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Super Mario World (SNES) Cheats

Super Mario World cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for SNES. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Super Mario World cheat codes.


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1 enemy 1up
To get a 1-up in one stomp, get a feather and a yoshi. (blue recommended) eat a blue koopa with yoshi, then fly up to a ceiling. then while holding B push A repeatedly for 2 seconds or 8 hits of the ceiling. hit ANY enemy WITHOUT hitting the ground. for some reason, the ceiling "is" a score multiplier but you wont get points unless you hit an enemy. you cant eat while flying though.
Breaking turn blocks with Yoshi!
It's possible to break turn blocks with an Yoshi! Here's how to do this trick:

First, get an Yoshi (duh!)
Go to the place where you want to spin jump and bounce off Yoshi, but make sure Yoshi is standing on a turn block.
Do a spin jump, and when you bounce back up, bounce on Yoshi. Yoshi will now break the blocks for you. This is coming in very handy in some levels, like Star Road 1, so you don't have to throw away your Yoshi if you want to complete this level.
This is very hard to pull off u are gonna need a crap load of lives I had about 150 and by the time I got this I only had 15 lives left any ways
beat all the star road levels properly and I mean by finding the key and leaving through the key hole after you beat all 5 PROPERLY!

a new warp star will appear in the center of star road now enter and you will go to a special world now the hard part,beat all the specail levels TRUST ME YOU WILL FRIGGEN HATE THE LEVEL CALLED "TUBULAR" any ways this is the hardest level afterwards the other levels will be hard but not as agravating and at the last special a message will be shown in coins that you can grab saying "YOU ARE A SUPER PLAYER!!" then after you complete it you will be back at world 1 yoshi's island and the color's will be changed except the levels and some of the enemies will be different but not buy much like those turtles won't have shells but a mario mask that looks like mario when hes small

Easy lives
All you need is a cape.

Go to star world 4 (the one with a red egg at the beginning)
Go through the level until you get to the part where the naked koopa kicks a shell at you.
Kill the koopa and destroy one of the shells.
Go to the ledge right before the pipe, look up, and kick it.
As it comes down, hit it with your cape.

Because the ground is lower than you are, and the pipe is there to prevent the shell from escaping, the shell should never touch the ground and your score will double every time you hit it, until you start gaining lives with each hit. With this method, you could easily get a hundred lives before time runs out.
Easy Tubular
To play in the "Special World's" easily take a Blue Yoshi. Jump on the power switch and go to the flying turtles. Then swallow a turtle in Yoshi's mouth and you can fly over the rest of the level.
Easy unlimited lives
In the begining of the game go to the first level to your right. Make sure you already have a Yoshi. (the without the big shark things) Then grab the turtle shell and jump up on the plat for a nd throw it at the other turtles. That is enough points for one life. Then go to the box where Yoshi should be and get a seccond life. Now you do the in-game restart thing with start and sellect. Then repeat this over and over to get unlimited lives.
Easy Way To Beat Tubular
Go in with 2 feathers and the blue Yoshi. Stomp on the pound and jump across to the block of hard coins next to the red turtles. Eat one before the coins return and you can fly through the rest of the level, just fly low and watch for falling objects.
Extra Health
As you know, you have 1 HP as small Mario and 2 HP and normal Mario. But if you are riding a Yoshi, you will technically have 3 HP. When you get hit on a Yoshi, it will not take health from you, but Yoshi will start to run away (but you can jump on his back again).
Extra Time
The green colored apples growing on the trees throughout Mario World will give you additional time when Yoshi swallows them.
get points!!! loads of them!!!
(flower and cape required)
ok, to get infinite points, just get the stuff required, then go to a stage with no time. (yoshi's house or top secret area.) now keep taking out of your item box. EVERY time you get the cape you get 1000 points! hint:the tip won't work if you have two capes.
Get Tons of Lives!
On Vanilla Secret 2, go to the place with all of the spinys running around inside the hole. On the way try not to kill any of the turtles or other enemies because they will provide the free lives.

Hit the second block from the left in the line of four blocks overhead and a silver P switch will pop out. Pick up the P switch and carry it back to in between the two pipes with the plants jumping out. Hit the switch and run to the left as fast as you can collecting as many silver coins as you can. After the seventh silver coin you will recieve a 1 up, the next coin a 2 up, and all the other coins after, a 3up. This generates lots of lives.
Glitch: Music Differance
If you use a key on a keyhole when you are on a Yoshi the music is lower than if you use it while holding the key.
Hidden coins - Vanilla Secret 2!!
At the level Vanilla Secret 2 you need to run with mario towards the block where you find Yoshi. Jump on Yoshi, Jump with Yoshi in the air and Jump with mario off of Yoshi while your in the air. This brings mario on a invisible platform, around here you can find hidden coins!!
Hint : Super Yoshi
There is indeed a way to get a super Yoshi. First get a normal Yoshi. Then go to the Donut Plains 3 level. There will be a glowing shell in the beggining of that level. Eat it. You will now be able to fly, make sand clouds, and if you spit the shell out Yoshi will spit fireballs out.
Hint: Super Easy Cookie Mountain
To make Cookie Mountain super easy just go to the level with a cape. Then go to the first pipe you see. It is too high to reach. Keep twirling the moles and decend. Then you should be in a nice runway. Use it and fly. You will fall on some floating teeth. Go to the back of them and make a smooth run off. Then keep bouncing yourself by pressing left on the D-pad. You can do this until the end of the level.
Hint: Tubular
This level is unbelievably annoying and if you are like me you can not figure out how a blue yoshi helps but someone told me this tip and it is a godsend: hold down the L and R buttons while you are floating around with the P. you will go faster and it is easier to get to the next P without falling.
How to get TONS of lives!
Okay, go to Forest of Illusion 1. Go in with a cape. Go to the elevated platform, and continuously jump of the ends of the wigglers, getting tons of lives.
how to keep getting massive lives
on The Forest Of Illusion 1....after you get passed the Half Way marker...there's a box with power ups in it that change..kill the red koopa and stand under the box....when it comes to the feather hit it and it will turn into a star....after you get the star start running right hitting everything you can until the star runs out...you will get atleast 15 lives if you do it right...kill yourself and repeat. have fun!

If you have already completed The Forest of Illusion 1, you can avoid killing yourself and simply press Select + Start to take yourself out of the game without wasting a life.
Infinite Lives
Not really a cheat, this, but then neither were most of the ones mentioned. This is a much simpler way to get as many lives as you need than the others described on this page. Once you have the Top Secret Area unlocked, simply go in there with a Yoshi to get a free life. You can do this as many times as you need in a very short time.
Instant Shortcut to Bowser
You must go through the Valley of Bowser to do this. Have you ever seen that little door on the side of Bowser's Castle? Well that is the Back Door. In order to get to the back Door you must beat the Fortress in the Valley opf Bowser. Then go to it to teleport to the dark room right before Bowser!
Life Switch
When at the map in two player mode, press L or R to exchange the number of lives with the other player. The other player will die. You can also bring back a player with no remaining lives this way.
Obtaining Soda Lake (secret level)
This level can be obtained by doing something different in the middle level of the lower bridge near the top of the map (the one with all the saws and moving wooden platforms).

Have a Yoshi because it makes this a lot easier. Make it to the end with him, and don't go through the goal. Instead, go to the platform before the Goal platform and fly under the Goal. Then jump off Yoshi just after you pass the Goal. Run to the right and go through the hidden Goal. Voila! You have a hidden level, and when you beat it, another route to Star Road.

If you have enough patience to do this over an extended period of time, in the Yoshi's Island 2 , here's a way to accumulate as much lifage as you want:

Make your way a bit past the halfway mark(white tape that serves as checkpoint) and past a gap that you might have, by now, filled with two yellow "!" boxes. Past the moles protruding from the earth, there will be a short blue pipe that leads to a secret area with flying boxes. You might want to get Yoshi for this (unless you prefer aiming tirelessly with a blue launch box at things that constantly move). If you do have Yoshi, jump over the blue boxes and rest yourself against them. When a box appears straight overhead, launch yourself into the air with Yoshi and dismount, this should produce a 1-UP. Run out of the secret world. Instead of going forward in the level turn back and go back into the short blue pipe. You can do this as many times as you desire, but mind the time, it might run out.
Secret Exit Indicator
You can find out if a level has a secret exit by the colour of the dot on the World Map. Yellow means there is one and Red means there is a secret exit (more than one).
Shortcut To Boswer's Castle
Once you have obtained a passage to one of the Star Worlds you can complete the levels, so they link up together forming a path.

The lower right star will lead you directly outside Bowser's Castle. You can then proceed directly there without going through half of the game levels.
Shortcut to Bowser/King Koopa's Castle From Forest of Illusion 4
As soon as you get to forest of illusion 4, find the secret key in the level. You will then go to the Forest Secret Area level. Complete it to get to the forest fortress, and after that a shortcut to star road. Find the secret key in star world 4. You should then be able to go to the south eastern corner of the star. It will teleport you right next to the front door of Bowser/King Koopa's castle. I took doors 2 and then 7. Good Luck with the fight <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Special Star Road
You can get a second Star Road by doing this in the middle level of Star Road. Have a Cape, make it to the moving block-maker and make a long runway to the east. Run and build up speed and take to the sky. Stay at the top of the level and eventually you will come to a place where you can land, which is high in the air at the top of the level. Navigate past the pipes, jumps, and areas where you do a small-slide under a some blocks. At the end is a key to put in the keyhole near you. This unlocks Special Star Road (a set of secret levels).

Note: Have all the blocks throughout the world found (red, blue, yellow, green) that make the walkways where dotted invisible blocks are.
Switch Locations
Here are the location of the four switches (Yellow, Green, Red & Blue).

Yellow -

The yellow switch is located in the first world section. Keep going left (from the beginning of the game) on the world map until you reach the Yellow Switch Palace, already shown on the map.

Blue -

Go to Forest of Illusion 2. Continue through the level until you reach the end direct path to the level goal. Instead of going all the way right, go left. You will see what seems like a dead end, but continue going and you shall eventually reach a key and keyhole. You will know you're on the right direction if you go past a "!" box with a mushroom inside it. This will then open up the Blue Switch Palace on the world map.

Red -

Go to Vanilla Dome 2. Half way through the level you will see an empty opening above you except for one yellow box in the corner of the wall on the left side. Jump on this box and jump again onto the left side. Continue going until you reach a "P" switch. Take the "P" switch and go left until you reach a dead end of boxes blocking your way. Use the "P" switch and jump the gap the boxes leave until the next gap. Go down this gap to find the key and keyhole.

Green -

Go to Donut Plains 2. Once again half way through the level you shall get to an area of massive sand blocks moving up and down with many pipes coming from the roof of the cave. There will be a small group of 3 pipes bunched together near the end of the moving sand blocks. Take the green pipe.

Defeat the football player enemy to find four boxes in the air like stairs. If you have a cape, hit the fourth/highest box to reveal a vine or if you have no cape. Climg the boxes to hit the fourth/highest box. Climb the vine and you will find the key and keyhole.
Totally Easy Lives (a bunch)
Okay, this is an awesome trick. You really don't need anything for this trick. The title basicly tells what this trick will do. It will give you a bunch of lives easy. First go to Forest of Illusion 4. Next, get the red turtle's shell almost at the beginning of the level. Then carry it to the purple pipe on the other peice of land on the right of it. Finally let it go towards the purple pipe and get the 1up on the cloud guy's string and stay there so the cloud guyand the pipe weirdo can throw their spike things in the little dip. The shell shoud go back and forth killing all of the spike thing that the weird guys throw in the dip and soon you will start gaining a lot of lives.

note: You can get the mushroom on the spin blocks if you want to.
Various button combos
To glide jump / cape jump: press B and run until Mario/Luigi spreads arms out then jump. Hold B and hit button to go back up.

To get off Yoshi: Press R.
Wierd Mario colors
When Mario or Luigi gets a invinicble star, press start. The flash is actually mario or luigi's clothes changing rapdily.
You can use Yoshi too....
When you nearly fall in a hole you can stop this if you have a Yoshi you can boing off him by pressing a button leaving poor Yoshi to fall in the hole but you can live and find a new one!

Sorry Yoshi!!!!!!!!!!
Also works on the GBA!!


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Flashing Mario- Freezes Game Unless you Reset
What you need:
Fire Flower

Ok, to make the cheat work, you have to:

Go to any level where there are easily accessible fruit for Yoshi to eat. Have you be the caped mario and have the fire flower in the extra item box at the top of the screen.

Make the fire flower drop down, and then at the same top, make mario jump up with yoshi and get the fireflower. If done at the right time, mario will start glowing because you ate a fruit and got the fireflower at the same time.

You have to reset or, if you've beaten the stage already, access the menu and press select to exit the stage to unfreeze.

This also causes the coin counter to keep increasing so can result in easy lives.
Invisible and Invincible Yoshi Glitch
To do this, go to the chocolate Island Level that comes before the castle and after the cave level. Bring a cape. Fly up to the clouds where there is a white p-switch. Hold that P-switch and put it down where the other is hold both and use them to hit the block with a yoshi in it. Get the yoshi. Use the P-Switch(s). Fall into the hole with yoshi. Mario will appear on the ground and won't die. Another yoshi will appear on the block. Too late to get it, because you are on a Invisible+Invincible Yoshi!
Miscoloured Pipes
You must go to Donut Secret 1 and enter the bonus area. Both pipes will be orange. You must grab the P-Balloon from the block and float up. When you come down, both pipes will be miscoloured green. On rare occasions, sometimes the pipe will be half-glitched and will be both orange and green, as shown here:

Start with one coin
This glitch allows you to start with a coin when you start the game! Here's how:

1. Let the opening demo play past the part where Mario gets on Yoshi. Wait for the part when Mario gets the dragon coin.

2. JUST as Mario is collecting the dragon coin, push start to begin the game. NOTE: The timing is extremely precise! Try to do it just when Mario's touching the coin.

3. If you did it correctly, you should now have one more coin then you did before! (e.g., if you started a new game, you'll start out with one coin, if you had 26 coins, you'd then have 27, etc.)

Use this if you want to get a life 99/100 faster. <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Have fun!
Unlimited lives - Chocolate Island 5
You must have a cape. Pick up P go past to the first yellow pipe, release and stomp on P, clear the coins surrounding the pipe, enter into secret chamber for 1 ups. When you exit turn left collect coins until you reach a green turtle shell, pick up shell and gently rest it in the pool and start spinning. The turtle shell will jump up each time you hit it & you will get points, then you will start getting 1 ups. You can spin forever and keep getting unlimited lives. ENJOY endless playtime.


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50 lives a level
When you are in the first cave and you are through the tunnel to butter bridge the first level after the tunnel; get more than halfway and grab the P button when you get to the spiky shells and bring it back to the beginning when you passed the two purple pipes and press it all of your enemies turn into Grey coins and you get 99 lives after playing this level twice.
[ Tio ] Replay Castles/Fortresses After Completion
Normally, after completing a caste or a fortress it is impossible to go back in and complete that level again. However, if you press L + R at the same time while being on top of that castle/fortress in the World Map, you will be able to replay that stage; something that you couldn't do before.
Chocolate Island 2
Go through the level without disrupting anything. Don't get any coins and don't kill any bad guys, and you will receive the secret exit.
Glitch- Fall Through Blocks
Get a feather and go to Star Level 1. Break through the blocks. When you are about in the middle, hold A and go left or right. You will fall through blocks, but be careful. You could fall into the stone on the outside of the level.
glitch-yoshi jump
in star road 5 whenever you get to the 4 warp pipes there will be a yoshi, eat the first 4 enemies with the yoshi then when you eat the last enemy and when yoshi turns big, push the b button and yoshi will jump up the last warp pipe while mario is on the ground
Glitch: Fire and Cape Suit
Eat a Cape and a Flower at the same time with Yoshi and you will have a Cape and a Fire Suit. This is a game glitch.
Infinite Lives
In forest of illusion 1, just past the half way marker there is a box with the changing power ups. Get the cape out of that box. Now run through the rest of the level until you reach the floating logs. There are a bunch of enemies on top. Stomp on the most western koopa. Stomp on him and stomp on the wigler thing. Now when you jump off of the wigler worm Glide to the farthest eastern koopa in the little indent, (it's a little bit lower than the logs, a koopa could get trapped in there or whatever) Stomp on that koopa and go back to the most eastern wigler and repeat until time runs out. The point of this cheat is stomp on an enemy, then jump off of that screen and then stomp on another so that when you go back the wigler will be yellow again.


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never lose a life
when you are falling and are about to die press start+select and it will send you back to the level selection screen.

Please note that this works only if you have successfully passed the level already.


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Special Mario Song
If you make it through all the star worlds and then into the Special Levels, leave the game to idle for a while. When you come back (usually 5-10 minutes later, I just watch a TV show in the meantime, so I'm not too sure of the actual time needed) a Caribbean version of the classic Mario theme will be playing. The steel drums are my favourite part. :3
Top Secret Area
(Note: You must have a cape to be able to reach this)

At the beginning of the Donut Ghost House, run to the end of the first platform, then turn around and run back the other way, holding the run button down as you do so to build up speed. Right before you come to the end of that platform (where the level would originally begin), jump upwards and hold the jump button down. You will begin to fly upwards (which is why the cape is needed) and will continue to do so until you fly off screen. Wait a few moments while begin off screen, then turn right and continue to fly right. After you land, continue running to the right and you will eventually fall into a small room filled with one up blocks and a doorway. Enter that doorway and cross the finish line for a level to open up behind the Donut Ghost House called "Top Secret Area". Within this short level, you will find several power-ups lined up and a Yoshi. This level will become an extremely helpful source in the later stages of the game.
yoshi jumping glitch
in star road 5 whenever you get to the 4 warp pipes there will be a yoshi at the beginning of the pipes, eat the first four enemies and whenever you eat the last enemy and yoshi turns big press the b button and yoshi should jump up the last warp pipe while mario is on the ground