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Endless Ocean cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Magu Tapa (Hidden Page)
"The legendary great white shark with a giant body and a length of over 7m. Its name is that of the god of violence and death that features in myths told around the islands of Paoul."

Once found, there will be a 42nd page in your encyclopedia. If found before the Ancient Mother, it'll be on the 41st page.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Magu TapaAt Ship's Rest at night after you've found the Shark Tooth
Partner Locations
When you come across a dolphin that is not your partner, Catherine will prompt you to befriend it. Make friends as usual by patting, nudging or whistling to find more information about the creature. When you have two bits of information (you will need to come back on a different day for the second) the dolphin will appear at your boat the next time you return. Use the Ramp and you will have the option to make it your partner. If you have three partners already you will be prompted to get rid of one of them to make room for the new. The next time you return to the boat the rejected partner will visit to seek reinstatement or say goodbye.

Once you have given your new partner a name they are ready to be trained or to be used when diving.
Belugain the 'Prince's Room' in the Ruins once unlocked
Bottlenose Dolphinat Central Hall in the Ruins (also found during basic training)
Commerson's Dolphinsouth west of Marige Atoll (Mo'ia Atoll)
Common Dolphinat Dolphin Rock near Sunshine Beach
False Killer Whalein or near the White Room of the Caves
Orca (Killer Whale)in the Ocean's Graveyard/Ship's Rest around the highest wingtip of the crashed plane (once unlocked)
Pacific White-sided DolphinBelow the Sloping Hallway (Entryway Slope) at E5
Risso's Dolphin in the Secret Cave in the Abyss
Unlock the Orca (P.32)
"..Of all the creatures in all the oceans of all the world, killer whales hold a position at the top of the food chain. The 'Ocean's Graveyard', full of large, dangerous creatures, is the one area for him to feed. There
seems to be some sort of connection between him and the Life Beads.

You can't unlock the Orca until you have recieved the email about a Ghost ship, and of course you need to find the ghost ship itself, and the Life Beads. The life beads can be found at the Moia A'toll, so you have to have been there aswell.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Life BeadsI5 (5,6) at Moia A'toll (Ruins) in front of the middle stone head.
OrcaCutscene once you have the Life Beads. After you have seen it once it swims around the highest point of the wrecked plane's vertical wing during the day.


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When diving, press the minus button on your wii remote and your diver will kick his/her fins automatically, all you have to do is direct him/her where to go. Pressing any button will hault the auto-swim.
Befriending Fish
From the start you are told how to befirend fish to collect information about them: petting them. However, some fish are harder to befriend than others. You can poke them by just pressing the A button once, feeding them, you can use your whistle from your menu to communicate with them, even drawing on them with the underwater pen could help the process. If the creature is large enough, (a whale, a dolphin, etc.) you can push the A & B buttons to swim with it.
Some things happen at specific times of year, and certain species of fish and animals only appear in their season. Example, one fish might be seen year round while another only can be seen in winter.

The calendar starts in July, as that is when you start the game.

Summer: Starts June 1st
Autumn: Starts September 1st
Winter: Starts December 1st
Spring: Starts March 1st
Some Unlocks.
Song Benedictus[b]

To unlock the song Benedictus you must visit the Abyss for the first time.

[b]Hayley's Medley

To unlock Hayley's Medley (Plays all of Westenra's songs in a random order) you need to unlock all of the other tracks.

E Pari Ra

To unlock E Pari Ra go to "Ship's Rest" for the first time.

Amazing Grace

To unlock Amazing Grace you must visit "Mo'ia Atoll" ruins.

Hine e Hine

To unlock Hine e Hine you need to cause the roof of the Ruins to cave in.

Pokarekare Ana

To unlock Pokarekare Ana free the bottlenose dolphin from the Lagoon.

River of Dreams

To unlock the River of Dreams enter the White Room of the Great Aqua Cave.


To unlock the Shenandoah enter the Great Aqua Cave for the first time.
The Beluga
To unlock the Beluga you must do the following:

First three conditions must be satisfied:
- Visit all areas of the Great Aqua Cave
- Visit all caves of the Abyss
- Find all six stone tablets in the Underwater ruins

After completing each of these you will receive an e-mail.

After reading this message the treasure "Old Bracelet" will appear on F4.

After collecting this, Katherine will speak to you.

You can now find the Beluga in H7.
The Orca
To find the Orca you must first explore 90% or more of the main map. After doing so you will receive an e-mail.

A new treasure "Life Beads" will appear on I5 of the Underwater Ruins of Marige Atoll.

Return to the boat and Katherine will talk to you.

You can now find the Orca at the Ocean Graveyard during the day.
Here are the map locations of the treasures that have a set location: (Letters: Top of Grid on map going left to right, Numbers: Side of Grid on map going top to bottom)

B8- Compass Piece

D5- Necklace
D6- Tiara

D/E2- Mirror Piece
D/E3- Mirror Piece

E1- Storyboard Piece

F4- Cassette
F6- Storyboard Piece

H1- Compass Piece
H3- Storyboard Piece

J9- Compass Piece

K1/2- Mirror Piece
K7- Storyboard Piece

L3- Medal
L3- Mirror Piece

M1- Compass Piece
M5- Picture Frame
Unlocking Land / Open Sea
In the begining of the game, your map is colorless, and as you visit more locations, those locations become colored. But wait, it won't let me go on land, or into the open sea?! Well, by vising all of the locations surrounding the land or the open sea, they can also become colored as if you actually visited them. Example, to the the left of the map where the cut off is between the open sea and Manoa Lia, you cannot visit. But by visiting all of the coordinates around it, the open ocean will be colored.
White Mother in Aquarium
To get the White Mother in the aquarium you must first get all 642 entries for yout fish journal. (214 fish x 3 entries for each fish)

You will then receive a message from Katherine.

Afterwards you will now be able to put up to 4 White Mother's in the aquarium at a time.


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Unlock The Water is Wide
To unlock The Water is Wide you must watch the credits.
View Staff Credits
When it's sunset in-game (after 6pm - use the clock in the boat's cabin to see the time), sit on the deck chair, and look out over the horizon as usual to view a special cut-scene with Staff Credits.