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Stage Passwords

You must leave your name blank in order for these passwords to work.
Level 2Space-Space-Space-Space, Firebombs-Space-Space-Space, Space-Space-Space-Space, Firebombs-Space-Space-Space
Level 3Sspace-Space-Space-Axe, Firebombs-Space-Space-Space, Space-Space-Space-Space, Heart-Space-Space-Space
Level 4Space-Space-Space-Firebombs, Firebombs-Firebombs-Space-Space, Space-Firebombs-Space-Axe, Space-Space-Space-Space
Level 5Space-Space-Space-Space, Firebombs-Space-Space-Space, Space-Space-Space-Axe, Firebombs-Axe-Space-Space
Level 6Space-Space-Space-Space, Firebombs-Firebombs-Space-Space, Space-Firebombs-Space-Axe, Firebombs-Axe-Space-Space
Level 7Space-Space-Space-Firebombs, Firebombs-Hart-Space-Space, Space-Heart-Space-Firebombs, Space-Axe-Space-Space
Level 8Space-Space-Space-Space, Firebombs-Firebombs-Space-Space, Space-Firebombs-Space-Firebombs, Firebombs-Firebombs-Space-Space
Level 9Space-Space-Space-Axe, Firebombs-Firebombs-Space-Space, Space-Firebombs-Space-Firebombs, Heart-Firebombs-Space-Space
Level ASpace-Space-Space-Heart, Firebombs-Heart-Space-Space, Space-Heart-Space-Heart, Axe-Firebombs-Space-Space
Level BSpace-Space-Space-Axe, Firebombs-Space-Space-Space, Space-Space-Space-Heart, Heart-Heart-Space-Space
Level B (Dracula)Space-Space-Space-Firebombs, Firebombs-Firebombs-Space-Space, Space-Firebombs-Space-Space, Space-Heart-Axe-Space
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on April 25, 2014


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Bonus Rooms

Levels 3-1, 6-2, and 9-2 have bonus rooms that contain a large amount of power-ups.
Verified by: han man Submitted by: FFXFREAK on September 03, 2007

Hidden Staircase

there is an invisible staircase leading to Dracula, and a pit below it on the level just before dracula is encountered. Take a large jump into the pit from the edge to land on an invisible platform. Move to the left side to reach a staircase that leads downward. Before going down, move all the way to the left to find some power-ups. Collect 99 hearts, a triple boomerang, and the best whip, then carefully return to the stairs to enter the next level.
Verified by: han man Submitted by: FFXFREAK on September 03, 2007

Level 9 Treasure Chest

Jump 255 times on any treasure chest on level 9 for a power-up.
Verified by: han man Submitted by: FFXFREAK on September 03, 2007


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Expert Diffuculty

After you defeat Dracula the first time, you will see the ending cinematic, followed by credits, then a cinematic of Simon fighting all the bosses. At the end where it reads "presented by Konami" press Start. You will be at the beginning of the game again, however this time therea re more of each enemy, but Boss fights are the same.
Verified by: han man Submitted by: FFXFREAK on September 03, 2007