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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES) Cheats

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for SNES. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars cheat codes.


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auto reset
hold L and R then press start and select and it will reset
Beat Culex Easily
I had my characters at level 25 when doing this I used Mario Bowser and Peach.Have the Lazy Shell armor equipped on Peach and then when the fight starts have Peach use Group Hug every round while Mario and Bowser slowly take out the crystals.

If Mario or Bowser die revive them with Come Back and restore all HP lost.By the time you kill the four crystals Culex will have ran out of FP.Have Mario and Bowser keep attacking Culex while Peach heals.Soon Culex will finally die and you will be rewarded with the Quartz Charm.
Beating Culex
Yes, you can battle Culex from Final Fantasy. First, you find the sealed door in Monstro Town. Since you can't get in, go to Moleville. There's a little girl sitting in front of a box there running a "Pwetend Store" and she'll give you a shiny stone for some fireworks. In one of the houses, you can find a guy standing next to a box and he'll give you fireworks for 500 coins. If you can afford it, then buy them and give them to the little girl for the Shiny Stone. Take the shiny stone back to Monstro Town and go to the sealed door. It'll still say it's sealed, but then it'll say the shiny stone is reacting. But before you go in, make sure you save in the hole near the stairs to Jinx's kung-fu place. And before you battle, make sure you have Toadstool and Geno as your fighters, and make sure that Mario is wearing the Safety Ring, and Toadstool is wearing the lazy shell armor, and Mario is using the lazy shell weapon. If you don't know where the lazy shells are, you get them by planting the seed and the fertilizer in the old man's house in Rose Town. Anyway, Make sure that during the battle, you up to at least level 24, and Toadstool has to be in the middle. Beat the Blue crystal first, then the red. Then focus on Culex. And if Geno dies, and if Mario and Toadstool are barely taking any damage, then you don't have to revive Geno, I did most of the fight without him. Then when you beat him, you get the Quartz Charm, and I don't think anyone really knows what it does, though. So, yeah for you if you beat him!
Best Weapons
Here is how to find the best weapon of each character:

Mario: (Lazy Shell)Defeat Megasmilax and go to the note nearby.Press A to find the seed.

Later, after you defeat queen Valentina, go to the upper-right part of nimbus land.You should be able to walk on an invisible path. Talk to the Shy Away to get the fertilizer.

Next, go to Rose Town and go to the upper part of the town. Talk to the man in the only house. Give him both the seed and the fertilizer. He will plant them. A giant bean plant will sprout out. Climb on it to get in the clouds. Get the Lazy Shell in the treasure box.

Mallow: (Sonic Cymbals)In one of the two action course doors in Bowser's Keep.

Geno: (Star Gun)In one of the two battle course doors in Bowser's Keep.

Bowser: (Drill Claw)In one of the two battle course doors in Bowser's Keep.

Princess Toadstool: (Frying Pan)In Moleville, go in the weapon Shop.To the left, there should be a Toad at another counter.Talk to him. Buy First his Lucky Jewel, for 100 coins.

Next, buy his Amber's Lure, for 200 coins.

Finally, if it's not already done, defeat the Axem Rangers. Go talk to the artifact seller again and this time, he wants to sell a "Metal Plate", which is the Frying pan. Pay 300 coins for it, and you got the Frying Pan !
Bowser Castle Secret Chamber Near Crocco
When you are in Bowser's Castle the 2nd time and you are in the room with Crocco and the save box go all the way to the left (past the pillars). You will find a hidden room with two chests. One containing coins and the other a mushroom.
Challenge Culex and win the Quartz Charm!
Yes, it is true that you get to fight Culex from Final Fantasy... something. Anyway, here is how you can battle him:

-Go to Monstro Town, and try to open some of the doors. You will notice one is locked..... hmmmm...

-Nothing you can do now, so head on to Moleville and talk to a little mole girl running a "pwetend store." She will speak of a "Shiny Stone" and is willing to trade it to you for some Fireworks...

-In a house nearby, there is a man who makes fireworks. Talk to him and he will offer to sell his fireworks for 500 coins... ouch. Pay the man and you will recieve the dangerous fireworks.

-Head back to the pwetend store and trade the fireworks for the shiny stone. How dare you trade fireworks to a child!!!... oh well.

-This Shiny Stone is the key. Head back to Monstro Town and SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!... Then try to open the door. It should open. Proceed inside...

-You will encounter a purple alien-looking thingie(Culex) and he will challenge you to a fight. I hope you brought lots of items, along with Toadstool and Geno.

-Wow, he looks bigger in battle doesn't he? The only thing left to do now is fight! You will probably lose the first time because you will underestimate him and his four crystals. Nevertheless, try again and again.

-Congrats! You won and recieved the Quartz Charm! This special accessory has "hidden effects" only seen in battle. Equip it and try it out!

For help on beating Culex, PM me, Nintendo, and I will give you an in-depth guide to defeating Culex. Until then, Good Luck!
Dry Bones
It will not take you long to notice that no matter how many times you attack Dry Bones, he will not die. This is because he has infinite HP. So, hit him with a magic attack and he will go down in one shot.
Easiest Way To Level Up!!!
Go to the Sunken Ship and towards the end before you fight the squid you'll come to a part where there is a drybones walking back and forth and the little blue guy who sales you stuff is right beside him. Fight over and over with the drybones.
Everytime you defeat him you get 18 coins and 27 xp. The 2 ghosts attack first but thats no problem, after that make sure Mallow is in your party use Lightning Bolt and it kills all in one hit. In doing this you raise everyones levels to 20 and above it takes about an hr, just occasionally go to the blue guy for syrups.
It also helps if you have the xp card which you can get from the frog in the top left house in Seaside town.
Easy Level Ups!
To get unlimited level ups you need to be at the Land's End.

First you need to remove all your equipment (After going through the Ant Pits.).

Then save at the Save Block underground.

Then take the Star in the box and kill all the Lizards and Chows.

When you get to the room full of lizards, ask the Shamen to give you a star for 400 coins.

After all the Lizards are killed, go to Belome and kill yourself (Thats why you remove your equipment.).

Then you'll go back to the Save Block with all your EXP. and Level Ups and the Star is still there!

Repeat until you think you got enough levels.
End of game leveling
By the time you reach Smithy, your characters will most likely be between lv18-lv23. This is not good enough to face Smithy. You might as well keep battling other enemies until you reach lv30 (the max level). To do this the easiest, go to the room before you enter the main floor of the factory (which leads you to Smithy). In the room will be a trampoline and a Yardovich clone that will keep dropping from above. Just keep fighting this boss, with your Exp. Boost item on one of your 3 charcters (purchased for 20+ frog coins).
Finding Yo'sters Isle
The one and only way to find Yo'ster's Isle is to got to the Pipe Vault near the Forest Maze.
You probably might try to explore this anyways, so this is for the people that miss it.
To unlock grate guy's casino goto bean valley, then goto the area with the 5 chewys, then go through the pipe with the golden chomp, finally kill the chomp and jump around to find a platform and a path to Grate Guy's Casino.

Note: Later when you get to the factory goto Nimbus Land and in the inn you should find a guy talking about the casino and he holds a note in his hand.

Another note: After Raz & Raini get married goto Yo'ster Island and if you have the Bright card Raz will tell you where to go to find the Casino

More notes: You need to use frog coins at the casino.

more notes: If you play with Grate Guy (you don't need frog coins) 100 times he will give you the Star Egg which is like rock candy except its perminent and is a ittle weaker.

Last note: Knife Guy holds the Bright Card and he is in Booster Tower Juggling yellow and red balls.
Lazy Shells
to get Mario's ultimate weapon and the ultimate armor, defeat Megasmilax. Next, you will see a kind of note nearby.Go near it and press A. It will tell you've found a seed !

Next, continue your quest and defeat Queen Valentina. At the Upper-right side of Nimbus Land, you should be able to walk on an invisible path. At the end of it, A Fly Guy will be there. He will give you the fertilizer.

When you have both the seed and the fertilizer, go to rose town in upper section with only one house. enter the house and talk to the old man. He will lant the seed and use the fertilizer, making a giant bean plant to grow. Hop on it. You'll go in the clouds. In there, you'l fin two item boxes. The two contains Lazy Shells !
Sunken Ship Level Password
As you know, you need the Password to move on and face the Squid boss. You can get hints from the previous rooms before the room where you input the code, but to skip all that if you want, the code is: "pearls"




The 3 Musty Fears
When you sleep in the Monstro Town bed, you will be visited by 3 characters. They will tell you to find 3 items they have hidden in the world to get a reward. You get the items by simply pressing A when you are near where it is located. The 3 items are located:

-Between the O and A letters of "GOAL" on Y'oster Isle
-Behind the Rose sign of Rose Town
-Under the Mario Pad bed

Sleep in the bed once again after you have found the 3 items, and you will get the Ghost Medal item.
The 6 Doors of Bowser's Keep
You need to complete 4 of 6 doors to move on in the level. To help strategize which doors to go through, here are the courses and items obtained by going through each door:

Door 1 - Battle - Star Gun (Geno)
Door 2 - Games-Quiz - Rock Candy
Door 3 - Games-Quiz - Rock Candy
Door 4 - Battle - Drill Claw (Bowser)
Door 5 - Action Course - Sonic Cymbols (Mallow)
Door 6 - Action Course - Super Slap (Peach)

Note 1: You find Mario`s strongest weapon in the game (if you do not know about the Lazy Shell) a little later in the level. It is the Ultra Hammer.

Note 2: Peach`s strongest weapon, the Frying Pan, can be purchased in Moleville after you beat Valentine and Dodo.

Note 3: You might come to realise that you can get more damage by using the Geno`s Hand Cannon, as compared to the Star Gun.
Timed Hits
If you press A before your attack hits an enemy, it will do extra damage.

If you press A before you are hit with an enemy attack, the attack will do much less damage on you. This becomes quite essential as the game progresses because you will need to try and save as much of your HP as you can.

With both of these tips, you will need to practice your timing with various enemies. You will not be able to do these both with every attack.
Tip: Boss Strategies #2
Here are the next set of Boss Strategies:

Bowyer: Have Mallow and Mario at level 6 or 7. Geno joins at one of those levels. This boss is rather easy if you use the right attacks. If Bowyer disables the Y button, use your regular attacks. If he disables the A button, use magic attacks, such as jumps and energy beams.

Croco 2: Get everyone to level 8, so Geno has his Boost magic attack. Start out the battle by boosting Mario and Geno's with the Boost. Then just keep attacking Croco with your A attacks. They will be pretty strong against him now, thanks to the Boosts by Geno.

Punchnello: After beating Croco, your characters should already be at level 8, which is great for this boss. Boost Mario and Geno with the Geno Boost in this battle as well. Use Mallow's lightning attack to hit the bombs everytime. No need to worry about them really. Focus all other attacks on Punchnello, and you should be able to take him down pretty easily.

Knife Guy and Grate Guy: I used Mario, Bowser and Geno for this battle. Make sure Mario has the Masher and Bowser has the Chain Chomp (both can be found in Booster Tower. Geno Boost Mario and Bowser if you want, because their attacks will be the strongest. Focus all attacks on the left boss until it dies. Then focus on the other boss. It's much easier to kill one first instead of dealing with 2 attacks each time.
Tip: Boss Strategies #3
Here is another batch of boss strategies that will hopefully help anyone who reads them. This one goes from the Wedding Cake boss to Belome 2.

Wedding Cake - Have your team 1 to 2 levels higher than the previous boss. Geno Boost people if you want, it just makes things a little earlier on you. Just attack the heck out of the cake. Don't worry about the Chefs because they are very weak and you can't attack them anyways. By using your strong attacks, the candles will go out. Then destroy the bosses layers.

Squid - Have everyone at level 11 and everyone with their newest weapons from the Sea. Attack and kill one tentacle at a time, until you kill all 3. Then kill the next set of tentacles the same way. When you get to the squid, destroy the tentacles first, and then focus on the squid itself. Geno Boost Bowser at least and keep attacking the the squid until it dies.

Johnny - Have everyone at level 12 or 13. There is a special trick to this boss, if you choose to do it or not. The trick is to kill 3 of the 4 sharkies and then work on Johnny. If you kill all the sharkies, Johnny will eventually challenge Mario to a 1 on 1 fight (which is hard). When Johnny "valors up", Geno Boost people if you want to. Then just keep attacking Johnny until you win.

Yardovich - You can beat him with level 13's, but he is seriously strong. Make sure you have lots of Pick Me Ups and Mid Mushrooms. Attack him good until he multiplies. When you go to attack one, attack the other one that the arrow isn't pointing at. You can't hit the copy this way. Keep attacking and living until he falls to your might.

Belome 2 - Make sure everyone is at level 14 at least. Get the newest weapons from Seaside Town. Since Geno's weapons may be the strongest, you may want to boost the others so their attacks to a little more damage. When Belome copies someone, attack Belome with Geno since he is the strongest, and attack the copy with the other two. The copies are pretty strong, so you will want to get rid of them. If you have any left before you kill Belome, you will have to kill them to end the battle.
Tip: Last set of Boss Strategies
Here is the last set of my boss strategies for the game:

Magikoopa: Have level 21's for this battle, and equip everyones new weapons for this battle. Use Mario, Peach, and Bowser for the battle. Keep hurting him with your strong attacks, then when he makes a Jinx clone, attack it with your attacks. Attack Magikoopa when you can, but keep killing the Jinx' when they appear. Keep people alive with Peach.

Boomer - Have level 21's, and use Mario, Bowser, and Peach. Attack him good when he is red. When he turns blue, your attacks (and his) will be much stronger. With Peach as your healer, you won't have much trouble. If you choose Geno for this battle, he can do 9999 damage with a Geno Whirl in the next battle if you do it right, but he isn't needed to win the battle.

Exor - Take out the left eye first, and keep it disabled always. When it gets free and can attack, disable it again and then attack Exor himself. Use Peach to attack the mouth after you dizzy the eye and can attack Exor with everyone else. You should have level 21' still for this battle.

Count-Down - Attack the bells first, one at a time with Bowser and Mario. Use Peach to attack Count-Down for the time being. Have level 21's at least for the battle. Once you destroy the bells, attack CD with everyone until you win.

Cloaker and Domino - Attack Domino with everyone because your attacks are much stronger on it. When Cloaker runs away and goes ontop of Earth Link, the huge snake, attack EL with everyone until it dies. It will take Cloaker with it. Use level 22's, and fight the battle with Bowser, Mario, and Peach.

Gunyolk and Chief - Both of these guys are very strong, but level 22's should do just fine. Kill the chief first, and then Gunyolk. Watch out for his Breaker Beam because it is quite strong.

- Smithy -

Level: Use level 25's or higher (the max is 30)
People to Use: Mario, Bowser, Peach

Strategy: Take out Smelter first because it can be annoying and painful after awhile. Take out the people he makes first. When Smelter dies, focus on Smithy with your strong attacks. Use normal attacks to save your FP for Peach. Have a few FP boosters just in case.

For part two (when you beat the first Smithy form), attack his body until you disable it. When it gets strong again, keep it disabled because it becomes another strong attack on you. Keep in mind that all of his heads have thousands of HP, so be ready for a long battle. The strongest head is the magician. It deals the most damage, but takes the most also. In some cases, you may want to keep one person dead to save him from taking unnessesary damage and to save items. By continuously attacking every head with everything you have, this battle should be over in around 30 minutes. Then you can view what happens to everyone afterwards and see the cool ending movie!
Tip: More Boss Strategies
Here is the next batch of boss strategies I have made up by playing the game though. This batch will help from Jagger/Jinx to the Axem Rangers.

Jagger/Jinx - For the Jagger battle, have your characters at level 14. Get Bowser his new weapon from the MostroTown shop. Jagger is quite easy, so just attack him until you win.
~ For Jinx battle 1, you should be strong enough with level 14's.
~ For Jinx battle 2, level 14's are too weak. At least have level 15's, as well as 15 Pick Me Ups because you're going to die A LOT.
~ For Jinx battle 3, you will need level 17's, so come back for this battle after you beat Valentina and aquire the Lazy Shells. Have a lor of Pick Me Ups.

Smilax - Have level 15's. Kill all the small pirahnas, one by one. Try to keep people alive for the large pirahna. Since he likes to turn people into mushrooms and scarecrows, try to have some of their prevention rings on.

Birdo - Just keep attacking her with your level 16's. When she breaks out of her shell, there is a little trick you can use. If you "defend", and she uses her single egg attack on you, it will reflect beside her. If you attack and destroy it, it will do 80 damage to her. Very helpful.

Dodo and Valentina - Have level 17's at least. When Bowser faces Dodo, just keep attacking him and keeping Bowser alive. When you go to face Valentina, just keep attacking her and keeping your team alive. Don't worry about Dodo because once she goes, the battle ends. Keep your players over 100 HP because Valentina can take them all out at once if they get too weak.

Czar Dragon - Use Geno, Mario and Peach for this battle. Have them all at level 18 at least. Keep attacking him, and sometimes attack his fireballs. Use Geno Flashes when you can to take them all out and deal some damage to Czar. When he becomes Zombone, your attacks will be much stronger against him. Just keep your party alive and keep attacking him good and you will win.

Axem Rangers - Use Geno, Mario and Peach for this battle at level 18 at least. When its Geno's turn, use Geno Flashes to weaken everyone at once. Use Peach to keep everyone alive, since she can't die. I killed the Rangers in this order: pink, red, black, green, yellow. Pink heals, red is strong, black is strong and has a lot of turns, green has strong magic, and yellow is weak.

When you beat them all and Red jumps on the Breaker Beam, attack it with all you've got. It is very strong and can take you out Mario and Geno is 1-2 hits. Keep them alive with Peach and just keep attacking it.
Tips: Boss Strategies
Here are some of my strategies that I have used to beat the first few bosses up to the first Belome battle.

Hammer Bros:

When I played him last, I used Mario at level 2. Try to focus on one Brother with a jump attacks and punch attacks. Then focus on the other. It's much easier that way. Grab a few Mushrooms just in case.


Since you have Mallow at this point, and he is weak as hell, make sure to have a few mushrooms and maybe if when you level him up, level up an HP and a few Magics. When its Mallows turn, use his lightnings and use him to boost Mario's HP, because he will be doing most of the attacking. Bring Mario and Mallow up to level 4 each. This should be enough to beat him rather easily.


Try to bring Mario and Mallow up to level 4 or 5. I beat Mack with 4, so 5 would just make things easier. Use Mallow's lightning to kill the Shy Guy's, and make Mario ONLY attack Mack. This way, they both have people they can kill.

Belome #1:

For Belome, make sure to have Mario wearing the Jump Shoes. This bosses attacks don't do that much damage if you have Mario and Mallow at level 6 each. Belome has under 500HP, so if you do a few Super Jumps on him and hit the B button when you make contact with him until Mario stops jumping, you can do over 100 damage per jump. He is rather easy this way.
Toadstool vs. Johnny Jonathon Jones
There is an easy way to battle Johnny Jones without having to go 1 on 1 with him with Mario.

Get Toadstool to at least level 12, where she learns Sleepy Time. When you battle Johnny, have Mario Bowser & Toadstool. Keep using Toadstool to put the sharkies to sleep. It's even better if it effects all sharkies. Never let them all die! If the sharkies wake up, just keep putting them to sleep. Keep attacking Johnny until he falls. Congratulations, you have beaten him without breaking a sweat.


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Cart ride in Moleville for free
After you defeat Punchinello in the Moleville Mines you get to ride in the mine cart. After that, you have to pay 10 coins to ride again or you can pay 30 and if you beat your record you get 50 coins. But you don't have to pay. All you have to do is go through the mine once more where you beat Punchinello. Then you can go ride the cart as if you payed 30 coins but you didn't pay me anything.

Easter eggs

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8-Bit Mario (I think..)
The first time you're going through Booster Tower, when you get to the curtain, go behind it. When you come out the other side, you'll look like Mario from the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Then he'll realize it himself, and go back behind the curtain and change back.


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Easy Levelbuilding
When you get to a star, de-equip your characters and save it. Use the star and let yourself level up. Then die. The game was designed to let you keep gained EXP when you die, but lose everything else, I think in the theory that EXP is a pain in the ass to gain. If you've gotten the goodie bag (from the second to last room in Booster Tower) you can use it to keep your characters busy so they die faster, rather than using "defense" or attacking the enemies you need to kill you. Once you're dead, use the star again, and die again.
Extra Flower Points
Go to the Marrymore Hotel and stay in the suite. Stay in for more days than you payed for (do this by turning of the light without leaving the room). The Man at the front of the building will ask you for the money for the extra days. If you cannot pay, for it you will have to become a bellhop. Talk to all of the people you escort when they enter and leave the suite. They might give you tips, and sometimes you will get flower boxes.