Excite Truck Cheats

Excite Truck cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Air Spins
After you go off a ramp, you can spin your truck around in midair for bonus stars. Just hold 1 and any button on the D-pad and turn a little to one side, then turn a lot in the opposite direction while still holding the buttons. This is a 360 and will give you a star.
At the start of the race...
You could do one of the following things:-
1) Boost until your car is just about to overheat.
2) Boost in short spurts.
3) Save the boost and take the obvious shortcut route scoring tree runs.
Easy on the Turbo
Don't use turbo for too long, a few seconds at most. Your truck will overheat and slow down.
Easy Super Smash
When starting a race, use your turbo and ram the truck next to you. This will almost always end in a super smash.
Flying Your Truck
Tilt the Wiimote towards yourself to gain extra air time and Stars while your truck is already in the air.
How to get a 1080 professionally
To do this you need to on the ramp, hold down any d-pad button for 2 seconds. Then tilt the remote so you are flying further and go in into your first spin still so the remote is making the car fly further. 3 quarters way round, do the same for another spin then when the car is fully round it will continue going round for another spin. Do the same again. (if your car is still in the air) And you will get that all important 1080 spin for 5 stars. (and if your lucky you could get a super air aswell, like I did)
Jump Combos
If there are multiple ramps in a row, try and do turbo jumps off of each one consecutively. The more you combo, the more points (stars) you will receive.
Land Flat for More Speed
If you land with a "Nice Landing", you will be given a few seconds of super speed. When landing, the trick is to tilt the Wiimote forward.
When you are landing, try to position your truck so that all four wheels hit the ground at the same time by tilting the Wiimote. This will give a temporary speed boost.
Longer Jumps
When you jump off a ramp, tilt the Wiimote back while still in the air until you see a trail of visible air behind you. This lets you move further while in the air and can help get high rings!
Professional Air Spins
Professional air spins are similar to regular air spins, but you spin around more than once, and you must do it quickly in order for it to count as one spin, as opposed to multiple 360s. Just spin once, and then quickly spin again the same way (and keep holding down 1 and the the D-pad). The more spins you make, the more stars you will receive. A 360 (a regular air spin) earns you one star, a 720 (two consecutive air spins) gives you 3 stars, a 1080 (three consecutive spins) earns you 5 stars, and anything above that is also worth 5 stars. It can be tricky to do, but don't give up. It also helps if you turbo jump before you start your air spins.
Quick Super Truck Smash
In story mode if you turn left while boosting at the beginning of the race you will get a Super Truck Smash almost every time.
Truck overheating?
Is your truck always overheating? On trucks near the ocean, take a drive through the shallow area and your truck will cool down alot!
Turbo jumping
When your just about to go off a hill or jump, hit 2 on your Wiimote and you should go very high in the air. This is how you get those high up rings!
Turbo Jumping
To do a turbo jump, hit the D-pad right after you go off a jump. Repeatedly pressing it a little bit before you get to the jump also works if you have bad timing.


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Crazy Monster Truck!
After you beat every race in "Super Excite" mode with an S rank, you unlock mirror mode. But what happens if you beat every race in mirror mode with an S rank? You unlock another truck called the Crazy Monster Truck! It is the same as the Monster Truck, but it is always flashing as if you have obtained a "Pow" powerup while racing. Plus, you can smash right through trees without stopping!

Note: This is not fake, I unlocked it myself.


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Different paint colors!
To paint your car a different color you need to get 3 S rankings or do 10 races with the car. Color varies by the car.


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Special Race Icons
When you beat every game in challenge mode with an S rank, you will unlock super challenge mode, which has harder versions of the other games. But when you beat all of those games in super challenge mode, you will unlock special race icons, which replace "Stars" with area specific icons. In Canada, you will get pine cones, Mexico has cacti, Scotland has golf balls, Fiji has bananas, China has Panda heads, Finland has snowflakes, and Nebula has crystals.
Unlock a monster truck!
Get a different paint job on all trucks (Win 10 S grade races with every truck) and you will unlock a monster truck!
Silver Cup - Complete Bronze Cup (With B ranking or higher)
Gold Cup - Complete Silver Cup (With B ranking or higher)
Platinum Cup - Complete Gold Cup (With B ranking or higher)
Diamond Cup - Complete Platinum Cup (With B ranking or higher) [This is the Final Course]
Special Race Icons - Get all S Grades in Super Challenge Mode
New Paint Job (Alternate Method) - Finish three races with an S ranking using a single truck
New Paint Job - Win 10 races with a single truck
Monster Truck - Unlock the alternate paint jobs for the other 19 trucks
Mirror Race Mode - Obtain S-Rank on all tracks on Super Excite race mode
Super Excite Mode - Clear all races in excite mode with an S rating