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Dragon Blade: Wrath Of Fire Cheats

Dragon Blade: Wrath Of Fire cheats, Codes, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.

Command codes

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Unlock Powers
Hold Z and press "+" on the stage select screens followed by gestures.


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All shards
Using this cheat you get all dragon shards to get all dragon armor
UnlockableHow to unlock
All shardsHold z and + and use wii remote to jab forward and down
Some cool unlockables
There are slot of Unlockables!
UnlockableHow to unlock
All levelsAt title screen hold plus and minus while selecting new game or old game. Hold until level select appears.
Easy difficultyAt the title screen hold Z and 2 while selecting new game.
Hard difficultyAt the title screen, hold C and 2 while selecting new game.
Dragon headAt stage select, hold Z and press plus. Immediantly swing wiu remote right, down, swing nunchuck left, then swing it right.
infinite healthon stage select hold z & press + & swing wii remote up than down
Switch weapon
Able to switch swords while playing game and hold z and press any of the control pad for instance press up unlocks dragon god sword. Basically hold and press any direction on the control pad to use any sword u got like fire,God,water,shadow
UnlockableHow to unlock
SwitchPress & hold z and + while on stage select and use wii remote and jab forward
Unlockable Weapons
UnlockableHow to unlock
Long SwordBeat the game.
Water dragon swordBeat the water dragon after beating the game
Dragon god swordHold z & press + swing Wii remote up,down,left,right. This sword will have a golden flame and can kill enemies with one hit


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Killing tthe 2nd, 3rd and fourth king aslo the dark dragons.
The 2nd King:

Prize: Left Arm.


This gouy likes to attack from both On Long and CLose Range, the trick is roll until you can approach him, then he will trow his punch on the floor, then he wil start doing an a Quick-Stunner punch, now is your chance rol and do an uppercut, then keep repeating the uppers but quick, since whn he satrs to spin his pucn run out of his way, then if you magnaged to send him on the air he will re-start the sequence repeat until his blue bar drops down, now the trick is the same but here is the deal, jump and do the spin attack when he is just finishing the ground punch he will go on the florr use the down attack and when he stands up use your Rigth arm uppercut to finish the job.

The Third King:

Pize Dragon Wings.

This guy is pathetick, when he stops of doing his sowrd dance use your spin attack to send him on the Floor, then use you Double Arm Ground Punch to quickly dispach his blue bar, on the 2nd fase he is gonna to charge a nasty attack, use again you double dragon arm dragon punch to knock his health out.

Fourth King:

Prize: Dragon Tail whip.

He is a little hard, but not so hard, mainly stay away from him until he uses his tail injection, after avoid his attack, then run where he is give him to or 3 hits run and repeat for the part of his green bar knock him on the ground then use your double dragon punch to kill him.

The Dark Dragons:

First Dragon:

He is a pain in the ass mainly avoid all of his attack then when he tries to attack you roll so you can attack him, finally for the green Bar an a Rigth arm Uppercut and then the 2nd phase.

the 2nd phase can be difficult but not so difficult, mainly avoid his tackle and stay away from a good distance, then when he shows up, attack until he tries to tackle you or he star to use an distance attack of water, roll and attack.

the third phase is timed battle just do what the screen says.

The 2nd dragon:

This Turtle boss is more easy than he looks, for the first phase avoid his pillars and use many times the spin attack, hen you see some rings that shows up run out of his range and repeat.

the 2nd phase:

avoid him but aslo stay close USE the dragon ground punch to maje his blue bar go down to half then do a couple of hits, run and repeat.
Timed battle do as the Machine does.

The 3rd Dragon:

Avoid his tail until he trows his tail part, so when he laucnhes his mouth at you attack with either your wing attack or maybe your dragon punch do this a couple of time and he is history.

2nd Phase:

This is more easy than the first, avoid so when he is underground keep running so when he laucnhes his shadow wake avoid it and go close avoid his bite and use again the same rutine.

Timed Battle Once Again.

the 4th dragon:

this is a nice opponent, first we avoid his crunnch then use your spin to make some damage, aslo do the rutine, when hge is triying to be in front of you Spin attack the neck, now use your whip to drain whatever he has of the blue bar, now double dragon ground punch , note that when he is surrounded by a dark field use your rigth arm so you can make damage again, his 2nd phase is equal to the first, but intead he will use one of the higher sphere´s.

the 3rd phase timed battle.


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All Worlds
Simply Press and Hold + and - and press one of two New game or Load game all the worlds are unlocked, but you wont have all the powers you have to beat ech enemy in order to acquire them.
Killing the last bosses.
The Fifth King:

Prize: Dragon head.

Eye i higly recomend entering with much as Fire power you can.

Strategy: Corrum is tougth guy, but not so tougth, the trick is to use your double jump when he fires his Balls, and close to him and then run a little out of his Field of Vision (his weapon indicates the field of vision) after you run he will do a Scream attack you avoided it then comes the hard part, dodge his weapon attack and jump in the air and do an a Fire spin over him and repeat, after you send completley down his Blue Bar, repeat the phase of before but, dont do the spin do the stap (you know the Know the one that hurts a lot and is in middle air) then do an a uppercut with any of your arms he is done.


PHASE 1: Avoid al his attacks until one of these 3 thing happens:

1) he screams go to his tail and slash it until he satys in front of you.

2) he Start launching balls from his hands and if you are behind him slash his tail.

3) He starts to launch an a mad Flametrower, and if you are behind him slash one of his legs and repeat the stpes of above.

PHASE 2: he will start to use 2 tronados repeat the steps of the PHASE 1 to kill him.

PHASE 3: He will add an a new attack meteorain, just avoid all of his attacks, then summon the wing shield and launch an a mass punishment over him.

PHASE 4: Same of Phase 3.

PHASE 5: Yes he has 5 Cores, yet he is easy he realizes all the PHASES 1,2,3 and 5