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Call of Duty: Black Ops (Wii) Cheats

Call of Duty: Black Ops cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Computer Cheat Codes
These are all the codes you can enter into the computer.
PasswordWhat it does
3arc unlockunlocks ALL the missions on single player
3arc intelunlocks all the intel
Zorkyou'll get to play the old game Zork. It's basically a text-based adventure game. You can play by saying stuff like 'LOOK door', etc.


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2 player zombies strategy
this strategy is easy to do if you can get the power on quickly. to get the power on do not go trough the alley. when you have the power on you must run a rape train around the stage area. (make shure you have juggernaut) your friend must stand where the m16 is and he must shoot into your rape train. (aim for headshots) if a player gets the thunder gun he should be the one to run the rape train the door behind the m16 must not be opened if it is opened zombies will come from behind player 2 i recommend you use a mic for this strategy
Easy nuketown kills
This is a simple way to get good kills:
Needed items: claymore, a good fast gun, patience
Step 1: go into house and place claymore at top of stairs
Step 2: place yourself halfway down the stairs
Step 3: crouch
Step 4: anyone who enters house, is now at your mercy. You cannot be killed from behind cuz of claymore. Have fun killing

Note: I do not suggest waiting at bottom of stairs, cuz sumone might come in kitchen AND down stairs, and you only have 1 claymore.
kill cpu from combat training
Trouble with killing cpu in combat training? First go up lv 21 and buy the m60 good for cpu than upgrade it to exend mag (big ammo) or the IR
Now try it
Movie reel
In Zombies theres a teleporter to the movie/pack a punch room. After you stay there for like 45 seconds you will randomly be in this room 1 with the teddy bear. The movie reel is behind the table that got flipped a zombie.
need help in zombies?
Are you a starter and cant even reach round 15? I have a strategy for you. First do not open doors until round 4. then after 4th round open the next door.get the stakeout (witch is good for dogs)or the mp40 (it gives you more money and kills zombies).and then the dog round starts at round 6,7 or 8.if you are in co-op zombies gov to the next door with your teammates but dont open it.After the dog round you should get Max Ammo. then get 1 round higher open the next two doors then if there is a box get 2 weapons and 1 explosive (by weapons you can get crossbow but I suggest a monkey bomb. And then turn on the power and get the bowie knife. to reach round 15 you must pack-a-punch your weapon and rely on your teammates.


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how to get out of the electric chair
first you look down and shake the wii remote really fast.

Easter eggs

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"115" song in zombies
At the beginning of the game,you start out at the lobby. then there is a meteorite on a stand in the corner. Hold A in front of the meteorite.To get the second meteorite, go upstairs and open the door. Then open the next two doors. After you open the 3rd door The second meteorite is behind the mannequins. Then the third and final meteorite is after you open the next door when you get in the theater and the meteorite is in the shelf.
Nuketown Song
Ever see those human dolls in Nuketown? If so, ever try shooting their heads off? If you manage to shoot every doll's head off (minus the ones that are in the bus) within 15 seconds, then the song 'Sympathy for the Devil' by the Rolling Stones will instantly play. This can and should be done with friends.
richtofen book
Go to the yellow house in nuke town go upstairs an use a sniper with a variable zoom scope and look for the richtofen book in the bookshelf