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Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Wii) Cheats

Ghostbusters: The Video Game cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Bonus options
Here is a list of unlockable rewards for ghostbusters the video game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Equipment Strength UpgradeCollect all 103 illustrations for Tobin's Spirit Guide.
Faster Health RecoveryCollect 50% of the illustrations for Tobin's Spirit Guide.
Gozerian Rookie OutfitSuccessfully complete the game on the Gozerian difficulty. This outfit will allow you to be immune to sliming
Increased Scanning SpeedScan 50% of the ghosts and scannable objects for Tobin's Spirit Guide.
InvulnerabilitySuccessfully complete the game with all 103 illustrations collected and scan all 103 ghosts and scannable objects.
No Equipment OverheatScan all 103 ghosts and scannable objects for Tobin's Spirit Guide.
Most Wanted Ghost Locations
UnlockableHow to unlock
Cemetary Levels (Graveyard, Altar, Lost Temple)-
Mad Mad MinimoEarn $50,000 in one sitting during any Cemetery level job
The DarkestCapture Mad Mad Minimo, then contain 15 Black Slime monsters
The Clawed MenaceCapture The Darkest, then contain 50 Cemetery crawlers
The UprisingCapture The Clawed Menace, then complete 10 survival jobs in the Cemetery
Library Levels (Reading Room, Twisted Stacks, Basement Stacks)-
The Book Of PainComplete any Library level job
Captain Of The GuardCapture The Book of Pain, then contain 20 paper enemies
Olga The TerribleCapture the Captain of The Guard, then complete 5 more Library jobs
DredgeCapture Olga the Terrible, then complete 10 Library thief jobs
Times Square Levels (Streets, Rooftops, Office)-
Smelly NedComplete 5 containments in the Times Square levels
DolnaskyCapture Smelly Ned and collect 50 power-ups.
GrimgreaveCapture Dolnasky and contain 20 gargoyles and/or cherubs using slams
BinkyCapture Grimgreave and complete 10 Times Square survival jobs
Museum Levels (Rotunda, Mayan, Egypt)-
GrundelComplete 5 Museum protection jobs
Sharpshooter BaileyCapture Grundel and 15 Civil War ghosts
The MaestroCapture Sharpshooter Bailey and complete 10 Museum survival jobs
Grand Pappy SargassiCapture The Maestro and complete 15 Museum jobs
Any Level (except Slime Dunks)-
Rotten SlimerCapture 10 Slimers
Wee SlimerCapture Rotten Slimer and complete at least 3 Slime Dunks
Polar SlimerCapture Wee Slimer and complete 20 Slime Dunks on each of the Slime Dunk maps
Glutton SlimerCapture Polar Slimer and complete 60 jobs


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Goo rocket
Goo rocket: Look down with the Goo Gun then shoot slime while you jump.
It will shoot you up like a rocket.

Easter eggs

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Ghostbusters NES Ending Screen
Inside the Ghostbusters headquarters, check one of the monitors on a desk in the upper floor and will have the ending screen from the 1988 NES game!
NES Ghostbusters
NES Ghostbusters
In the Ghostbusters headquarters, one of the monitors on the upstairs desks has the ending screen from the original Ghostbusters game on the NES. The monitor comes complete with all the spelling and punctuation errors.