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Crash of the Titans Cheats

Crash of the Titans cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.

Crash of the Titans Unlockables

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Unlock Skins
UnlockableHow to unlock
Goar skinJack 30 Goars
Koo-Ala skinDeafeat 150 Koo-Alas
Ratnician skinDefeat 200 Ratnicians
Rhinoroller skinJack 30 Rhinorollers
Snipe skinJAck 50 Snipes
Spike skinJack 50 Spikes
Submitted by: Nagare on August 26, 2008

Crash of the Titans Tips

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Instant Jacking! Not a cheat
If you have the Skin for the Titan you are battling then all you need to do is hit it once and you will instantly jack it. Eg: If you have the Battler Skin then one hit will stun a Battler

Or if you beat the game on hard difficulty then you will have a permanant Free Jack Kick meaning you will never need the masks again
Submitted by: Pokemon Rocks on April 12, 2008

Crash of the Titans Cheats

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Shadow Crash
To turn crash into a shadow, pause the game.Then hold the C button wile pushing B,B,Z,Z,B,Z,B,A. Finaly unpause the game and crash will be a shadow.
Submitted by: Jay S. on February 16, 2008