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Call of Duty World at War Perks
Perk Set #1
  • Special Grenades X 3

Details: Player's choice of three special grenades
Unlock Level: 1
  • Satchel Charge X 2

Details: Powerful explosive able to destroy almost anything
Unlock Level: 1
  • M9A1 Bazooka X 2

Details: Handheld, shoulder-fired rocket launcher
Unlock Level: 2
  • Bomb Squad

Details: Ability to see all explosive devices currently planted on map
Unlock Level: 16
  • Bouncing Betty X 2

Details: Set and forget anti-personnel explosive
Unlock Level: 24
  • Bandolier

Details: Additional ammo for primary and secondary weapons and pistols
Unlock Level: 40
  • Primary Grenades X 2

Details: Two primary grendades, frags, NO74STs, or molotov cocktails
Unlock Level: 44
  • M2 Flamethrower

Details: Close-quarters weapon that never runs out of fuel
Unlock Level: 65
Perk Set #2
  • Stopping Power

Details: Increases amount of damage each bullet does
Unlock Level: 1
  • Fireworks

Details: Increases damage and radius of all explosives
Unlock Level: 1
  • Flak Jacket

Details: Reduces player damage from explosives
Unlock Level: 1
  • Gas Mask

Details: Immunity to effects of gas grenades
Unlock Level: 2
  • Juggernaut

Details: Increases amount of damage player can receive
Unlock Level: 4
  • Camouflage

Details: Hides player from enemy radar
Unlock Level: 12
  • Sleight of Hand

Details: Increases reload speed
Unlock Level: 28
  • Shades

Details: Immunity to blindness by a single flare
Unlock Level: 32
  • Double Tap

Details: Increases weapon rate of fire
Unlock Level: 36
  • Overkill

Details: Replaces pistol with an additional primary weapon
Unlock Level: 56
Perk Set #3
  • Deep Impact

Details: Greater bullet penetration
Unlock Level: 1
  • Extreme Conditioning

Details: Increases time player can sprint
Unlock Level: 1
  • Steady Aim

Details: Increases accuracy when firing from the hip
Unlock Level: 1
  • Toss Back

Details: Resets grenade timer upon pick-up
Unlock Level: 7
  • Second Chance

Details: Alows player brief time to fire pistol before dying. Can also heal teammates
Unlock Level: 10
  • Martyrdom

Details: Alows player brief time to use grenade before dying
Unlock Level: 20
  • Fireproof

Details: Reduces damage from burning objects
Unlock Level: 48
  • Dead Silence

Details: Reduces amount of noise player makes
Unlock Level: 52
  • Iron Lungs

Details: Icreases length of time to hold breath and steady shot
Unlock Level: 60
  • Reconnaissance

Details: Allows player to see dogs, artillery strikes or any occupied enemy tanks on map
Unlock Level: 64
UnlockableHow to unlock


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Getting five kills in a row will reward you and your team with an artillery strike.
On on-line mode, when you acquire 7 kills without dyeing, you get the dogs bonus which you can set on people.
Easy levels when starting
When playing in boot camp mode in wifi, if you pass level 8 you can't enter it again but you can stay in there if you pass the level while playing in there, so you can keep versing noobs and get easy experience.
Easy XP
If you're over level 8 and want some easy experience to level up with, read on. All you have to do is exchange friend codes with someone else with COD:WaW (wii) and get them to start a new online file. Then get them to go into the boot camp lobby where they can join a game. Whilst in the game, get them to press 1 and select invite friend. Then they can invite you to the game, even if you are over level 8!

If you want to do this with someone, I'll be glad to help, so just e-mail me and we'll swap codes. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Great way to rush until you get to lv' 65
There's a great way to rush and get alot of xp from people while you're around level 50 and you find it hard to get more exp.
[Some of you]
thinks that the shotguns are completely useless and fail, but no!
In 3 hours the other day, I went from level 49 to level 60.
Here's how to do it:
Get unlocked both shotguns.
Then, get the "Overkill" Perk (Perk2).
For the primary weapon, use the normal shotgun (not the double barrel one).
Then for the second one, use the double barrel one.
Do not use grips, they are useless for what you want to do.'
Also use BANDOLIER for more ammo, cause you obviously will miss some shots.
[Bandolier gives you twice the ammo you would have, for each weapons.]
for the other perk, you decide.
Learn to use these weapons, they are really useful.
Rush at persons until you get 8 or more kill streaks so you can unlock the dogs.
Use the dogs, rush at other persons, use the dogs as a cover fire.
Do not rush at more than 2 persons in a bunch:
They will rush back at you.

If you want to do 2 sets of weapons, one with both shotguns and the other one with a machine gun, go ahead! It can also help.

Revised twice by NeoGamers
Works 80% of the time:
Accuracy: 70
Shots per kill rate: 1.5
Times of running out of ammo: 1/50
Power: 90/100 - 100/100

None if you keep changing location.
Recon Plane
Acquiring three kills in a row will reward you and your team with a Recon Plane to seek out enemies.
Satchel Charge Jump
To do a Satchel Charge jump, you must plant a Charge on the floor, step on it, then detonate it and immediately jump.

You need double health or Flak Jacket to do this.


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Cliffside Behind the bunker secret
At the Germany spawn point, there is a bunker. Inside that bunker, there are two caged windows which you can go through to hide and kill people while they won't see you.
To do that, you simply jump in the window and crouch at the same time, then look at the map. If you are behind the bunker, grats! if it didn't work, look back, get out of the bunker, repeat until you get it.

Some people already know this glitch. So watch your back! because they might have placed betties, satchel charges, or they might be waiting behind the bunker.
so, careful!

Revised twice by NeoGamers
Works 100%
If you did not accomplish, you did something wrong.
Get Under the Map on Castle
Go to where the bridge is on Castle and jump into the water. There is a sharp corner on one side of the bridge. If you jump at the right angle you should be able to get under the map.
Getting under Cliffside
To get under the map on cliffside, you need to go to the place where there is a pool, ther is a rock to the right (or the left if you are facing the pool) there is a sharp edge on this rock where you can see the lines wer the graphics have been made, if you repeatedly jump up against this part of the rock, then you can get under the map, you can shoot anyone above the map and they cannot shoot you, you can use this to get a high K/D Streak if you are a newbie to the game
on the last american level on campaign mode,once you get to the area where one of your guys throws a sachel charge into the tunnel go all the way to the left. you should see a rock by the far left fencewalk up to it then crouch. move slightly forward into the rock if you are in the correct spot in the rock, you will be able to fire at the japanese soldiers,but they cannot hit you. some shots may get through but it will protect you from most shots and all gernades once inside. i just completed that level on veteran because of that glitch
Levitation Glitches
Upheaval- There is a bookcase near the middle of the battlefield by one of the buildings. if you equip a machine gun with a bipod and then secure the gun in place on the bookcase, then take the gun off, you will start levitating to the top of the building, if you then move forward it will allow you onto the roof of the building. this is a good vantage point for a good sniper and you can also jump over to the building next to it as well, also a good sniper spot.
Dome- Go to the statue where you can climb up next to it. using a machine gun with a bipod, instead of climbing up to the platform secure your gun and then take the gun off again and you should start levitating to another platform at the top of the statue, this may take more than one try to happen but it does work.
never ending dogs
simply get the dogs but only unleash after you die, if lucky, you will gt 7 kills and will get dog again. repeat this as many times as you want
Roof on Makin - Online Multiplayer
For a good sniping or hiding spot there is a building on the east edge of the map with a patio outside. Stand inside the patio and jump onto the small fence part and you should end up on the edge of the roof, (this may take several tries) you can walk up the roof (but may fall down through it) and at the back of the roof you can see inside the building allowing for easy kills as you can shoot down at them. On top of the roof is a good sniping spot as enemies will find it hard to spot you.
Under The Map on Makin
Go in front of the house behind where the Imperial Army starts a game. It is on the very edge of the map. Go right outside it in the front and there should be a little platform. Stand on it, and if you look up a bit, you should see a wooden plank. Jump up onto it and then jump on the roof of the house. Once you are on the roof, just walk to the back of the roof and fall off, and you should be swimming under the map.