Harvest Moon (SNES) Cheats

Harvest Moon cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Choose your babys gender!
To change your babies gender you must leave your house when your wife gives birth, go into the village and talk to someone while your actually suppose to be at home. Go back home and enter your house, your wife will have her baby over again and the gender will be different.

Note: She will only have one baby, not too from this.
Freezing Time at 6 AM!
After you have started a new game file, at the very beginning, you will see the introduction. Once it is finished and you have gone to sleep, head out of your farm the next morning. Once you name your dog go straight for the fields to begin picking weeds and throwing stones into the lake, instead of going into the shed, this will freeze time at 6 AM. If you decided to go into the shed though, the time would have kept moving, staying outside a building at the beginning like this will keep the time stopped.
Magic Bean
When selling a cow, the hawker may come and offer you a bean in exchange for the cow, accept the offer to get the magic bean.
Money Tree
You can buy a Money tree from the Hawker in the fall when you have over 20,000G.
Wascaly Wabbit = 1000G
Go to the mountain at some point in the game and you may randomly find a rabbit. Run up to it and press A to catch it. Suddenly a hunter will run up and offer you 1000G to let it go.


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Get the first house extension before the first Summer ends to get the clock.
Dog Gets Stuck
If your dog is standing to the right of the table when your house is expanded, it will get stuck in the table when the expansion is complete.
View Your Current Ending Sequence
Hold R + L + Start + Select immediately after the lights go out when done writing in the diary and keep on holding until eventually you see the ending sequence that would be given to you if the game ended at your current level of progress.