Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Cheats

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Harvest Moon: Animal Parade cheat codes.


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Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
Calvinring the Yellow Bell
Gillring the Green Bell
Harvest Kingcomplete storyline
Jinring the Blue Bell
Wizardstart the process of ringing the Green Bell
Anissaring the Yellow Bell
Lunaring the Blue Bell
Phoebering the Red Bell
Selenaring the Blue Bell
Witchthe frog you meet during the process of the Green Bell


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A heart for a heart
Are you having trouble with the final bell because you have to make FRIENDS that arent real? Or perhaps your trying to get the eye of someone in the game you wish to marry but they're taste is to expensive?
Just get a second Wiimote (with nunchuck) turn it on when you play the game. It will come up as a heart that gets big and small. Then walk up to the person you are trying to be friends with and shake the wiimote over them then your wiimote or TV will play the music it plays when you wake up. When the music plays twice and the person gets hearts around them it is the same thing as giving them something they love. If you do this every day you will gain their friendship :3
I hope this will help all of you plays out there!
Happy Farming! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Clothing and Hearts??
A certain accessory raise affection by the slightest bit with a certain person.

* Blue Knit Cap: Renee
* Blue Neck Muffler: Candace and Julius
* Blue Straw Hat: Anissa
* Brown Cowboy Hat: Calvin
* Cat Ears: Witch
* Crown: Selena
* Fire Bandana: Luke
* Flower Hairpin: Chase
* Green Ear Muffs: Luna and Gill
* Heart Sunglasses: Phoebe
* Red Straw Hat: Toby
* Round Silver Glasses: Jin
* Tiara: Wizard
* White Hand Towel: Owen
* Yellow Baseball Cap: Maya

Note:It will lose it's affect after you complete the main storyline.

Credit to Fogu.com
Cutting Grass & Harvesting Crops
When you're cutting grass, you dont have to manually move your character to each patch! you can just keep pressing the a button and it will go right to the next one for you! Make sure you dont have any animals roaming around in the grass or you'll lose a heart if you cut them! I find this very good because you wont need to concentrate on upgrading this tool until much later in the game.

This also works for harvesting crops, thank you Autumnsnow for pointing this out.
Cutting Wood ~ One Extra Piece
In Fugue Forest, while you're cutting up some lumber, you were told to clear the area around the tree right? So you pick a tree that doesn't have much around it, and break some stones if you have to. Here's the tip's part. The clearing part involves /you/ too ;3 Cut it until you hear it crack or it starts to fall, and quickly run out of the way. Four times out of five, you'll get that one extra piece of lumber where you were standing, which will result in 8 pieces of wood altogether for you to chop and add to your lumber stockpile. If you think of how many trees you chop down, that one piece of lumber really adds up. Also, just cut the the trees down. Leave the stumps alone, as it's a waste of stamina, time and it takes about the same amount of hits to chop a normal tree, and you only get 1-3 pieces.

Happy chopping~
First cow
When you begin a new game, if you go over to horn ranch(in flute fields) and go into the barn, cain will give you your very first cow FOR FREE. You have a choice from either a brown, white, or black calf. It will take 14 days to mature and then you'll have a source of income other than forging and growing crops.
To make time go A LOT MORE FASTER,go near water and equip ur fishing rod.After that,keep tapping a in front of the water.Youll get 10 minutes past 4 everytime you get the fishing rod in and out of the water!!!Perfect if u hate waiting a lot!!!
Kathy's favourite gifts are: Shining Coffee Beans, Shining Carrot, Shining Cheese, Cheese Risotto, Shining Olive Oil, Cheese Fondue, Carrot Juice, Grape Cocktail, Rice Cocktail, Wheat Cocktail, Cheese Omelette, Pizza, Vegetable Pizza, Seafood Pizza, Paella

Gifts Kathy appreciate are: Coconut, Hibiscus, Anemone, Perfect Grape, Shining Mayonnaise, Perfect Olive Oil, Perfect Cheese, Good Cheese, Perfect Carrot, Good Carrot, Sea Urchin, Mussels, Shining Perfume, Coconut Cocktail, Pineapple Juice, Perfect Flax Yarn

Kathy's birthday is Summer 3rd, giving her gifts on this day has increased love points when compared to other days.

At 2 Hearts, she will give you a Good Carrot. When she reaches 4 Hearts, you will receive a Cheese Fondue. Kathy's 5 Heart date takes place on Harmonica Beach at 4:00 p.m.(16:00)

Kathy's rival boy is Owen.
Looking For Recipes?
So, you want to master allllll of the recipes this game has to offer, right? Well, you can buy some recipes from the shops, or you can experiment and find them yourself... OR! You can find them on your own!

Whenever you go to someone's house, go to their kitchen. If you run along different parts of the kitchen (ex. The fridge, counter top, sink, etcetc) and keep button mashing the A button, you just might find a recipe! I found one in the beginning in everyone's house. But get this! The more you increase their friendship levels, you more times you can find a different recipe!

Not only that, but most of the recipes are for food that someone in that house really loves, so you can cook from the recipe you found, and then give it to them for high heart points! If you make sure to 'rub' them FIRST (Rubbing is when you hook up the second wiimote and pet them), then talk to them until they keep repeating themselves, and THEN give them the gift, you'll get an affection boost, and since the recipe was one of their favorite things, you'll get max affection points for that day, plus a bonus from the petting.

Hope this helps, and happy recipe hunting~!
Luna's favourite gifts are: Shining Strawberry, Shining Cocoa, Pinkcat Flower, Shining Flax Yarn, Diamond, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cake, Pumpkin Croquette, Pumpkin Pudding, Boiled Pumpkin, Yam Cake, Raspberry Pie, Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie, and Blackberry Pie.

Gifts Luna will appreciate are: Hyacinth, Pansey, Lavender, Tulip, Morning Glory, Bluemist Flower, Rose, Hibiscus, Snowflake Flower, Anemone, Snowflake Flower, Perfect Pumpkin, Shining Pumpkin, Shining Wool Yarn, colored Flax Yarn, Chocolate, Sakura Seashell, Lavender, Snowflake Flower, Tulip, Rose, Perfect Cocoa, Shining Mayonnaise, Shining Honey, Shining Wheat Flour, Good Flax Yarn, Shining Milk, and Cookies.

Luna's birthday is Spring 25th, gifts given to her on this day increase her heart levels slightly more than usual.

At Two Hearts Luna will give you Good Flax Yarn. The gift you will receive from her when she is at Four Hearts is a Green Ear Muffler. Luna's Five Heart date is at Sonata Tailoring at 4:00 p.m.(16:00)

Luna's rival boy is Gill.
*WARNING* If it seems to evil for you,do NOT do this. =) Enjoy!

Raise the bachelors/bachelorettes to 2 hearts(4 if you want) to get their presents.Even if you don't like the present,just sell it.It's also handy if you're a cheapskate and you want the earmuffs for free from Gill/Luna.

P.S. I suggest you do this BEFORE getting married.Not that anyone would do it after.^^

Happy manipulation,everyone! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

More money for two berries.
You need a pot. Also you need two of any berry. Take two blackberries for exsample. Put them in pot.Makes Blackberrie Jam. NOTE!!! The jam doesn't have Decent,Good,Perfect or Shining grades!!!!
New Game+
Once you Complete the Main Storyline And have 1 or 2 Kids Do these Steps to start a new game+!1.Go up to the Harvest God And From then on he will tell you to do some stuff.....(2.Make the seed....3.Pick a Child......4.Make him Water for 5 days....)5.Then Your son will move to Another Town and make a new file.....also he/she will have better stuff!
Put Out Your Bonfire!
So you've had a long day and you want to cook up some fish, whether it's to eat, gift or sell. With your match set, you can make a bonfire to cook them up. Just make sure to put it out after you're done! You can put out a bonfire by taking your watering can and pressing the A button over top of the fire.

If you don't put out your bonfire and you go to bed, you'll get a knock on the door the next morning from Mayor Hamilton. He'll be pretty mad and tell you that you left your bonfire going and that he had to go and put it out. Not only will he be mad, but he'll even lose some hearts that he had with you! (provided you had any in the first place) It also affects some of the other villagers and their hearts will also go down. I learned it the hard way..

So, make sure you put out your bonfire! If you don't, you'll lose hearts with the villagers for something that you could have prevented in the first place~!
Recipe in Wizard's house
You know how you can get recipes from kitchens?But surely,since the Wizard doesn't have a kitchen you can't get one?WRONG. In Wizard's house,go to the books near the stairs(like,to the bottom-right corner of his house.)You can get a recipe from there.Helped you?You're welcome. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Replenishing Stamina for only 20G
Go to Barbara's general store and buy some matches. Now go to the fish market and buy some fish for 20g, you can buy 100 for only 2000G which is like a days worth of foraging. Whenever you run low on health just take out your matches and roast some fish. You will replenish a good amount of stamina and be on your way to mining, fishing, etc..

I would like to give credit to DetroitDJ for this Tip.
Rival Marriage
The bachelor and bachelorettes in this game can get married to each other, All you need to do is raise your heart level with the bachelor/ette the same sex as you to seven hearts and see all three rival events.

The first event will be triggered once you have the rival at 4 hearts.**
The second event will happen when the rival is at 5 hearts. He/she will come to your house in the morning and ask if they should tell their potential spouse the feeling that he/she has for him/her.
The last rival event will be available when the rival has their heart level raised to 7.**

The couples are as follows;
Calvin and Phoebe
Chase and Maya
Gill and Luna
Jin and Anissa
Julius and Candace
Luke and Selena
Owen and Kathy
Toby and Renee

The day after the last event occurs, you will receive and invitation to their wedding. The invitation will tell you the date, and you can see it if you enter Celeste Church after 10:00 a.m.

**This event will occur in a place determined by the couple.
The Best Crops to Grow
<span style="color:#382f26;">These are the best crops to grow during the four seasons in Animal Parade.

And the best way to till your land is to till all of the land, even around the cherry trees. Till everywhere on your current plot(s) of land until you can only run over tilled ground. Then plant the following seeds in the correct seasons over any 3x3 square of land:

Spring: In the spring, grow lettuce, strawberries, and cabbages.
~Lettuce // Decent 220G; Good 250G; Perfect 280G; Shining 390G
~Strawberries // Decent 180G; Good 220G; Perfect 270G; Shining 410G
~Cabbages // Decent 190G; Good 220G; Perfect 250G; Shining 390G

Summer: In the summer, grow watermelons, melons, cucumbers, and tea leaves.
~Watermelons // Decent 210G; Good 250G; Perfect 290G; Shining 410G
~Melons // Decent 250G; Good 300G; Perfect 450G; Shining 640G
~Cucumbers // Decent 160G; Good 200G; Perfect 240G; Shining 360G
~Tea Leaves // Decent 170G; Good 200G; Perfect 230G; Shining 360G

Fall: In the fall, grow rice, spinach, carrots, and bluemist flowers.
~Rice // Decent 210G; Good 250G; Perfect 290G; Shining 400G
~Spinach // Decent 180G; Good 220G; Perfect 270G; Shining 400 G
~Carrots // Decent 180G; Good 220G; Perfect 260G; Shining 380G
~Blue Mist Flowers // 390G

Winter: In the winter, grow Snowflake Flowers and Buckwheat.
~Snowflake Flowers // 150G
~Buckwheat // Decent 190G; Good 220G; Perfect 240G; Shining 340G

Good luck, and happy farming!</span>
The Perfect First Day
Wondering how to plan out your very first day on Castanet? Having trouble fitting every single thing you want to do on your first day? No problem! This is my guide on how to create the "perfect first day" at the beginning of your journey on Castanet.

After the little introduction of your game, go outside your house, and harvest the fully-grown crops that are already there. This will launch a start on your profitable farming career. Then fill up your watering can and water the rest of your growing crops. If there are any weeds, wait later to get rid of them. You'll need to wait until you get a sickle so you can save some energy and some time for your schedule.

Then take the southwestern path that will lead to Harmonica Town. When you enter, first go to Town Hall. You'll meet up with Mayor Hamilton again, who asks you to meet everybody in town.

After you leave, go to Simon's Photos, where you will get a free camera and meet Simon. Then to Sonata Tailoring, then Brass Bar, then the Fishery. Now, go back to your farm, then go take the path opposite of Harmonica Town. Cross the bridge, and go down to the Waterwheel. You will meet Toby.

Now go down the dock by the Fishery, where you'll meet Colleen and Jake, then go to the Ocarina Inn, then Choral Clinic, and then go up the hill to the Celesta Church Grounds.
First move a little to the west before entering the church, and go down a little. There should be a little scene where you meet Chase. Finally, enter the Church, and you will finally meet everybody!

Report to Mayor Hamilton, and he will give you Bo's toolbox. Then take the path behind your farmhouse, and you will arrive at the Garmon Mines, where the bridge is broken! Talk to Bo, then give him the toolbox. He will request Milk and a Strawberry. Don't worry, you don't have to produce it on your farm. Go take the same path you took to meet Toby the fishermen, and this time go straight and enter a building called "Marimba Farm."

After all of the introductions between one another, buy a Decent Strawberry from Ruth, then leave. Go up that hill, and you'll be at Horn Ranch. First, go towards the Windmill. You will meet Renee.

Then go into the barn. You'll run into Cain again, and he will give you a free calf! If you accept, you get to choose between a black one, a black-and-white one, and a brown one. He will also give you a brush. Leave the barn after picking your new calf companion, and go into the actual Horn Ranch shop. You'll meet Hanna, and she will give you a sickle. After the introductions, buy a Decent Milk from Hanna. You might also want to buy about 7 pieces of fodder if you accepted a calf from Cain so your calf doesn't get hungry, and leave Flute Fields.

Go all the way back to Garmon Mines, and give Bo the milk and the strawberry. He thanks you, and the bridge should be fixed the next day.

If you possibly have any time left, go into your barn and feed and brush and talk to your calf. Then go fishing until your energy bar is red. When you seem tired enough, go to bed.

And that is your Perfect First Day!
The Red Bell - The Bell of Fire
Having trouble trying to ring the red bell? Simple!

First, you must have met the Harvest Goddess already. To clear out the animals blocking the Goddess Pond in Garmon Mines, talk to Dale, then Barbara, then Julius, then Ramsey, then find Owen on the tenth floor in the mines. He will give you an Animal Whistle, which is needed to clear the animals. Go back to the Goddess Pond, and Finn will suggest using the whistle. The animals will then move away.

After finally meeting the Goddess, go to the tenth floor of Garmon Mines. You and Finn realize that the Red Bell is gone! Go to Ramsey and talk to him. He'll say that he hasn't seen any bell, but will mention a young girl named Chloe, who he hoped you've seen outside playing.

When you leave the Blacksmith's, start to approach the direction the Carpenter's is in. You'll find Bo counting to ten right outside the Carpenter's. He says that he and "Chloe" (sound familiar?) were playing Kick the Can, and he points to the Red Bell! You run for the bell, but just as you get to it, a young girl kicks it--into the Blacksmith's chimney!

She will introduce yourself to you, saying that her name is Chloe. She always mentions that if you want that bell, that Ramsey will always be able to get it out of that chimney!

Go back to the Blacksmith's, and Ramsey will say that he won't be able to get Chloe's "toy" out without enough smoke. He suggests that he needs a variety of different ores. Get an Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, and Gold Ore. When you give all four items to Ramsey, the bell will explode out of the chimney! You will meet Alan, and he will ask you to place him in his frame on the tenth floor of Garmon Mines.

After this, the upper mines will be unlocked.
The Yellow Bell
Follow this guide to ring the Yellow Bell!

First, head towards Flute Fields. You'll soon come across an intersection, so take the path that doesn't lead to Flute Fields. You'll end up on a beach, and there will be a cutscene where you find the Yellow Bell stuck in the beach sand! You and Finn walk closer to it, and Collin vaguely appears. He's weak, but manages to still crack a joke. You pick up the Yellow Bell and keep it in your rucksack for now,

Head back to your farmland and toward Garmon Mines so you can get to the Goddess Pond. Take out the Yellow Bell and show it to the Harvest Goddess, and she will suggest to you to soak it in moonlight.

There are three moonlight stones scattered across the island. They can be found...

1) On the left side of the Lighthouse.
2) On Moon Hill near Horn Ranch in Flute Fields.
3) Near the vacant house lot above Ramsey's Blacksmith.

When you walk up the staircase leading to the vacant house, you'll meet Calvin. You will not officially unlock him for good until you complete the process of sounding the Yellow Bell.

Also keep in mind that you will only be able to soak the Yellow Bell above the Moonlight Stones from 18:00 PM until 6:00 AM.

Once you've soaked the Yellow Bell above all moonlight stones, the power of the Yellow Bell has been restored, but you still need to place it in its pedestal! Go to the Marimba Farm store, and Ruth will go on about her useless husband, Craig. She requests you to produce and give to her 10 of any of the following crops:

~ 10 Good Lettuce {Spring}
~ 10 Good Tomato {Summer}
~ 10 Good Pumpkin {Fall}
~ 10 Good Buckwheat {Winter}

You don't have to giver her ten of EVERY single crop, but just ten of one crop. Or you can split it up, and give her 5 Good Pumpkin in Fall and 5 Good Buckwheat in Winter.

Once you have 10 crops of any crop in the above list, give them to Ruth. You'll mention the pedestal for the Yellow Bell again, and she'll unlock the gate to the crop fields because the pedestal is there! You'll run down the path and find Craig praying at the vacant Yellow Bell pedestal. Once he spots you, he'll run off.

Place the Yellow Bell in its pedestal and have Collin sound it.

You have now restored the power of soil back to the island, congrats!
Time flies when you're fishing...
In actual time, 10 minutes pass every 15 seconds. Which isn't a lot of time. However, if you're really impatient, go fishing. If you catch a fish and reel it in, 10 minutes will have passed even if 15 seconds hasn't. Usually it takes between 5 and 8 seconds to catch a fish.
Upgrade Your Tools Without The Levels!
We've always thought that you would have to level up your tool in order to upgrade it to a certain level. Not any more! In Animal Parade, all you have to do is make sure that you have the metals required to make it, the money to process it and of course, your tool! You will have to upgrade them in order though. You can't go from an iron watering can to a golden one. You will have to go in order.

Old -> Iron -> Copper -> Silver -> Golden -> Goddess (Rare Ore)

So go into any one of the three mines around the island with your hammer and hit the rocks you will find. Not the Crystals (since Crystals will have the Wonderfuls in them, not the Ore you're looking for) or the material stone (The lighter "deformed" looking rocks). You will have to take the ore you mined to Mira at the Accessory Store and she will refine it for you. (*Note: Just because it is an ore with whatever color ex. copper, silver, gold etc. doesn't mean that it will end up that particular metal. There's a high chance that it will end up as scrap metal. If you use the save/reload trick, you can increase the chances of getting better materials. So if you get a bad haul, reset your game - either a soft reset or a hard/cold reset which will reset the RNG - and you might get a better haul with the reset.) Don't forget that you must have rung the Red Bell in order for Ramsey to be able to upgrade your tools, and you will have to level up the store in order for him to upgrade to higher and higher levels.

Each upgrade will cost you three of the metals needed, and a fee for processing:
  • Old to Iron: 3 Iron and 2400 G
  • Iron to Copper: 3 Copper and 6000 G
  • Copper to Silver: 3 Silver and 12,000 G
  • Silver to Gold: 3 Gold and 24,000 G
  • Gold to Goddess: 3 Rare Metal and 48,000 G
(The Fishing Pole will cost 1800 G, 4800 G, 9600 G, 14,400 G, and 36,000 G for each metal upgrade. It also requires 3 metal.) By leveling up the fishing rod to level five, you will be able to catch yourself a power berry, so it pays off to level it up~! Also remember, by upgrading a tool, it will then require less stamina to use it, therefore allowing you to save more stamina in a day and be able to do more work! (Yay work!)

Now for the levels. They are used to power up your tool so that it will hit more than just one spot, or it will chop/break down a rock or tree in one hit. To power up a tool, hold it in your hands, press and hold A until you reach the level you need and release A to use the tool. Be warned, if you try to power up the tool too much and it isn't at that level, not only will it not work, but it will deplete stamina and you'll have to try again. If you're in the middle of a power up and you change your mind, press B to cancel.

Each tool takes a certain amount of points to get to the next level:
  • Axe: +1 for swinging, +1 for using on a tree or stick
  • Fishing Pole: +1 for swinging, +points for specific fish
  • Hammer: +1 for swinging, +1 for using on a rock or crystal
  • Hoe: +1 for swinging, +1 for using on untilled soil
  • Sickle: +1 for swinging, +1 for using on weed or pasture grass
  • Watering Can: +1 for swinging, +1 for each piece of soil watered
Points needed for each level:

    To Lv 2 -> To Lv 3 -> To Lv 4 -> To Lv 5
    126 --> 2016 --> 8064 --> 24,192
    210 --> 3360 --> 30,240 --> 60,480
    150 --> 2400 --> 21,600 --> 43,200
    210 --> 3360 --> 30,240 --> 60,480
Watering Can
    210 --> 3360 --> 30,240 --> 60,480
Fishing Pole
    1050 --> 9000 --> 48,000 --> 99,000

(*Note: To get exp points for the fishing rod, you will need to do alot of fishing. Different fish yield more or less experience points than others.)

Tools are wonderful things, and to anyone who plays Harvest Moon, they are your best friend. Make sure that you think ahead, plan and save for your upgrades. Always think, which tools needs an upgrade the most? Which tool do you use the most? For me, I use my watering can and my hammer more than anything, so I've upgraded them first and now they use less stamina and I am able to do other things in my game. In a Harvest Moon game, planning ahead is the key to success and I hope that what you've read here will help you in many ways and help you become a very successful farmer~! <3
What Animals to Have
<span style="color:#382f26;">This is my tip on what animals to have in your animal barn and chicken coop.

The Animal Barn

If you have a Level 1 Animal Barn, keep one cow, one sheep, and either a goat or ostrich. It's best to pick the goat, because it produces milk every day like the cow and is faster than the cow, when the ostrich is faster than the goat but produces eggs every 7 days!

If you have a Level 2 Animal Barn, keep two cows, two sheep, and either a goat or ostrich. It's better to keep a goat rather than an ostrich, however.

If you have a Level 3 Animal Barn, keep three cows, three sheep, and either two goats or two ostriches. Again, the goat is better to keep rather than an ostrich.

The Chicken Coop

If you have a Level 1 Chicken Coop, keep three chickens one duck.

If you have a Level 2 Chicken Coop, keep six chickens and two ducks.

If you have a Level 3 Chicken Coop, keep nine chickens and three ducks, as well as as many silkworms as you want. Please note you can only have up to four silkworms.

Good luck and happy ranching!</span>
Wizards favourite gifts to receive are: Fugue Mushroom, Hot Coffee, Shining Coffee Beans, Shining Ground Coffee, Coffee Ice Cream, Shining Tea Leaves, Pontata Root, and Crystal accessories.

Gifts Wizard appreciates getting are: Green Tea, Herb Tea, Coffee Milk, Coffee Candy, Perfect Coffee Beans, Strawberry Ice Cream, Mint Ice Cream, Tea Ice Cream, Crystal, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Shining Cocoa Fruit, and Shining Milk.

Wizard's birthday is unknown, and it has been hinted that he is decades old.

At Four Hearts Wizard will give you Vegetable Juice. His Five Heart date occurs at Chelesta Church Grounds at 4 p.m.(16:00)

Wizard does not have a rival girl.


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Disappearing child
After child's day do NOT save or your child will vanish. It will say "none area name" and it is hardly possible to get him/her back.
~☼~Store Hours~☼~
The sign in front of both Marimba Farm and Horn Ranch say they are open until '22:00'.
It's a lie.
Or a better word would be 'glitch'.
These stores are only open until '20:00' so don't make the mistake of holding out until after '20:00' to get whatever you need.
Although the manual says the stores close at '20:00', the actual signs in front of the shops say '22:00'.
Odd, no?

Easter eggs

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See the Mineral Town Kappa
If you go across the bridge that leads into Harmonica Town on a rainy day you can see the Mineral Town Kappa. Start going across the bridge till you get to the cave that the river is flowing into. Take out your camera and look through the tunnel using the camera. You will see the Kappa. NOTE: This only works on rainy days.