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Final Fight 3 (SNES) Cheats

Final Fight 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Skip the Fifth Boss
There are some doors in round 5 which you can go into.To go in,Pick up a person(works well with Haggar because he's the only one who can move while lifting)and throw him towards the door.If it is a white dead end room,go out.If it is a blue room with a small opening,go in(you will have to fight Dirk and Ray first.) You will arrive at a computer room. Break all computers and you will not have to fight Stray.
Skipping the third boss.
When you start round 3 you will see two windows and a pipe. Go to the far right window. Pick up a enemy and throw him twords the windows and the pipe. After you have broke the windows and dented the pipe you will go on. Break all the other windows and you will not have to defeat Caine.


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To have Carlos jump in simply follow these directions. Start a game with only one player, then press Start exactly as it signals you to start playing. Then, press Y, Y, Y, Up, Down, L, R, A, B, Y, Y, X, Select.
Debug mode
To get to debug mode simply press Select and Start at the Capcom screen before the logo disappears.
Round 5 Ladder
If you know the round 3 cheat to skip caine(break all windows),but still want to fight Wong,follow these tips: At Round 5,you will first arrive at an underground drain pipe.Pass the first waterfront and you will see a ladder.Go towards the ladder and you will arrive at Round 4 stage(but still considered round 5.)
Super Moves
Forward,Down,Forward,Down+Y: Haggar jumps up,does an inverted suplex,jumps up again,and does a spinning piledriver.


(same as Haggar) he does a bungh of punches,then a fireball.


Down,Down,Forward+Y: she does a series of kicks, a tornado spinner(flying bird kick)then a flame spinner (fire kick.)


Down,Up+Y: Dean jumps up,does what looks like an electric uppercut,to a hard slam throw,then electrocutes the enemy in his hand.
The European Cheat Mode
Hold SELECT while turning on the game. After the Capcom logo appears, a test mode screen will appear where you can enable several cheats.