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Far Cry: Vengeance Cheats

Far Cry: Vengeance cheats, Codes, and Codes for Wii.

Far Cry: Vengeance Command codes

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All Maps
Enter this code at the cheat menu:

Give me the maps

for all maps.
Submitted by: Nagare on August 26, 2008

Far Cry: Vengeance Cheats

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Arcade Mode Level Select
To select your own level in Arcade Mode (which you normally can't do), go to the Arcade Move character select screen and press Down and Left at the same time (then release), then press B and Start (then release also).
Submitted by: Fluidity on April 05, 2008
Code Names
Feral Attack In Earlier Levels: FeralAttack

Infinite Feral Attacks: Bloodlust

Infinite Ammo: UnleashHell

Restore Health: ImJackCarver
Submitted by: Fluidity on April 05, 2008
Start with Nine Continues
Go to the Arcade Mode character selection screen and hold down Down (control pad), Left (control pad), A, and C, then release all four buttons at the same time and select your character to start with nine continues.
Submitted by: Fluidity on April 05, 2008