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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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10 Steps to Getting Married!
1. Befriend someone opposite gender with 8-10 hearts (by giving them gifts they like/love.

2. Then Make enough money for a level 3 house upgrade and altogether get around 20,000 so you can buy the double bed, level 3 house upgrade and if you want (i did) buy the lumber instead of chopping down trees for it.

3. Then once you have all of those in the next day or two the Mayor (Theodore) will knock at your door at 6am and tell you he wants you to get married and there is a Bluebird feather on top of a mountain.

4. You and Theodore go to the foot of the mountain and you have to climb it make sure you are prepared for this by bringing a hammer and food.

5. You have to dodge the rocks when you are climbing up the mountain then you press the A button. and move out of the way when you see boulders comming down.

6. Once you get to the top you get the blue bird feather and you end up back down at the mountain where Theodore tells you to go run and propose to your loved one.

7. To do so run up to you loved one with ther feather in your hand give it to him/her then the next day you will get married.

8. Six people will attend your marriage (In my game I married Nina) then when you get home speak to your spouse and they will ask you what a preferred name is to call you.

9. About 20 days after getting married your spouse or you will panic and get rushed to the clinic then you will find out you/your spouse is pregnant.

10. About 60 days or so later the baby will be born!

Hope I Helped.

50,000 for a horse lot of work though
well first get ur horse 2 2 stars then just keep riding it and get lots of star one star is 12 hours of riding and get all the stars and wen u have them all cuz u will see a crown in gold at the end then sell them at the blue sky ranch for 50,000. spend it well i dint
a cool check list
this is an easy way to get loads of money and keep your farm manageable!!!!!!!!!!!

1.water the plants
2.feed farm animals [if you have any]
3.pull out all the weeds
4.pick up wild animals
5.collect produce and ship
6.collect stakes[wood blocks] and ship
7.collect mushrooms and ship
8.collect flowers and keep for the flower festival
9.shop[if you need to]
10.go to sleep
An easy way to marry Nina + A few hints
Okay, Well I have 6 hearts with Nina currently, When I started the game in spring and summer I kept giving her flowers (any kind) And I newly discovered that in fall you can give her baked chestnuts (Gather chestnuts and through them in the campfire) You can get chestnuts near chestnut threes (Ironically) Up near the Harvest goddess, and she LOVES these. She likes Flowers, and homecooking, but she Loves Baked Chestnuts so the hearts will go up quicker. <img src="http://staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Her birthday is on 20 Spring. Btw, To marry her, befriend Joe by giving him wood (You can befriend woody and Kurt, I just found Joe easier) by giving him wood. Once you have one heart with him you can get a level 3 house and I double bed. You need eight hearts before you can marry Nina, but I haven't got that far yet hope you enjoy! Also, if The Blue ranch guy (forget him name xD) Comes to your door saying one of your animals have died from sickness and shouts at you for it, It's just a dream! Buy Medicine for it asap when you wake up. It scared the crap out of me. :3
Bag: Lvl 3
You must befriend Martha to get the level three bag.

However, be careful! When you get enough heart points to receive the bag, her daily phrase will become ((I don't have the EXACT quote, but it's something like this)), "I wish I had some wool..." ((or yarn)). A short while after this, you will unlock a cutsene.

A mistake that many people make is giving her wool ((I believe yarn will work just the same)) BEFORE they unlock the cutscene. Even if she says "I wish I had some yarn..." that does not mean she will give you the bag! You MUST wait until the cutscene is unlocked, or else the wool/yarn just becomes another present.

Once the cutscene is unlocked, she will tell you to bring her some wool/yarn. The cutscene will end. Leave, retrieve the yarn/wool, and bring it back. There will not be another cutscene, but now you're free to give her the wool/yarn. Give it to her, and another cutscene will trigger, giving you the bag!
Better farm products for more money
When you want to be certain that you are getting the best product from your sheep or cow, save your game before you shear the sheep or milk the cow. If you do not obtain the best product, turn off the game without saving. The product is random and is decided when you use the tool.Of course a high heart level increases the odds of obtaining a better product but the event itself is random. These better farm products are also more profitable.
I noticed this with my person: You can tell if someone likes you because if you are at your house at night when there is a Moon Festival you will get someone you know who has loads of hearts asking you if you want to go to see the moon together or do the festival thing together. It is so sweet I was nearly crying!
Check list
Here is a check list that I use for HMMM:

1.Wakey wakey! :3
2.Water plants.
3.Feed/take care of animals.
4.Give gifts to future spouse
6.Fish/mine (I one every other
day, ex.- /f/m/f/m/f/)
8. Put animals in barn (If you took them out)
9.Get ready for next day
10.Nighty night! :3
clams and truffles
clams can be found at the ocean shore take your hoe and till the spaces where the water washes over the beach should find many clams. also truffles can be found by taking your pig out into the wild and watch him. this may take awhile.
In winter at the lake cave if you wanna get diamonds just go to the levels that are a multiple of 5. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and so on. Hope it helps.
Easy Finds
If your sick of always searching for items and finding out there not there try this. Go to the woodcutters and select to relocate your well (this is the cheapest). Move your well around the town to try to find things. Memorize where they are and get out of relocating your well (so you dont have to pay) and go get them. This is a real timesaver.
most peope say to go into the mines but i dont.
First of all, build your starting foundations on the RIVERSIDE the medium sized plot. Then earn money off crops till you get roughly 20,000G, then buy the ocean side for 5,000G. You should still be in year 1. Then purchase a chicken coop and put it in the largest plot ((ocean side)) when its built buy a chicken and some bird feed you should have around 10,000G i did. After you have a lot of money, you should get some grass and cut it to get lots of fodder. After you do this buy a mill. i had 14,000G after this.
When you get 13,500G roughly, buy a barn and either a cow or sheep to start getting regular wool or milk. By the start of Year 2 i had 30,000G from this method so if you do this you might get rich by the third yeHOPE

Easy Money - By Season
Having trouble getting money? This is a small guide of what to do during each season:


In the spring, plant breadfruit! They sell for 300G each in good soil!

However, you can also plant cabbage. If you ship 50 cabbage, strawberries will become available! Strawberries grow back every other day, and sell for 400G!


In the summer, you should plant corn! Not only can you use it for fodder ((If you have a mill)) but it also sells for 300G!


In the fall, plant eggplant! They only sell for 240G, but they're still the most profitable thing you can have!


You can't grow things in the winter, but you can mine! If you mine in the winter mine, most of the gems there can be sold for 100G and above!

-> Please note that all the prices I gave you for the crops were for if they are planted in rich soil. Rich soil is very dark, and can be found near the River property! If you go to the Ranch and walk Left until you hit the river, you'll find that the soil there is very rich!
Easy money and this works i have proof!!!!!
It may seem like work but i swear by fall of yr 1 you should have 50,000!

Start off with plowing a bunch of land (i have the riverside property since that land is most fertile) do about 4 long rows going up and down make sure they dont connect so u can harvest and water easy.

In each season theres at least 1 crop that sells for A LOT!
Spring: Breadfruit
Summer: Corn
Fall: Eggplant

these u can harvest more the once so u dont have to keep spending money!!
This really works im in yr2 and i have exactly 78,340 i had more but i spent it ^^;
Good game strategy.
First buy the river side property. Begin clearing your land and hoeing it in preparation for planting. You can hoe it in sets of nine (like I do) or rows, either way works. Go get plants and stock up. Then befriend the mayor, one heart should do it. This will unlock new properties. Then start selling the wooden posts you find everywhere. I started with the one's by Spring farm and sold all on the map, this will get you quiet a bit of money. Buy as much property as you can and befriend one of the carpenters, any one of them is good, but Joe is the easiest particularly if it's Spring because he likes Turnips. I ended up relocating my house to the property by the mountain entrance and putting my chicken coop, barn and windmill directly below that.
Horse Stars!
Getting stars for your horse means that the horse is trained. For every 12 hours you ride your horse, you get one star!

It does NOT have to be 12 hours straight. But if there's ever nothing to do and you get bored, you could always just run into a wall! Even if the horse isn't going anywhere, as long as he's running, it counts!
how to get a horse
You dont get the horse for free you can have a few of them but you need to buy them, you buy them as foals(babys), but you need the barn to raise them, until you get two hearts on it you can ride it.
I know this is probably known already but i didnt know that because i got this game a year ago and got bored after an hour of playing so i just got in to it again and now im getting more horses <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> I hope this helped for begginers!
How to get Gwen, Katie and Carl back
Gwen disappeared for about 3 years, and we finally figured out how to get her back. You have to ship different crops and fish. Katie and Carl never left, but I always buy food at their cafe, to keep them in business.
How to marry Nina!
Nina is one of the prettiest girls on Harvest moon and many people want to marry her.Here are a few of my tips to help you with a marrige proposel.
Likes:Flowers and homecooking
Birthday:20 Spring
Works:at Spring Farm(Her mams shop I think thats the name)

If your looking for a good way to win Ninas heart all you have to do is give her a flower everyday and talk to her everyday.Also on her birthday give her lots of flowers.
You need to get 30 notes,a double bed,house level 3, and 8 hearts ot get married and I would advise you get the notes then the house then the bed and be working on the hearts at the same time.
If you have any questions I have a forum called 'FAQ aqout How to marry Nina' and ask your questions there.
I hope I helped.
Good Luck.
Too marry some one or even to get some hearts you need to give them gift's,, heres what you can give some people as a gift ...

• Alex - Herbs
• Blue - Eggs
• Blue's Sister - Good Eggs
• Dia - Blueberry
• Eve - Wine
• Gina - Blueberry
• Gwen - Blueberry
• Joe - Stalks, Branches, Fish
• Katie - Blueberry, Very Berry
• Kurt - Stalks, Branches, Ores
• Mayor - Anything
• Nina - Flowers
• Ray - Fish
• Woody - Stalks, Branches
mine holes
when you see a hole in the mine they can go up or down you can tell before hand by the marks above his head.
a ! means your going down
a ? means your going up

hope this helps <3
Here are a bunch of mining tips:

::: Holes

You'll notice there are holes in the ground! If you step on one of them and sit there for a few seconds, you could either fall up, or fall down. You could go anywhere from 1-3 floors down, maybe even more! If you're looking to get to the lower levels fast, this is a great way to do it!

::: Finding the stairs

If you need to go to a specific floor and don't want to miss it, you might want to try finding the stairs.

If you walk on the ground ((or spin in a circle - you MUST be moving)) you should notice that one of the squares on the floor is sparkling. Once you recognize it, it becomes rather easy to see. It'll look like two black lines flickering on and off on the top and bottom of the hole. Once you see the flickering black lines, hoe in between them, and the stairs should be there!

::: Diamonds

Diamonds are VERY profitable. They can be found on floor 50 in the winter mine, and sell for 500G each!

As deep as it looks, getting to floor 50 isn't that hard! A good trick to use is falling through the cracks. Once you get to around 40, maybe 45 or 47, then start digging. You don't want to risk falling to floor 51, or below! Once you get close to 50, use the trick I mentioned above, and find the stairs!

::: Stamina/Fatigue

Haha, for any Harvest Moon fans out there, this is gonna sound REALLY repetitive!

But as always, one thing that is a MUST have in the mines is food! You'll slowly get tired and run out of energy, which will cause you to faint.

There are plenty of foods to get you through the mines, but if you're looking for something cheap and easy to get to, I like using Good Eggs! If you have a chicken, eating their white eggs will give you a decent boost of stamina. Eggs aren't a very valuable resource to your farm ((unlike milk)) so it's okay to eat them!
More Money from eggs
Instead of wasting money buying the mayonaise maker, simply fry the eggs to get sunny sides up and you get 140G for each egg, at least 60G profit from an good egg which sells 80G.
My egg won't hatch!
The chicken coop can hold up to 8 chickens. If you put an egg on the incubator and your chicken coop is full, it wont hatch! No matter how long you wait, the egg will not hatch.

However, if one of your chickens dies and the egg has been on there for a long time, the very next day it will hatch! So it might be a good idea to always keep one on there no matter how many chickens you have, that way if one dies, another one is already on its way.
Quick Money + Quick horse stars
For quick money: If you already have the frying pan, buy lots of Bell peppers from the Spring Farm (Where Nina lives). Then, run back home and turn them all into fried veggies. They'll sell for 300g each!

Also, for quick horse stars, run around the mountain on your horse daily, while picking up any sellable items you find.
Honey, Herbs, Flowers, Berries, etc.
Strawberries - Oh what a wonderful goodie they are!
Okay, so I have fond that the best season on the game is spring, profit-wise anyways. You may see other people saying to mine and ship those variatable goodies you find while hiking, or grow a good, diverse crop. But I say, NO WAY!

First of all, what you want to ship is CABBAGES. Why?! You may ask. I'll tell you. Shipping 50 Cabbages unlocks you STRAWBERRIES. Those delightfully delicious and profitable, I might add, fruit! Shipping a WHOLE LOT of these, will rake in the dough, and they aren't bad for cooking; you can make things like:
Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Milk

And they're good gift items for quite a few people, too!
But what you want to do is ship that limestone so you unlock fertilizer - which can be found on the 2nd floor of Moonlight Mine. Then, make sure the soil is dark and rich, that way each will be worth 400G. If not, use the ones in the other soils as foods and cooking. Strawberries!!
Other than than that, have small crop gardens, ship and save a few for your refridge, and you'll have the good life going in no time!! Have fun n.n with that delightful, delicious, danty delectability.

Strawberries - oh what a wonderful goodie they are!
Those fabulous eggs...
A lot of people might be turned off from chickens because of the amount that eggs sell for. I don't even think eggs make 100G each.

However, eggs are much more useful than you think!


Eggs are a cheap way to get more chickens. As opposed to going out and buying your chickens for 1000G+, you can put your chickens' eggs in the incubator in the top right corner of the chicken coop. In a few days the egg will hatch and a chick will be born. Once it is grown up, you will be able to get eggs from that one as well. Therefore, you only lose one egg, instead of the 1000G for the chicken!

I prefer to use the regular ((brown)) eggs for the incubator, because at least the good eggs are worth a little bit more.


Good eggs van be very handy gifts! There is no one in the village ((to the best of my knowledge)) who dislikes them, and Martha loves them. If you're ever short on something to give someone, good eggs are a great way to make friends. I haven't played in a while, but I remember making over half my friends by giving them good eggs, including my husband!


If you turn your eggs into mayo, you make an amazing price. Compare the prices of the eggs:

Egg: 56G
Good Egg: 80G
Special Egg: 160G

To the prices of the mayonnaise:

Mayonnaise: 84G
good mayonnaise: 120G
Special mayonnaise: 240G

The prices are much better once put in the mayo maker, turning your cheap eggs into a huge profit!


If you're looking for something to bring along with you on a mining trip, good eggs can help bring that stamina up! It doesn't completely fill it, but it does give you enough of a boost to get to the end of the mine! Be sure to pack lots if you're trying to get to the bottom.


If you expect to be cooking any time soon, you'll need your eggs! You could buy them from the store, but why do that when you could have them in your backyard? Many of the oven recipes require an egg as well as many of the other recipes, so as long as you have your own eggs, you'll be all set!


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Absent People
The following people will be absent at one time or another: Tim, Gwen, Katie, Carl, and Basil.


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Aging Pot
Become friends with Saibara (2 or 3 hearts) and he will ask you to go talk to the mayor. The mayor will then teach you how to make Potato Gratin. After that, go back to Saibara's house and he will give you the Aging Pot, which is used to make sodas.
Better milk
To get better milk, do not put the fodder in the bin; feed it directly to them. Make sure that you milk your cows after you talk, and brush them, for a higher chance of special milk. Also, let them graze in the fields as often as possible.
Blue Feather
To get the Blue Feather (proposal item), you must have at least 30 Musical Notes, get a level 3 home from Woody, and get a double bed from Woody. You will get it from Mayor Theodore, and will be able to marry the man or woman of your dreams.
Chickens Cheaper
Purchase an egg from Blue Sky Ranch for 120G instead of buying a chicken for 1200G. Just wait for the egg to hatch and the chick to grow.
Egg Trick
This trick requires a Pot and an Aging Pot. First, go to the Blue Sky Ranch and buy an egg for 120G. Then, go home and use the Pot with the egg to make a Boiled Egg. Use the Boiled Egg with the Aging Pot to create a Deviled Egg. The Deviled Egg can be sold for 250G, which is a 130G profit. Do this to five eggs to get an extra 650G profit. The more money you spend on eggs, the more of a profit you will make.
Free Copper Fishing Rod
When you have enough fishing experience to obtain a Copper Fishing Rod, you can get one free by simply walking to the Lake. You will experience a scene with Ray wherein he will give you a Professional Fisherman's 125 which is nothing more nor less than a Copper Fishing Rod. (When you see the Copper Fishing Rod at the Junk Shop, go to the Lake instead! You can find your experience level for all Tools in your Menu as well.)
Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Unlockable: Level 3 House
You must befriend Woody, Joe or Kurt. One Heart.
Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Unlockable: More Land For Sale
You must befriend the Mayor. One, two, three hearts.


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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Unlockable: Strawberries
You must ship 50 Cabbages, then you'll be able to get strawberry seeds


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Jewelry Trick
Find Gold or Amethyst Ores in the cave by Jamie's Ranch. Then, go to the place where the old man changes Ores into accessories. Talk to him and select the "Accessories" option. You will see two pictures of a ring and a brooch. It will cost some money, but select the "Ring" option. It will take two days for him to make it out of the Ore. Return and get it in two days, then put it in your shipping bin to get 1,000G. The more expensive the jewel, the more money you will get for the accessory.
Lake Cave
Level 5: Moonstones in every crystal
Level 10: There is no obvious way down from this floor. If you hit level 10 and want to continue you must either climb back up to level 1 and try again, or find the stairway.
Level 15: All crystals here contain amethysts
Level 20: The popular stone in the aquamarine
Level 25: Topaz fills the crystal on this level
Level 30: You find sapphires everywhere
Level 35: Emeralds are scattered throughout this level
Level 40: Rubies
Level 45: Limestone
Level 50: Rare and expensive diamonds
It opens in mid-spring of Year 1. The hours of operation 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is closed Mondays and holidays. It is occupied by Maria. The library has various books for you to read and research. Maria is a possible spouse.
Moonlight Mine
Level 2: Filled with Good Clay
Level 22: Good floor to obtain Amethysts
Level 44: Good chance to find Rare Ore
Level 55: Good place to find Amethysts
Level 66: You can find many Aquamarine Gems here
Level 77: Find Diamonds without traveling to the Lake Cave
Power Berries
Power Berries are received in the following ways:

Horse race: Get a horse to five or six hearts worth of affection, then enter it in the Spring or Fall horse race. Win that race to get a Power Berry.

Beach festival: Win the swimming competition for the first time to get a Power Berry.

Pumpkin festival: Make sure you ship a pumpkin in the week before the Pumpkin festival. On the day of festivities you will get a Power Berry from the Mayor.

30 Notes: Obtain 30 Musical Notes and visit the Harvest Goddess Spring to get a Power Berry. Make sure you have seen every event for every five Notes before as well, or you will need to keep entering until you catch up.

Moonlight Mine: Reach the 100th floor of the Moonlight Mine to get a Power Berry from Tim.
Preventing Villagers
Become good friends with Theodore (three or more hearts), then go to Woody. He will allow you to buy land that future stores will be built upon. Buy it and the store owners can never open up a store. Note: You cannot sell the land once you buy it.
Replensih Stamina
To fully replenish Stamina, use this recipe:

Make Toadstool Saute (Butter + Toadstool + Frying Pan) and eat it to fully restore your stamina.
Ship thirty herbs total and have Alex at one heart to unlock the Sanitarium. It is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., but is closed on holidays. Its inhabitants are Gina and Dia. The sanitorium sells nothing, but is needed for two of the potential brides to move into town. You can visit it to woo Gina, and Dia is very seldom found outside its walls.
Secret Island...?
As much of a rumor as this sounds, there truly is a secret island in Magical Melody.

To reach it, you must befriend the Dolphin. If you give it a fish every day ((it does not matter which kind. You can catch one right near it and give it to it if you wish)), and eventually its hearts will go up.

Once you get 2-3 hearts ((I believe it is two, but it may be 3)) it will let you ride it.

Once you get to the island, there will be strange fish there that you haven't seen before! They will be worth a little bit more than the fish you can get at the beach, and you'll need them in order to catch every fish, which will give you the musical note!
In the cave by Jamie's ranch, when you hit the rocks crystal smoke will come out of them. The yellow smoke makes you move faster. The orange smoke freezes you. Black smoke gets in your eyes so that the area of light around you gets smaller. Purple smoke confuses you (you may move in the opposite direction). Pink smoke makes your stamina go up. White smoke disables the effect of the other types of smoke.
Unlock Level 3 Bag
Become friends (at least two hearts) with Martha and bring her wool.
Unlock Level 3 House
Become friends (at least one heart) with Joe, Kurt, or Woody.
Unlockable Music Instruments
5 Notes: Marimba
10 Notes: Timpani
15 Notes: Harp
20 Notes: Piano
25 Notes: Violin
30 Notes: Cello & Powerberry
35 Notes: Flute
40 Notes: Acoustic Guitar
45 Notes: Trumpet
50 Notes: H. Goddess Revived
99 Notes: Final Event
Unlocking all the Notes
1. First Step Note: When you get the pedometer
2. First Shipping Note: Ship your first item
3. 10,000 Step Note: Get 10,000 steps on your pedometer
4. Cooking Note: After cooking your first meal
5. Island Note: First time you visit the island
6. Rock Climber Note: First time scaling Mt. Moon
7. Underground Lake Note: At the first underground level in Lake Mine
8. Night Owl Note: Stay up until dawn (6 a.m.)
9. Rain Note: Work 10 hours non-stop in the rain
10. Sun Note: Work 10 hours non-stop in the sun
11. Stationary Note: Do not use the controller for awhile
12. Lonley Wolf Note: Do not talk to anyone all day
13. Whistle Note: Whistle 50 times
14. Limitation Note: Have zero stamina and faint
15. Hustle-and-Bustle Note: Meet 35 villagers
16. Poor Note: Have 1G or less in the morning
17. Lucky Note: Find more than 1,000G in coins in the ground
18. High Spirit Note: Drink 10 sodas
19. Birth of Life Note: Have one of your barn animals give birth
20. Owner of Monther Earth Note: Own 10 or more divisions of land
21. Snow Note: Work 10 hours non-stop in the snow
22. Fodder Note: Cut the grass 20 times
23. Brushing Note: Groom your livestock 20 times
24. Egg Note: Ship 10 eggs
25. Milking Note: Ship 10 jugs of milk
26. Shearing Note: Ship 10 pieces of wool
27. Dyeing Note: Ship a colored yarn ball
28. Gem Note: Ship one gem of any kind
29. Calling Animals Note: Ring the bell 20 times
30. Cultivation Note: Till 1 squares of land
31. Big Eater Note: Eat 50 meals
32. Woodcutter Note: Cut down 20 trees or stumps
33. Cloud Note: Work 10 hours on a cloudy day
34. Garbage Can Note: Throw away garbage 20 times
35. Weed Note: Pull 1 weed
36. Gardening Note: Have five flowers blooming at once
37. Forest Note: Plant any tree
38. Destruction Note: Crush 20 stones, rocks, stakes etc.
39. Diary Note: Save in the diary 30 times
40. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Note: Win the Chicken Festival
41. Moo Note: Win the Cow Contest
42. Baa Note: Win the Sheep Contest
43. Horse Note: Win the Horse Race
44. Bow-Wow Note: Have three hearts on your dog
45. Oink-Oink Note: Ship a truffle
46. Fire Prevention Note: Put out a bonfire
47. Lost Child Note: Find Meryl and Tim in an event
48. Mole-Whacking Note: Whack 10 moles
49. Bluebird Note: Get the blue feather
50. Wedding Day Note: Get married
51. Stork Note: Be pregnant or get your wife
52. Baby is Born Note: Have a baby or have a baby with your wife
53. You Can Walk Note: For your baby's first steps
54. Spring Footsteps Note: Attend the New Years Festival
55. Egg Dish Note: Attend the Egg Festival
56. Spring Fragrance Note: Attend the Flower Festival
57. Blue Sea, White Clouds Note: Win the Beach Festival Swimming Competition
58. Boat Sailing Note: Attend the Star Festival
59. Firefly Flower Note: Attend the Firefly Festival
60. Fireworks Note: Attend the Fireworks Festival
61. Moon Viewing Note: Attend the Moonlight Festival
62. Harvest Note: Attend the Harvest Festival
63. Pumpkin Note: Attend the Pumpkin Festival
64. Flame Note: Attend the Fire Festival
65. Popular Note: Get 5 or more cakes on the Thanksgiving Festival
66. Starlight Note: Attend the Starry Night Festival
67. New Year's Sunrise Note: See the first sunrise of the year
68. Full Bloom Flowers Note: Ship every type of flower and herb
69. Treasure Hoard Note: Ship every type of ore (including Limestone)
70. Animal Kingdom Note: Have 8 barn animals and 5 chickens
71. Book Note: Read all the books in the library (change in Fall)
72. Super Chef Note: Unlock 1 or more recipes (purchase utensils)
73. Second House Note: Construct a second house
74. Expert Angler Note: Catch every type of fish
75. Master Angler Note: Catch 1 or more fish (any kind)
76. Rubber Boots Note: Catch 10 pieces of garbage
77. Wild Note: When a wild animal with 4 hearts visits your house (not Dolphin)
78. Art Note: Get a picture and aging pot
79. Very Rich Note: Have more than 100,000G
80. Flower Girl Note: When Nina gives you a present
81. Explosive Girl Note: When Ann gives you a present
82. Apron Girl Note: When Ellen gives you a present
83. Talented Girl Note: When Maria gives you a present
84. Night Moon Girl Note: When Eve gives you a present
85. Girl with Glasses Girl Note: When Gina gives you a present
86. Princess Note: When Dia gives you a present
87. Waitress Note: When Katie gives you a present
88. Ponytail Note: When Gwen gives you a present
89. Heartfelt Note: When Lyla gives you a present
90. Cowboy Note: When Blue gives you a present
91. Social Craftsman Note: When Joe gives you a present
92. Cool Craftsman Note: When Kurt gives you a present
93. Doctor Note: When Alex gives you a present
94. Patissier Note: When Carl gives you a present
95. Master Pick-Up Artist Note: When Dan gives you a present
96. Fisherman Note: When Ray gives you a present
97. Traveler Note: When Basil gives you a present
98. Male Note: When Bob gives you a present
99. Shy Guy Note: When Louis gives you a present
100. Meek Heart Note: Collect 99 Happiness Notes
Unlocking Buildings
Café Callaway... Opens 1 month after meeting Carl and Eve
Flower Bud Library... Will automatically open mid-spring in year one
Hearty Lyla... Ship gift items (clay, flowers, blue berries)
Moonlight Café... Opens in the summer after meeting Duke
Perch Inn... Opens in the summer after meeting Doug
Sanatorium... Ship 30 herbs and have Alex with at least 1 heart
Blacksmith... Ship ores (especially rare ore)
Atelier Saibara (Clay Shop) Ship a load of good clay
Unlocking Dan
To unlock Dan, Have Ronald open Paradise Orchard
Unlocking Dia and Gina
To unlock Dia and Gina, you must Ship 30 herbs ( you may possibly need a heart with Alex and/or Martha )
Unlocking Duke, Gwen and Doug
To unlock this trio, you must Attend the Spring Horse Race on Spring 17
Unlocking Henry
To unlock Henry, you must Plant three fruit trees
Unlocking Katie
To unlock Katie, you must Have Cafe Callaway opened
Unlocking Louis
To unlock Louis, you must Attend the Fireworks Festival on Summer 24
Unlocking Lyla
To unlock Lyla, you must Place a flower in the blue shipping bin in the square on Spring 22 and then attend the Flower Festival the next day
Unlocking Maria
To unlock Maria, you must Go to a fesitival
Unlocking Meryl
To unlock Meryl, you must Befriend Ronald
Unlocking Nami
To unlock Nami, you must Attend the Swimming/Ocean Festival on Summer 3
Unlocking Ronald
To unlock Ronald, you must Plant one fruit tree
Unlocking Saibara
To unlock Saibara, you must Ship one good clay