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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Unlockable Characters
In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, certain enemy characters can be convinced to join your team. This list is in chronological order of Parts/Chapters.
UnlockableHow to unlock
AranPart 1, Chapter 3: Speak to him with Laura.
MegPart 1, Chapter 4: View the info conversation before 1-4.
VolugPart 1, Chapter 5: View the info conversation before 1-5.
FionaPart 1, Chapter 7: Joins automatically if she survived 1-6.
Tormod, Muarim and VikaPart 1, Chapter 7: Speak to Tormod with Sothe.
HaarPart 2, Prologue: Speak to him with Marcia.
HeatherPart 2, Chapter 1: Speak to her with Brom or Nephenee.
DevdanPart 2, Chapter 3: View the info conversation before 2-3.
CalillPart 2, Final: View the info conversation before 2-F.
Janaff and UlkiPart 3, Chapter 8: Speak to both of them with Ike or Reyson.
PelleasPart 4, Chapter 2: Joins automatically if he survived 3-13 (second playthrough or higher)
StefanPart 4, Chapter 3: Move Micaiah onto the tile 11 up and 1 accross from the bottom right tile.
OliverPart 4, Chapter 4: Speak to him with Rafiel.
VolkePart 4, Chapter 5: Pay him 3000G with Bastian or Elincia.
RenningPart 4, Final: View the info conversation before 4-F.
NasirPart 4, Final: Joins automatically if he survived part 3 of the final chapter.
GarethPart 4, Final: Joins automatically if he survived part 3 of the final chapter.
LehranPart 4, Final: Joins automatically after viewing Ike's memory scene (second playthrough or higher)


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Aimie's Bargains
Always check Aimie's bargain category of the shop once you get into a chapter, somtimes there is extremly rare stuff there, like Shinon's Master Bow, Or Arm Scroll's!
Anti Laguz Skills
Skills such as Beastfoe or Birdfoe allow the user to deal much bonus damage to the appropriate laguz units. Chapter 1-4 has Beastfoe in the spot (1,9). That is the far left row, ninth tile up (includes the first one). This skill makes chapters against laguz much easier for the Dawn Brigade. Be sure to pick it up.
BeTER Growth
to do this u must battle save before gaining a level with any unit then if u dont gain the things u want just resume until u win what u want
Bridge Hole Bypass
In Part 3 (chapter 8 I think), you must fight off a group off enemies on a bridge. The tough part of battle is that there are numerous spots where the floor is weak. If any non aerial unit moves to these panels, they will fall through the ground and end their turn. They will also be garunteed to be struck by an enemy attacks. You can guess at where these are based on where the enemy moves, but there is way to have walking units move over them. Simply place an aerial unit (peg knight, dragon rider, heron, or hawk laguz) over that spot. And your units will be free to walk over it without adverse affects.
characters to unlock
AranPart 1, Chapter 3: Speak to him with Laura.
CalillPart 2, Final: View the info conversation before 2-F.
DevdanPart 2, Chapter 3: View the info conversation before 2-3.
FionaPart 1, Chapter 7: Joins automatically if she survived 1-6.
GarethPart 4, Final: Joins automatically if he survived part 3 of the final chapter.
HaarPart 2, Prologue: Speak to him with Marcia.
HeatherPart 2, Chapter 1: Speak to her with Brom or Nephenee.
JanaffPart 3, Chapter 8: Speak to him with Ike or Reyson.
LehranPart 4, Final: Joins automatically after viewing Ike's memory scene (second playthrough or higher)
Meg Part 1, Chapter 4: View the info conversation before 1-4.

Nasir Part 4, Final: Joins automatically if he survived part 3 of the final chapter.

Oliver Part 4, Chapter 4: Speak to him with Rafiel.

Pelleas Part 4, Chapter 2: Joins automatically if he survived 3-13 only achived 2nd play through the game

Renning Part 4, Final: View the info conversation before 4-F.
Stefan Part 4, Chapter 3: Move Micaiah, Lethe or Mordecai onto the tile 11 up and 1 accross from the bottom right tile.

Tormod Part 1, Chapter 7: Speak to him with Sothe comes with muarium and vika

Ulki Part 3, Chapter 8: Speak to him with Ike or Reyson.

Volke Part 4, Chapter 5: Pay him 3000G with Bastian or Elincia.

Volug Part 1, Chapter 5: View the info conversation before 1-5.
Before the start of each chapter, check your enemy's items. This will minimize the chance of wasting something important. If they have something cool like a master seal, send a theif/rogue to steal it. After that you may bombard them.
Don't use the Black Knight!
In Part one endgame, and in part 3, the one where you attack all the lazug as the dawn brigade, DONT USE THE BLACK KNIGHT!!
Let's face it, the Dawn Brigade is terrible and need all the exp they can get! if you use the black knight, all their feeble hopes of being as cool as the greil mercenaries evaporate! In part four, if you havent gotten every member of the Dawn Brigade to at least lvl 5 of the second class they will be pwned epicly even on easy mode!!
Also, train on bosses and clerics who can heal them selves; I spent 40 turn in part 1 end game, having Fiona attack the priest and the priest heal!
Elder Scrolls Music
during some info conversations (like the Pelleas conversation before chapter 1-9), if you listen closely, you can here music from Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. I think its the main menu music or the music that plays when you're exploring the land.
Enemy Weapons/Items
If the name of an enemy's weapon/item is red their weapon/item can be acquired when they are defeated so long as the character that defeats them has an open space in their inventory.
get this guy
WARNING: difficult unless ike is level 16 or so. To unlock Lehran you must have Ike talk to the Black Knight in the part 3. I forget what chapter, but it is when you are controlling the mercenaries and fighting Daein. then after you kill Lehran in chapter 4, he joins you.(may be second time through the game. I know its difficult but worth it.)
Getting a level 40 heron in part 1 chapter 8
This is rather simple, if not obvious. Basically just use galdrar constantly until max. Make sure you battle save to make sure you get several stats so you can max some. All is near impossible.
Hold the Line!
Because much of this game is spent on landscapes varying in size, elevations, etc., knowing which tactics to use when is essential to winning.

There are several varying elevations in maps in this game, and using the high points of these is crucial! Being able to best your enemy to said location should be the first thing on your mind, for having the higher elevation makes the level much, much easier to complete.

This helps because A) enemies cannot pass without killing you first, meaning you can block a very large amount of enemy units with only a few and B) enemy hit percentage drastically drops while user hit percentage drastically increases.

Seizing high locations on maps to stop reinforcements, etc can be the difference of a victory and a loss.
How to get 1st part 1st tier characters to 3rd tier in part 1 + more
If you plan on doing this you better have like a week of free time. Basically, don't spend your money until the last level. You will need it all. This also doesn't require master seals. Just more patience than a man in jail.for life. And he can't die. First, don't ever use the black knight he is a wall, true, but you won't get all your crap people to 3rd tier till part 4, if at all.DO NOT BUY ANY BARGAINS. They are anything but. In the 9th chapter, use the black knight as a shield and let miciah build up her weapon rank and level. Battle save after the beginning of every turn to ensure she lives and or gets good stats. This is useful in all levels for all characters too and this way you don't have to use her in part 1 endgame. If on normal, use her as a pack mule for weapons. Now, with weapons, give everyone max they can carry of their weakest weapon. If they get other weapons at tier 2 do 3 of the extra and four for their main.For Ilyana give her two of each basic fire, thunder and wind magic because sages can use all three. YOU WILL NEED THE BRONZE WEAPONS FOR THEY CAN'T CRIT AND HAVE 50 DURABILITY. On easy you can do this quicker than normal with less weapons, but first time you need to figure out how many is the right number.Slowly work your way through, rushing with volug, sothe, and everyone else preparing for the oncoming thieves to get the treasure plus the poisonous bandits in mid map, swordsmen higher to the left, and mages where you started within the next few turns. Once you stop the thieves take it slow, divying up exp from enemies as you go. Don't care about the healers, kill them without remorse for their hordes of exp. You'll get way more soon. Seriously. Don't use them for exp. Once you get to Jarod, break his weapon, steal his concoction cause he won't use it, turn off battle animations, and grind him into to pure exp. If anyone double hits, rescue someone. Double hits basically kill faster and half durability. For Fiona,MAKE SURE YOU TAKE OFF HER SAVIOR. Or whatever it is. Jarod gives nearly 20 exp for anyone below his level. It slowly decreases as you level, but 20 per hit with 50 durability going down by one exp I think every two levels is badass. Note- that exp is for easy. Normal is about 12 at first decreasing all the down to one exp every 2 levels. Makes carrying 7 bronze weapons per nooby character a requirement and with miciah and others carrying extra weapons as pack mules too. But still possible. I have fully done Leonardo, Edward, and Nolan to third tier in normal so far and taken their 2nd tier stats to max, then upgraded makes them to epicosity. At nearly 4000 turns, but I've gotten others up some and I took like 1000 turns just getting to the guy cause I'm slow. I plan on doing others as hints cause I don't feel like making (or now how) to make a walkthrough or FAQ on here. Everything I've said I've done several times, so verify to humor me and so people see this and other things I post. All information I have is from extensive, continuous playing of this game and possibly from other people. My memory ain't that good, so don't send an email complaining about stuff I said that someone else did. Cause I claim nothing as my own. Just wanna help.
how to get stefan
You all remember Stefan the really hard guy to get from Path of Radiance? well, guess what he is back and just as difficult to get. You can get him in part 4 on the desert level(Micaiah's army).Put the curser on the very top right hand box the go 13 spaces south and 1 west. to get him you need to place Micaiah on this space. Stefan comes with the same sword he had in the last game. If you have anything to add please E-mail me.
Occult Begone!
In this game, like the GBA version's of Fire Emblem instead of using occults, units get to their third Class.

The Third Classes that I know of Are...

Reaver (Fighter/Warrior)
Sentinel (Soldier/Halaberider)
Saint (Priest/Bishop)
Vanguard (Hero/Ike Only)
Gold Knight (Axe Or Sword Paladin)
Silver Knight (Lance Or Bow Paladin)
Marksman (Archer/Sniper)
Sepraph Knight (Pegasus/Falcon Knight)
Queen (Elincia Only)
Light Priestess (Light Mage/Light Priest/ Michiah Only)
Whisper (Rouge)

Also, ln this game Laguz can go up to lvl 40 and have "Satori Signs", which are like Occult scrolls except the laguz has to be lvl 30 or higher.
Old trick in the book
If you want to level a guy really fast, but don't want him to take damage, all you have to do is put one of your generals, or someone with a high defense in front of a boss on a gate or a place where he'll get healed and break their weapon. Make sure your unit either doesn't have a weapon, or can't kill the boss while they're at it. Let them attack you and train a healer by putting them right behind your unit getting attacked. If they have a close and a long range weapon break the long range first and the close second. After that take your unit and batter up! It helps to get your guys to level 1 of their second class if you can on level 10 of the first part. I used Tuoreno and un-equipped his weapons, and had all my guys level 5 at their second class.
Part 1 endgame
If you want an easy win: Bring Nailah and The Black Knight. Give Sothe the pass skill to go through the archer on the ledge and take out the thieves. Now take the chapter nice and slow. Use The Black Knight and Nailah to take out everyone. If Micaia is not level 20, have her walk behing them attacking for experience.

If you want experience: DO NOT bring The Black Knight, he is too strong. Nailah is okay because she is not level 40 yet. If you want the Items, Use Nailah and Tormod and one other to take out the Arms. and fighters. After that, Nailah can bring down the thieves and your other characters should be supporting Tormod (he has good speed but low defense). The rest is up to you.
P.S. Make sure Micaia is level 20 by the end of the level.
Part 3 Chapter 8
Ok I've noticed some people have trouble with this chapter as the pitfalls and magic shields can block off your army for some turns. To solve this make sure you bring Haar and Heather along with you, as well as all of your fastest units. Now what your do is send Haar far ahead of everyone else(don't send the pegasus knights as they will die in a second) to kill the guys with magic shields. If that fails sens Heather up their to steal them from the enemy. Now just blitz through the map with your paladin units and try to avoid the pitfalls
Part IV endgame.
This is one of the hardest chapters in any Fire Emblem game. And the final bosses are the hardest. When making your preparations, make sure you do a few things. #1: Use ALL your bonus experience, it will be useless after this. #2: Use ALL stat raising items. #3: You can only pick 11 units to come with you, all should be in 3rd tier and fully equipped with silver items and whatever S/SS gear you found. #4: This one is *really* important, any unit you are not taking might have useful skills to take, do it. Also, Callil and Nolan have the skill Nihil, it is extremely useful for the shields on the last battle, regardless if you're taking them or not, put a Nihil on Caineghis and Tibarn or Naesala, whichever is better.
A good lineup would be:
Stefan/Edward/Mia/Zihark (The best one)
Rhys/Laura (The better one)
Haar/Jill (Most likely Haar is a bit better)

And for the heron, Rafiel is the best choice because he can activate 4 units at a time.
Good luck with the final chapter!
During your second play through the game in a chapter in part three. (I think)You will get pelius the only dark magic user in the game that is a playable unit.Later in the game closer to the end you will get the S or SS dark magic and you can possible get his weapons from Aimee.
Recruit Oliver!
Yet another appearance from Path of Radiance, this time it is Oliver, Duke of Tanas. He may be a very horrid character at times, but he can be recruited in a simple way. Part IV Chapter 4 (Ike's army) is where you can find this unit. He will appear as a boss on the top of the map. Once you fight your way through the many enemies in front of him, you are face-to-face with him. Now, this boss is only recruitable with the heron, Rafiel, who is in Ike's army automatically. If you've been good about protecting your herons so far, then you can just protect him enough to get within Oliver's range. However, if you are not too good at blocking weaker units with no counter attack, then I suggest using one of your most powerful mounted units (For me it was Haar.) that won't do horribly with the decrease in stats, to rescue Rafiel and just carry him all the way up as you clear. Recruiting him is not mandatory, it is easy enough to kill him, but it's so easy to do and he comes with a Nosferatu and Silence, two useful items. Enjoy!
Recruit Stefan!
Many of you who have played Path of Radiance remember Stefan right? That incredible swordsmaster can be recruited here too as a 3rd tier unit! Part IV Chapter 3 (The desert map, Micaiah's army) is where you recruit him. Recruting him is almost as tricky as in the last game, requiring Micaiah to step on a specific square. Go to the upper right corner, and go down 13 spaces, then go left one and that's where Stefan is! He comes with the SS sword the Vague Katti. Enjoy him for the few battles you can! Also, if you choose not to use him, recruit him anyway and trade his sword to a sword user other than Ike with SS skill.
secret power
Elincia - Okay. Just listen. Elincia has a sword that will NEVER break and allows her to attack four times! I leveled her up a bit, and she was one of my prime laguz killers. That's right. She can take down dragons.FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Make sure to get rid of her annoying Mercy ability. It lets should be dead enemies survive with 1 hp

Meg - Most of us ditch her for Brom. But Meg has the highest speed stat of any knight in the game. She makes a wicked secret weapon. No one expects a fast knight.

Mist - Most of the time Mist rots at the bottom of the roster. But, leveled up, she can become a valkrie, a one-of-a-kind awesome unit.

Ilyana - She is often abandoned for already strong magics like Soren, Callil, and Tormod. But, properly trained, she can outshine most of them.

Kurth - Only available towards the end of the game, Kurth is full of unrealized potential. Leveled up, he can own the battlefield.

Astrid - Oh. My. God. Astrid is awesome. She gains twice the experience of everyone else, is really fast once she gets going, and can become a defensive wall. I got her to a lv 20 silver knight and boy was it worth it.

Mia - Okay. I'll be honest. She isn't THAT overlooked. But she's my all time favorite unit, so I just had to include her. She is inhumanly fast and can easily equip Alondite.

hope i helped
skills that halve experience
You know skills like blossom and halfshift. They halve experience like some other skills. If you're unit is 2nd or 3rd tier, give them the skill paragon and the blossom or halfshift. You'll then get normal experience. I let volug keep halfshift and still get normal experience
The Fighting Herons
The herons aren't supposed to be able to fight but you can make them fight. Give them one of the magic cards (daemon, specter, etc.) and they can use it to fight. In human form they can't do too much but in heron form when their magic is doubled they can do more.


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Character chart mistake
In the character chart find maurim and look at his description.It is actually Mist's description!No one has maurim's description sadly.
full luguz gauge always!
ok when you get your first wildheart skill our voulg if you have like 3 luguz points left use revert then as soon as you revert you can halfshift and have full luguz gauge again ps give wildheart to ranulf he kills every one
Venin Weapons
Poisonous weapons can be stolen from your enemies. Using Brom's skill, disarm, an enemy can be forced to unequip their weapon. Once the weapon is unequipped use Sothe or Heather to steal it. Battle save before attacking with disarm, it may take several tries. This works on all weapons that are not locked, but it depends on luck so I would only use it for poisonous weapons.