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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Wii) Cheats

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Menu Passwords
Enter This Code At The Rewards Menu (Wii Version)
PasswordWhat it does
Right Right Down Down Left Right Left Right Left Right +Unlocks Castle Gates Two Player Duelling Area


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Duelling, Potions, and Inferi.
Here are some hints....

Use the Disarming spell on them, and when they are knocked down, go right up to them and STUPEFY them until they are dead.

Try to relax. If you do it too fast, it could become purple smoke. And you can always try again!

This one is tiring, but simple. No expelliarmus. Nothing fancy, just stupefy. Easiest way is to shake your Wii remote up and down while moving the joystick on the nunchuck left to right, like puppy-guarding! If you stop moving and you see red-orangy, yellowish light, then you either died or you finished the inferi part.
Harry with the Lucky Potion
When Harry is walking about being Lucky-you can still collect shields. Use the proper wand movement as you pass by glowing objects.
Also when you play as Ron with the Love potion-the minicrests are heart shaped! <3!
The Gate
How To Get Past The Gate:

1. You Wingardium Leviosa the lever.
2. You throw it at the gate without letting go of it.
3. Reparo.
TA DA!!!!!
Winning Duels Easily
You can get MASSIVE amounts of Mini-Crests, however you can only get it the one time only, and that's only when you have used the Luck Potion and are making your way to Herbology. At this point, every time you use Diffindo to get the Mini-Crests to appear, you'll get the full amount of Minicrests available (due to your luck). You should at this point get as much of it as possible, to make the 25,000 pieces that you need an easier target to reach.
Winning Duels Easily
You can QUICKLY and easy dispatch ALL enemies by following this three step combo:
  1. Use Expelliarmus to knock them down
  2. Charge up your Stupefy, whilst getting that charged, walk RIGHT NEXT TO the person you're duelling against
  3. Fire your charged up Stupefy for a OHK
This has worked each and every time, and can give you 5 stars for the challenge VERY VERY QUICKLY & EASILY