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Street Fighter II Cheats

Street Fighter II cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Blanka: Electric Shock
Hold Down and Press Y, Y, Y, Y, Y.
Chun Li - Rapid Kick
Quickly Press B, repeatedly, this will execute a ton of rapid kicks from Chun Li.
Chun Li - Spinning Bird Kick
Hold Down for 2 seconds, then Press Up + A.
Defeating Balrog
Select E. Honda as your character. Execute the "Hudred Hand Slap" move during the match. You will hit him before he is able to hit you everytime you execute this move.
E. Honda - Rapid Punch
Quickly Press Y, Y, Y, Y, Y. This will execute Rapid Punch.
Easy completion for first eight stages
Choose "Game Start" and select any character. Once your opponent is seen, remember that person and press STart on controller two. Select the person that would have been your opponent (remember from before?), now defeat that character. An X should appear on the place you fought at. Repeat those steps to easily complete the next 8 stages.
Guile - Flash Kick
Hold Down then Press Forward + B.
Have SFII as your initials.
Enter a blank entry for your intials to have SFII appear in their place.
Ken or Ryu - Dragon Fist
Hold Right for two seconds then press Down, Right, X, or Y.
Perfect Points.
30,000 Points - If you get a perfect on a normal player.
50,000 Points - if you get a perfect on a CPU Boss.
80,000 points - if you get a perfect on M. Bison.
Special Ending
Set the diffuculty to the highest level and choose any fighter. Complete the game without using a continue. You will view a special ending.
View Profiles
Wait for the first character profile to appear after the game starts. Hold L + R on controller two to keep the profile on the screen. Continue to hold the buttons to view more profiles.
Zangief - Special Move
Spinning Pile Driver - Press Down, Down, Down, Forward, Up, Forward, Punch.


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Controller Configuration
Hold Select as the first match begins. The controller configuration screen will appear for you to change as your heart wills.
Want to see computers battle it at? Select tournament mode, highlight the End selection, and press Start. The CPU will control both player in the patches. Press any button to speed up the current match.
Defeating Any Opponent
Go to the options screen, and set the game to no time limit. Set the diffuculty level on 0, the nexit the options. Select one of the following fighters to go faster: Ken, Ryu, Blanka, Zangief, or Chun Li. Defeating M. Bison is easier then Sagat.
Defeating Sagat
Select Ryu or Ken. Do the fireball when the round begins. The fireball is a faster move then the Sagat's Tiget move. When he jumps over you, press R to do a kick to stop him. Then guess what? Do the fireball again. Repeat.
Ken/Ryu - Spinning Kick
Hold Down then Press Back, B, this will execute Spinning Kick.
No Information Bars
Power on the SNES, enter the options screen the nexit the options screen. Repeat this 26 times, then start a match.
Player Vs. Player Championship
Press Down, R, Up, L, Y, B when the Capcom logo appears before the title screen. The screen will turn blue to confirm correct code entry. Enter Vs. Battle mode. Press Start to change the color of the fighters' costumes or A to keep them identical.
See Character Specific Endings
Enable the Player vs. Player championship code. Press Start + R before the screen fades after beating M. Bison.
Sound Test
Choose the sound effects selection in the options menu. Rapdily tap R on the sound effects 25,26,27. This will result in new sound effects in positions 1F through 23.