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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition Cheats

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Dont die when falling from hights online!
When jumping off a building, make sure theres a car in jumping range and land on any part of it, You will somehow live your fall and continue fighting.
Good Custom Classes!!
OK now i`m going to tell you some good Classes to use OK?? OK!

1. P90,Red Dot Sight, Bandolier, Deep Inpact, Stopping Power

2.AK47, Any Attatchment, Bandolier, Deep inpact or Dead Silence, Stopping Power or Juggernaut

3. M60A04 Sniper rifle, ACOG or no ACOG, Bandolier or Claymores x2, Stopping power or UAV Jammer, Deep inpact or Dead Silence

4. Any Shotgun, UAV Jammer, dead silence, Any 1st Perk. Why i say this is so you can Flank the enemy Without them seeing you on the radar, Although They see you Running in the feild or camping in a house......

5. Any Light MG, Bandolier, Slight of hand or Stopping power, Deep Inpact.

OH and If you want to add me private message me and send me your Friend Code Mine is 1914-1113-0817 That is my Friend Code for call of duty modern warfare reflex edition My name should be ~FoX~ if it is something like David or Brandon that`s my brother OK?


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Showdown Flight...
...First, go into Old School mode... annoying but it is very fun!
1. Go onto the top floor bit.
2. Go onto the piece of scaffolding right near the building... If you don't get the next steps you're on the wrong one...
3. Do the elevator glitch (Jump, crouch & jump very quick) you should fly up.

Now feel free to explore the top of the map... You *"!CAN!"* shoot through the top floor from above, useful in *"!PRIVATE!"* matches only, because in lobby matches you can do it, it's just easier in Old School and glitching is amazingly annoying in-lobby, so *"!DONT * DO * IT * INSIDE * OPEN * LOBBY!"*