Start by clearing a small area of your land, because it takes up a lot of stamina, just to do a small amount of work. Then till 6 squares straight, right next to each-other, with your hoe. Like so ====== Then plant your two bags of potato, on the very edge of one of the lines, so you get seeds on all 6 spots for the maximum money in the end. Then just water them with your watering can. If you are low on stamina, head far west in the district, till you reach the river, then head north following the river, to caramel falls. Climb the mountain all the way, to a small little pond. Press 'A' and then you take an hour up of your time, and all of your stamina is refreshed. Keep in mind that this only works once per day. use the last bit of stamina, to head up north to the ganache mine district, and talk to the guy smashing the rocks by the blacksmith shop, to get your hammer, and then follow the road up north more, to a little forested area, and talk to the guy hitting the big stump, for the axe. And in that area, pick up all of the little herbs on the ground, and sell them using the shipping bin near by. Use the remainder of your stamina to clear as much of your land as possible, with the weeds first, then the rocks, and leave the trees for last. That should be your first day.

On the second day, just repeat. Water your crops, clear your field. And this time, go in to the Waffle town area, and go to the store called "On the Hook" by the ocean. Don't go in, instead go near the ocean by using the stairs, and it should start a little cutscene with a fisherman called Toby. If not, check within that area, and caramel falls, until the cutscene unfolds. During it, he will hand over to you a fishing pole for you to take. Now just stay there at the ocean, and fish. Once you throw the pole in to the water, just wait for the little symbol above your head to go all berserk, then jerk the controller upward fast to catch the fish. Keep doing that, and sell the fish. And that will give you even more money. Thats another day in itself.

After you have enough money, go to Souffle Farm, where the tutorial took place, and talk to the girl behind the counter. And buy a couple bags of spring mix seeds. And plant them just the way you planted the potato seeds. And water them. After a few day, you'll be able to harvest the crop. And then sell them. Keep going through the process of buying and planting more and more crops till you have tons of money. And during it, go to the Ganache mine district, and go in to the mine to the left of the blacksmiths shop. Head down a bunch of floors, till you get to floor 19. Pick up every mushroom, and toadstool as you can on the way down. And then get to floor 25. Where you will smash every single one of the rocks and minerals in that room, until you are low on stamina. Only pick up the shiny rocks that come out of the rocks, because non shiny ones, are fake. Once you are done, go back up to the top, and head over to the grave yard by the church, for another little cutscene with a girl named Mira. This will unlock refining in the blacksmith, so you can get good money for all those wondefuls that you found in the mine. Go to her and get them all refined, and then sell everything. in the morning, you'll have even more tons of money. Keep going through this, and getting the ores that shine from the mine, to upgrade the tools. Start by upgrading the Hammer, so you can do better in the mine, then upgrade the watering can. Only use iron at first. And keep going through your days like this, till Spring 28.

On that day, you'll be able to go to Brownie ranch, and have a little celebration. The next day, it will be open, and you should go in and talk to Cain in the little store. He will give you the sickle to cut the weeds with a lot less stamina. And you can look in this area, for more herbs near the east area. Also, if you look in the northern most part of the beach in waffle town, you'll find a present. Pick it up, for a small item, that you will sell, and a not to where the next one is. Keep following them, and selling the items inside for good money. There are 5 in all. Once you have a good amount of money, order a coop from the carpentry shop. And buy some feed, and a chicken from the brownie ranch. Use the first egg in the incubator in the coop, and then sell the rest of the eggs. Keep going through the days, and making more and more money through those ways to get you started in the game. Eventually, you will be able to have most silver tools, and big cropped fields, and a nice animal barn full of cows and sheep and horses from Brownie ranch. Hope I've helped.
After the Wedding
After the wedding, some things will change in the game:

-You will have a double bed
-You Husband will work at the same place as he did
-Your Wife will quit her job, and stay around the farm
-Your husband/wife will stay home during showy weather, and rain.
-Your mate's schedule will change.

EDIT::: the part where u say the wife stays around the house all of the time is wrong... they leave the house all day ( even after u have the baby...
Alan's Rainbow Recipe
Here is Alan's recipe (He is the Brownie Ranch County):
1)Toadstool - easily found in the mines
2)Wood fish
3)Green Bell
4)Ostonnaise - ostrich's mayonnaise
5)Carrot cake

That is Alan's Rainbow Recipe!
ALL ABOUT LUKE!!!!!!!!!!!

Birthday: Summer 08

You'll unlock Luke when you visit the forested area just north of Dale's carpenter shop on Ganache Mountain. Luke will also give you an Old Axe.

Best Gifts:

Shining Mayonnaise, Shining Sushi, Chocolate Banana, Spinach Risotto, Boiled Spinach (ohitashi), Spinach Saute, Carrot Cake, Spinach Cake, Banana Pudding, Carrot Juice

Good Gifts:

Perfect/Shining Carrot, Perfect/Shining Spinach, Perfect/Shining Watermelon, Shining Apple, Tulip, Shining Egg, Shining Ostrich Egg, Shining Duck Egg, Red Honey, Blue Honey, Good/Perfect Mayonnaise, Shining Butter, Shining Goat Butter, Rare Ore, Rare Metal, Banana, Clam

Disliked Gifts:

Cheese (all types), Goat Cheese (all types), Junk Ore, Failed Dish,, Perfume (all types), Toadstool, Shining Bamboo Shoots, Fodder, Bird Feed

THANKS you ushi no tane

Birthday: Summer 26

A dancer who has traveled to various places, her sexy clothes and voluptuous body catches the most glances. She comes from an island to the south and is a little haugty.

You will unlock Selena when you visit the Plaza for the Flower Festival on Spring 10.

Best Gifts:

Ruby, Red Perfume

Good Gifts:

Lily, Rose, Shining/Perfect Butter, Shining/Perfect Goat Butter, Shining/Perfect Cheese, Shining/Perfect Goat Cheese, Dark Red Flax Thread, Red Wonderful, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Moonlight Stone, Amber, Peridot, Spinel, Topaz, Sapphire, Diamond, Aquamarine, Crystal, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst

Disliked Gifts:

Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Junk Ore, Rare Ore, Lime Stone, Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, Rare Metal

Here it is thanks to Ushi NO Tane.And keep in mind that you need to be patient on her.oh yeah one more thing get her the flower that she wants it should only cost 108 I think.welll thats all I kown well seeya!!!
All Heart Events
  • Home Visit (2 hearts) You'll receive an item that varies among each bachelor/bachellorette
  • Lunch Date (4 hearts) Talk to the person you are trying to woo and that person will ask you to go to lunch with them. If you say yes then the girls will ask you to meet them on the beach around noon and the guys will ask to meet you at Sundae Inn around noon.
  • Request (5 hearts) The person you are trying to woo will ask you for something: an item, a challenge, etc. This event has not set time limit but it is required to be done for marriage.
  • Home Visit 2 (5 hearts) You'll receive another item that varies among each bachelor/bachellorette.
  • Confession (6 hearts) Speak to the person you are trying to woo and he/she will ask you to meet them under Aran's tree. (The earlier the better) Imediately head towards Aron's Tree that is located in the Brownie Ranch District. In this event, he/she will admit that he/she loves you.
All work tools
Here are descriptions of how to get all of the tools.

SICKLE- Talk to Cain at brownie Ranch for the first time
HAMMER- Talk to the big guy hitting stone on the right hand side of the blacksmiths house
FISHING POLE- Talk to Toby. Usually in the morning, go to the beach in town, and he should be there. Other than that, he moves between that spot and the caramel falls.
HOE- Given to you by Craig in the intro to the game
WATERING CAN- Given to you by Craig in the intro to the game
AXE- Talk to Luke in the North most section of Ganache mines

An Awesome Beginning 2.0
Okay first of all you have to read my other cheat. One thing I forgot to menchen is that you have to refine all of the sparkly wonderfuls. Again, hope I've helped!

Birthday: Winter 14

An archeologist with the heart of a child, he has come to the island to investigate the legend. He is a good person.

Best Gifts:

Amber, Spinel, Crystal, Egg Sandwich, (Tomuyagun), Egg Soup, Spice Soup, (Chawon Mushi), (Tsukimi Soba), Tomato Omelet, Cheese Omelet, Seasoned Egg (Ajitsuke Tamago), Grape Cocktail

Good Gifts:

Good/Perfect/Shining Lemon, Perfect/Shining Bell Pepper, Bluemist Flower, Green Bell, Perfect/Shining Egg, Perfect/Shining Ostrich Egg, Perfect/Shining Duck Egg, Shining Milk, Shining Goat Milk, Perfect/Shining Butter, Perfect/Shining Goat Butter, Perfect/Shining Cheese, Perfect/Shining Goat Cheese, Rare Ore, Rare Metal, Lapis Lazulli, Jade, Moonlight Stone, Peridot, Topaz, Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, Aquamarine, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Shining Perfume, Royal Jelly

Disliked Gifts:

Junk Ore, Failed Dish, Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Banana, Failed Soup, Chocolate Cake, Pudding, Chocolate Pudding, Pumpkin Pudding, Banana Pudding, Chocolate Pie, Chocolate Cookies, Shining Bamboo Shoots


Birthday: Spring 23

Best Gifts:

Shining Bouillabaisse, Marmalade, Shark Fin Stew, Orange Cake, Orange Pie, Shining Meuniere, Shining Roasted Herb, Orange Juice

Good Gifts:

Good/Perfect/Shining Bread Fruit, Good/Perfect/Shining Cocoa, Good/Perfect/Shining Strawberry, Shining Apple, Shining Orange, Shining Chestnut, Pinkcat Flower, Pansy, Perfect/Shining Egg, Perfect/Shining Ostrich Egg, Perfect/Shining Duck Egg, Perfect/Shining Milk, Perfect/Shining Goat Milk, Perfect/Shining Butter, Perfect/Shining Goat Butter, Perfect/Shining Cheese, Perfect/Shining Goat Cheese

Disliked Gifts:

Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Rare Ore, Limestone, Junk Ore, Iron, Copper, Silver, Gold, Rare Metal, Failed Dish, Failed Soup, Perfume (all types), Pickled Turnip, Pickled Cabbage, Pickled Eggplant, Toadstool, Pontata Root, Bamboo Shoots, Shining Bamboo Shoots, Fodder, Bird Feed

Birthday: Winter 02

An arrogant and saucy boy, and the son of Mayor Hamilton. He seems to share his father's desire to reactivate the island.

Best Gifts:

Tomato Risotto, Tomato Omelet, Ratatouille, Tomato Juice

Good Gifts:

Shining Rice Fruit, Perfect/Shining Tomato, Perfect/Shining Honeydew, Shining Cherry, Lavender, Shining Egg, Shining Ostrich Egg, Shining Duck Egg, Shining Milk, Shining Goat Milk, Shining Wool, Purple Honey, Blue Honey, Shining Cocoon, Shining Mayonnaise, Shining Butter, Shining Goat Butter, Shining Cheese, Shining Goat Cheese, Gold Ore, Silver, Gold, Rare Metal, Black Pearl, Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Clam

Disliked Gifts:

Bell Pepper (all types), Junk Ore, Failed Dish, Fodder, Bird Feed, Bamboo Shoots, Shining Bamboo Shoots, Toadstool

Birthday: Summer 08

You'll unlock Luke when you visit the forested area just north of Dale's carpenter shop on Ganache Mountain. Luke will also give you an Old Axe.

Best Gifts:

Shining Mayonnaise, Shining Sushi, Chocolate Banana, Spinach Risotto, Boiled Spinach (ohitashi), Spinach Saute, Carrot Cake, Spinach Cake, Banana Pudding, Carrot Juice

Good Gifts:

Perfect/Shining Carrot, Perfect/Shining Spinach, Perfect/Shining Watermelon, Shining Apple, Tulip, Shining Egg, Shining Ostrich Egg, Shining Duck Egg, Red Honey, Blue Honey, Good/Perfect Mayonnaise, Shining Butter, Shining Goat Butter, Rare Ore, Rare Metal, Banana, Clam

Disliked Gifts:

Cheese (all types), Goat Cheese (all types), Junk Ore, Failed Dish,, Perfume (all types), Toadstool, Shining Bamboo Shoots, Fodder, Bird Feed

Birthday: Summer 18

A young man training at the Blacksmith shop. He goes to the mine to excavate. You'll unlock Owen when you walk past his grandfather's blacksmith shop for the first time. He also gives you an Old Hammer.

Best Gifts:

Shining Sushi, (Unadon), (Anagodon), (Tuna Bowl), Corn Soup, (South Wind Omelet Rice), (Seafood Fried Rice), (South Wind Fried Rice), (Salmon Fried Rice), Cornflakes, cocktails

Good Gifts:

Perfect/Shining Rice Fruit, Perfect/Shining Corn, Shining Grape, Sunflower, Shining Egg, Shining Ostrich Egg, Shining Duck Egg, Shining Milk, Shining Goat Milk, Shining Mayonnaise, Shining Butter, Shining Goat Butter, Shining Cheese, Shining Goat Cheese, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Rare Ore, Copper, Silver, Gold, Rare Metal, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Moonlight Stone, Amber, Peridot, Spinel, Topaz, Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby, Aquamarine, Crystal, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst

Disliked Gifts:

Cocoa (all types), Junk Ore, Bamboo Shoots, Shining Bamboo Shoots, Toadstool, Fodder, Bird Feed

Birthday: Spring 09

You can unlock Toby at the beginning of the game by walking to Cream Beach down by On The Hook in Waffle Town. He likes to leisurely take naps under trees and spends most of his days fishing.

Best Gifts:

Shining Sashimi, Shining Sushi, Chirashi Sushi, Shining Marinaide, (Unadon), (Tuna bowl), Seafood Stew, Bouillabaisse, Shining Meuniere, Onion Bread, Shining Roasted Herb (Kousou Yaki)

Good Gifts:

Perfect/Shining Rice Fruit, Perfect/Shining Onion, Shining Chestnut, Lavender, Pansy, Cosmos, Green Bell, Snowdrop Flower, Blue Herb, Shining Egg, Shining Ostrich Egg, Shining Duck Egg, Shining Milk, Shining Goat Milk, Shining Mayonnaise, Shining Butter, Shining Goat Butter, Shining Cheese, Shining Goat Cheese, Black Pearl

Disliked Gifts:

Failed Dish

Birthday: Winter 26

Jin is Waffle Town's doctor.

Best Gifts:

Bamboo Rice, Tempura Soba, Herb Tea, Shining Roasted Herb (Kousou Yaki), Pickled Eggplant, Royal Jelly, Pontata Root

Good Gifts:

Shining Buckwheat, Perfect/Shining Eggplant, Chrysantemum, Green Herb, Yellow Herb, Red Herb, Blue Herb, Purple Herb, Shining Egg, Shining Ostrich Egg, Shining Duck Egg, Shining Milk, Shining Goat Milk, Honey, Purple Honey, Yellow Honey, Green Honey, Red Honey, Blue Honey, Shining Butter, Shining Goat Butter, Shining Cheese, Shining Goat Cheese

Disliked Gifts:

Coco (all types), Lemon (all types), Mayonnaise (all types), Dijionaise, Duck Mayonnaise, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Junk Ore, Iron, Copper, Silver, Failed Dish

And that's all! PM me for more questions~

Bag limits
In case you didn't know and thought that once you hit 99 of one item in your bag that that was all you could hold, well you're wrong. Once you hit 99x of one item if you have a empty slot in your bag you can start a new slot and get up to 99x of the same item and keep doing this till the whole bag is full of stuff. Just in case you have a situation like this and you're worried about gathering too much.
Ben's Rainbow Recipe
A note:
You should probably do Daren's Rainbow and Ben's Rainbow because they are easier to do.

What you need for Ben's Rainbow Recipe:
1)Gilled Eggplant
3)Green herb
4)Plain omelet
5)Good tomato

Good luck finding these things for Ben's Rainbow!
Blue Bird
After Hamilton tells you about the Blue Feather, you'll probably have to wait a week or two to wait for the Blue Bird to come out from the rocks that's blocking Mt. Gelato. The bird will fly to Caramel Falls and then you can get the Blue Feather.
Blue Feather
When your lover has 8 hearts, Hamilton will come by to your house and tell you about the Blue Feather. That's when you're able to marry the one you love. Find the Blue Feather and then give to the person you want to marry.

(Good luck finding it!)
Bothersome Bears
Fed up with not being able to pass the bears at Mt. Gelato? Well, I have a solution ... go to the Brownie Ranch and buy 16 decent honeys. This is to give the mama bear ONLY 2 TIMES PER DAY!! It is important to only give her it two times because after two you will not be raising her affection towards you, also after giving her 8 a day she gets mad and usually loses a heart. After 7 days wort of giving her honey she will let you pass, also you will have a chance to meet her cub and raise its affection and keep as a pet.
Brownie Ranch Prices and Status
Calf (Cow)
  • One Star
  • 4500G
Lamb (Sheep)
  • One Star
  • 4200 G
Grown Chicken
  • One Star
  • 2100 G
Grown Silkworm
  • One Star
  • 2850 G
Colt (Horse)
  • Two Stars
  • 6300 G
Kid (Goat)
  • Two Stars
  • 3600 G
Ostrich Chick
  • Three Stars
  • 13,500 G
  • Three Stars
  • 2400 G
Animal Medicine
  • One Star
  • 600 G
  • One Star
  • 1200 G
  • One Star
  • 1500 G
  • One Star
  • 1200 G
Cow Bell
  • One Star
  • 750 G
  • Two Stars
  • 2400 G
Good Mayonnaise
  • Zero Stars
  • 180 G
Good Cheese
  • Zero Stars
  • 255 G
Good Butter
  • Zero Stars
  • 225 G
Decent Honey
  • One Star
  • 135 G
  • One Star
  • 15 G
Bird Feed
  • One Star
  • 15 G
Horse Miracle Potion
  • Two Stars
  • 2700 G
Cow Miracle Potion
  • One Star
  • 2100 G
Sheep Miracle Potion
  • One Star
  • 1800 G
Goat Miracle Potion
  • Two Stars
  • 1800 G
There is an easy way for all you people who want to marry Candace,simply go to the clinic and buy the herb tea and give it to her, trust me it's better than giving her your valuable silk. If you have any questions feel free to pm me. hope this helps
Caramel Spa
if you don't have a lot of energy then here is what you do you got to caramel falls then go pass the waterfall there you will see these stones (left side)climb them all the way up and then go right and then keep going straight or follow the dirt path the there will be a sign it will say Caramel spa. So you see this pond click the a button and the person will say ah so relaxing my energy is full but be careful you can only use it once a day or else it won't do anything.
Cheaper Tool Upgrades
In the game, you can purchase tools from either the Blacksmiths, or the General Store. If you purchase your tools from the Blacksmiths, you must have an ore easily found in mines. It is a lot cheaper to get your tools at the Blacksmiths though. The general store will sell their upgraded tools for nearly double the price of the Blacksmiths.

EDIT::: Just a quick correction. When you buy from the general store, its exactly triple the price from the blacksmiths. But, it does not need the ore. And the one at the blacksmith, does need an ore, and it must be appraised first before use.
Closed Stores
Every store in Waffle Town will be closed during festivals. You can see if there is a festival coming up on your calendar, as well it will appear under the day on the top left corner of your screen. Some festivals will sell items there, so you can still shop there for necessities!
Colin's Rainbow Recipe
<font size=1>Colin can be found on West Gull Island. You will need to have completed Daren's Rainbow in order to get to West Gull Island.

You will need -

- Blue Wonderful (Do not have Mira appraise it.)
- Perfect Spinach
- Saury
- Red Wool Yarn
- Banana</font>
Daren's Rainbow Recipe
1. After getting both halfs of the quilt (one from the clock tower, and the other from Hamilton) water the flower by the large tree in the Waffle Square.

2. You will need to bring Daren a series of items for that rainbow to appear, they are:

-Grilled Yam
-Good herb fish
-Common Seashell

Date with Selena
If you go on a date with Selena & she asks you what type of fish you like, tell her sea fish, it will make her really happy, it's cute!
do the rainbows in ORDER!
Okay so do this in order:


Ben lost his badge and I know you would think that red guy could help you?! WRONG! You have to do red then orange its a real drag I know red is the hardiest I've been working on him all month -_-'
but do NOT do purple guy you must do it in this order!

Daren, Ben, red, orange, purple
Then you will unlock the HG tree and goddess but I never got to the end o_0 but my friend Fuzz did

EDIT::: It is not neccerily true, you don't have to do them in that order, it's just easier to.
Easy Farming!
Well, after you unlock a few rainbows the cash starts pouring in right? Well, save your money! Then buy all the lots and buy enough trees for all but one, (in case you need too plant anything else,) and plant trees for all the seasons they come in. On an average summer you should make close to $3,000+ a day. (You should be able to do this w one or two rainbows about 2ed or 3ed yr.)

Also, if you buy silkworms, ducks, and chickens, mixed in with cows, the average summer should bring you $4,000+.

Altogether you should average a $7,000+ a day.

If that wasn't nice enough, with trees you won't have to do more than weeding! So, there may even be time for some fishing, which would land even more money.

I hope this helps!
Easy Heart for Anissa
You can get a Full Heart with Annisa whilst doing the Tutorial Section at her farm. When you are tasked to hand out 3 Strawberries to the neighbours, give one to Anissa and tel lher she's beautiful. Instant Heart <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy Money
To get more money, go to the "On the Hook" at 7:50am and it will end at 10:00pm, ask for the part-time job and they will give you 600G every single day
easy money
go to toucan island and fish off the dock the fish will take about half your stamina but two fish. (type varies) i got $1350 off a lobster and a swordfish
Edge's Rainbow Recipe
<font size=1>Edge can be found at the top of Mt.Gelato. You will need to have completed Alan's rainbow in order to reach Mt.Gelato.

You will need -

- Snowflake Flower
- Red Honey
- Tuna
- Perfect Honeydew
- Lapis Lazuli (Have a blue wonderful with one sparkle appraised by Mira.)</font>
Fishing in the gull islands and all you need is a maximum level fishing rod!
In the beginning of the game you cant get to east or west gull island, (Home to the Tuna, Angler Fish, and Rock Lobster you need for Toby's challenge), well all you need is to level up your fishing rod to maximum level.
After you do you go to the Mountain plot. (the house plot you cant OWN until you buy it, but you can still go there) If you pass the field and go out next to the water there is this strip of land that sorta sticks out and lets you fish farther.
If you load up until maximum level, it lets you fish all the way to gull islands.
For people starting out, catching Tuna from the Gull Islands and selling or grilling and selling Tuna and whatever you find there can get you way more money you'll make then if you were to just sell Horse Mackerel or Rainbow Trout.
Get hearts soooo easy!And festivals with bachelor/ette
is it hard to get hearts are you dyeing not being able to get a date at a romantic festival?Well you can always only get 15/100 heart points a day so as long as you give them junk they dont hate or dislike (4 is a max for neutral gifts,2 for loves,and 1 for most favorite)well then talk to them alot and you will have your max points a day if you reapeat!and on the day before festivals talk to bacheller/ette with 3 hearts and they might invite you you to go with them!the only 1 i know is ocean festival fireworks but it works for more points!
Happy Fertilizer
    <sub>If you want Happy Fertilizer, participate in the Spring 10th Flower Festival.

    Speak to Anissa, and the first one on the list will be Happy Fertilizer.

    Please note that this may only be unlockable during the second year and so on.</sub>
harvest goddess
after you plant the seedling of hope and it grows edge will ask you to take his rainbow to the top of the mother tree there the harvest goddess will come and thank you. after that if you go to the harvest goddess spring the harvest goddess will ask you to gather some materials.
Have You Run Out of Space?
You know how you want to collect and stock up on veggies, fruits, fish and foraged goodies? But when you go to store all your treats, the cabinets are packed and the fridge is overflowing! Well, there's a way to get around that!

Say you have a ton of fish, but you have no room for them. Make sure that you buy different fridges, whether they be big or small, and make one fridge your main fridge to pack fruits and veggies in, while you use your other large fridge to pack your fish in. Once you've put all your fish into that fridge, simply put it away back into storage, and bring out your main fridge once again! That way, the fish stay in the put away fridge, they don't go bad, and you have more room to put your other treats. It works the same way for cooked goodies, flowers, metals and other stuff. Give it a shot :3 If you don't understand what I mean or need more help, feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to help ya out!
Help for Mine Stamina
TIP::: To get further down in the mine, you need a LOT of stamina. So, my suggestion is to a) get married and then b) save up the lunches your spouse makes you day by day until you have about 10 of each, that way you'll have a lot of stamina restoration in your rucksack when you go down!
How not to get a cold!
Okay so this bugged me my first year in the game I got a cold I walked slow blah blah Then the tailoring shop moved in! I know they ask for a lot but buy the straw hat and any kind of outfit and no more colds!! hope I helped =D <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
How to Catch a Saury... IN ONE CAST!!!
Go to Cream beach (go to the coast behind the litehouse). After you reach the cliff, you will see a shadow of a fish in the water. Cast your rod there and wait. POOF! You should catch a Saury!! This has worked for me, hope it works for you!!!

P.S.~ I had a level 1 fishing rod so I don't think the level of your pole affects this...

How To Get The Root Removed
The root blocking the Carmel river district and the Ganache mine district
makes you go around taking a longer amount of time.
How to get the root removed:
Inspect the root from the Carmel river side.
Gill will come and talk to you about it.
After Gill is done talking to you, go to into
Dale's carpentry. A cutscence will occur and
Luke will cut the root.

EDIT::: The tip forgets that you must meet Dale, Luke, and Bo before attempting to inspect the root. If you don't meet Luke and Bo before inspecting the root, you may cause a glitch in the game where the root will never be removed.
If Your Animals Are Angry...
    <sub>Are your animals ever angry? Have you run out of bird feed & fodder? Well, you can stop their anger immediately!

    If it's a sunny, or cloudy, (sunny more preferable) day, let your animals out. They will be re-satisfied!

    But don't take this as "well, now that I found this out, I don't need to buy them feed anymore." Because then they will remain angry.

    So continue to feed your animals, and let them out on sunny days.</sub>

Kathy is sort of the "Ann" of Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. Kathy lost her mother at an early age and since then has lived with her father, Hayden, at Sundae Inn and working as a waitress. During the day she will be at Brownie Ranch watching the animals. (She has a love for horses and horse racing) But at 6 and after, you can find her working as a waitress at Sundae Inn. Though she and Owen seem close, she has no rival for marriage so feel free to take your time wooing her.
  • Home: Sundae Inn
  • Work: Sundae Inn (Bar: 6 PM and later)
  • Family: Hayden (Father)
  • Arrival on Island: The first time you enter the Town Hall you will meet Kathy but you will not be able to see her again until you break the stone that is blocking Brownie Ranch. (Requires level 3 in hammer or higher) Or you can wait until the Animal Festival on the 28th of Spring and the stone will automatically be gone.
  • Birthday: Summer 3
  • Days Off: Sunday
  • Rival: None
  • Loves: Red Perfume, Rice Cocktail, Cheese Fondue
  • Likes: Red Herbs, All Cocktails, All Cheese, Anemone Flowers, Roasted Corn, Carrot Juice, Tomato Juice, Pizza, Omelette Rice, Smoked Clams
  • Dislikes: Any Chocolate Dish, Mushrooms
  • After Marriage Information: After marriage Kathy will still call you by your name but will start to call you Daddy once your child is born. On Sundays she can be found hanging around Sundae Inn and on other days she can be found hanging around the Blacksmith's.
Making money quickly
At the beginning of the game, you start off with practically no G(currency) at all. Here are some of my tips to get quite a bit of money quickly so you can get to work on your farm:

1. Fishing is a good way to get quite a bit on money. I suggest it be one of the first tools you upgrade. You can make about 1000-2000G a day just from fishing!

2. Selling items you find on the ground can also help you out too! Usually in the Praline Forest, there are many herbs to sell. Also, once you get your hammer, selling various ores and stuff from the mines can help out too!

3. Once you start off, plant crops and as much as you can. Try to level up your watering can too, and upgrading it to copper/silver. After awhile, use fertilizer to make crops best quality, then ship. (2000-4000G with small amount of crops. 6000-8000G with lots of crops, 10,000-16,000G with fertilized crops / per every few days)

LASTLY, if you are running low on Stamina at the beginning of the game, it is a GOOD idea to go to the Hot spring and go in it. Your stamina will replenish, and you will be able to do more things.
Mine Floors
Below is a general summary of what you can find on various floors of the mine:

2-9: Mushrooms, toadstools
10, 20: Nothing but tombs
11-19: Rare ores, mushrooms, toadstools
7, 18: Water spouts
25: A large amount of rare ores and jewels
30: Power Berry, King Fish
Mine Gases
In Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, gases may appear after breaking a rock. Here are the effects:

Greenish-Yellow: Heals some Stamina.
Red: Loses some Stamina
Black: Darkens the area around you
Purple: Confuses you, and makes you go in different directions when you move.
Blue: Makes you not be able to move for a few seconds
White: Changes the speed of your running.
Mining and Money x
when you get your hammer go to the mine with 30 levels, i find it easier to go to level 19 (on your way collect mushrooms and toadstools) get all the mushrooms and toadstools off level 19 then go to lvl 25 and get wonderfuls but only is they are sparkling other wise they are not real. if you collect over 10 mushroom and toadstools each you shoud get almost 1,000 or more.

Hope this helps with your money promlem's
Mining techniques and tips
1. Go in to the mine with the least amount of items possible, so that when you have 3 diamonds, and you can only hold 1, you wont be crying about it. Only bring like a hammer and some energy items.

2. Ores are found in rocks, and Wondefuls are found in minerals. The color of the mineral, corresponds to the color of the wonderful.

3. Never pick up non sparkling ores or wonderfuls, they are fake and come out to be glass or junk ore once appraised, and just take up space in your rucksack.

4. No sparkle- Glass or Junk ore
One sparkles- amber or iron/gold/silver/copper(Amber is just an example of one of many wonderful minerals of that sparkle)
Two Sparkles- Peridot(Peridot is just one example of one of many Wondeful minerals of that type of sparkle)
Three Sparkles- Diamond(Diamond is just one example of one of many rare wonderfuls of that type of sparkle)

5. Floors 1-9, Iron/copper
Floors 11-19, Silver/some wonderfuls
Floors 20-29, Gold/Many wonderfuls

6. Special Floors
Floor 19-Many Many mushrooms on this floor
Floor 25-Many Many minerals
Floor 7- Many Many Geysers
Floor 30- Last level, and holder of a Power berry, and a pond where you can get 2 types of very rare fish in.
Mining Tip
When you are in the Ganache Mine, it is a good idea to pick up as many mushrooms as you can, especially if you are going to be looking for ores. You will lose stamina quickly when using your hammer (if Iron or regular). Mushrooms will heal you quite a bit. A ton of mushrooms can be found on floor 19. Do NOT eat the toadstools, and try to get in the area of yellow-green gases which can also heal your stamina!
When you're in the mines and already have your hammer (doesn't matter what level you're on). There are some things that move around, those are moles. If you hit them with your hammer, one of the following will come out: ponata root, toadstool, mushroom, stay awake, or a bodigizer.
if u are married your husband/wife will pack u a lunch just sell that lunch------decent lunch-90g-good lunch 100g----shining lunch-110g i hope this cheat helps u it helped me if u can rate rate me a 2345 star
Money at the begining of the game
in the summer you can go by the lumber people like where you first meet Bo and Luke you can find herbs here are a list of herbs:

and also at brownie farm.

Also you can find blue berries and very berry's.

And you can go fishing with your fishing rod but you can only get after you meet a person.

And the flea market is a lot of money so don't spend your money there.

And Also get a part time job you will get a lot of money and keep on going back to that place and you get your money raised and by then you should have 3000 if not do the same thing and when you have 3000 go to the lumber place and by the barn lv1 and you have a barn.

and also go to the caves and mine and when you get to lv30 you get a little heart and you get energy how you get it is a sparkly thing in the ground.
Money Making Through Strawberries
For this you'll need:

-Strawberry Seeds, one bag of seeds covers 6x1 tiles. I usually buy 12 bags of seeds which gives me 72 seeds! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
-Happy Fertilizer (once available.) One bag also covers 6x1 tiles. 12 bags to cover 72 tiles. If you can't get happy fertilizer yet don't worry, you can live w/o it but you'll make a lower income.
-A hoe, it probably should be iron just to be sure you don't tire yourself out to quickly.
-A watering can, if you don't have level 3 in watering then you may want to buy less seeds because you'll need to be able to cover a lot of tiles with one use to get work done without wasting too much time or killing yourself.
-Some stamina recovering items. You wouldn't want to pass out while planting your seeds.

Make sure you begin growing you're strawberries on Spring 1. Since strawberries can keep regrowing it's just best that you start right away so you can keep regrowing as many as possible before Summer. First hoe all of the tiles. Then put down all of the fertilizer, since each bag covers 6x1 tiles you need to make sure none of the fertilizer you put down crosses paths with any other rows of fertilizer you put down so as not to waste any fertilizer. The some thing goes with the strawberry seeds, and make sure you plant the seeds on the fertilized tiles. You need to make sure that you don't pass out because if you do you'll just lose time. After the planting process is complete all you do left is water all the strawberries, and when watering don't let any plants get watered twice, I dunno if anything will happen if you do double water any plants but there may be consequences... Just water the plants every day. Whenever the strawberries grow pick them then water the plants. Save the picked strawberries then wait for the strawberries to grow again and add them to the collection keep this up until the end of spring then sell. With the happy fertilizer you should get a pretty good amount of shining strawberries, usually not more than 20, A moderate amount of good strawberries, usually 50-100, and a ton of perfect strawberries, I mean a TON! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> I haven't yet gotten any decent strawberries thanks to the fertilizer. When I sold all of the strawberries I made 70,000G!
More Money For Part-time
Raising the heart level of employers will increase job pay. I have Shelly at 5 hearts and am currently making over 300g a day.
More recipes!
Here's a faster way to get more recipes.

If you hate waiting for Rainbow Cooking to be on Tv, here's a faster way. In Chase's and Yolanda's house, there's a a recipe in their kitchen. It doesn't matter where, it has to be somewhere in the kitchen. You can get different one recipe each day. It always changes every day. Some you might already have, some you might not. It's way faster than waiting to watch Rainbow Cooking. Hope this helps! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/animesmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
More Storage Space
    If you don't have enough space in your rucksack, you're in the right place.

    Go to a shipping bin somewhere around the island and place it in there.

    When you need it, take it back into your rucksack.

    It will only be shipped if you leave it there overnight.
Mt. Mine
There are 50 levels to the Mt. Mine. On the 10th 20th 30th and 40th floors, there are no rocks or crystals and unlike the mine in town, there are no drawings on the wall. On the 50th floor, you will find a shining desert of some kind.
At the beginning of the game it is VERY hard to make money at we ALL know.
There is a simple solution to this!Empty your pockets and get your hammer.(obtain from Owen) Go to the Ganche Mine.As you descend down the levels,Gsther EVERY mushroom and toadstools you see! Then make SURE to get to floor 19 which has a TON of mushrooms and toadstools.Gather all of them and when your done, run home put the earnings in the shipping box and CH CHING!! money!

(also you could use the hammer in the mine to pick up valuable gems and sell those too)


You will not be able to upgrade tools just with ores, you must have Mira (located in the Blacksmith's) to refine the ores first for you. Some of the time, you will get, "Scrap Iron" which is useless, and doesn't sell for much. The rest of the time you will get what was in your tool (i.e. iron ore to iron).
Part Time Jobs
    <font size=1>Part time jobs are a new feature and can be helpful to earn money. Part time jobs will also raise the affection of everyone who in the store you are working in. When you first begin working at a shop you will receive 50G however your pay increases if you continue working at the shop.

    You can get part-time jobs at

    Town Hall/Library
    Sundae Inn
    Sundae Bar
    On The Hook
    General Store
    Meringue Clinic
    Tailor Shop
    Souffle Farm
    Brownie Ranch
    Blacksmith's Shop
    Carpenter's Shop

    To get a part-time job simply got to the shop and talk to the main clerk. When given a choice select 'Part Time Job'. You'll be asked to confirm your choice, and if you do, you'll begin working. You'll work until closing time.

    All you will see is a montage of your character doing small jobs around the shop.</font>
Pausing Time
If you plant a lot of crops near each other, and pick them up quickly, you will noticed that the time doesn't go on. This can be very useful if you have festivals to attend early in the morning.

Power Berries!
There are 5 Power Berries that you can obtain in this game:
1) Is your Fishing Rod reaches level 3
2) Reach Level 30 in Ganache Mine, there will be a sparkle in the floor, press the A button
3) Hoe/till 1,000 squares of land
4) Reach 10 hearts with an animal
and last but not least....
5) In the center of the Goddess Pond/spring.
Good Luck!!
Pregnancy Event
After marriage, about 2 seasons after, your wife (or yourself) will become pregnant. Your husband (or yourself) will rush the woman to the clinique, where Jin will tell you you're pregnant (or your wife).
In Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, many things have a quality to them. These qualities are Decent, Good, Perfect, and Shining. Decent is the lowest Quality, while Shining is the best! The better quality that item is, the more it will sell for!
Quick easy money
So you're about to run out of energy, but you still want more $. Well if you've bought a barn already then you can now start cutting grass for fodder. What I found out is that 999 fodder is the limit of fodder held in the fodder box. So at this point I just took fodder out and shiped it. It's 10G each, but if you pull out about 99 fodder that's 990G and once you hit 99 fodder if you got another empty slot in your bag it'll start another slot for the fodder. Anyway this is a nice way to earn money without losing energy (if you're about to collapse) and you can make cutting grass worth while.
Reah's Famous Tips and Tricks ~ToT EDITION~
We all know how annoying it is in the beginning of the game now don't we? You own nothing, and not to mention, it keeps giving you instructions on stuff like your a two year old! But here is were the fun begins! After all this stuff, your left on your own, right? WRONG! Your only alone if you choose to be! So go out allot and make friends with the residents! If you do, something really cool might happen!
A nice start~
Okay, instincts say that you should plant those potato's right away. IGNORE THEM! Go to the mines straight away! Start collecting EVERYTHING! Watch out for the bad gases and pack up the mushrooms. Save all the sparkling wonderful's and head to the black smiths. Get all of the stuff refined and then sell it! You should get tons of money. Then, head to the farm you were working at and buy more crops. Buy a couple of tree's too. Then your set for the moment.
The wild side ~
You know those animals wandering around the island? Well, you can domesticate them and turn them into your pet! Just give them a gift they like for as long as you can handle and sooner or later, they'll follow you home! One day, they might even be there when you wake up in the morning! Then, you get to name it, and then the animal is yours! But watch out when you first want to meet the little bear cub! Because Mama Bear's in a bad mood!

That's all for right now friends! Verify this to get more of my Tips and Tricks! Because Reah, is a gamer like you!
Reah's Famous Tips and Tricks ~ToT EDITION~II~
It's me Reah again! I'm back fromt he dead! Not really, but I've been thinking about everything and playing my ToT game alot more. So I've been devising stuff to share with you! I'm aiming for 5000 cheats approved! SO- Go ahead adn verify if you found out this works!

The Makers~
Okay, So Makers cost money, but once you get them, the profit you get from them is worth it! Dont buy the makers right after you get enough money. I saved up a whole load of money, then I bought all the makers and still had money left for crops and animals afterwards!
The Cheese Maker~
The cheese maker is a very important but not so commonly used maker. If you're a boy, you can use this machine to court a certian Bachloret. The cheese maker will work with both Goat Milk, AND Cow Milk.
The Butter Maker~
The Butter Maker is the one maker that is second to last in amount of use. The Butter Maker will work with both Goat Milk and Cow Milk. If you're a boy, you can use this to court a certian Bachlorette.
The Man... the Mano..... Manaise..... The Mayo Maker~
This game is most commonly played by girls and there is a certian bachlore who almost all girs go after. That would be Luke. You cna use this to make his favorite dish. The Mayo Maker will take Ostrich Eggs, Duck Eggs, or Chicken Eggs. The most commonly used maker.
The Yarn Maker~
The least used maker unless you own alot sheep that you have grown very carfulyl to where you get wool everyday. You can also use this on a couple of diffrent crops to turn them ito a type of thread. Use the silk cocoons from the silk worms to make silk.

Your Kid and You~
Your kdi helps on the darm alot when they get older. Inf act, I suggest you never ever give your kid the adventure ruck sack because your game is jsut completely restarted. No more glorious farm. No Rainbows. No More Sprites. No more YOU. Dont Do It. Got it memorized? Your kid will help water and when you harvest those crops. they will almost always be Perfect or Shining crops. they also help you with your animals. So dont vie them the rucksack man. DONT DO IT!

To Sprite, To Rainbow, Or to Love, Or to Grow? Or Not?~
Okay, at least once in your game you wonder what you should do first. Marry, get others married, grow your ranch, get the sprites, mae the rianbow recipes then wake up the sprites adn finish the rainbows like that, or to just hang out and be lazy. I say, concentrate on your ranch first. Make sure you grow alot of crops first, then buy the animals, then you go to the mines, then you start fishing. Devise a scedule. Fore example. Take care of your crops and animals everyday, then on Thursdays, go to the mines, adn on Friday, go fishing, the on Tuesday, working on getting sombody married. adn then on Wednsday, just chill out at work in your Rainbows adn stuff.

Well, that's al for now! Verify for more of My Famous Tips & Tricks! Remeber! Reah, she's a gamer like YOU!
Seedling of Hope
When you complete Edge's rainbow, talk to Jin and he will tell you about a strange seed he found by the lighthouse. Go there and pick it up. If you finished Ben's rainbow, you have found his badge, and you can get past the mother bear, go to the harvest goddess spring and plant it. You will then turn around to see that it has died.

Then, talk to Calvin and meet him at the mine at Level 10 and he will give you another seed. Go plant that at the harvest goddess spring. Calvin will then talk to you about a tree with golden leaves.

Then, talk to Gill and he will say to speak to his father at the Inn. Talk to him around midnight while he is sitting down. He will tell you about a secret key. Go to the church the next day and go by the table in the middle of the room. You will find a key. Then, go to Hamilton's house and use the key to unlock the door leading to the backyard. You will find another seed. Hamilton then comes and tells you how he has been raising the seed for years. Go to the harvest goddess spring again and plant the seed. You turn around to find the harvest sprites dancing. They will tell you that they will take care of the seed until it grows into a new mother tree.

That's it. Hope I helped.<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
In the Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life-Special Edition for PS2 you can only plant one seed at a time and one seed bag is one plant.

In this game one seed bag is 6 seeds. If you plow 6 furrows in a row then put the seeds on it, you're character will throw the seeds across the six furrows all at once.

I ended up wasting a lot of $ during spring <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/sad.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
shinning wool
if you get a sheep and it's full grown don't sheer it the first day what one more day and you should have a shinning wool. (i don't know if you need a brush for this or not but i think one would come in handy)
Short Favorite things list
Luke-Likes clams a lot

Jin-Likes herbs a lot

Bo-Likes herbs a lot

Mayor-likes potatoes a lot

Silkworm $
Get as many silkworms as you can. Try to get them all so they give silk on the same day. It would be faster this way, but either way you have to go in every day to feed them, so you could do this gradually or all at once.

Either buy seeds for blue herbs or forage or buy the herbs themselves. Get a dye pot and collect the silk. Dye the silk blue, quality doesn't matter. You should get around 2000 for each blue silk. If you have 8 silkworms and a good amount of blue flowers, 14000 G should come your way if you sell all of the dyed things. You can get this every four days.
Strength Level And Upgrade Level
    <font size=1>When a tool increases in strength level it unlocks abilities such as being able to use the tool to chop up bigger stump or rocks and being able to till more of the ground in one stroke.

    When you upgrade a tool to a higher upgrade level or buy a pre-upgraded tool from the blacksmith shop when you use the tool it will use less stamina.

    Make sure you have a high enough strength level to use the upgraded tool, though!</font>
The congratulations screen
You know that screen when you go to sleep and it tallys up your days earnings? This is where these unlockables are held.

Make 2000g- Red Harvest Sprite on Screen

Make 5000g- Red, Blue, and Yellow Harvest Sprite on screen

Make 10,000g- All five colors of Harvest Sprites, and the word "Congratulations" are flashed on the screen in many colors.
The elusive Saury
Having trouble finding the crazy common fish saury? Being led to different places every time you find out something new? Having trouble with the final ingredient in Collins rainbow? Then you've come to the right place. I finally found a place where common saury appear all the time, in fall and winter. I have been searching myself for some time, till all of a sudden my bro comes over to tell me something. He found the Saury. i questioned him and found things out.

The Saury is found in the little patch of ocean right in front of the seaside house, with just a regular cast. You may not get it immediately, but it is there. By the third time I tried, I had a Saury. That is one f'in annoying fish for a lot of people.
The Harvest Sprite Quilt
    <font size=1>In order to unlock rainbows, such as Daren's and Ben's, you need to have gotten both halves of the Harvest Sprite Quilt.

    To get the first half of the quilt, ship 1000G worth of produce. The next morning, Mayor Hamilton will come by your house to tell you about the quilt. He will bring you to his house.

    After that is over, you're sent back home, at the same time you wake up every morning.

    A few days later, Mayor Hamilton will come back and tell you he found the first half of the quilt! You take it, and when you go into your menu of the section with the treasure box, you'll see it in there. But where's the other half, you ask? Look on.

    To get the second and last half of the quilt, go talk to Gill. But you can't unless you've upgraded your house to its second level. The requirements for a second house upgrade is 3000G, 18 lumber, and 16 stone materials.

    Once you have the supplies, go talk to Dale and upgrade your house.

    Go talk to Gill when he's in Town Hall, and he will talk to you about the Harvest Sprite quilt - more specifically, the other half of it. He will direct you to Dale.

    Go talk to Dale, and he will talk to you about it, too. He will then direct you to Mayor Hamilton.

    Finally, talk to Mayor Hamilton. He will talk to you about it and give you the key for the Clock Tower in Town Square.

    You just have to treat it like a tool - take it out and press A in front of the door.

    It'll open, and you will then receive the second half.

    After this, you are enabled to unlock rainbows.</font>
Which House to Choose
In the beginning you have an option of having your house on the hilltop, near the sea, and by the town. I'd recommend having it on the hilltop, because you are close to the mines, brownie ranch, souffle farm, and the hot spring where you can recover your stamina. You do have the option of having houses built on all of the other land plots later on in the game though.
Wild Animals
    <font size="1">Wild animals can be adopted once they reach 6 hearts of affection for you. At 4 hearts the wild animal will give you a gift. Once they reach 6 hearts, you will then be given the option to adopt it. Once you adopt an animal, you can not get rid of it. If you turn down an offer to adopt an animal, you will not get a second chance. So choose wisely!


    Both puppies like milk and will give you char as a gift when you reach 4 hearts.

    - Brown puppy Town Square
    - White puppy Beach Area


    Both dogs like milk. The white dog will give you a salmon and the black and white dog will give you a catfish on reaching 4 hearts.

    - White dog - Toucan Island and
    - Black and white dog - Brownie Ranch


    The cats all like milk or any fish and will all give you a saury on reaching 4 hearts.

    - Orange cat - Lake Area
    - Black cat - Toucan Island
    - White cat - Beach Area


    Both rabbits like carrots and give a verryberry as a gift on reaching 4 hearts.

    - White rabbit - Brownie Ranch
    - Patched rabbit - Mt. Gelato


    Both weasels like any fish and give a ponata root as a gift on reaching 4 hearts.

    - Brown weasel - Hill Area
    - White weasel - Mt.Gelato


    The monkey likes fruit and will give you yarn as a gift on reaching 4 hearts.

    - Monkey - Hill Area


    The raccoon likes fruit and will give you an apple as a gift on reaching 4 hearts.

    - Raccoon - Hill Area


    The squirrel likes chestnuts and will give you a blueberry as a gift on reaching 4 hearts.

    - Squirrel - East Gull Island


    The boar likes mushrooms and will give you a mushroom as a gift on reaching 4 hearts.

    - Boar - Brownie Ranch


    The penguin likes any fish and will give you a pearl as a gift on reaching 4 hearts.

    - Penguin - East Gull Island


    The turtle likes any fish and will give you a seashell as a gift on reaching 4 hearts.

    - Turtle - River Area


    The panda likes bamboo shoots, mushrooms and bananas, and will give you a bamboo shoot as a gift on reaching 4 hearts.

    - Panda - Toucan Island

    Bear Cub

    The bear cub likes honey and will give you a salmon as a gift on reaching 4 hearts.

    - Bear cub - Mt.Gelato


    The bear likes honey. She is half way up Mt.Gelato and prevents you from passing to reach the Harvest Goddess Spring. On reaching 2 to 3 hearts she will let you pass in order to reach the Goddess Pond. She will also let you meet her bear cub.

    - Bear - Mt.Gelato</font>
Wood Fish : P
okay, who in the heck is having oodles of problems with that dang wood fish??? i had so much trouble with them, they are a pain! but dont worry. all you need is AT LEAST a level 2 fishing rod (iron). at night (8:30 or later), go to the harvest goddess spring and just keep fishing until you find one. in the spring though, you will find a small black fish, and yes, you will see it. try to fish as close to that fish as possible. keep trying over and over. and remember, make sure you're stamina is completely full. because when ever you are trying to catch the fish, it takes up more than half of your stamina. it ticked me off because i finally had it, but i didnt have enough stamina. makes me mad!!!! : ( but dont worry, just keep fishing until you find one!!! : )


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Calvin glitche
you might of heard about the calvin glitche

well its says that befriending him to 2-3 hearts can give you the glitche!

the glitche is that your system will freeze up and you will lose your accomplichements that you did thought out the day!!

so if i were you i would not try to marry calvin! *Glitche*
Shelly Glitch
I think a lot of people know about it, but for people who don't know here it is.

If you ask Shelly to upgrade your rucksack, her heart level will go up a bit. You don't actually have to upgrade your rucksack, but if you ask her a lot in one day, you can get 10 hearts with Shelly in, like, 10 in game minutes. Its pretty useful.

Easter eggs

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Stupid fatty cake day :P
*bleep* thanksgiving in the game bugs me <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> its on winter 10th if your married you find out if you go into your house before 12:00P.M. Your husband/wife will give you a cake and something randome IDK gill gave me a shortcake and lavender. If not it might be the talk in town or whatever i dident find out til today in my game <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> so hope that helps cuz I know someone posted a thread about how they missed it and they really should have stuck that on the cal