Vortex (Import) Cheats

Vortex (Import) cheats, and Codes for SNES.

Vortex (Import) Cheats

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All cheat codes for this game
Combo passwords

JTTSJ Infinite Lives (Enter this one in first)
HVZSM Invincibility (Enter this one in last)
Enter both these codes to become Indestructable.

CTGXF Level Select (Enter this one in first)
XLQMB Last Level Code (Enter this one last)
Enter both of these to play the last level

Single Passwords

JTTSJ Infinite Lives
WSVTQ Infinite Ammo
CTGXF Level Select

All passwords have been checked by myself and verified to work.

Submitted by: meman887 on January 02, 2007
Level Select
Enter CTGXF as a password. Press Up or Down to select a new starting level.
Submitted by: Deathman48 on October 29, 2004