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Disney Epic Mickey cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Classic Disney cartoons
During the 2D transition levels (between game sections), collect the indicated number hidden film reels to unlock the corresponding cartoon at the "Extras" menu:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Mickey Mouse in "The Mad Doctor"6 film reels
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in "Oh What A Knight"14 film reels
New Game + mode
Successfully complete the game. Then, load the cleared saved game file to start a second playthrough with all previously collected items.
UnlockableHow to unlock
New Game + modeSuccessfully complete the game.


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Finding Walt Disney's apartment
Successfully complete "The Lonesome Manor" level, and return to Mean Street. Talk to the Gremlin at the Penny Arcade to find out the machine has another function, but requires 30 Power Sparks to activate. After the Power Sparks are given to him, he will tell you that something has activated at the Fire Station. Jump up to the window above the door at the Fire Station. Gus will ask if you want to enter Walt Disney's apartment. Inside is a piece of concept art and two gold E-Tickets with Oswald on them, which are worth 150 Tickets. Note: The Oswald Tickets will not appear again.
How to Beat Petetronic
OK, you may know this already but this battle is staged on a Tron-themed arena! Alright this is how you fight him: You start off the battle by running and dodging Pete's thinner. When he throws the identity disk at you (the glowing Frisbee) use the spin move to hit it back at him, he is briefly stunned and he turns around, his back is the target. You can choose whether to befriend him (Paint) or defeat him. (Thinner) Which ever one you choose, can change how you play the game.
How to Beat The Clock Tower
The battle begins with you avoiding being crushed by the demons massive arms.
When the clock tower's fists smash the ground, smother the fists in either paint or thinner. If you choose Thinner, you need to melt away all the armor on the hands revealing the robotics and machinery. When the now robotic fist smashes the ground it falls apart, melt away the armor on the arms and wait for it to fall apart - repeat the process on the other arm, and claim your victory! If you choose Paint, spray one arm until its completely blue and it backs away from the fight - repeat the process with the other arm, then, hop aboard the blue hand and wait. Eventually, you'll be lifted up close enough to the face of the tower as to where you can spray it, Finally, blast the monstrosity in paint and un-dement this warped clock!

Easter eggs

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Giant Games
When you arrive at Mickeyjunk Mountain, look around for giant telephone, surrounding this giant telephone, are giant mickey video games for the NES, and Super NES!
Rude Oswald
After you find Oswald and bring him back to Mean street, he'll stand in front of the statue of Walt and him. If you walk up to him and turn your back, he'll make a face at you! When you turn back to him he'll look away and start whistling all innocent-like.