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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) Cheats

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Do you remember early in the game in the catacombs where there were two bombable walls and no way to bypass them? I know I do. Here's a way to get through them. First and foremost: Get some bombs. There are two (2) holes, so try for two (2+) bombs at least. Now you need either the power glove or titans mitt, it doesn't matter which. Now, go to the graveyard. You can move the gravestones by walking up (^) into them. Near the upper left hand corner, there is a grave with two (2) boulders in front of it. Remove them at once. Push up on the gravestone and you'll fall down a hole. Recognise this place? Bomb the walls. There are six(6) pots and three (3) chests. The chest in the center has 300 rupees inside it. €A$Y
Bigger shield
Like the guy with the boomerang and potion cheat up the page a little bit, throw your shield in. you'll have a bigger better shield.
Boss 1, 2, 3 and Dark Boss 1
Boss 1:Soild Soilders
when there moving aim with your Bow and arrows on all of them.
Boss 2:Giant Sand Worms
hold the attack button near a hole let go of the attack button.
Boss 3:Giant Slick thing
Hit it with youe sword 6 time (The last attack is hark)
Dark Boss 1:Evil Monster
Break the metal with your magic hammer until it's brocken then aim for the green part with your boww and arrows (You should have 8 hearts full)
Here is how to get the 4 bottles where you can stock potions, faeries and other things.

1: One man in Kakariko Village sells one for 100 rupees. He can be found easily since there's a lot of bottle around him.

2: Still in Kakariko Village, search for a hidden entrance behind a big house. Inside, there's a chest, which contains the second bottle.

3: Go in the river in north-east Hyrule. Swim under the bridge to find a strange camper. Talk to him and he will give you the third bottle.

4: After completing the fourth Temple in the Dark world, go to the place where there is the Blacksmith's House in the light world. There will be a locked chest in the broken house. Take the chest to the man at the entrance of the desert, without running. The man will open the chest for you, revealing the fourth and final bottle.
Complete Dungeon 5 without hookshot
You'll need a lot of lives, bombs, and some skill to complete this.
There is only one place in this dungeon that requires the use of the hookshot (you'll know it when you get there- room with wide gap and a ton of floaty blue electric monsters). Position yourself on the bottom right of the ledge that's closest to the other side of the gap. Place a bomb behind yourself, not too close but not too far, then turn around and move VERY CAREFULLY to the very corner edge of the platform. The trick is to use the bomb blast to shoot yourself diagonally across. You'll need to use the directional pad to ensure you're shooting the right way. When the bomb goes off, hit the down and right button at the same time.
This may take a couple tries and a lot of patience (perhaps even more bottled fairies) This was easiest done with an emulator where you could "save state" and try over and over again.
Luckily, this only has to be done once in this dungeon. Good luck!
Dark Boss Battles 2, 3, 4, and 5
Dark Boss 2:Arghus
After find Arghus you need to get those baloon thing off first Hookshot then sword after Arghus is bare hold B and after he comes you should let go.
Dark Boss 3:Mothula
After going down the square crack you will find a giant moth first use your Fire Rod after your Magic Power is gone Use the B button to attack Mothula.
Dark Boss 4:Blind
After freeing that girl get the Titans mitt then go to the place in the Dungeon where it looks like a square then walk into the light Blind should turn into a boss then you will hear Boss Music after that happens charge your sword then attack thrre time after that do the same thing 2 more times
Dark Boss 5:Kholdstare
First Kholdstare is stuck in ice use your Fire rod until Kholdstare is free you can start fight but there is three Kholdstares charge Link's Sword then keep on hitting them until one is left keep on hitting it then you'll get a piece of a heart.

Subbmitted by Nicholas Schembri and Sorry about that I took a few months.
Extra Arrows/Bombs
Okay, if you have the flippers, load your game and start from your house. GO south one screen and then head right. Jump in the lake and swim until you get to the island which has the stones in the water in front of it. Go in and throw 100 rupies in the water. A farie will come up and ask which you want more of, Arrows or bombs. Just choose one and throw 100 more. Just repeat until the farie says your are maxed on bombs and arrows and she can do no more for you. By the way, there are about 4 extra faeries in the room to the right if you feel like putting them in bottles.
Free Magic Potion/Magic Boomarang
Once you get your flippers from King Zora(King Fish or mabye Fish god) go to the fountain area north east of the witches house. YOu will see the waterfall. Swim into that and you will see a little isolated pool of water. Walk to it and choose to throw your boomarang into there. Once you do that, you will get your boomarang upgrade....its faster and goes farther. Next choose to throw an empty bottle in and you will get a free green magic potion which fills up your magic all the way.
Ganon glitch
This Glitch is totally useless, but it is wierd nonetheless. After defeating Gannon, instead of going to the room with the triforce, fall of the edge of the floor. You'll now be in a room where Sahasrala tells you to use the silver arrow on Gannon. When you go back to where Gannon was killed, he'll be fully alive again, and you'll have to beat him a second time
Get a piece of heart off the cliff
In the "Dark World" lies a lonely little piece of heart on the edge of a cliff calling out to you.
What you need: The magic cape, and dexterity.
Enter a cave just below to ascend the stairs to find a giant hole before you with obvious objects that say "you need the hookshot to get to the other side".
Don't have the hookshot? Don't fret.
Just to the left of the hole there is a wall. Very carefully, edge your way to the wall and quickly move forward. Notice link will balance just on the edge without falling down. Remove the two skulls in your way and you're done.
Now there's a giant bouncy thing blocking the hallway.
There's no inching around this. Use the magic cape and walk right through it. Go out the door, and claim your "balancing act" prize!
Get the Red Boomerang and Red Shield
After getting the flippers, get out of where you got them and go slightly east to a little waterfall, GO INISDE. When it asks you to throw in something, throw your boomerang, answer the question honestly to get the red boomerang.
Do the same with the sheild
Get the Red Shield, Red Boomerang, Golden Sword, Silver Arrows and Cane of Bynra
Zora Flippers, Super Bomb and Magic Cape
Red Shield and Red Boomerang:Zora Flippers
When passing the magic shop
you will end up at a waterfall get the zora flippers then go back to the waterfall then go into the middle and throw in ur shield a Blue Boomerang.
Golden Sword and Silver Arrows:Super Bomb
After Uncloking the Super Bomb Go to the Pyramid and dont jump if you do the Super Bomb wont follow you so go to the pyramid ur allowed to use the Tempered Sword and Magic Hammer. Then go look for a crack on the Pyramid then Go inside it then Throw in ur Sword and Bow and Arrows
Cane of Bynra:Magical Cape In death Mountain's Dark part go to the edge that looks small.Pound down the mole things then go across the spikes by use the magic cape then pick up the block and then open the chest.

Subbmitted By Nicholas Schembri
Golden Sword and Silver Arrows
When you aqcuire the Super bomb, bomb the crack on the temple. Go inside and walk to the fountain. A fat fairy will appear. Throw your bow in. You'll get the Silver bow and arrows! As a bonus treat, throw your blacksmith's sword in. You'll receive the best sword in the game!
Reach the Dark World Early!
1)Get to the first portal in the game and enter it.
2)Drop down the ledge.
3)Walk to the dead end.
4)Now here's the thing. Use the mirror to teleport to the Light World.
5)While in here, your task is to move slightly closer to the bridge so that you're not touching the left edge of the teleportation "X".
6)If you do it correctly, you'll teleport back to the Dark World but you won't be sent back. You're actually a tad closer to the edge. Don't move or you'll have to do it all over again.
7)From here, teleport back to the Light World. Now, move as far as you can to the right so that you're still on the teleportation "X". (When I first did this trick, Link's butt was the only thing on the teleportation "X" and he still got teleported)
8)If you did it correctly, you'll appear right on top of the edge and you won't be teleported back. Simply jump over the edge to the lava.
9)From here, you'll have to be careful where you walk. If you try to change the screen from the wrong place, either one of these will occur:

1)You'll be stuck in a waterfall
2)You'll activate the loop-scrolling bug.

Otherwise, you can jump down the waterfall and begin adventuring around.
Really dumb or smart
At the end of the game when you beat Ganon, and there's holes all over the ground. DO NOT and I mean DO NOT be dumb enough to fall in one of the holes!!!!!!! If you do, Ganon will revive! Or you can be smart and beat the game.

Easter eggs

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Chris Houlihan
when you start the game, run as fast as you can from your house tho where you find your uncle in the begining. enter the hole and there will be a bunch of blue ruppes and a panel that says "My name is Chris Houlihan.This is my top secret room, keep it between us ok?" In the early 90s, Chris Houlihan won a Nintendo Power contest, saying that his name would be in a secret room in the next zelda title which happened to be, A link to the past for the SNES.


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Easy Crystal-2 boss defeat
All you need to do is get the tempered sword. With the Master Sword it takes eight hits to defeat him. Hammer takes four, and the Tempered Sword takes 4.
Hidden Rupees
Go to the village with the patrolling people and go to the one with a brownish-tan clothes. Go inside her house. Then all the way in the back is a Mario picture. Pull on it and you get 4 green, blue, or red rupees.