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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Wii) Cheats

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Defeating Baby in Dragon History
When you start, you will be in the normal stage. Keep your distance. When he gets close, do a normal combo ending with a bashing attack. This should send him flying. If not, keep going until it does. When the "R3" symbol appears, use it as quickly as possible. Goku should turn into a Super Saiyan 3. Repeat the same strategy because your health is very limited. After awhile the "R3" symbol will reappear; press it quickly. Majuub should come in. This is your chance to do a little damage while switching back and forth using the strategy done with Goku, and just doing combos on him. When the "R3" symbol appears, use it. When SS4 Goku comes in, try to take him out at that point.
Dragon Ball Collection
Dragon Ball collecting is not as simple as in the last game. If anyone knows a better way to get them than this, please post it, because I could certainly use a less complicated method. Since no one has anything up at all, though, I think I'll get the ball rolling with a process that seems to work. The trick is to play the World Tour mode frequently. Often after you win, the game will give you a Dragon Ball with your prize money. If it doesn't, then just back out of the World Tour mode and enter it again, until it gives you a new tournament type. When you do get a Dragon Ball, play that tournament again, before it advances to the next type. If a victory gives you a ball once, chances are it will give you two or three more. It is a time consuming process, but it seems a lot more reliable than playing through the story mode and trying to run into the right rock or building. And again, if you have any better ideas, post 'em. Don't just take it for granted that everyone else has figured them out, too. Good Luck.
Easy & Fast Dragon Balls
When history mode the best level is during the cell games. Future Trunks VS Cell. This is a scripted fight meaning to beat cell you just push 1 when the game tells you to.

Smash through everything to find a dragon ball, if your playing on hard dificulty you will earn 2500 points at a time. because it's a scripted fight you just push 1 when it says to.

you will get a dragon ball 80% of the time, but don't let cell destroy anything beacuse there might be a dragon ball there.
Easy Combo Master Capsule
Instead of going through 50 missions in mission 100 do 30 to unlock
survivor mode. the first one is call "Bardock's War" if you haven't done 50 missions yet the reward for beating bardock's war is the Combo Master Capsule.

this will save the trouble of doing 50 missions & you'll get it 20 missions sooner
easy dragon balls
to get the dragon balls quickly you can go to the first battle of the android saga where u are goku/vegeta fighting android #19. just keep smashing through rocks and pressing 1 in order to move on in the story. i find its the quickest way to get them instead of going through tournaments
Easy dragon balls
To get all of the dragon balls easily, play the last level in the androids saga. Smash through all the buildings until you get a dragon ball then finish the level.
Easy Survivor & Cell games
Use any Android for their energy absorbing ability. Super #17 has the best energy absorption ability. this will make all enemy Ki attacks useless.

Also use capsules that regenerate health & Ki Like Dendea's healing ability & rising fighting spirit.

every time an enemy uses Ki attacks just absorb their attack leaving them with physical attacks only.
Easy wins in World Tournaments with Uub
Play as Uub in the Cell Games Tournament. Uub cannot teleport. To counter this, use a Turtle Shell so your opponent will have to use six Ki bars to teleport, making it just about impossible. Even if they teleport, their Ki will be so low that you can hit them easily. His Ki-cannon shoots so quickly that most of the time you can hit anybody in mid range without having to set it up with a combo. Fierce Flurry is also a very powerful death move. Once you launch it, keep pressing Circle repeatedly to add on to the combo. Eventually you will have so many hits from the combo that it makes up for the two bars you had to use. This is what your skill setup should be:

1. Ki Cannon
2. Fierce Flurry
3. Turtle Shell
4-7. Sparkling!!!!

Since Uub starts with a base Kii level of 5, this makes it a lot easier. The Ki Cannon and Fierce Flurry together are powerful because they come out so quickly. For this to work well, you must equip Turtle Shell or else your opponents will keep teleporting.
How To Get The Three Dragons.
NAMEK DRAGON: Get all the dragonballs WHITOUT saving at all.

REGULAR GREEN SHENRON: Get all the dragonballs and save a few times.

RED SHENRON: Get the dragonballs but save after every single one.
more Z points per battle
When ever you are playing a level that tell's you to push 1 for diolog,
DON'T Push 1 & continue the fight until you kill the enemy.

you will earn almost double the amount of Z points. Be warned it may be
harder but you can earn double Z points in battle this way and you will
see new diolog
Most health in game
First,put king kai`s training on goku gt and ss4 vegeta. Next,be ss4 goku and ss4 vegeta. IT MUST BE TEAM BATTLE OR IT WON`T WORK! Run around until you have enough blast gauges for FUSION. Fuse and you will have 12 health bars! Enjoy!
Prequel bonus
Have a saved game file from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 on your hard drive or memory card to unlock characters in Versus mode that you unlocked in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2.
Survival Mode
Successfully complete thirty missions in 100 Mission mode to unlock Survival mode.


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Any Dragon You Want
After you have collected the Seven Magic Dragon Balls & summoned Shenron,
You can change what type of dragon you want by restarting the game.

Make sure you saved the seven Dragon Balls first. Just keep restarting until you have the Dragon you want.

Namekian Dragon Has 3 wish's
Black Star Dragon has one wish but has the 50,000 Z points
Normal SHenron has one wish

Any tournament and Character you want!!!
This cheat will let you do whatever tournament you want and any difficulty...

Go to Dragon World tour, and then tournament mode:

Choosing any tournament- Tournaments open based on the hour of the day in DWT... so go in and check the hour... to change the hour go in and then go out, then go in again. the hour moves up one... Keep repeating this to get the tournament you want open.

Yamcha Games open at 5:00
World Tounament opens at 7:00
Other world tournament opens at 00:00
Cell games open at 20:00
World Big Martial arts Tournament opens at 13:00

Choosing any Character at Yamcha games- To choose any character at the Yamcha games, do the hour change cheat to do the yamcha games, then go in them.It will preselect a character for you, then if you dont like it, go out of the character select and try again then back in, And try again! Cool thing is is that the hour doesn't change !!! :-D

Any difficulty- Do the hour change sheet over and over again till you get the tournament you want thengo in it. If its not the difficulty you want, then do another hour change so thats its the next day.

Easter eggs

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how to destroy planets
This is VERY Tricky to say the least but here are the Prerequisites
to destroy a planet:

-You Must attack a character while he is below 20,000 health.
-Target must survive the attack.
-Must be on a stage that can be destroyed
-Move must play as a character able to destroy a stage.

The character's that can do this vary, but 90% of Max Super attacks
will deatroy a planet under the right conditions.

List of deatroyable planets are:
1.)Ruined city
2.)desert, where you fought vegeta the first time
3.)planet namek
4.)master roshi;s house
5.)Islands, where cell becomes perfect.
6.)cliff side, with a road & truck


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SSJ4 Vegeta
Type in the following code at the Password Input screen in the Data Center:

3Njf# Sn&W* WM+jy Wj
5+ CJH+4 Nby-3 0M
Stage Unlocks
Capital City stage:
-Successfully complete Red Shenron's Wish to unlock the Capital City stage.

Desert Day stage:
-Successfully complete Shenron's Wish to unlock the Desert Day stage.

Desert Evening stage:
-Win the Yamcha Game Level 2 to unlock the Desert Evening stage.

Desert Night stage:
-Win the Cell Game Level 2 to unlock the Desert Night stage.

Janemba Hell stage:
-Successfully complete the Dragon History Special Saga "Janemba" to unlock the Janemba Hell stage.

Mt. Paozu stage:
-Successfully complete Shenron's Wish to unlock the Mt. Paozu stage.

Muscle Tower stage:
-Successfully complete the Dragon History Dragon Ball Saga "Decisive Battle in Holy Place" to unlock the Muscle Tower stage.

Penguin Village stage:
-Successfully complete Red Shenron's Wish to unlock the Penguin Village stage.

Unlock chi-chi
To unlock chi-chi, collect all of the dragon balls and summon shenron. If a red shenron appears, you can get chi-chi as a wish.
Unlock Future Gohan
To unlock Alternate Future Gohan, you must summon the original green Shenron and wish to unlock him.
Unlockable Characters
*Android 8-Clear "Affectionate Android" in Dragon History's What If Saga.
*Arale-Clear "Dream Match: Goku Vs. Arale" in Dragon History's What If Saga.
*Babidi-Clear "Farewell to the Proud Warrior" in Dragon History's Majin Buu Saga
*Kid Chi-Chi-Wish from Red Shenron
*Cyborg Tao-Obtain victory in Otherworld Tournament level 2
*Devilman-Clear "Unexpected Help" in Dragon History "What If" saga
*Dr. Wheelo-Clear "Strongest in the World" in Dragon History's Special Saga
*Fasha-Obtain victory in Yamcha Game level 3
*Future Gohan-Wish from Shenron
*General Blue-Clear "Penguin Village" in Dragon History's Dragon Ball Saga
*Goku GT-Clear "Immortal Monster" in Dragon History's Dragon Ball GT Saga
*King Cold-Obtain victory in Cell Games level 3
*King Piccolo-Clear "Goku Strikes Back" in Dragon History's Dragon Ball Saga
*King Vegeta-Clear "Galaxy Battle" in Dragon History's What If Saga
*Nail-Clear "Super Saiyan?!" in Dragon History's Frieza Saga
*Nam-Clear "Ceiling Vs. Ground" in Dragon History's Dragon Ball Saga
*Nuova Shenron-Clear "Solar Warrior 6000 Degrees of Power!" in Dragon History's Dragon Ball GT Saga
*Pilaf Machine-Obtain victory in World Martial Arts Big Tournament level 2
*Spopovich-Obtain victory in World Tournament level 3
*Tambourine-Clear "Goku Strikes Back" in Dragon History's Dragon Ball Saga
*Super Saiyan 4 Goku-Beat "Ultimate Android" in Dragon Ball GT Saga
*Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta-Beat "Ultimate Super Gogeta" in Dragon Ball GT Saga
*Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta-Beat "Ultimate Super Gogeta" in Dragon Ball GT Saga