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Super Metroid Tips

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be careful!
This is a tip for people who like to use cheats to expand on this game. i looked a website that had nearly 100 cheats for super metroid in it. i decided to try some of these cheats and when i entered them into my game genie and started the game i window poped up that said its a crime to copy right games and stuff, so i took out the game genie and found that all my files. . . were gone! i had to start from the begining. i had 97% items collected and all the suit enchantments. so i warn every one, be careful of the cheats that you use.
Submitted by: sam wiseman on February 18, 2004
Defeat Draygon
When you go to fight the boss in Maridia, destroy the guns that shoot electricity at you before draygon pops up. When it shoots the goo at you get near the wall and let her grab you. As you float up use the grappling hook to grab the broken gun and hold the fire button. It will kill Draygon and only hurt you a little bit.
Submitted by: Dbaker on February 11, 2004
How to beat the evil chozo.
When it comes at you, shoot it with missles, and if it gets too close, jump over it. Your regular beam weapon will work too but it will take longer. If you want more missles, shoot the balls of whatever that he shoots at you before they hit the ground. If they hit the ground, watch out because they will ignite the spot they hit. This is a very easy boss, if you can't beat it, sell the game now.
Submitted by: linkums on February 10, 2004
Save Dachola and the Etecoons
After you defeat Mother Brain and you're making your escape, head to the area where you found the bombs and fought the Chozo Statue. Shoot out the right side of the wall so they can escape. After the planet explodes, you'll see a small star-like object fly away from the wreckage on the right. You'll definitely want to do this, they repay the favor in Metroid 4!
Submitted by: Evil Vision on February 01, 2004
Secret Endings
To view the game's "best ending", beat the game in less than 3 hours. If done correctly, you will view a secret ending that is different than the one you would normally see.

To view another different ending from the regular ending, beat the game in more than 3 hours but less than 10 hours.

To view the regular ending, beat the game in more than 10 hours.
Submitted by: Arcane Prophet on January 23, 2004
Very Coulerful
Hold B and run charging your beam.

Tip :

This is good for killing enemies when you have the space jump boots
Submitted by: anonymous on December 31, 2004

Super Metroid Cheats

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Fast Boss Kill Metods
If you\'re trying to kill the Bosses with the 3 Hour Time Run or just wanna kill them quickly, here\'s the info you need.

Ridly 1: Just let him hit you and jump into him.

Chozo Statue: Missles, shoot the orbs that it fires out its mouth for Health and Ammo.

Spore Spawn: Nothing known outside the 88% Item No Boss No Mini BOss Run Through

Kraid: Super Missles. Shoot them in his mouth, 5 and he\'s dead. If you can do it right, you SHOULD be able to shoot all five in his mouth before he can get out and kill him before he breaks the celing.

Norfair Miniboss (forgot name): Super Missles, or if you\'ve done the PHase through Metal Doors, Charge Beam and Plasma Beam.

Phanton: Super Missles, however using those on him will force him to shoot spirial Eye Fires that cover the whole screen. Use at your own Discreation. Another method is to use Charge, Wave and Spazer.

Maridia Miniboss (forgot name): I\'ve seen someone only use the Charge and Wave Beam with a Power Bomb to make him lose most of his health and hit him with 10 Super MIssles. Otherwise Super Missles.

Draygon: Destroy the Laser capsules on the walls, then allow him to shoot the Green Sticky stuff, after that jump into one, turn on your Grappling Beam. When he flies nearer to the wall hitting you, shoot the beam and if you connect with one of the enery flow on the wall, hold on. It\'ll damage you but you\'ll kill him VERY VERY quickly.

Super Chozo Statue: Make him press agaist the right wall, use the Charge, Wave, and Plasma (Doesn\'t matter if Ice is on or not) beam. When he shoot the slash waves, he\'ll knock you closer to him. If done right, he\'ll walk up to you, not damage you, slash THROUGH you and not damage you but you can still Charge a Beam up and shoot through him. DO NOT USE SUPER MISSLES.

Ridley: 50 Super Missles and roughly 100 Missles SHOULD finish him quickly.

Metroids: Freeze + Super Missle.

Mother Brain: THE MURDER BEAM. When you destroy Mother Brain\'s protective Glass Shell and damage her enough to initiate the first fight, Charge up a Beam until you Glow. Get Close to her, at the edge of the platform, after it disappears and you land, release. If you did it right, when she rises up you\'ll see where your beam is ineffect on the ground, but as she rises up and pwoers up, you\'ll see her head damaged. DO NOT PAUSE ALL. Through BOTH halfs of the fight, she\'ll take alot of damage, the screen will get glitchy. Don\'t worry. This hasn\'t done any damage to the game. Just use Charge Blasts. It\'ll cause the game to slow down, jsut don\'t worry. That\'s supposed to happen.
Submitted by: realtaker on February 25, 2007
Five Bombs as Once
Turn on your Charge Beam, Morph Ball and Bombs (if they aren\'t already on). Charge until you glow and morph into a ball, you\'ll drop five bombs at once. Good for clearing up blocks and killing/damaging some enemies.
Submitted by: realtaker on February 25, 2007
Murder Beam
This can only be done in two places, The Super Chozo miniboss fight in Norfair which is extreamly difficult to do and Mother Brain (which is the main reason).

What you need...

Charge Beam
Ice Beam
Wave Beam
Spazer Beam
Plasma Beam
Spring Ball

What you need to do is after entering the room/the room locks you in with MB. Charge up your weapon. When you star glowing, before the Boss battle begins (including SCS) go to your map, switch to Samus' equipment. You'll notice you CAN NOT have both the Spazer and Plasma Beams on at the same time. Also make sure that Plasma Beam is on and NOT Spazer. Go down to the second to last shoe equipment, which I believe is the Spring Ball, hit left and accept to turn on the Spazer beam. If you do it right, all five beams will be on and you'll have a glitch next to your beams. This will require several attempts, just keep going to the Spring Ball and trying again until you do. Once all the beams are on, go back to the game, release the fire Button. If done correctly you'll see where your weapon contacted them and no effect, however once they power up they'll recieve massive damage.

DO NOT hit start or you'll cause the Murder Beam to stop. DO NOT try and fire the Missles, Supper Missles, POwer Bombs, Bombs, Grappling Beam, and/or X-Ray. It'll cause the game to freeze up. If you did the cheat correctly, Mother Brain/Super Chozo Statue will CONTINUEOUSLY take damage through out the fight making it quick and relatively painless. This will make the game glitch up like only Samus' feet be on teh ground or Mother Brain's torso not be on screen. Do not worry, your game is perfectly fine.
Submitted by: realtaker on March 10, 2007
Super Summersault
Just charge your Charge Beam weapon until you glow, and summersault/spin jump into an enemy, sometimes they\'ll die, sometimes they\'ll die and you get hurt, sometimes they\'ll take damage and you\'ll get hurt.
Submitted by: realtaker on February 25, 2007