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Driver: Parallel Lines (Wii) Cheats

Driver: Parallel Lines cheats, and Codes for Wii.


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Driver: Parallel Lines Cheats
GUNBELT ... Infinite ammunition.
GUNRANGE ... Unlock all weapons.
ZOOMZOOM ... Infinite nitro.
ROLLBAR ... Cars are indestructable.
TOOLEDUP ... Upgrades cost nothing.
CARSHOW ... Unlocks all vehicles.
IRONMAN ... Player invulnerability.
KEYSTONE ... Police vehicles vulnerable.
Driver: Parallel Lines Unlockables
Double Ammunition Capacity: You must collect 30 Stars
Double Car Durability: You must collect 40 Stars
Free Vehicle Upgrades: You must collect 50 Stars
Health Increase: You must collect 10 Stars
Nitrous Increase: You must collect 20 Stars
To get invincibility for this game all you have to do is at the pause menu, go to the sheats and type in STEELMAN.
More Unlockables:
Atlus Racer, Negotiator Vehicle, Ram Raider, Then & Now Change Option:
Finish the Game.

F70 Weapon:
Finish the mission "Tailgate".

Gangster Weapon:
Finish the mission "Tailgate".

Service 9 Weapon:
Finish the mission "Last Chance".

L15 Weapon:
Finish the mission "Jail Break".
Unlockable Odometer Modes
Bodysnatcher - Accumulate 666 miles on the Odometer
Night Night - Accumulate 700 Miles on the Odometer
Shortest Day - Accumulate 800 Miles on the Odometer
Far Out - Accumulate 900 Miles on the Odometer