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Call of Duty 3 (Wii) Cheats

Call of Duty 3 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Unlockable Veteran Interviews
Complete the game to unlock interviews from 3 veterans.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Veteran InterviewsComplete the game


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Float Over a Car
Entry Location:
Poisson (multiplayer)

All you have to do is go to any nearby unusable open bed truck in a tank, and then park as close and parallel as possible to it. Then you'll have to aim towards the truck and then jump out while holding the analog stick toward the direction of the of the the truck. If done correctly you'll be standing in mid-air.
Hold Extra Grenades
Normally, You can only hold six grenades, but you can pick up grenades thrown at you and throw them back. Or, you can keep them for later. To keep the grenade press the MINUS BUTTON a second time after picking it up.
Merriville Sniping Spot
On the map Meriville by the river their should be a broken bridge with a tank on it. Get into the tank and drive it over the middle bridge. When on the other side go to the broken bridge their should be two windows up high. Line the tank barrel up with the left window and exit the tank. You should be up in the window and you can snipe.
mounted guns
when you go in to some houses on the mission Hostage!, go find a fireplace and look up on the top of it. u will find a wooden plate with nails if there is no gun, but if you r lucky like me, you will find a trench gun with 11 ammo or a portable machine gun that you can carry anywhere, and when you aim and you are standing next to a fence or a box it will mount itself..... dorry for being so long
Scope On All Guns
Entry Location:

You can use your binoculars as a scope by using the center of them as the sight. NOTE: if what you're shooting is not in the middle you will miss.


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Unlock All Extras
At the chapter select screen, hold +, and press Right, Right, Left, Left, 2, 2.

Note that this cheat should be inputted quickly for it to work.