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Crystal Defenders R2 Cheats

Crystal Defenders R2 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.

Crystal Defenders R2 Unlockables

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UnlockableHow to Unlock
Red CrystalUnlock round 1 of Tramdine Fens, "Power Surge"
Blue CrystalUnlock round 1 of Aisenfield, "Within Range".
Yellow CrystalUnlock round 1 of Kthili Sands, "Speed Indeed".
Time MageUnlock round 2 of Aisenfiel, "Slow Ride".
ThiefUnlock round 2 of Tramdine Fens, "Cutpurse Cunning".
BerserkerUnlock round 2 of Melby Point, "Berseker Blitz".
TinkerUnlock round 2 of Kthili Sands, "A Helping Hand-Cannon".
HunterUnlock round 2 of Sant S'alsa Bluff, "Archers' Delight".
DragoonUnlock round 1 of Kthili Sands, "Speed Indeed".
FlintlockUnlock round 2 of Kthili Sands, "A Helping Hand-Cannon".
Submitted by: Lost in Azure on June 01, 2009

Crystal Defenders R2 Tips

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Crystals: Effects and Attributes
Red Crystal (S): 62 Range. "Increases attack power of nearby units."

Blue Crystal (S): 62 Range. "Increases attack range of nearby units."

Yellow Crystal (S): 62 Range. "Increases attack speed of nearby units."
Submitted by: Lost in Azure on June 01, 2009
Job Summon Cost
Fencer: 2 coins

Black Mage: 2 coins

Berserker: 2 coins

Hunter: 2 coins

Thief: 12 coins

Time Mage: 12 coins

Dragoon: 12 coins

Flintlock: 12 coins

Tinker: 12 coins
Submitted by: Lost in Azure on June 01, 2009
Jobs: Abilities and Attributes

Hunter: Single Target Fighting style Ranged-Ground and air type. 1 Power, 180 Range, 71 Speed. "Hunters can deal physical damage to both air and ground targets over a wide area."

Thief: Single Target Non-attacking stealing-Ground and air type. 120 Range, 83 speed, x1.5 Gil. "Though thieves cannot attack targets, if they are near one when it is defeated, your party will receive extra gil."

Time Mage: Single Target Non-attacking slower-Ground and air type. 12 Slow, 180 Range, 41 Speed. "While not as powerful as Black Mages, Time Mages are equipped with the wide-range spells which slow a target's movement."


Fencer- Single Target Fighting-Ground type. 2 Power, 140 Range, 83 Speed. "Though combat range is limited, Fencers have exceptionally high attack power. They cannot attack aerial targets."

Black Mage- Multi-target Magic-Ground and Air type. 1 Power, 200 Range, 41 Speed. "A Black Mage's spells can inflict magickal damage to multiple targets over a wide area. However, recast time is long."

Berseker- Multi-target Fighting-Ground type. 1 Power, 160 Range, 58 Speed. "While weaker then Fencers, Bersekers deal blows which damage multiple foes, but cannot reach aerial targets."


Dragoon: Single Target fighting style-Ground and Air type. 50 Power, 300 Range, 10 Speed. "While slow, a Dragoon's attacks deal massive amounts of damage to targets on both the ground and in the air."

Flintlock: Single Target ranged/magick style-Ground and Air. 25 Power, 320 Range, 20 Speed. "Flintlocks use mighty firearms to deal sizeable magickal damage to single targets. However, reloading consumes much time."

Tinker: Single Target non-attacker-Ground and Air. 20 Stop, 100 Range, 38 Speed. "Through the use of their clockwork ability, Tinkers can stop monsters ... and allies ... dead in their tracks."
Submitted by: Lost in Azure on June 01, 2009