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defeat Brock on wii

Once you defeat the tank you'll need to fight Brock on the tank.
This part is pure wrestling- forget tools: oils, saw, guns.
Dont be afraid of Brock he isn't zombie- thou u have to fight him.
On wii only works knee drops - you ll need to make them around 15. Sure before software aloud u do that you'll need to throw him punch or do other stuff. After knee drop run to other corner of tank so u ll b ready for his attack. If you not ready keep running around tank. If Brock swing hand- it means he wants to choke you - so run around or just move backwards with nunchuks. So wrestle watch distance move backwards-forwards be ready pres A, A+B, and final A+Z so he will die. Takes time- since you are here - you have it lol
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Os on April 21, 2009