Super Bomberman 4 Cheats

Super Bomberman 4 cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.

Super Bomberman 4 Tips

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Faster recovery from special attacks
To recover faster from a special attack (B + D-pad), stay on one place and wait until you taunt.
Submitted by: FFXFREAK on August 08, 2007

Super Bomberman 4 Cheats

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Alternate Battle Mode Stages
Enter the passwords below using the 'password' option in the main menu, and you will be able to play different stages in battle mode. After entering the password, you will be taken back to the main menu. Simply select the 'battle game' option, then the first or third option, and you will be able to play different battle stages than usual.

0520 - Alternate battle mode stages (set A)
0903 - Alternate battle mode stages (set B)
Submitted by: Divinorse on March 16, 2008
Level Passwords.
Level Password
1-1 7352
1-2 8831
1-3 7255
1-4 5714
1-5 5289
1-6 1352
1-7 6892
1-8 6722
2-1 7793
2-2 6428
2-3 8492
2-4 7490
2-5 4370
2-6 6682
2-7 4677
2-8 4692
3-1 4680
3-2 2247
3-3 5725
3-4 7821
3-5 5890
3-6 7258
3-7 3379
3-8 6009
4-1 5389
4-2 4080
4-3 2501
4-4 5736
4-5 3211
4-6 5589
4-7 8902
4-8 0721
Submitted by: FFXFREAK on August 08, 2007
At the beginning of the game, enter password "1574". This will give you all stages up to 5-6.

Use your control pad, go to stage 3-6. In here, there are 4 little light blue guys with red and yellow strip hammer (they look like ribbons at first).

These guys will turn any bomb laid closed to them into power up items.

The trick starts here: Clear all bricks so you have enough room to run around a block.

Wait until one of those guy with the hammer comes close to you, lay a bomb besides the block. Then to run around the corner of the same block and lay another bomb. The hammer guy will turn the bombs into power up items. Keep doing this in a circular motion.

If timing is right, you will keep laying bombs around the block, ahead of the hammer guy and collecting items behind him. When you have collected all different items, finish the stage to get out. Make sure you don't run out of time. You have about 4 min each stage.

Once you are done with this stage, you can go to any stage you wish with maximum power.

Have fun bombing.

If you need a snapshot of this trick, email me. I'll be happy to send you one.
Submitted by: superbomber fan on May 16, 2008